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Everything is based around GregTech. All the settings are on hard and the focus of the pack is technology.

Advancing in technology should take time and effort, if you like to become "immortal" and have access to what blocks you want quickly I suggest you go in creative mode or play an easier pack.

This pack tries to delay the endgame phase where you fly around and build whatever you want, but with some time and effort you'll still get there.

The red names represents the mods, blue ones are "addon mods" while green are client side mods. Client mods you can add or remove as you like, the rest of the optional mods can be removed to make the pack a bit more challenging.

Disclaimer: Not all the videos you see when clicking the "Videos" button on the KrisCraft page is not videos I made, videos I am in or videos featuring the modpack.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.6.4
There have been 217 installs of this pack.
There have been 0 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 0.30 years of this pack.

Version 1.5.4

IMPORTANT: Remember to empty all your Factorization barrels before updating since I've removed Factorization.
Downgraded all the mods to pre 1.5 due to major bug.

Version 1.5.3

Removed Mekanism and Factorization.
Added JABBA.

Version 1.5.2

Removed Lycanites mobs - Messed with other monsters spawning in.
Updated Mekanism to version

Version 1.5.1

Removed Ex Aliquo, Ex Nihilo, Mekanism Generators.
Removed AFK Hunger.
Removed Osmium generation.
Downgraded Thaumcraft from version 4.1.0g to version 4.1.0e.
Downgraded Thaumic Tinkerer from version 2.3-138 to version 2.3-130 to fit Thaumcraft.

Version 1.5

Made the pack public again.
Added Carpenters Blocks, Extra Cells, Reliquary, Thaumic Reliquary and TMechworks.
Removed Open Peripheral Core.
Updated Applied Energistics, Atomic Science, BC Tools, Calclavia Core, Compact Solars, ComputerCraft, Extrautils, ICBM, MineFactory Reloaded, Advanced Solar Panels, GraviSuite, MFFS, Nether Ores, OpenBlocks, OpenMods Lib, Project Red, Secret Rooms Mod, TConstruct, Twilight Forest, Universal Electricity.

Version 1.4

Tuned the pack back to private.

Version 1.3:

Minor config changes.
Edited the optional and recommended mods.
Made all the mods I don't have public permissions for into browser download and optional but not recommended.
Added the MineTweaker mod.
Removed the Concapede from Lycanites mobs.
OpenBlocks elevators no longer drain your XP.

Version 1.2:

Added mods:
BC Tools
Lycanites Mobs
Magical Crops
Wall Jump

Tweaked some Thermal Expansion recipes.

Removed mods:
Zombie Awareness - Randomly breaks chunks (Causing you to massively lag when you are in them or looking at them.)

Version 1.1:

Config Changes:
Portal Gun can't pick up chest like objects (Only for servers.).
Increased the rarity of Surface Aluminum.
Machine Frames now require Steel.
Disabled Nether Osmium ore.
Disabled vanilla Ender Chests.
Added Clear Glass from Tinkers' Construct to be recognized as a solid block in Galacticraft.
Added Ethereal Glass from Extra Utilities to be recognized as a solid block in Galacticraft.
Added Reinforced Glass from IC2 to be recognized as a solid block in Galacticraft.
Added Reinforced Glass from ICBM to be recognized as a solid block in Galacticraft.
Disabled a lot of mystcraft symbols (Molten cobalt, fuel etc.).

Updated mods:
Archimedes Ships
Atomic Science
Calclavia Core
Code Chicken Core
Compact Solars
Ender Storage
Extra Utilities
Flans Mod
Forge Multipart
Galacticraft Planets
Magic Bees
Micdoodle Core
Modular Powersuits
NEI Addons
Open Blocks
Open Mods Lib
Open Peripheral Core
Secret Rooms Mod
Slick Util
Thaumic Tinkerer
Universal Electricity

Version 1.0:

Initial release.