Advanced Ages
This is a modpack designed for TheSkera. Its 100% private and only built for his own server.
Follow him at:
It is assembled by the awesome Kehaan
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Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.6.4
There have been 110 installs of this pack.
There have been 5 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 0.26 years of this pack.
Name Version Description Authors Links
Minecraft Forge Minecraft Forge is a modding API used by alot of mods. Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALfunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos, cpw Donate | Website
ATG 1.6.4-0.9.5 Worldgen Unknown Website
Forge Multipart Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one block space. ChickenBones Donate | Website
Damage Indicators Displays the damage you inflict on creatures, as well as current health, name and potion effects. rich1051414 Donate | Website
Electric Magic Tools ${1.0.7} Have you ever thought about combining IC2 and TC4? Tombenpotter Website
Archimedes' Ships 1.4.5 Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas! BalkondeurAlpha Website
ArmorStatusHUD 1.15 Shows your currently equipped armor and held items on your HUD! bspkrs Donate | Website
bspkrsCore 5.3 A set of shared classes used by all mods released by bspkrs. bspkrs,aokmikey Donate | Website
Carpenter's Blocks Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side covers, overlays, dyes and chiseled patterns. Mineshopper Donate | Website
Chocolate quest 2.08 Improves adventure adding diverse dungeons ,mobs and loot Chocolatin Donate | Website
CodeChickenLib Needed for ChickenBones mods ChickenBones Donate | Website
BetterConfigs 1.6.4-209 configs for Betterdungeons 2 Unknown Donate | Website
IngameInfo 1.6.4.r05 Provides the ability to display many different player and world details on the in-game screen. DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius Donate | Website
Stackie 1.6.4 Server tool Unknown Website
Ars Magica 2 1.1.2b A look into what Minecraft could become if you add a splash of magic...Ars Magica is a trademark of Atlas Games, used with permission. Any spell names and other material adapted from the Ars Magica fantasy roleplaying game are used with permission. For more information, visit Some textures created using brushes from Icons used include Painterly Spell Packs 1 through 4, courtesy of J. W. Bjerk (eleazzaar) at Random Spell names courtesy of Steven Savage from Mithion Donate | Website
Applied Energistics rv14.finale3 A Mod About energy, and matter. Oh wait thats everything... AlgorithmX2 Donate | Website
Autoutils 1.0.1 Utilities for mods by me. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Website
BetterAnvil 3.0.10 Removes XP limit on anvils Unknown Website
BiblioCraft 1.5.5 BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, potion shelves, regular shelves, tool racks, glass weapon cases, wooden desks and wooden chest labels and now add machines, redstone interactions, and eyeware, fancy lamps and golden lanterns. Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
Binnie's Mods 1.8.0 Various expansions for Forestry adding new bees and trees Binnie567,mezz Donate | Website
Biomes O' Plenty 1.2.1 Adds 87 new, unique biomes! Forstride,Adubbz,Amnet,ted80 Donate | Website
BuildCraft A-1.6.4-4.2.2 Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more! SpaceToad,BuildCraft Team Donate | Website
Chisel 1.5.2 Adds a chisel item that lets you carve blocks like cobblestone or sandstone. Adds two new blocks to world generation: marble and limestone, which can be be carved and crafted into many various building materials. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN,asiekierka Website
CodeChickenCore Core library for all ChickenBones mods ChickenBones Donate | Website
CoFH Core CoFH Core Module Team CoFH Donate | Website
ComputerCraft 1.63 ComputerCraft adds Computers, Programming and Robotics to Minecraft. Daniel Ratcliffe,Aaron Mills Donate | Website
DartCraft 0.2.20v2. DartCraft adds in a tonne of new features, machines and mecahnics to Minecraft all centered around Power Ore. bluedart Donate | Website
Dart Patch 2.1 Registers the DartCraft trees & logs with MineFactory Reloaded's Planter, Fertilizer and Harvester. Minalien Website
Decocraft 1.10.0 Decorate your minecraft world with epic models, choose from over 3.000 objects! More are added every week! Razz Donate | Website
Equivalent Exchange 3 0.1.0 Transmute stuff into other stuff! Become a Minecraft God! pahimar,x3n0ph0b3 Donate | Website
Ender IO Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ender. crazypants Donate | Website
EJML 0.23 Efficient Java Matrix Library (EJML) is a linear algebra library for manipulating dense matrices. Peter Abeles Website
EnderStorage Stores your stuff in the END! Credits: Ecu - original idea, design, chest and pouch texture Rosethorns - tank model Soaryn - tank texture ChickenBones Donate | Website
Equivalency 1.6.4 Addon for EE3 that adds more transmutations and adds better compatibility with other mods. Currently supports the following mods: * Applied Energistics * Forestry * Industrial Craft 2 * Mechro Magiks * RailCraft * Thermal Expansion * Thaumcraft 3.0.5 * DartCraft * Tinker's Construct Lomeli12 Donate | Website
Evoc 1.0.0 EVOC is a small optimisation mod for various parts of Minecraft ProfMobius Donate | Website
Extra Utilities 1.0.3c Just a bunch of fairly useful things RWTema Donate | Website
§6MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod §eAdds over 30 pieces of furniture to the game! §aMrCrayfish Website
Forestry for Minecraft (703) Trees, bees and more. SirSengir Donate | Website
Galacticraft Core 2.0.14 An advanced space travel mod for Minecraft 1.6 micdoodle8 Donate | Website
Growthcraft Cellar 2.0.7 Growthcraft Cellar is a mod which adds a new in-game hobby: brewing alcoholic beverages. Gwafu Website
Growthcraft 2.0.6a Growthcraft Core is as a mod which acts a central hub for the other mods. It will provide of resources needed in common by two or more Growthcraft mods. Gwafu Website
Growthcraft Grapes 2.0.6 Growthcraft Grapes is a mod which adds a new totally crop to the game: grapes. It also comes with Wine-making. Gwafu Website
Growthcraft Hops 2.0.6 Growthcraft Hops is a mod which adds a new crop to the game, hops. It also comes with Ale-brewing. Gwafu Website
Galacticraft Mars 2.0.14 Mars addon for Galacticraft. micdoodle8 Donate | Website
MicdoodleCore Core mod needed for Micdoodle8's mods Micdoodle8 Donate | Website
GregTech-Addon 4.08s This Addon adds the awesome Technology of GregTech-Intergalactical to your World! Fusionreactors, Lightningrods and many other Technologies and convenient Recipes are added by this Addon, if you let them enabled in the allmighty Config, of course Gregorius Techneticies Donate | Website
HardcoreEnderExpansion 1.6.1 Harder End Unknown Website
Hats 2.1.2 Adds a bunch of hats, as wells as the ability to add more, into Minecraft iChun Donate | Website
Hunger Overhaul 1.6.X-2l Hunger mechanics overhauled iguana_man Website
IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.397-experimental Industrial age themed expansion for Minecraft. Alblaka,Player,RichardG,Thunderdark,GregoriusT,alexthesax,Drashian,Elementalist,Feanturi,Lurch1985,SirusKing,tahu44 Donate | Website
Infinity Bow Fix Removes the need for a single arrow in the inventory when using an "Infinity I" enchanted bow. Myrathi Donate | Website
Inventory Tweaks MC1.6.2-1.56-b77 Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items. Jimeo Wan,Kobata Website
legacyjavafixer 1.0 Allows use of java 8 Unknown Website
LomLib 1.2.0 Shared library mod required by several of Lomeli's Mods. Lomeli12 Donate | Website
Lucky Block 4.2.1 The Lucky Block. What will you get? Player in Distress Website
Magical Crops _1.6.4_3.2.0_BETA_16 Every get bored of mining all the time for resources? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience, Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs! Mark719 Donate | Website
Magic Bees 2.1.13 (build 97) Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC3, EE3, AM compatible! MysteriousAges Donate | Website
MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.9 Automate everything! PowerCrystals,TehKrush,AtomicStryker,Feanorith,skyboy026 Donate | Website
MobiusCore 1.2.2 Core mod for ProfMobius' mod collection ProfMobius Donate | Website
Advanced Solar Panels 3.4.7 Advanced solar panels is new generation of using solar power. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2 SeNtiMeL, Icedfire Website
Gravitation Suite 1.9.9a Gravitation Suite give you ability to fly. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2 SeNtiMeL Website
Mystcraft Mystcraft brings elements from the Myst series of games and books to Minecraft, as well as allowing players to actually write and travel to their own Ages. XCompWiz Donate | Website
Natura 2.1.14 Heyo, Redwood trees! Chop them all day long! mDiyo,Slime Knights Donate | Website
NEI Addons Addons for Not Enough Items for various mods bdew Donate | Website
NEI Plugins Adds mod integration into NEI mistaqur Website
Nether Ores 2.2.2 Introduces mineable yet dangerous ores to the Nether PowerCrystals,TehKrush,AtomicStryker,skyboy026 Donate | Website
NotEnoughItems Allows you to quickly and easily look up recipes and uses for any item in Minecraft included modded items. Also allows easy spawning of items and a range of one click utilities. ChickenBones Donate | Website
Obsidian Pressure Plates Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet and shrouded variants). Myrathi Donate | Website
NotEnoughCodecs 0.1 Streaming codecs for various formats Unknown Website
OpenBlocks 1.2.9 All the things you never thought you will ever need Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
OpenMods 0.5.1 Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
Opis 1.2.2 Opis is a server profiler for Forge server. ProfMobius Donate | Website
Pam's Harvestcraft 1.1.4 Expanded food system including tons of new crops! MatrexsVigil Donate | Website
PowerCrystalsCore 1.1.8-9 You need this for Minefactory Reloaded and Nether Ores to work. skyboy026 Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
QuarryPlus 1.0.3 This mod add advanced quarry and more. yogpstop Website
Railcraft Redefine your rails CovertJaguar Donate | Website
Redstone Arsenal Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Xeno's Reliquary 1.1.2 Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a gun. x3n0ph0b3,TheMike Website
SmallBoat 0.10.6 The Small Boats mod for Minecraft -- usable craft that have animated parts, working chests, and can carry multiple passengers. Boats include the Elegant Punt, the Whitehall, and the Hoy. Awger Website
SmallBoat 0.10.6 The Small Boats mod for Minecraft -- usable craft that have animated parts, working chests, and can carry multiple passengers. Boats include the Elegant Punt, the Whitehall, and the Hoy. Awger Website
Steve's Carts 2 2.0.0.b11 Steve's Carts 2 introduces a modular system where you can build a huge amount of carts(hundreds of millions) by combining the parts you want. Vswe Donate | Website
TallDoors 0.3.2 Adds doors and other stuff Unknown Website
Tinkers' Construct @[email protected] A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools mDiyo,fuj1n,ProgWML6,Sunstrike,Pillbox Donate | Website
Thaumcraft 4.1.0g Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft Azanor Donate | Website
Thaumcraft Extras ${version} Thaumcraft Addon Wasliebob Donate | Website
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-140 An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual successor to Elemental Tinkerer. Researches that come from this mod are prefixed by [TT]. Vazkii Donate | Website
Thermal Expansion Expanding Minecraft thermally - provides new options for automation and processing! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.6 Tinkers' Mechworks is a mod that adds various redstone machines. mDiyo,Pillbox Donate | Website
Traincraft 4.2.1 A mod that adds over 80 trains and other vehicles to the game. §4Spitfire4466,Mrbrutal,DAYdiecast Donate | Website
Translocator Translocates stuff! Credits: MouseCop - Textures ChickenBones Donate | Website
The Twilight Forest 1.20.5 An enchanted forest dimension. Benimatic (Ben Mazur) Website
iChunUtil 2.2.0 Shared library mod required by several of iChun's Mods. iChun Donate | Website
Waila 1.5.2a Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block information directly ingame. ProfMobius Donate | Website
WarpDrive 16 Ships Space And LAsers Unknown Website
WarpDrive 0.1.4 Build your ship freely, protect it with force fields, explore other dimensions, mine asteroids, and more... LemADEC Donate | Website
VeinMiner 0.12.3 VeinMiner Portablejim Donate | Website
World Core Needed for Biomes O Plenty Adubbz, Amnet, ted80, Forstride Donate | Website

Removed Furnituremod
Added cfm-

Removed DecorativeChimneyV1.164.2
Removed DecorativeMarbleV1.164.1

Added LegacyJavafixer (He and the server can now update to newest Java 8)
Added ATG (Set server level-type to "ATG" without "")
Added Decocraft
Added DecorativeChimneyV1.164.2
Added DecorativeMarbleV1.164.1

Updated Carpenter's Blocks v3.2.8.6 - MC 1.6.4
Updated DartCraft Beta 0.2.20v2 (Lots of new content)
Updated traincraft-4.2.1_011 (Many changes and new content)
Updated ComputerCraft1.63
Updated CoFHCore-
Updated ThermalExpansion-
Updated VeinMiner.0.12.3_MC1.6

Disabled Volcanos from ProjectRed because there is now ATG
Disabled a few update notifications as those are for 1.7.10 and just fills up chat

Removed JustAnotherSpawner
Removed Thaumic Tinkerer Kami as now part of Thaumic Tinkerer

This changelog will only mention which mods have been updated, but not what each update does. Please go to each mod page and see their changelogs :) But this update have a lot of new content for all the updated mods, and lots of bug fixes, enjoy.

Added TallDoors_v0.3.2

1.6.4 DamageIndicatorsv2.9.2.4
betterAnvil - 3.0.10
Carpenter's Blocks v3.2.8 - MC 1.6.4

MFR on hardmode


Added Growthcraft, Celler, Core, Grapes and Hops


Updated Opis
Updated MobiusCore
Updated BetterDungeons
Updated Carpenter's Blocks v2.0.8 - MC 1.6+
Updated ElectroMagicTools-1.0.9
Updated EnderIO-1.6.4-
Updated extrautils-1.0.3c
Added Galacticraft-1.6.4-
Added Galacticraft-Planets-1.6.4-
Updated gregtechmod
Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion
Added MicdoodleCore-1.6.4-
Added NotEnoughCodecs-0.1
Updated OpenBlocks-1.2.7
Updated OpenModsLib-0.4b
Updated ProjectRedBase-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedCompat-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedIntegration-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedLighting-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedMechanical-BETA-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedWorld-1.6.4-
Updated TConstruct_mc1.6.4_1.5.4
Updated ThaumcraftExtras-1.6.4-1.1.2
Updated TMechworks_mc1.6.4_0.1.4.2
Updated twilightforest-1.6.4-1.20.5
Added WarpDrive_16
Added WarpDriveCore

Moved 1 Pam Harvestcraft ID
Removed a lot of update spam from different mods


Removed FLANS
Removed Rotary and Dragon


Added ThaumcraftExtras-1.6.4-1.1a
Added Flans Mod
Added Flans Content Packs
Updated NotEnoughItems
Updated Translocator
Updated CodeChickenCore
Updated EnderStorage
Updated OpenBlocks-1.2.6
- Added Last Stand enchantment
- Fan strength can be controlled by redstone
- Crash fixes
- Other new stuff
Updated OpenModsLib-0.3
Updated extrautils-1.0.3b
- New items


Added [Forge]FurnitureModv3.2.9.1(1.6.4)
Updated BetterDungeons209
Updated Carpenter's Blocks v2.0.6 - MC 1.6+
Updated Chocolate
Updated CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4-
Updated DragonAPI 1.6 v18d
Updated ElectroMagicTools-1.0.8
Updated EnderIO-1.6.4-
Updated Equivalency-universal-1.6.4
Updated EquivalentExchange3-1.6.4-
Updated ForgeMultipart-universal-1.6.4-
Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion 1.4.3
Updated LomLib-universal-1.2.0
Updated magicbees-2.1.12
Updated MineFactoryReloaded-2.7.6-448
Updated mod_AdvancedSolarPanels_3_4_7_IC_EXP
Updated mod_zGraviSuite_1_9_9a_MC_1_6_4_IC_EXP
Updated NetherOres-2.2.2-55
Updated ProjectRedBase-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedCompat-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedIntegration-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedLighting-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedMechanical-BETA-1.6.4-
Updated ProjectRedWorld-1.6.4-
Updated RotaryCraft 1.6 v18d
Updated Thaumcraft4.1.0g
Updated ThaumicTinkerer-2.3-137

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