Porcupine Teatime
Porcupine Teatime is a private pack designed for the Forge platform, containing a loadout of several popular tech, magic, and aesthetic mods, customized to fit the tastes of our own group of builders and techies.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
There have been 239 installs of this pack.
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Players have played a total of 0.23 years of this pack.
Name Version Description Authors Links
Minecraft Forge Minecraft Forge is a modding API used by alot of mods. Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALfunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos, cpw Donate | Website
Biomes O' Plenty Adds over 75 new biomes, blocks, and more! Adubbz,Amnet,Forstride,ted80 Donate | Website
LiteLoader 1.7.10 A modloader for lightweightclient-only mods. Mumfrey Website
VoxelMap 1.7.10.litemod Adds a minimap to the corner of your HUD. Also supports player-created waypoints. Unknown Website
NotEnoughItems Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more chicken_bones Donate | Website
NEI Addons Adds in mod integration into NEI by showing bee breeding information as well as other helpful mod plugins. bdew Donate | Website
NEI Plugins Unofficial Adds mod integration into NEI mistaqur Website
CodeChickenCore Core library for all ChickenBones mods ChickenBones Donate | Website
Waila 1.5.3a All your data are belong to us. ProfMobius Donate | Website
Underground Biomes Constructs 1.0 24 different kinds of stones with slabs, stairs, walls, and buttons Zeno410 Donate | Website
CoFH Core 3.0.0B6-32 CoFH Core Module Team CoFH Donate | Website
CoFH Lib [1.7.10]1.0.0B3-26 Libraries used by Team CoFH mods Unknown Website
Thermal Foundation 1.0.0B3-8 The foundation of a Thermally enhanced world! Team CoFH Website
Thermal Expansion 4.0.0B5 Expanding Minecraft Thermally - provides new options for automation and processing! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Redstone Arsenal 1.1.0B4 Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Simply Jetpacks 1.1.0 An addon for Thermal Expansion that adds jetpacks, among some other things. tonius11 Donate | Website
Ender IO Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ender. crazypants Donate | Website
Big Reactors 0.4.0rc8 Adds large, multiblock power generation machines to Minecraft. Compatible with Redstone Flux (RF) power. ErogenousBeef Donate | Website
Forestry for Minecraft Trees, bees and more. SirSengir Donate | Website
Magic Bees 1.7.10-2.1.19 Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC4, EE3, AM 2, TE 3 MysteriousAges Website
Thaumcraft Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft Azanor Donate | Website
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-1.7.10-158 An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual successor to Elemental Tinkerer. Researches that come from this mod are prefixed by [TT]. pixlepix,nekosune Donate | Website
Archimedes' Ships 1.7.1 Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas! BalkondeurAlpha Donate | Website
Mantle 0.3.1.jenkins180 Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others. mDiyo,Sunstrike,progWML6 Donate | Website
Natura 2.2.0-b1 Heyo, Redwood trees! Chop them all day long! mDiyo,Slime Knights Donate | Website
Nether Ores 2.3.0RC3-84 Introduces mineable yet dangerous ores to the Nether PowerCrystals,TehKrush,AtomicStryker,skyboy026 Donate | Website
BiblioCraft 1.8.1 BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, potion shelves, regular shelves, tool racks, glass weapon cases, wooden desks and wooden chest labels and now add machines, redstone interactions, and eyeware, fancy lamps and golden lanterns. Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition 1.6 Adds support for 16 varietys of wood from Biomes O'Plenty for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Forestry Edition 1.5 Adds support for 24 varietys of wood from Forestry for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
BiblioWoods Natura Edition 1.2 Adds support for 13 varietys of wood from Natura for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft. Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
Carpenter's Blocks 3.2.7 DEV R4 Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side covers, overlays, dyes and chiseled patterns. Mineshopper Donate | Website
Chisel 1.5.6b A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising the Chisel. AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN,Pokefenn Website
Damage Indicators 3.2.0 Displays the damage you inflict on creatures, as well as current health, name and potion effects. rich1051414 Donate | Website
Extra Utilities 1.1.0k Just a bunch of fairly useful things RWTema Donate | Website
Inventory Tweaks 1.58-147 Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items. Jimeo Wan,Kobata Website
Iron Chest New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest cpw Donate | Website
Mouse Tweaks 2.4.4 A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functions to the usual mouse buttons. YaLTeR Donate | Website
OpenMods 0.6 Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
OpenBlocks 1.3 All the things you never thought you will ever need Mikee,NeverCast,boq,Lyqyd Donate | Website
OpenEye 0.6 User protection, error management and analytics boq,Mikee Donate | Website
ProjectRed Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge MrTJP,ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed-Compatibility A component of Project RED, which adds many features, including redwire, logic gates, lamps, and includes Forge Multipart for creating microblocks. Unknown Donate | Website
ProjectRed-Transmission A component of Project RED, which adds many features, including redwire, logic gates, lamps, and includes Forge Multipart for creating microblocks. Unknown Donate | Website
ProjectRed-Illumination Redstone. The way it was meant to be. MrTJP, ChickenBones Donate | Website
ProjectRed-Exploration A component of Project RED, which adds many features, including redwire, logic gates, lamps, and includes Forge Multipart for creating microblocks. Unknown Donate | Website
Railcraft Redefine your rails CovertJaguar Donate | Website
FluxedFeederUnit 1.0.0 RF-powered feeder unit for Railcraft powered rails tonius11 Donate | Website
bspkrsCore 6.14 Shared classes used in the mods maintained by bspkrs. DaftPVF,bspkrs Donate | Website
IC2 Backpack HUD 3.0 Provides charge meter for IndustrialCraft 2 electric armor items and durability meter for other armor items. Mineshopper Website
StatusEffectHUD 1.26 Shows active player effects (potions, etc) without opening your inventory! bspkrs Donate | Website
Steve's Carts 2 2.0.0.b17 A carttastic mod adding a near infinite number of carts possible to the game, through the creation of modular carts. Vswe Donate | Website
Tinkers' Construct 1.7.0.build684 A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools mDiyo,fuj1n,ProgWML6,Sunstrike,Pillbox,boni Donate | Website
TiC Tooltips 1.1.10 A simple client-side add-on for Tinkers' Construct that adds relevant stats to all tool part tooltips. squeek Donate | Website
Tinkers' Mechworks 66.8f23bae Tinkers' Mechworks is a mod that adds various redstone machines. mDiyo,fuj1n,ProgWML6,Sunstrike,Pillbox Donate | Website
The Twilight Forest 2.2.3 An enchanted forest dimension. Benimatic (Ben Mazur) Website
Applied Energistics 2 rv1-beta-20 A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world.. AlgorithmX2 Donate | Website
Baubles Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft Azanor Donate | Website
Botania r1.2-116 Botania is a mod that adds nature magic to Minecraft. Vazkii Donate | Website
DimStorage 1.7.2-1.3 DimStorage add a technologic version of ender chest system with owner, frequence selection and lock system. Gaarnik Website
Infernal Mobs 1.7.10 Diablo Style random Enchantments on Entities! Harder fights! More XP and enchanted loot! AtomicStryker Donate | Website
Flaxbeard's Steam Power 0.26.2 A mod based around steam power and steampunk tech. Flaxbeard,Zenith Website
GenDustry Gendustry bdew Donate | Website
Pressure Piping High pressure, infinite throughput liquid transfer. bdew Donate | Website
BD Lib This is a collection of generic code used by bdew's other mods bdew Donate | Website
Jabba 1.1.4 Moar barrels ProfMobius,Taelnia Donate | Website
Enchiridion 1.2b Custom books in minecraft! joshie Donate | Website
Mariculture 1.2.3d ~ Maritime Complex ~ Adds expanded fishing, new fish, oceans to explore, machines to assist, sea magic and more joshie Donate | Website
PneumaticCraft 1.2.6 A technical mod all about pneumatics! MineMaarten Donate | Website
OpenComputers This mod adds modular computers and robots that can be programmed in Lua. Florian 'Sangar' Nuecke,Johannes 'Lord Joda' Lohrer,Everyone who contributed to the mod on Github - thank you! Donate | Website
OpenComponents This mod is an addon for OpenComputers that adds a bunch of drivers. Florian 'Sangar' N�cke,Johannes 'Lord Joda' Lohrer Website
Refined Relocation 1.0.6c Filter, sort and relocate! Dynious Donate | Website
Roguelike Dungeons 1.3.5 Adds randomized dungeons to the world Greymerk Donate | Website
Smart Core 1.0 Core mod for SmartMoving Unknown Website
Smart Render 2.0 Replaces the vanilla render model for the player with a much more useable one: * implement better animations with less code * attach additional renderers wherever you want * only worry about the animations of your own renderers Divisor Website
Player API 1.00 Player API gives third party mods managed access to the main player class Divisor Website
Smart Moving 15.2 The Smart Moving mod provides various additional moving possibilities: * Climbing only via gaps in the walls * Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks * Alternative animations for flying and falling * Climbing along ceilings and up vines * Jumping up & back while climbing * Configurable sneaking * Alternative swimming * Alternative diving * Alternative flying * Faster sprinting * Side & Back jumps * Charged jumps * Wall jumping * Head jumps * Crawling * Sliding Divisor Website
Witchery 1.7.10-0.20.5 Extending Minecraft with witchcraft. This mod features: The song, Loved (ft. Mykle Anthony) by wellman. Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/. Verify at http://ccmixter.org/files/wellman/24289. Sound effects licensed from FreeSFX (http://www.freesfx.co.uk). Emoniph Donate | Website
Soul Shards: Reborn Alpha 0.9a Original Soul Shards remake. Moze_Intel Website
Immibis Core 59.0.3 This is like CodeChicken Core, Buildcraft Core, RedPower Core, and so on - it provides requirements for other mods. immibis Website
Dimensional Anchors 59.0.2 Yet another chunkloader mod. immibis Website
Slimevoid Library An Open Source Mod Library of useful files Eurymachus Website
Wireless Redstone Wireless Redstone allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires. ali4z,Eurymachus Website
Iguana Tinker Tweaks 2.0.3 Rebalances and adds new features to Tinkers Construct boni,iguana_man Donate | Website
Waila Harvestability 1.1.0 An add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at squeek Donate | Website
Another One Bites The Dust 2.2.4 AOBD dynamically finds all the ores and ingots added by any mod and makes them processable in IC2, EnderIO, RailCraft, Mekanism and TE3 machines! ganymedes01 Donate | Website
MineTweaker 3 3.0.8B Customize your minecraft experience! Stan Hebben Donate | Website
ModTweaker 0.6 ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker, providing additional support for various different mods. joshie,SpitefulFox Donate | Website
Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry v1.1.0(1.7.10) An arcane art for ultimate power WayofTime Donate | Website
EnhancedPortals 3.0.5 An advanced technological portal teleportation system KzariusRex,SexyDexyDoo,SyiSeiko,Alz454 Donate | Website
ObsidiPlates Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet and shrouded variants). Myrathi Donate | Website

Gendustry Update - Yellorium ingots can be used as mutagen.
Custom bee descriptions should show up correctly now.


New Mod: Fluxed Feeder Unit (Power electric locomotives with RF)

Small update to fix a bug with refined relocation.

Small update - added new custom bees via Gendustry.
Check out "Discindo" bees for the start of the new tree.

Small update - added new custom bees via Gendustry.
Check out "Discindo" bees for the start of the new tree.

Version updates for almost everything.

Also changed a couple recipes with minetweaker to avoid a couple recipe conflicts.

Applied Energistics
Carpenter's blocks
Flaxbeard's Steam Power
Iguana's Tinker Tweaks
Immibis Core
Iron Chests
Refined Relocation
Roguelike Dungeons
Steve's Carts
Thaumic Tinkerer
Tic Tolltips
Waila Harvestability

Included ModTweaker updates from tonight. Should resolve reconnect crash issues.

Important notes:
There are a a *lot* of updates. Let me know if anything looks amiss.

Applied Energistics autocrafting is now available.

Some changes to tools due to TCon/Iguana updates:
Steel tools received a buff. Several mod-added tools got mining level buffs.

Unfortunately, I had to remove ExtraCells for now, as there is no stable-ish version for AE r1.

I created a custom build of WailaHarvestability myself after creating a quick hack to fix harvest level displays with new iguana tweaks. You're welcome. =p

Upgraded to LiteLoader version of VoxelMap
Added Thaumic Tinkerer
Added Pressure Pipes

Switched out ArmorStatusHUD for IC2 Backpack HUD (better power monitoring)

Updates for:
Applied Energistics (Beta)
All CoFH Mods
Enhanced Portals
Iguana's Tweaks for TCon
Flaxbeard's Steam Power

"Tinker's Alloy" items renamed to "Bronze" items for consistency.
"Brass Dust" renamed to "Brass Blend" for consistency.

Enhanced Portals
BigReactors (Retrogen)
MagicBees (Retrogen on, Thaumcraft integration off, since the TC Api is new)
Thaumcraft (Just Released, retrogen on)

OpenComputers / OpenComponents

Tinker's Construct has an update, but it changed the API and isn't compatible with MineTweaker yet, so I'm holding off on that one for a bit.

Added Blood Magic.

Added Alloy Smelter recipe for 4 Rotten Flesh -> 1 Leather.

Initial release of PT 2.0.

Switched to Soul Shards: Reborn. Soul Shards 2 removed.

Added BigReactors and Dimensional Doors

LOTS of updates - too many to list. Brought things up to latest versions for 1.6.4 and added EVOC (simple performance enhancements for vanilla blocks).

Updated OpenBlocks and added OpenMod library to ensure mob spawn prevention is active for CPU-hungry mobs.

Updates to many mods, many bugfixes, several for compatibility with Thermal Expansion 3.

Added: Thermal Expansion 3!

Removed: Misc Peripherals (author gone, no longer supported, unresolved bugs, not compatible with TE3)

Notable Changes:
EnderIO: Conduits and capacitors can transfer and store RF. New item conduits.
OpenBlocks: New block breaker, block placer, sleeping bags, automatic anvil and enchanting table, and more.
ExtraUtils: Multipart compatible. Added Dark Glass, Retrieval Nodes, new Deep Dark worldgen, RF Support,

All updated mods:
Nether Ores
Thaumic Tinkerer
Power Converters
Steve's Carts
Minefactory Reloaded
Twilight Forest

Bump from AE r13c to r14-finale. Previous version of AE was incorrectly calling the method to set item types when storage buses were placed on MFR DSUs, causing the server to crash when items were placed into AE networks and stored in empty DSUs.

Small additional update to fix incorrect forge version.

Disabled spawning of AM2 Dryads, as they often blanket certain areas, are not aggressive, seem to have syncronization issues, and drop no loot.

New Mod: Carpenter's Blocks - create custom blocks, stairs, ladders, and more, with any texture from any block in the game. Includes smoothly angled ramps and custom angles! See more here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1790919-1516forge-carpenters-blocks-v195-slopes-stairs-and-more

Upgraded to main branch of PowerCrystal's mods, maintained by Skyboy. You may see some slight behavior changes in MFR machines, so double check your builds that use MFR.

Affected PowerCrystals mods include:
- Minefactory Reloaded
- Nether Ores (Thanks for the interim fix, Myst)
- PowerCrystals Core (Library)

Other major updates include:

Thaumcraft 4 - Essentia Tubes and Valves added - you can now pump your essentia around! Other additions include Jar Labels, Infusion Enchantment, Arcane Lamps, Pech fixes (spawn only at night, don't despawn if they've picked up a bunch of things)
Tinker's Construct - Tool parts are now meltable, Added SDX (mining explosive), wooden rails, stone ladders. Slime islands are now transparent.

Several other updates, including:
ExtraUtils - Mobs in the Deep Dark now spawn more aggressively at lower Y levels and can spawn in any level of light. Use caution.
Forestry - Candles now dyeable in-world.
Thaumic Tinker
Damage Indicators
Twilight Forest

Several mods have upgraded for power compatibility with the upcoming release of Thermal Expansion 3, which we'll be adding soon after it arrives.

Initial release on ATLauncher

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