Minedew Valley
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This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
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Name Version Description Authors Links
Minecraft Forge Needed to make all mods run Unknown Website
bspkrsCore 6.15 Shared classes used in the mods maintained by bspkrs. DaftPVF,bspkrs Donate | Website
CodeChickenLib Lib needed for Chicken Bones mods Unknown Website
PotionExtension ${version} Extend Potion Array A.K. Donate | Website
Treecapitator 2.0.4 Allows you to chop down entire trees by breaking a single log. DaftPVF,bspkrs Donate | Website
AgriCraft Mob Drop Crops 1.7.10-0.1-1.7.10 Provides AgriCraft compatibility for Pam's Mob Drop Crops. Belgabor Donate | Website
Advanced Spawn Control 0.9.1 A mod for configuration of mob spawns Blargerist Donate | Website
AgriCraft 1.5.0 Agricultural farming extended InfinityRaider Donate | Website
AMTweaker 1.7.10-1.1 Provides Minetweaker integration for Apple, Milk & Tea 2. Belgabor Website
Ancient Trees 1.7.10-1.6.4 A Minecraft mod that adds many extinct tree species to the world. ScottKillen,Blorph,Ruyuna Donate | Website
Ancient Warfare Core 2.4.119-beta-MC1.7.10 Ancient Warfare mod for Minecraft 1.7+ shadowmage45 Donate | Website
Another One Bites The Dust 2.9.2 AOBD dynamically finds all the ores and ingots added by any mod and makes them processable in IC2, EnderIO, RailCraft, Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, UltraTech, Factorization, RandomAdditions, Gany's Nether, Modular Systems, Hydraulicraft, Tinker's Construct, SimpleOreGrinder, RotaryCraft, Electrical Age, Aura Cascade, Flaxbeard's Steampower Mod, Engineer's Toolbox, and Immersive Engineering machines! ganymedes01 Donate | Website
AppleCore 1.3.2 An API for modifying the food and hunger mechanics of Minecraft squeek502 Donate | Website
Apple&Milk&Tea! 1.7.10_2.9k Enjoy a leisurely tea time. defeatedcrow Donate | Website
BD Lib A library of generic code for my other mods bdew Donate | Website
Better Builder's Wands 0.6.1 Wands that allow placing of multiple blocks at a time Portablejim Donate | Website
BiblioCraft 1.11.4 BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, potion shelves, regular shelves, tool racks, glass weapon cases, wooden desks and wooden chest labels and now add machines, redstone interactions, and eyeware, fancy lamps and golden lanterns. Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition 1.9 Adds support for 16 varietys of wood from Biomes O'Plenty for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
Binnie Patcher 1.7.1 Coremod to fix patch Binnie's Mods for Forestry 4 Chocohead Donate | Website
Binnie Core 2.0-pre14 Base mod for Binnie's Mods, with lots of common code. Binnie Donate | Website
Biomes O' Plenty Adds over 75 new biomes, blocks, and more! Adubbz,Amnet,Forstride,ted80 Donate | Website
BNBGamingLib 2.3.2 Shared library between all BNBGaming mods. Blargerist, superckl, CoolSquid Donate | Website
Butterfly Mania 1.7.10-1.3.2 150 realistic behaving butterflies that you can catch and catalog TyronX Donate | Website
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.7 Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side covers, overlays, dyes and chiseled patterns. Mineshopper Donate | Website
Catwalks Mod 2.0.3 Fast travel with cool-looking catwalks! TheCodeWarrior Donate | Website
Caveworld 2 2.3.1 Adds more new cave dimensions. There's no surface there. kegare Donate | Website
Chisel 2 A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising the Chisel. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN,Pokefenn,Cricket,tterrag Donate | Website
Clienthax's ChocoCraft 4.1.4 Adds a mountable, breedable mob and supporting items. Torojima <[email protected]>, Micdoodle Donate | Website
CodeChickenCore Base common code for all chickenbones mods. chicken_bones Donate | Website
CoFH Core 3.1.2-325 Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecraft. Team CoFH Website
Cooking for Blockheads 1.0.134 Adds a cooking book that only shows recipes you can make with what you currently have in your inventory. BlayTheNinth,ZeroTheShinigami Donate | Website
Crafting Tweaks 1.0.82 Allows you to rotate or clear the crafting matrix by the press of a button, in any (supported) crafting window. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
Custom Main Menu 1.9.2 Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json lumien Donate | Website
CustomNpcs 1.7.10d(21feb16) The Custom Npcs mod lets you create your own npcs and lets you customize them how you want Noppes,DarkSignal(AI),Foxz(Commands) Donate | Website
ShowcaseAddon2_forMCEconomy2 1.7.10_beta4mod Support player's trading with MCE2. defeatedcrow Website
Decocraft 2.2.1 Adds 500+ models to decorate your Minecraft world. RazzleberryFox Donate | Website
EconomicalMilkTea 1.1g This is an addon of MCEconomy2 for add the order system and shop blocks. defeatedcrow Website
Enchiridion 1.2b Custom books in minecraft! joshie Donate | Website
EZ Storage 1.1.0 Storage: Simplified. zerofall Donate | Website
Fast Leaf Decay 1.7.10-1.1 Increases leaf decay rates. Olafski Website
Forestry for Minecraft Trees, bees and more. SirSengir Donate | Website
Forge Multipart Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one block space. ChickenBones Website
Garden Containers 1.7.10-1.7.0 A variety of containers for planting vegetation. jaquadro Donate | Website
GenDustry Adds industrial apiaries, advanced genetic manipulation and mutation (Forestry addon) bdew Donate | Website
GraveStones -Die Classy -3 an advanced Gravestones mod ! senpaisubaraki Donate | Website
Grimoire of Gaia 3 1.2.0 Adds mobs, monsters and monster girls. Silentine Donate | Website
Growthcraft Apples 1.7.10-2.4.0 Growthcraft Apples is a mod which changes how apples are farmed in-game. In addition to this, it also adds Apple Ciders as a new product from apples. Gwafu Donate | Website
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.4.4 This mod will add Hardcore mode with extra lives. If you use up your lives, your world will be deleted or you will be banned. Vswe,Lorddusk,Newcastlegeek Donate | Website
Immersive Engineering 0.7.5 A retro-futuristic tech mod! BluSunrize,Damien A.W. Hazard Donate | Website
Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-156 Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items. Jimeo Wan,Kobata Website
Iron Backpacks 1.1.2 Upgradeable backpacks! gr8pefish Donate | Website
JAFFA (HarvestCraft Addon) 1.62.12 JAFFA - Just Another Fun Food Addon. Built on HarvestCraft for 1.7.10 Murdy007 Donate | Website
JourneyMap 5.1.4 JourneyMap Unlimited Edition: Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore. techbrew,mysticdrew Donate | Website
Kore Sample 1.7.10-1.3.2 Kore Sample provides a set of tools and base classes for other Minecraft mods that depend on it. ScottKillen Donate | Website
Lockdown 2.0.2 Allows the removal of a few GUI elements, and allows for a world to be copied instead when a new world should be created. Adubbz,Rocko Bonaparte Website
LunatriusCore A collection of utilities for Lunatrius' mods. Lunatrius Donate | Website
Magneticraft 0.6.0-final Magneticraft Energy, Industries and Multiblocks! Cout970,Minecreatr,MattDahEpic,MechWarrior99,Cypher121 Donate | Website
Magneticraft Patcher 0.1 patches Magneticraft Unknown Website
Mariculture 1.7.10- ~ Maritime Complex ~ Adds expanded fishing, new fish, oceans to explore, machines to assist, sea magic and more joshie Donate | Website
Minecraft Comes Alive 1.7.10-5.1.2 No more boring and useless testificates. Marry human villagers and raise a family! WildBamaBoy,SheWolfDeadly Donate | Website
MCEconomy2 2.5.4a API of the economy shift02ss Donate | Website
MineTweaker 3 3.0.10B Customize your minecraft experience! Stan Hebben Donate | Website
Mod Tweaker 2 0.9.5 ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3. Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
Morpheus 1.7.10-1.6.21 Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate. Quetzi Donate | Website
Mouse Tweaks 2.4.4 A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functions to the usual mouse buttons. YaLTeR Donate | Website
NEI Integration 1.1.2 NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time. tonius11 Donate | Website
Nether Ores 2.3.1-22 Introduces mineable yet dangerous ores to the Nether PowerCrystals,TehKrush,AtomicStryker,skyboy026 Donate | Website
NotEnoughItems Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more chicken_bones Donate | Website
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10i An absolutely huge farming and food mod. Pamela Collins Donate | Website
Pam's Mob Drop Crops 1.7.10a This mod adds bushes to the world that drop mob items and allows you to plant mob item crops. MatrexsVigil Donate | Website
Plant Mega Pack 4.33 Add a large variety of real plants 10paktimbits Website
Progression 1.7.10-0.4.1 A mod that allows you to control the progression of individual players. joshie Donate | Website
Quadrum 1.7.10-1.0.0.B8 Quadrum dmillerw Donate | Website
RadixCore 1.7.10-2.1.1 A base framework for quickly creating and maintaining fully featured mods. WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly Donate | Website
Railcraft Redefine your rails CovertJaguar Donate | Website
Resource Loader 1.3 Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts resources without making a resource pack. lumien Donate | Website
Restricted Portals 0.3 A mod that requires you to craft an item before allowing the player to enter the nether or end. MoreThanHidden Donate | Website
RPG Advanced Mod 1.0.0_1.7.10 Provides advanced RPG style blocks and features. ProfMobius,RazzleberryFox,Taelnia,Wulfyk Donate | Website
Sextiary Sector 2 2.4.8.c-1.7.10 A new power source and different ways of doing stuff! ?V?t?g (Shift) Website
Silent's Gems 1.3.14 When diamonds won't cut it. SilentChaos512 Donate | Website
The Spice of Life 1.3.1 Encourages dietary variety through diminishing returns. squeek Donate | Website
Storage Drawers 1.9.4 Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval. jaquadro Donate | Website
Storage Drawers: Biomes O' Plenty Pack 1.1.1 Adds additional wood styles from the Biomes O' Plenty mod. jaquadro Donate | Website
Waila 1.5.10 All your data are belong to us. ProfMobius Donate | Website
Waila Harvestability 1.1.6 An add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at squeek Donate | Website
What Are We Looking At 1.7.10 Greatly expands upon the functionality of Waila by providing many new forms of information along with bridging support between Waila and many other popular minecraft mods. Darkhax Donate | Website
WorldEdit 6.0-beta-01;3335-e7a18b26 WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer. sk89q,wizjany,TomyLobo Donate | Website
MinedewValleyScrips 1.13 scripts and the End for Minedew Valley Unknown Website
Resources 1.1 Needed for Custom Main Menu Unknown Website
Accidentally Circumstantial Events 1.12.8 Custom events mod Zavvias Donate | Website
FTBLib 1.7.10- FTBLib LatvianModder,Jared Donate | Website
FTBUtilities 1.7.10- FTBUtilities LatvianModder Donate | Website
IvToolkit 1.2.1 This is a framework that I mostly use in my own mods, for shared functionality. Ivorius Donate | Website
Recurrent Complex Adds structures to worldgen, handles exporting and importing structures, and provides build tools. Ivorius Donate | Website
ModpackFILE 1 The Modpack file for the guide Unknown Website

Update Restricted Portals to 0.32 - This fixed the annoying crash I was getting when rightclicking the seasons shop

Lockdown Updated to 2.0.2
Removed EZStorage
AMTweaker updated to 1.1
Ancient Warfare Updated to 2.4.139
EMT updated to 1.1g
Added Another Ore Bites The Dust 2.9.2
Added Magneticraft 0.6.0
Added Magneticraft Patcher 0.1
Apple Core Updated to 1.3.2

- Added seed recipes for common grape and common hops for Growthcraft
- Added a shop for compost and gardening stuff
- Added loamy dirt to dirt recipe
- Updated chococraft config
- Added in additional machine recipe suggestions from spreadsheet
- redone clay and brick prices
- Upped portal shop torches to 100 and put the price at 1MP for a torch
- Added a price for industrial hemp seeds (1MP)
- Removed Wisdom for Cooking With Blockheads and put all items to sell only
- Removed recipe for Cavers Backpack due to it being buggy
- Made a recipe for a shipping box!
- Changed sawmill recipe for sticks to stop clashing
- Taken out the storage drawers upgrade to be sold only
- Decocraft items are no longer sold, crafting clay is
- Growthcraft beehives have found their way into a shop
- Forestry beehives are now sold in a shop, grafters and frames have had their recipes taken away and can now be purchased only.
- Removed Butterfly Mania's glass jar recipe to be sold only
- Rose gold has been removed from the Seasons Shop and is now sold in the MCA shop
- Immersive Engineering's Workbench can no longer be crafted and is sold only.
- Railcrafts Crowbars and coke oven bricks are not craftable and are sold only
- Agricraft items are now removed from the shop with only crop sticks available.
- Prices for clock, storage cart and furnace cart have been rebalanced
- Pams gardens are now back in world gen, you are unable to create seeds from these
- Golden and Loverly Gysals are now purchasable from the Chococraft shop
- Reduced spawn of wasps in Caveland by 50%
- Set the reward of MP for achievements at 50MP
- Seasons shop has now been fully sorted out and all items other than original seasons shop items are now removed from it and replaced elsewhere.
- an 'Online Shop' has been added where you can buy all cards for all shops for home shopping
- Added some scripts from Belgabor that fixes/adds/removes numerous things
- Added a way to get Oil Deposits and is sold in the Immersive Engineering shop (let me know on price)

Added EZStorage 1.1.0
Update Restricted Portals to 0.31
Update AMTweaker to 1.0
Updated Restricted Portals to 0.311

- Overhauled Vanilla prices for Items
- Overhauled Pams Prices for items (still needs tweaking)
- Added prices for Silent Gems
- Changed spawn rates and what spawns where (thanks Belgabor)
- Added new AMT and cross mod scripts for more variety (thanks Belgabor)
- Added Prices for Growthcraft items
- Added prices for SS2 items
- Added a price for mint seeds
- Removed the magnifying glass for the shop
- The carpenters shop card is now for sale so you can use it a little closer to home
- Added some SS2 machine recipes for more cross mod interaction
- Added Growthcraft grapes and hops to the seasons shop
- Restricted portals is fixed, meaning you can now get back to the end. Getting to the nether requires you to get a nether key

Updated AMTweaker to 0.6c
Added Crafting Tweaks 1.0.82
Added Better Builders Wands 0.6.1
Added Restricted Portals 0.3
Added Nether Ores 2.3.1-22

- Fixed prices of ores outdoing their ingot counterpart
- Cranked down the spawn rates in the mines back down to 150
- Fixed backpacks (again) no longer needs wisdom and can only be bought from the seasons shop currently. Upgrades can be placed on them as normal.
- Growthcraft's fishtrap is now gated with Progression. You'll have to kill the Enderdragon to get it...that's not likely to ever happen!
- Added values to Chococraft's items
- Changed Laver recipe to seaweed instead of lettuce
- Fixed options menu button eventually
- nerfed Leather, Milk and Sugar MP
- Added flint nuggets to be craftable in the Jaw Crusher and Millstone
- Added Chaos Ore to the Pulverizer and Jaw Crusher
- Glowstone, Netherrack, Wither Skulls and Netherwart has been given a sale value and is available from the seasons shop.
- With the addition of Restricted portals you can no longer get to the nether without having a diamond ore (yes actual ore) the nether has no use really and is just going to be used as a bonus cave. Hence the addition of Nether ores.
- Skellies have been added to nether spawns so will spawn in the nether giving higher chance of coming across wither skellies in case you dont want to buy skulls.
- AMT's Chalcedony Electron Tube has been removed due to a fatal server crash

Gravestones - 3
AMTweaker - 0.6b

- Added in Fixes.zs (thanks Belgabor)
- Changed Morpheus to 10% and uploaded to pack instance.
- Fixed 1MP Recipes in stores
- Fixed all non Vanilla wooden blocks to have an MP
- Changed sell value of crop sticks back to 8MP. Buy value still stays at 50MP.
- Written a quick beginners guide for the FTB Util book!
- Up cave mob spawns. It's way too easy in there...now you find yourself playing a Vechs Map(subject to change)
- Changed all MP on items you gain from mining...should actually get people to build farms more than mine now!
- Changed iron pick MP to represent new value
- GF Lens now has a recipe
- All seeds in the pack now have a sell value of 1MP
- Magnite, Hexcite and Infitite now generate in the caves
- Rose gold ore is sold at the Seasons Shop (for the moment)
- Backpacks are no longer hidden behind a gate of Wisdom due to the problems with adding upgrades. However they no longer have a recipe and can only be bought from the shop!
- Changed MP for Rails
- Deactivated Railcrafts residual heat block
- Added a recipe for Curry Powder from SS2
- Added a recipe for Laver from SS2
- Chisel has been removed from the progression mod. All recipes have been removed and now can only be bought from the shop!
- Changed prices for coal coke to be the same as coal

Sorted out the prices for the diamond backpack etc...derp!

Added AMTweaker - 0.6
Added Moopheus (server only) - 1.6.21

- I have redone the current Agricraft Progression to include a brand new item required to make cropsticks. The Strong Stick is now what blocks Agricraft....this will solve issues with buying and not being able to use cropsticks!
- I've added a harvest level to Shipping Boxes (thanks Belgabor)
- The Iron Chisel is now craftable again after you get the book (still not sure on if it usable if you buy before having the book, let me know!)
- I have removed all GoG mobs from the overworld...they spawned way too much and proved somewhat useless anyway.
- Crop Sticks are also available to be bought for a Seasons Shop near you! No need to go to town!
- You can now craft Soul Sand
- Squid Sashami has been nerfed...it now obeys Spice of Life (thanks Mari)
- I've added a recipe for Loamy Dirt to be turned into dirt for those hardcore people who dont like to live in dirt....me myself, I love it!

Updated Accidentally Circumstantial Events to 1.12.8

Made Iron Chisel more Expensive
Backpacks can now be purchased from the season shop ONLY
Mob Drop Crops can now be purchased from the season shop all year round
Coal now generates in the caveworld...oops
The Iron Chisel is no longer set as a knowldge requirement hopefully allowing you to use it early game if bought!
The NPC wand no longer has a recipe
Emeralds and Aquamarine are available to buy from the season shop for 100,000 MP each to allow progression if you dont find any mining!

Initial Release

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