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All The Fabric 2
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All The Fabric 2 is our alternative Fabric version of our modpack All The Forge 7. This pack features the best of what Fabric has to offer from mods such as Industrial Revolution, MC Dungeons Armor's and much more.

What should I expect by installing this pack?
If you are looking for a lite version of our forge modpack then this is the right place as its built for performance so it should run on low end (3GB) PC's.

Is it really that fun??!
Absolutely. (Don't believe us try it for yourself)

All The Fabric 2 includes the following mods

1. MC Dungeons Weapons
2. MC Dungeons Armors
3. Terralith ~ Overworld Evolved
4. Iron Chests
5. Croptopia
6. Draylar's Battle Towers
7. YUNG'S Mods
And much more.


The latest version of Fabric for 1.17.1 should work, but in the case it breaks an older mod in this modpack, the version I have currently packaged with the modpack is 0.12.9.jar

Is not compatible with All The Fabric due to having Lithium and Sodium which are both optimisation mods.


I'd personally recommend some shaders if your system can handle them to bring out the best with this modpack and Minecraft.

So Much More
There is so much more you to play with and check out in All The Fabric 2 . Download our the pack.

Sponsored by BisectHosting

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Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.17.1
There have been 1,304 installs of this pack.
There have been 105 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 0.28 years of this pack.

To enlarge the advancements window

By: shedaniel

This mod aims to add various parts of Alaska Native cultures to Minecraft!

By: whangd00dle

Applied Energistics 2 (9.0.0-beta.2)

A Mod about matter, energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2, thatsIch, thetechnici4n, Gimpanse, TeamAppliedEnergistics

Architectury (2.8.46)

A intermediary api aimed to ease developing multiplatform mods.

By: shedaniel, MaxNeedsSnacks, Juicebus

AudioOutput (0.0.4)

Change the audio output at runtime

By: Maximumgame

Annotation based API for mod configs, with Cloth Config GUI integration

By: shedaniel

Awesome Dungeon (1.1.2)

This mod add awesome structure in your world !

By: Unknown

Balm (1.9.0+0)

Abstraction Layer (but not really)™ for Blay's multiplatform mods

By: Unknown

BCLib (0.5.5)

A library for BetterX team mods

By: paulevs

Bedspreads (1.4.0-1.17)

Allows players to add banner patterns to their beds!

By: TheIllusiveC4

Better End (0.12.5)

More content for The End dimension, including new biomes, plants, mobs, mechanic...

By: paulevs

Better Nether (5.3.14)

Mod that improves Nether

By: paulevs

Bewitchment (1.17-16)

A mod that aims to add witchcraft

By: MoriyaShiine, cybercat5555

BitsAndChisels (2.6.0)

Turn Blocks Into Small Bits With Chisels; Build All The Things

By: cool_mineman

Break Progress (1.0.1)

Adds break progress to WAILA.

By: haykam

Caelus API (0.0.18-1.17.1)

An API to provide developers access to elytra flight mechanics through an entity...

By: TheIllusiveC4

Campanion (2.0.1)

A camping companion that adds items and utilities to improve your life away from...

By: wyn_price, ProspectorDev, NeusFear

this mod is for very smart people who need a mod to know if they can mine a bloc...

By: shedaniel

Attaching more data to various game objects

By: UpcraftLP, PyrofabTheModsmith

Carpet Extra (1.4.56)

Additional, less vanilla additions to the carpet mod

By: Unknown

Carpet Mod (1.4.56)

Carpet made out of fabric

By: Unknown

Charmonium (3.3.0)

Ambient sounds and additional music to enhance vanilla gameplay.

By: svenhjol

Cherished Worlds (2.0.1-1.17.1)

Favorite/pin/bookmark certain worlds, which will always be at the top of the lis...

By: Unknown

Cloth API (2.0.54)

Generalized API for Fabric.

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Cloth Config v5 (5.1.40)

An API for config screens.

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Clumps (7.0.10)

Clumps xp orbs together.

By: Jaredlll08

Comforts (0.0.7-1.17.1)

Adds sleeping bags and hammocks for, respectively, portability and turning day t...

By: TheIllusiveC4

An unofficial Fabric port of the original ConnectedTexturesMod. Adds extensions...

By: Pepper_Bell

Adds a search bar to the Key-Bindings menu

By: Jaredlll08

Adds armor and tools made of copper

By: agorasim20

Read mod name

By: EwyBoy

Croptopia (1.6.3)

Adds crops to the game

By: thethonk

Minecraft asking you if you want to load a custom world is annoying. Let's fix i...

By: rdvdev2

Damn, what a drippy loading screen! COPYRIGHT: > Drippy Loading Screen © Copyr...

By: Keksuccino

DualRiders (1.0.5)

Allows 2 players to ride on a horse at once (Like boats)!

By: Flytre7

its fishing-fishes

By: Unknown

Earth2Java (1.7.3+1.17)

Bring mobs from Minecraft Earth to Minecraft Java Edition.

By: Slexom

This mod adds simple sprite animation when you eat or drink something.

By: Unknown

Enchanted ToolTips (1.3.5-1.17)

Enhanced, enchantment info in Tool Tips

By: Kyrptonaught

Adds descriptions for enchantments on their enchanted book item.

By: DarkhaxDev

End Remastered (4.1.0)

End Remastered aims to make your Minecraft experience more challenging by emphas...

By: Unknown

Fabric API (0.44.0+1.17)

Core API module providing key hooks and intercompatibility features.

By: modmuss50, sfPlayer1

Fabric Language Kotlin (1.7.0+kotlin.1.6.0)

Fabric language module for Kotlin.

By: modmuss50, sfPlayer1

FancyMenu (2.4.2)

Give your life a fancy touch. You deserve it. | FancyMenu © Copyright 2020-2021...

By: Unknown

Farmer's Delight (1.17.1-0.1.3)

Fabric port for the awesome Farmer's Delight Forge mod!

By: NewHoryzon, Zifiv, vectorwing

Gilded Armor (1.3.1+fabric-1.17.1)

Gilded armor makes piglins peaceful while you're using a stronger material.

By: MaroonShaded

Horse Info (0.3.0-1.17)

Horse Info is an addon for Hwyla using fabric mod loader

By: Pancham138

Impersonate (2.3.5)

A library to let players impersonate others

By: PyrofabTheModsmith

Adds different kinds of stations into Minecraft.

By: shedaniel

Indium (1.0.1+mc1.17.1)

Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo

By: Unknown

Industrial Revolution (1.12.0-BETA)

Every other industrial mod ever

By: GabrielHOlv

Inventory Sorter (1.8.0-1.17)

Quickly and easily sort inventorys

By: Kyrptonaught

Iron Chests (1.2.0+fabric-1.17.1)

A complete Fabric port of the original Iron Chest mod. It adds a variety of new...

By: TechnoVision

Iron Jetpacks (${file.jarVersion})

A fully customizable FE powered jetpacks mod!

By: BlakeBr0

Konkrete (1.3.0)

Konkrete Copyright © 2020-2021 Keksuccino. Konkrete is licensed under GPLv3. | O...

By: Keksuccino

LazyDFU (0.1.2)

Makes DataFixerUpper more lazy

By: tuxed

Lets dogs that have been left sitting down too long to actually lie down and get...

By: Unknown

Lithium (0.7.5)

Lithium is a free and open-source optimization mod for Minecraft which makes a w...

By: jellysquid3_

Bringing the armour of Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft

By: chronos_sacaria

Add the weapons (and some tools) from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft Java

By: chronos_sacaria

Mod Menu (2.0.14)

Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed.

By: ProspectorDev

Add more axolotl variants!

By: Unknown

MoreVillagersFabric (2.1.1-SNAPSHOT)

Created by SameButDifferent. Special thanks to Zero and Cryness for their help.

By: SameDifferent, Zero_DSRS_VX

Nature's Compass (1.17.1-2.0.1-fabric)

Search for a biome and get information about it.

By: Chaosyr

NetherPortalFix (8.0.0+0)

Ensures correct destinations when travelling back and forth through Nether Porta...

By: Unknown

No Potion Offset (${file.jarVersion})

Removes the potion inventory offset.

By: shedaniel

NoRecipeBook (2.2+1.17.1)

Removes the recipe button from the players inventory.

By: Unknown

Oauth (1.0)

Adds the ability to relogin without closing your game. It includes legacy userna...

By: Unknown

OpenLoader (3.0.1)

Load data packs and resource packs from a global folder.

By: DarkhaxDev

Pal (1.4.0)

Your good pal, helping with mod compat

By: PyrofabTheModsmith

Ascend to paradise lost, seek the half blood valkyrie. Venture forth through hea...

By: ImmortalDevs, azazelthedemonlord, 24Chrome, Goldstar16, kalucky0, CDAGaming...

Patchouli (1.17.1-59-FABRIC)

Patchouli: Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft...

By: williewillus, Vazkii

Pehkui (3.0.0+1.14.4-1.18)

Fabric mod that allows resizing of most entities.

By: Virtuoel

Polymorph (0.0.14-1.17.1)

No more recipe conflicts! Adds an option to choose the crafting result if more t...

By: TheIllusiveC4

Clean and Customizable.

By: shedaniel

Simple Rpc (1.17-2.6-fabric)

A simple Discord Rich Presence plugin for Modpacks

By: Unknown

SimpleBackpack (1.1.20)

A simple backpack mod!

By: kwpugh

Sodium (0.3.3+build.8)

Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for Minecraft which improves f...

By: jellysquid3_

Somnus API (0.0.14-1.17.1)

A lightweight library for integrated sleep mechanics on Fabric.

By: TheIllusiveC4

Stoneholm (1.3)

Underground Villages.

By: TheGrimsey

ToolTip Fix (1.0.4-1.17.1)

Fixes ToolTips from runnning off the screen

By: Kyrptonaught

Treefelling (1.0.0)

Fell trees quickly in order to get lumber.

By: Unknown

Trinkets (3.0.4)

Adds a data-driven accessory system to Minecraft

By: EmilyPloszaj

Waystones (2.2.2)

A better way of transport!

By: LordDeatHunter

wthit (3.11.2)

What the hell is that?

By: badasintended

Xaero's Minimap (21.22.3)

The most vanilla-looking minimap for Minecraft.

By: xaero96

YUNG's API (1.17-Fabric-19)

A common API for YUNG's Minecraft mods


YUNG's Better Dungeons (1.17-1.0.2)

A complete redesign of Minecraft's dungeons

By: Unknown

The long-awaited and much-needed abandoned mineshaft overhaul!


A complete redesign of Minecraft's strongholds



All The Fabric 2 | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Fabric Loader (0.12.8 → 0.12.9)
+ Disable Custom Worlds Advice (1.3 → 1.4)
+ Architectury API (2.6.35 → 2.8.46)
+ BetterNether (5.1.3 → 5.3.14)
+ Dynamic Surroundings (1.01 → 1.17.1)
+ Fabric API (0.43.1 → 0.44.0)
+ Farmer's Delight (0.1.2 → 0.1.3)
+ GeckoLib (3.0.29 → 3.0.30)
+ Gilded Armor (1.3.0 → 1.3.1)
+ Industrial Revolution (1.11.0 Alpha 2 → 1.12.0 BETA)
+ No Recipe Book (2.1 → 2.2)
+ Paradise Lost - The Aether Reborn (1.5.0 →
+ Roughly Enough Items Fabric (6.2.335 → 6.2.347)
+ Simple Discord RPC (2.5 → 2.6)

+ Fixed 0day exploit.
+ Updated server files with patch.
+ Minor changes to the loading screen.

+ NetherPortalFix
+ Balm

+ Draylar's Battle Towers

Report any bugs & issues over at


All The Fabric 2 | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Fabric Loader (0.11.7 → 0.12.8)
+ Applied Energistics 2 (9.0.0 Alpha 1 → 9.0.0 Beta 2)
+ Architectury API (2.5.32 → 2.6.35)
+ Awesome Dungeon (1.1.0 → 1.1.2)
+ BCLib (0.3.1 → 0.5.5)
+ BetterEnd (0.11.0 → 0.12.5)
+ Bits And Chisels (2.5.3 → 2.6.0)
+ Bewitchment (11 → 16)
+ Campanion (2.0.0 → 2.0.1)
+ Carpet (1.4.48 → 1.4.56)
+ Carpet Extra (1.4.43 → 1.4.56)
+ Cloth Config API (5.0.38 → 5.1.40)
+ Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle (1.6 → 1.7)
+ Clumps (7.0.8 → 7.0.10)
+ Copper Armor & Tools (1.4.2 → 1.7)
+ Coptopia (1.6.3 → 1.7.0)
+ Drippy Loading Screen (1.2.0 → 1.4.1)
+ Dynamic Surroundings (1.17.1 → 1.0.1)
+ Fabric Language Kotlin (1.6.5 → 1.7.0)
+ FancyMenu (2.3.4 → 2.4.2)
+ Fabric API (0.40.8 → 0.43.1)
+ GeckoLib (1.17.1 → 3.0.29)
+ Iron Jetpacks (0.4.0 → 0.4.2)
+ Indium (1.0.0 → 1.0.1)
+ Lithium (0.7.4 → 0.7.5)
+ Mc Dungeons Armors (1.7.13 → 1.8.1)
+ Mc Dungeons Weapons (3.5.4 → 3.6.0)
+ PlayerAbilityLib (1.3.0 → 1.4.0)
+ Patchouli (56 → 59)
+ Pehkui (2.4.0 → 3.0.0)
+ RoughlyEnoughItems (6.0.287 → 6.2.335)
+ SimpleRPC (2.4 → 2.5)
+ Simple Backpack (1.1.19 → 1.1.20)
+ Sodium (0.3.2 → 0.3.3)
+ Fabric Waystones (2.1.2 → 2.2.2)
+ WTHIT (3.9.3 → 3.11.2)
+ Xaero's Minimap (21.19.0 → 21.22.3)

+ Fixed an issue that prevented ATLauncher users from using the pack (#1).
+ Disabled Main Menu Customization Buttons.


+ Wavey Capes
+ Not Enough Crashes

Report any bugs & issues over at


All The Fabric 2 | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

Initial Release.

Report any bugs & issues over at