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This modpack will be remade for MC1.1, and the general goal will be to have a modpack for kids between 6-10 years old, very easy and entertaining (tailored for my kids and to parents searching for something similar to introduce minecraft to their kids)

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Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.6.4
There have been 1,091 installs of this pack.
There have been 5 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1.36 years of this pack.

Additional Buildcraft Objects (Z-additional-buildcraft-objects-

Extending Buildcraft with additional pipes and machines.

By: Flow86, blakmajik, Others

Applied Energistics (rv14.finale3)

A Mod About energy, and matter. Oh wait thats everything...

By: AlgorithmX2

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

By: BalkondeurAlpha

Aroma1997Core (

This is basically a library used by most my other mods.

By: Aroma1997, Schillaa

Autoutils (1.0.1)

Utilities for mods by me.


BetterStorage (

Adds more storage related blocks and items to the game.

By: copygirl, copyboy

BiblioCraft (1.5.4)

BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, pot...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 16 varietys of wood from Biomes O'Plenty for 8 of the wooden bl...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 24 varietys of wood from Forestry for 8 of the wooden block in...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 13 varietys of wood from Natura for 8 of the wooden block in Bi...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Binnie's Mods (binnie-mods-1.8.0.jar)

Various expansions for Forestry adding new bees and trees

By: mezz

Adds 87 new, unique biomes!

By: Forstride, Adubbz, Amnet, ted80

BuildCraft (A-1.6.4-4.2.2)

Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!

By: SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team

Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side c...

By: Mineshopper

CCTransport (1.0.1)

Adds some extra functionality

By: ElvishJerricco

Chisel (2.1.1)

Adds a chisel item that lets you carve blocks like cobblestone or sandstone. Add...


Chisel (1.5.0)

Adds a chisel item that lets you carve blocks like cobblestone or sandstone. Add...


CodeChickenCore (

Core library for all ChickenBones mods

By: ChickenBones

CodeChickenLib (

Needed for ChickenBones mods

By: ChickenBones

CoFH Core (

CoFH Core Module

By: Team CoFH

CompactWindmills (

This mod/addon for IndustrialCraft2 adds CompactWindmills to the game. They are...

By: Aroma1997, Schillaa

ComputerCraft (1.58)

ComputerCraft adds Computers, Programming and Robotics to Minecraft.

By: Daniel Ratcliffe, Aaron Mills

CraftCreation (1.0.3)

A mod that allows, as the name implies, to craft Heraldry in minecraft.

By: Vazkii

CustomNpcs (1.6.4)

The Custom Npcs mod lets you create your own npcs and lets you customize them ho...

By: Noppes DarkSignal

Damage Indicators (

Displays the damage you inflict on creatures, as well as current health, name an...

By: rich1051414

DeadlyWorld (1.0.1)

Ever thought the world was just a little too nice to you? Have you ever wished m...

By: FatherToast

DragonAPI (1.6 V19)

DragonAPI is a function library and support mod which is relied upon by Reika's...

By: Reika

Ender IO (

Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ende...

By: crazypants

Extra Utilities (1.0.1)

Just a bunch of fairly useful things

By: RWTema

Flat Signs (

FlatSigns provides new sign functionality allowing signs to be placed flat on th...

By: Myrathi

Forestry for Minecraft ( (698))

Trees, bees and more.

By: SirSengir

Forge Multipart (

Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one blo...

By: ChickenBones

GoreaFarming (1.1.0)

Realistic farming in Minecraft

By: goreacraft

GoreaUtilities (1.1.0)

Custom Drops and tweaks

By: goreacraft

GregTech-Addon (4.08s)

This Addon adds the awesome Technology of GregTech-Intergalactical to your World...

By: Gregorius Techneticies

Adds mobs, monsters and monster girls.

By: Silentine

Hardcore Ender Expansion offers unique, new content across the End. The dragon b...

By: chylex

Hydraulicraft (1.0.4-65)

K-4Unl's entry for Modjam #3

By: K4Unl, MineMaarten

IC2 library (0.23)

IC² Dev Team - Ic2 library

By: Unknown

Immibis Core (57.1.93)

This is like CodeChicken Core, Buildcraft Core, RedPower Core, and so on - it pr...

By: immibis

IndustrialCraft 2 (2.0.397-experimental)

Industrial age themed expansion for Minecraft.

By: Alblaka, Player, RichardG, Thunderdark, GregoriusT, alexthesax, Drashian, Elementalist, Feanturi, Lurch1985, SirusKing, tahu44

Inventory Tweaks (1.57-dev-95)

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic re...

By: Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

JABBA (1.1.2)

Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is focused on providing an affordable...

By: ProfMobius

JourneyMap (3.1.0_FairPlay)

Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore.

By: Mark Woodman AKA TechBrew

Liquid XP (57.1.1)

Liquid XP and related machines.

By: immibis

Magic Bees (2.1.9 (build 89))

Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC3, EE3, AM compatible!

By: MysteriousAges

Mariculture (1.2.0i)

~ Maritime Complex ~ Adds expanded fishing, new fish, oceans to explore, machine...

By: joshiejack

Minecraft Forge (

Minecraft Forge is a modding API used by alot of mods.

By: Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALfunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos, cpw

MineTweaker (1.6.4-2.3.1)

Modpack and server tool enabling the addition and removal of recipes

By: Stan Hebben

MobiusCore (1.0.5)

Opis is a server profiler for Forge server.

By: ProfMobius

MobsPoop (1.2.0)

Mobs must poop

By: goreacraft

Mystcraft (

Mystcraft brings elements from the Myst series of games and books to Minecraft,...

By: XCompWiz

Natura (2.1.14)

Heyo, Redwood trees! Chop them all day long!

By: mDiyo, Slime Knights

Felt like armor just isn't doing the job for you?

By: Unknown

NEI Addons (1.9.4.r51)

Addons for Not Enough Items for various mods

By: bdew

NEI Plugins (

Adds mod integration into NEI

By: mistaqur

Streaming codecs for various formats

By: Unknown

NotEnoughItems (

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more

By: ChickenBones

Nuclear Control (1.6.2e)

Nuclear Control, an Industrial Craft 2 addon that allows you to build efficient...

By: Shedar

OpenBlocks (1.2.7)

All the things you never thought you will ever need

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

OpenMods (0.4)

Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

Random CC peripherals

By: Mikeemoo, cybcaoyibo, SinZ, theoriginalbit, Foone

Converts many blocks into ComputerCraft peripherals!

By: Mikeemoo, cybcaoyibo, SinZ, theoriginalbit, Foone

Opis (1.1.3a_alpha)

Opis is a server profiler for Forge server.

By: ProfMobius

PlayerAPI (1.1)

Api from Smart Moving

By: Unknown

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

ProjectRed (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones

qCraft (1.1)

Quantum Mechanics meets Minecraft!

By: Daniel Ratcliffe, TeacherGaming LLC

Railcraft (

Redefine your rails

By: CovertJaguar

ReactorCraft (1.6 V19)

ReactorCraft is a mod that adds realistic nuclear reactors to Minecraft.

By: Reika

Recipear2 (2.0.3)

Removes Recipes

By: Silentspy

RotaryCraft (1.6 V19)

RotaryCraft is a big "industrial-style" mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, In...

By: Reika

A structure spawning system

By: atomicstrykergrumpy

Safe (1.2.0)

Adds a safe block that protects items you store in it from other people.


SG Craft (0.7.3)

This is a mod for the game Minecraft. Currently it gives you SG-1 style stargate...

By: Greg_Ewing

Smart Render (1.1)

Replaces the vanilla render model for the player with a much more useable one:...

By: Divisor

SpecialMobs (2.6)

Have you ever felt that your Minecraft monsters lacked variety? Randomized textu...

By: FatherToast

Steve's Carts 2 (2.0.0.b10)

Steve's Carts 2 introduces a modular system where you can build a huge amount of...

By: Vswe

Thaumcraft (4.1.0g)

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft

By: Azanor

Thaumcraft Mob Aspects (1.6.X-1e-build2)

Adds Thaumcraft aspects to various mod's mobs

By: Unknown

Thaumic Tinkerer (2.3-137)

An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual succ...

By: Vazkii

An enchanted forest dimension.

By: Benimatic (Ben Mazur)

Thermal Expansion (

Expanding Minecraft thermally - provides new options for automation and processi...

By: Team CoFH

Torch Levers (1.3.3)

Adds several concealment and trap style blocks to the game.

By: HitchH1k3r

UsefulFood (1.4.4)

Adds a variation of food types

By: Silentspy, Bockwurst

Utility Mobs (2.1)

Got a mod that makes monsters attack your base? Ever feel a bit spread thin tryi...

By: FatherToast

Vending (1.1.1)

Adds a vending block that lets you sell items.


Waila (1.5.0)

Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block in...

By: ProfMobius

Witchery (

Witchcraft and nature magic with a bit of voodoo and necromancy too

By: Unknown

WorldCore (

Biomes O' Plenty / WorldCore

By: Unknown

Zan's Minimap (1.6.4)

Zan's Minimap, also known as VoxelMap, is a minimap for Minecraft supporting way...

By: MamiyaOtaru


- RottaryCraft (optional for SP)
- ReactorCraft (optional for SP)
+ Hydraulicraft

Two adjacent water source blocks will not generate a third

13 mods updated

^Reika's mods
^Better Storage
^Buildcraft Objects

+ CustomNpc's
^ gregtech
^ DragonAPI
^ ReactorCraft
^ RotaryCraft

^ Thaumcraft
^ MagicBees
^ DragonAPI
^ EnderIO
^ gregtech
^ HardcoreEnderExpansion
^ IC2
^ Jabba
^ OpenBlocks
^ OpenModsLib
^ OpenPeriferalAddons
^ OpenPeriferalCore
^ ReactorCraft
^ RottaryCraft
^ ThaumicTinkerer
^ Waila

Smart Moves is optional now

java arguments added by default are removed (please visit on how to add them manually )

+ Witchery
+ Thaumcraft Mob Aspects
+ Archimedes' Ships (not enabled on server until finish testings)
+ SpecialMobs
+ Utility Mobs
+ DeadlyWorld
^ IC2
^ gregtech
^ EnderIO
^ Immibis Core
^ Thaumis Tinkerer
^ Aroma1997Core
^ CompactWindmills
^ Torch Levers
^ RotaryCraft
^ DragonAPI
^ ReactorCraft
^ AE
^ MobiusCore
^ Opis
^ Waila

java arguments added by default for increase performance
temp fix ic2 MV transformer recipe

^ EnderIO
^ Buildcraft
^ IC2
^ gregtech


- Waypoints
+ Mystcraft
+ Lycanites Mobs
+ CraftHeraldry
+ ForgeIRC (optional)

* fixes some id's conflicts i missed last time