The official pack of the LunaCraft server!

Enjoy FTB type modpacks? Enjoy difficulty? Well Lunacraft is the perfect mix of both! Featuring Gregtech, Ars Magica 2, Thermal Expansion 3, and 130+ other mods!

Join us on the Lunacraft server! If you would like to apply, please do so at: **! **

Also, thank you SMtg for the super sexy icon!!
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.6.4
There have been 856 installs of this pack.
There have been 0 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1.49 years of this pack.
Name Version Description Authors Links
Forge The API needed for your mods to run. Unknown Donate | Website
MineTweakerScripts 1.0 MineTweaker Scripts Unknown Website
HiddenLunaCraftServer 1.0 Server.dat Unknown Website
Special Mobs 2.6 In short, this mod introduces variants to your default Minecraft mods, such as creepers with fiery explosions, skeletons that shoot poisoned arrows, and zombies that throw other mobs at you. Not only that, but it allows you adjust all vanilla spawn rates and even make jockeys more common! FatherToast Donate | Website
MineTweaker 3 3.0.6 Customize your minecraft experience! Stan Hebben Website
MobProperties Latest Lets us have a little fun ;) Unknown Website
MCCapes Extra 1.6.4a Everybody wants a cape and now you can get one! Create an account in ten seconds and login, upload a cape image or choose one from the gallery! Features: - Your own custom cape! - Animated and transparent capes! - Anyone else who has this mod will see your cape and you will see theirs! - Turn your cape on and off with a simple tick box on this website! - Change your cape at any time! cjz__ Website
Enchiridion 1.1 Custom books in minecraft! joshie Donate | Website
Thermal Expansion Expanding Minecraft thermally - provides new options for automation and processing! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Iron Chest New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest cpw Website
Not Enough Keys 0.0.4 A very simple mod created to clean up and organize the keybinds gui, organizing mods into their own category and sub menu. oku Donate | Website
Big Reactors 0.3.4A2 Big Reactors is a mod for Minecraft, built on the Forge modding platform. ErogenousBeef Donate | Website
Steve's Carts 2 2.0.0.b9 Steve's Carts 2 introduces a modular system where you can build a huge amount of carts(hundreds of millions) by combining the parts you want. Vswe Donate | Website
OpenPeripheralCore 0.4.1 Converts many blocks into ComputerCraft peripherals! Mikeemoo,boq,theoriginalbit,Foone,SinZ Donate | Website
Flat Signs FlatSigns provides new sign functionality allowing signs to be placed flat on the ceiling or the floor (via sneak click). You can also make sponges to edit existing signs. Myrathi Donate | Website
Redstone Arsenal Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Project Red Mechanical Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
Roguelike Dungeons 1.3.3a Adds randomized dungeons to the world Greymerk Website
CoFH Core Contains Core Functionality for all Team CoFH mods. Also does some really cool stuff on its own! TeamCoFH,KingLemming Donate | Website
RotaryCraft 1.6 v25 RotaryCraft is a big "industrial-style" mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, and so on. Reika Donate | Website
DenPipes 2.1.18 This is a small addon for Buildcraft the implements various pipes that aid in making builds smarter and more compact. denoflions Donate | Website
NEI Addons Addons for Not Enough Items for various mods bdew Donate | Website
Vending 1.1.1 Adds a vending block that lets you sell items. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Website
EnhancedPortals 3.0.0b-final An advanced technological portal teleportation system Alz454 Donate | Website
Autoutils 1.0.1 Utilities for mods by me. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Website
Decocraft2 Latest Decorate your minecraft world with epic models, choose from over 1,600 objects! More are added every week! RazzleberryFox Donate | Website
OpenMods 0.5.1 Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
Steve's Factory Manager A83 This mod allows you to move items between different inventories (machines and storage blocks) by specifying it using commands in a flow chart like way. vswe Donate | Website
Torojima's ChocoCraft 3.0.3 Adds a mountable, breedable mob and supporting items. Torojima , Micdoodle Donate | Website
Xeno's Reliquary 1.1.2 Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a gun. x3n0ph0b3,TheMike Website
Magic Bees 2.1.13 (build 97) Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC3, EE3, AM compatible! MysteriousAges Donate | Website
OpenPeripheralAddons 0.1.5 Random CC peripherals Mikeemoo,cybcaoyibo,SinZ,theoriginalbit,Foone Donate | Website
The SecretRoomsMod 1.6.4- This mod adds a variety of cool blocks that camouflage themselves to the surrounding world. All of these blocks have extremely useful functions that allow you to simply hide your diamonds, or punish all who dare try to get to them. Hidden doors, pressure plates, hidden levers and more! AbrarSyed,alexbegt Donate | Website
Chisel 1.5.0 Adds a chisel item that lets you carve blocks like cobblestone or sandstone. Adds two new blocks to world generation: marble and limestone, which can be be carved and crafted into many various building materials. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Website
Obsidian Pressure Plates Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet and shrouded variants). Myrathi Donate | Website
Waila 1.5.2a Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block information directly ingame. ProfMobius Donate | Website
denLib 3.2.6 den's Library denoflionsx Donate | Website
Tinkers Construct Modify all the things, then do it again! mDiyo,bonusboni,KnightMiner Donate | Website
Forestry for Minecraft (703) Trees, bees and more. SirSengir Donate | Website
WR-CBE Core Redstone Ether with some component items ChickenBones Donate | Website
Buildcraft A-1.6.4-4.2.2 Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more! CovertJaguar Donate | Website
Project Red Lighting Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
ReactorCraft 1.6 v25 ReactorCraft is a mod that adds realistic nuclear reactors to Minecraft. Reika Donate | Website
DragonAPI 1.6 v25b DragonAPI is a function library and support mod which is relied upon by Reika's mods. Reika Donate | Website
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.6 Mechanically inclined Tinkers' Construct expansion mDiyo,Pillbox Donate | Website
ChickenChunks Advanced chunkloading management ChickenBones Donate | Website
NotEnoughCodecs 0.1 Streaming codecs for various formats Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd Donate | Website
Railcraft Redefine your rails CovertJaguar Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Natura Edition 1.1 Adds support for 13 varietys of wood from Natura for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
Natura 2.1.14 Natura mDiyo,progwml6,Alexbegt Donate | Website
Binnie's Mods 1.8.0 Various expansions for Forestry adding new bees and trees Binnie567,mezz Donate | Website
Zan's Minimap 1.6.4 Zan's Minimap, also known as VoxelMap, is a minimap for Minecraft supporting waypoints, rotating minimap and entity tracking. MamiyaOtaru Website
Simply Jetpacks A mod that adds jetpacks that work on Redstone Flux. tonius11 Donate | Website
Project Red Core Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
OpenBlocks 1.2.9 All the things you never thought you will ever need Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition 1.3 Adds support for 16 varietys of wood from Biomes O'Plenty for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
NEI Plugins Adds mod integration into NEI mistaqur Website
Applied Energistics rv14.finale3 A Mod About energy, and matter. Oh wait thats everything... AlgorithmX2 Donate | Website
Project Red Compat Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
Ender IO Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ender. crazypants Donate | Website
Inventory Tweaks MC1.6.4-1.57-dev-b83 Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items. Jimeo Wan,Kobata Website
Extra Utilities 1.0.3c Just a bunch of fairly useful things RWTema Donate | Website
ComputerCraft 1.63 ComputerCraft adds Computers, Programming and Robotics to Minecraft. Daniel Ratcliffe,Aaron Mills Donate | Website
PowerCrystalsCore 1.1.8-9 You need this for Minefactory Reloaded and Nether Ores to work. skyboy026 Donate | Website
BiblioCraft 1.5.5 BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, potion shelves, regular shelves, tool racks, glass weapon cases, wooden desks and wooden chest labels and now add machines, redstone interactions, and eyeware, fancy lamps and golden lanterns. Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
Chisel 2.1.1 Adds a chisel item that lets you carve blocks like cobblestone or sandstone. Adds two new blocks to world generation: marble and limestone, which can be be carved and crafted into many various building materials. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Website
Project Red World Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Forestry Edition 1.3 Adds support for 24 varietys of wood from Forestry for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
JABBA 1.1.4 Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is focused on providing an affordable mass storage block. ProfMobius,Taelnia Donate | Website
Minefactory Reloaded 2.7.9-final MFR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, boring, or work-intensive. skyboy026 Donate | Website
SCARY MONSTER Latest Just remember, I love you guys -Rob ^_^ Unknown Website
The Twilight Forest 1.20.5 An enchanted forest dimension. Benimatic (Ben Mazur) Website
CodeChickenCore Core library for all ChickenBones mods ChickenBones Donate | Website
Biomes O' Plenty 1.2.1 Adds 87 new, unique biomes! Forstride,Adubbz,Amnet,ted80 Donate | Website
NotEnoughItems Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more ChickenBones Donate | Website
Project Red Integration Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
Thaumcraft 4.1.0g Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft Azanor Donate | Website
MobiusCore 1.2.2 Core mod for ProfMobius' mod collection ProfMobius Donate | Website
UsefulTNT 1.6 v25 UsefulTNT gives you an item, which when used on TNT, will set the TNT off in a way that is more useful to mining - it always drops items, and will not destroy existing items or xp, it will not hurt players, and it will not chain with other TNT. Reika Donate | Website

*LunaCraft: Reborn[BETA]*

Hello All! I know it's been a while since an update, and I apologize for that. I know we've lost a majority of our family, but I am very confident that we can recruit some more awesome people!

If you're a returning player from a previous version, you'll notice immediately that this pack has a completely different style to it. What was once a hardcore, GregTech based modpack, is now an easier, more adventurous type of game. We've completely removed IC2 and it's addons, and added RotaryCraft, and it's big brother ReactorCraft!

**If you are a beta tester, I will be making a google spreadsheet to help keep bugs and exploits in line. You will need to use your verified "" e-mail adresses to access the spreadsheet, so only staff and a selected few players will be able to edit it.**

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