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Everything Fabric
Everything fabric is a Kitchen Sink based modpack built following the success of my current running modpack 'A Bit of Everything'.

Everything Fabric attempts to achieve the same goal as my other modpack - However, This will be running on the most up-to-date version of Minecraft,

As well as running on the new modding API that is Fabric.

This modpack brings the fabric community together, with the intention of being updated with the latest fabric additions and have everything that fabric has to offer, It's balanced in a way that makes you have to not add 10 different mods to get you playstyle. No no, This modpack has something for everyone regardless of what end of the spectrum you're on! Magic, Industrial, Hard Survival, Exploration, Mining, Processing, Sciencey Stuff and whatever niche things you can think of, They're all in this pack.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.16.1
There have been 7,236 installs of this pack.
There have been 1,068 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 2.20 years of this pack.

Slightly alternate the gui a bit :) Visit the CurseForge page for list of featur...

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Adorn (1.10.1+1.16.1)

Decorate your home!

By: Juicebus

To enlarge the advancements window

By: shedaniel

AdventureZ (1.0.8)

Adds deadly Creatures to Minecraft

By: Globox_Z

Amecs (1.3.1+mc.1.16.1)

A lot of keybind utilities

By: Siphalor

AntiGhost (1.16-fabric0.13.1-1.1.2)

Mod that helps you get rid of ghost blocks around yourself. Use /ghost or type t...

By: Giselbaer

Antique Atlas (5.3.0-fabric)

Antique Atlas is a book that acts like a map featuring infinite scrolling, zoom...

By: Hunternif

AppleSkin (1.0.11)

Adds various food-related HUD improvements

By: squeek502

Art of Alchemy (1.0.0-rc2+1.16.1)

An industrial magic mod that allows you to unleash the power of transmutation!

By: SynthRose

Astromine (1.5.2)

A space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progress...

By: bolkor_, shedaniel

Atmosfera (1.2.2-1.16)

This mod aims to add a better ambient sound system to Minecraft.

By: HephaestusDev

Auto Config v1 Updated (3.2.0-unstable)

Annotation based API for mod configs, with Cloth Config GUI integration

By: shedaniel

Bamboo Tweaks (unspecified)

Because bamboo needs some more uses.

By: bolkor_

Bedspreads (1.0.0-1.16.1)

Allows players to add banner patterns to their beds!

By: TheIllusiveC4

Better Dropped Items (1.2.1-1.16)

Improves the visuals of dropped items!

By: Draylar1

Better Graves (0.3.0)

A better gravestone / death inventory mod

By: Cerulan

Fixes the location of ModMenu's Mod Button

By: Minenash

Mod that improves Nether

By: paulevs

A mod that that gives the Wandering Trader more useful trades

By: cyborg_pigeon

BetterF3 (1.1.1)

Replaces Minecraft's original debug HUD with a highly customizable, more human-r...

By: cominixo

Blockus (1.6.2)

A mod that mainly adds blocks!

By: Brandcraft_

Adds a bunch of trinkets to the game

By: EmilyPloszaj

BYG (1.0.13)

An Adventure and Exploration mod with over 60 new biomes! Translator Credits: Di...

By: AOCAWOL, Corgi_Taco

Campanion (1.1.13+build.35)

A camping companion that adds items and utilities to improve your life away from...

By: wyn_price, ProspectorDev, NeusFear

Carved Melons (1.2.2)

Carve melons, and use them in redstone!

By: quat1024

Cave Biomes (0.2.4)

Cave biomes

By: SuperCoder79

Cinderscapes (1.0.7+build.43-1.16.1)

An expansion of Minecraft's Nether biomes!

By: Vaerian1

CleanCut (mc1.16-2.1-fabric)

Fight enemies back through grass and other similar obstructions!

By: Rongmario

CleanView (1.16.1-v1-fabric)

removes potion particles from your viewpoint

By: LainMI

Cloth API (1.0.8)

Generalized API for Fabric.

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Config Screen API for Forge 1.14

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Cloth Config v4 (4.6.0)

An API for config screens.

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

Composing (1.0.3+1.16.1)

Equippable gems for tools and armor

By: Martmists

Adds compressed versions of various blocks

By: BlackMage_Gaming

Adds a search bar to the Key-Bindings menu

By: Jaredlll08

Cotton (1.0.7)

Feature-rich set of libraries for the most important things you need

By: LemmaEOF, Pannoniae, falkreon, Forge_User_62669775

Reference mod for ores, ingots, tools, liquids, and all you can imagine

By: LemmaEOF, Pannoniae, falkreon, Forge_User_62669775, i509vcb

Crimson Moon (1.2.2-1.16.1)

Every so often... a Crimson Moon appears, accompanied by the howls of mobs acros...

By: Draylar1

Crooked Crooks (1.2.1+1.16.1)

Adds crooks for all the vanilla materials. They multiply drops from leaves and g...

By: boredomh1

Custom Nausea (1.16.1-1.0)

Allows disabling, replacing, or modifying the strength of the Nausea effect.

By: TheIllusiveC4

Makes the loading screen darker In-game configuration is only available in 1.16...

By: Neecko5b84

Data Loader (2.1.0+mc1.16.1)

Global data packs that apply to all worlds.

By: sargunv

Demeter (2.0.0)

A Fabric Minecraft API for advanced crops

By: Vaerian1

Dynamic Sound Filters (1.1.2+1.16.1)

Adds dynamic sound filters such as reverb in caves or muffled underwater sounds

By: andre111_

End: Reborn mod Fabric version

By: elecatron

Essentials (0.2.7+1.16.1)

A base implementation of essentials

By: Martmists, i509vcb

ExpandedStorage (5.5.22)

Adds new storage blocks with varying capacities.

By: NinjaPhenix

Fabric API (0.17.0+build.386-1.16.1)

Core API module providing key hooks and intercompatibility features.

By: modmuss50

Diagonal panes!

By: magneticflux_

Fabric Language Kotlin (1.3.72+build.1)

Fabric language module for Kotlin.

By: modmuss50, NikkyAI

FastBench (2.3)

Optimizations to the vanilla crafting table

By: tfarecnim

FastFurnace (2.3)

Optimizations for the vanilla furnace

By: tfarecnim

This mod adds a convenient way to turn your excessive amounts of useless flesh i...

By: CodenameRevy

Flonters (1.1.0+1.16.1)

Adds miscellaneous flora.

By: yoghurt4c

Flora Doubling (1.1.2)

Allows doubling a flower by using bone meal on it

By: Trikzon

GamemodeOverhaul (GamemodeOverhaul-1.16.1-

[FORGE AND FABRIC] Adds back many commands and their arguments that were removed...

By: marcus_8448

Give Me Hats! (1.2.8)

A hat mod for fabric

By: Acrogenous

Glass Doors (1.4.4-1.16)

More Prettier Doors

By: Kyrptonaught

Glassential (1.16.1-1.1.4)

Various glasses for all your decorative needs.

By: Lykrast

Golems Galore (0.1.4+mc.1.16.1)

Adds many more golems that help you protect places in interesting ways!

By: ffrannny

GolemZ (1.3.1)

A Mini Golem could be your friend

By: Globox_Z

Gotta Climb Fast! (gottaclimbfast-mc1.16.1-1.0-forge.jar)

Climb and descend any kind of climbable block with ease! Now with configurable s...

By: Rongmario

Gravel Ores (2.0.1-unstable)

Adds gravel ores

By: shedaniel, Bravarly

Grid (1.16-fabric0.13.1-1.6.1)

Markers to help with counting blocks, building circles, and showing possible mob...

By: Giselbaer

Grind Enchantments (1.1.1+1.16.1)

This mod adds a few new features to the grindstone.

By: mschae23

Harvest (1.2.12)

Configurable right click crop harvesting

By: TehNut

Horse Info (0.2.2-1.16.1)

Horse Info is an addon for Hwyla using fabric mod loader

By: Pancham138

Hwyla (1.9.22)

What am I looking at?

By: TehNut

Identity (1.5.1-beta-1.16.1)

Morph for Fabric!

By: Draylar1

Fireflies and other illuminations to make your world more enjoyable in darkness.

By: doctor4t

Improved Stations (2.0.2-unstable)

Adds different kinds of stations into Minecraft.

By: shedaniel

Industrial Revolution (1.4.9-BETA)

Every other industrial mod ever

By: GabrielHOlv

Infinity Fix (1.1.0)

Fixes the Infinity Enchant and also makes it work together with Mending

By: traverse_joe, UpcraftLP

Inmis (1.2.0-1.16.1)

I need more inventory space!

By: Draylar1

Inventory Sorter (1.7.1-1.16)

Quickly and easily sort inventorys

By: Kyrptonaught

Iron Jetpacks (0.2.5)

A fully customizable FE powered jetpacks mod!

By: shedaniel

JumpOverFences (1.16-0.0.3)

Allows you to jump over fences and walls

By: Martmists

Lacrimis (1.2.2)

Extracting the magical powers of the soul.

By: Stuin01, 2xsaiko, Reoseah, amoooooooooooo, ChristianIsWizard

Lakeside (1.0.2+1.16.1)

A revamp of Minecraft's lakes.

By: Juicebus

Landmark (0.1.6)

Landmark is a small mod that gives names to various structures in Minecraft that...

By: HephaestusDev

Lead Villagers (2.1.0+mc1.16.1)

*Lead* your villagers to work.

By: sargunv

LibCapableData (2.5.0+1.16.1)

Various tweaks to make data packs even more useful!

By: LemmaEOF

Light Overlay (5.4.2)

To provide users with NEI-like light overlay.

By: shedaniel

Linkart (unspecified)

Link together minecarts with ease!

By: bolkor_, Martmists

Linked Storage (1.3.6-1.16)

Linkable storage's!

By: Kyrptonaught

Lithium (0.5.1)

Lithium is an free and open-source optimization mod for Minecraft which makes a...

By: jellysquid_

Logical Zoom (0.0.4)

A simple zoom

By: logicalgeekboy

MaLiLib (0.10.0-dev.21+arne.1)

A library mod required by masa's client-side mods

By: masady

MAmbience (2.1.0-1.16)

Adding ambient sounds to Minecraft

By: andre111_

Materialisation (3.0.2)

Customise the tools yes you can do it. -shedaniel

By: shedaniel

Mixed Slab (1.16.1-fabric-

Just Another Slab Mod, Original Mod: DoubleSlabs

By: dainxt

Mo' Structures (1.0.0-pre2+mc.1.16)

Adds structures with loot and spawners to Minecraft to increase the RPG aspect o...

By: ffrannny

Mo'Enchantments (1.12.4-beta2)

Adds new Enchantments

By: biom4st3r1

Mod Menu (1.14.5+build.30)

Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed.

By: ProspectorDev

More Berries (1.3.1)

Adds more berries, that can be used for cakes and more!

By: MCrafterzz

More Paths (0.0.3)

Adds path variants of nylium, mycelium, and podzel!

By: suitedllama

More Totems (2.5.1)

More Totems adds, well, more totems of undying to Minecraft! Each totem is inspi...

By: cyborg_pigeon

Netherite Horse Armor (0.4.2-1.16.1)

Adds Netherite Horse Armor to the game! You can smith it at a Smithing Table usi...

By: P3NG00

Not Enough Crashes (2.1.4+1.16.1)

A fork of TooManyCrashes, a port of VanillaFix's crash improvement features to F...

By: NatanFudge

Patchouli (1.16-39-FABRIC)

Patchouli: Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft...

By: williewillus, Vazkii

Phosphor (0.6.0+build.7)

Phosphor is an optimization mod for Minecraft which improves the performance of...

By: jellysquid_

A spiritual successor to Archemides Ships/ Da Vincis vessels for 1.16

By: Acrogenous

PolyDungeons (1.0.3)

ModFest 1.16

By: Earthcomputer, ashley1227, soapyxm

Rare Ice (0.2.1)

Adds rare ice into the world. Can you find them?

By: shedaniel

Adds more variations of vanilla structures and features!

By: telepathicgrunt

Rings of Ascension is a mod that uses the Trinkets API to add 20+ new rings to y...

By: Focamacho

River Redux (0.1.4)

Improves Minecraft's river biomes!

By: SuperCoder79

To allow players to view items and recipes.

By: shedaniel, linkieisbetterthank9

This mod extends Just Enough Items to show you at what heights in the world you...

By: theorbagain, shedaniel

Sandwichable (1.1.1-snapshot)

Sandwiches. Go nuts.

By: FoundationGames

Secret Rooms (0.9.1+1.16.1)

A fabric inspiration of the original Secret Rooms mod!

By: SpacemanKeybs

Simple Drawers (1.8.0-1.16.1)

This mod adds drawers to the game that can contain a high amount of an item.

By: benfah

Creates worlds with terrain unlike anything else!

By: SuperCoder79, valoeghese

SleepVote (${version})

A mod that skips night when at least 50% of the server is sleeping

By: Martmists

Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (3.0.3-unstable)

Adds smooth scrolling to every list.

By: shedaniel

Sodium (0.1.0)

Sodium is an free and open-source optimization mod for Minecraft which improves...

By: jellysquid_

Stonecutter Tweaks (1.1.0-1.16)

Small client-side tweaks & fixes to the Stonecutter.

By: Draylar1

SuperAxes (1.1.6)

A mod for chopping down trees for easier wood resource gathering

By: Levoment

Terrestria (2.0.6+build.58)

A vibrant biomes mod adding stunning and highly detailed biomes, inspired by asp...

By: coderbot, NeusFear

Traverse (2.2.15+build.30)

A biome expansion mod that embraces the simplistic nature of Minecraft biomes

By: ProspectorDev

Trinkets (2.6.4)

Adds a modular accessory system to the game

By: EmilyPloszaj

The sound of trumpets echoes through the night...

By: jamieswhiteshirt_

TTKB (1.0.2)

Adds random useful things

By: EmilyPloszaj

Shovel alternative to Vanilla Hammers!

By: Draylar1

Vanilla Hammers (2.0.4-1.16.1)

Adds a ton of new hammers to the game!

By: Draylar1

Adds new varieties of existing vanilla biomes

By: SuperCoder79

Villager Hats (fabric-1.16-rc1-1.0.0)

Adds wearable villager hats! Hot Damn!

By: Lemonszz

VoxelMap (1.10.7)

Minimap and world map

By: MamiyaOtaru

Wands Mod (1.1)

Wands for builders

By: nicguzzo

Watson (1.4.3-dev.20200804.153427)

Updated Watson that displays LogBlock and CoreProtect query results in 3D.

By: Annevdl29

Where Is It (1.8.1)

Find an item in nearby inventories.

By: JackFred2

Wild World (1.2.3-1.16)

Generating biome dependent decorations

By: andre111_

Window Title Changer (2.0.0-1.16.1)

A simple fabric mod for changing minecraft window title and icon

By: Szum123321

Wolves With Armor (1.5.1-1.16.1)

Wolves With Armor adds special armor items for wolves (and a few extra utilities...

By: Draylar1

Woods and Mires (1.0.0+1.16.1)

Adds some new biomes based on Nordic nature.

By: Juicebus

WorldEdit (7.2.0-beta-03+94ce464)

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both...

By: sk89q, wizjany_, me4502, octylFractal

worldeditcui (1.16.1)

Displays worldedit selection client sided

By: leetzer0


- Removed Fabric Proxy

+ Initial Release