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UC Skyblock
Modded Skyblock Modpack created for the Unioncraft network. Designed to be more challenging than the norm, and crafted around an increase in difficulty as well as adding extra magic and tech options with a variety of additional mods.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
There have been 321 installs of this pack.
There have been 0 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 0.21 years of this pack.

A New Dawn: Botania (r1.7-515)

A New Dawn: Botania, is a fork of Botania that removes nerfs and adds some confi...

By: Vazkii, kotasc3

Advanced Generators (

Freeform Multiblock generators that produce MJ, RF and EU

By: bdew

AE2 Stuff (

Various Extensions for Applied Energistics 2

By: bdew

AgriCraft (1.4.6-hotfix)

Agricultural farming extended

By: InfinityRaider

AOBD dynamically finds all the ores and ingots added by any mod and makes them p...

By: ganymedes01

AppleCore (1.3.0)

An API for modifying the food and hunger mechanics of Minecraft

By: squeek

Applied Energistics 2 (rv3-beta-5)

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2

An arcane upgrade for Blood Magic

By: jordsta95

Arcane Engineering (arcane_engineering-0.2.6.jar)

An addon for Thaumcraft and Immersive Engineering

By: mangoose3039

Automagy (0.27.1)

An addon for Thaumcraft 4 focused on providing flexible and interesting tools fo...

By: Tuhljin (programming, art), Draanor (art)

Baubles (

Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft

By: Azanor

BD Lib (

A library of generic code for my other mods

By: bdew

Better Title Screen is a client-side mod that provides options to customize Mine...

By: Girafi, Amadornes

BiblioCraft (1.11.4)

BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, pot...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 24 varietys of wood from Forestry for 8 of the wooden block in...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 13 varietys of wood from Natura for 8 of the wooden block in Bi...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Big Reactors (0.4.3A)

Adds large, multiblock power generation machines to Minecraft. Compatible with R...

By: ErogenousBeef

Binnie Core (2.0-pre14)

Base mod for Binnie's Mods, with lots of common code.

By: Binnie

Blood Arsenal (1.2-4)

Blood-themed tools, weapons, armor and much more!

By: Arcratus

Rituals, spells, and more!

By: WayofTime

Brandon's Core (

This is the core mod that will be used by most of my mods from now on

By: brandon3055

bspkrsCore (6.16)

Shared classes used in the mods maintained by bspkrs.

By: DaftPVF, bspkrs

Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side c...

By: Mineshopper

Chance Cubes (

A Game of Chance and Skill

By: Turkey2349

Chisel 2 (

A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising...

By: AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Pokefenn, Cricket, tterrag

CodeChicken Core (

Base common code for all chickenbones mods. Supporters: JBoyJr

By: ChickenBones

CodeChickenLib (

Needed for Chickenbones mods

By: Unknown

CoFH Core (3.1.0-323)

Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecra...

By: Team CoFH

Apache Commons Codec software provides implementations of common encoders and de...

By: Unknown

The Apache Commons Compress library defines an API for working with ar, cpio, Un...

By: Unknown

ComputerCraft (1.74)

ComputerCraft adds Computers, Programming and Robotics to Minecraft.

By: Daniel Ratcliffe, Aaron Mills

Cookie Core (1.7.10-1.4.0-11)

Libs for my mods.

By: Ephys

Yet another chunkloader mod.

By: immibis

Draconic Evolution (1.0.2-Snapshot_9)

Draconic Evolution is a mod that adds some extremely expensive high tier items t...

By: brandon3055

DummyCore (DummyCore1.13.jar)

API required to launch all mods made by DummyThinking Team

By: Unknown

Ender IO (

Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ende...

By: CrazyPants, tterrag

EnderCore (

Library mod used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and others

By: tterrag, CrazyPants

EnderStorage (

Stores your stuff in the END! Credits: Ecu - original idea, design, che...

By: ChickenBones

Enhanced Inventories (1.7.10-1.1.8)

Enhancing your inventories!

By: Yuuto

EnviroFix (1.0)

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviro...

By: TwentyOneZ

EnviroMine (1.3.124)

Adds more realism to Minecraft with environmental effects, physics, gases and a...

By: Funwayguy, TimbuckTato, GenDeathrow, thislooksfun

Essential Thaumaturgy (EssentialThaumaturgy-1.1.1710.11EC(4.4.1710.37)TC(

Essential Thaumaturgy is an addon both to EC3 and Thaumcraft 4.

By: Unknown

EssentialCraft 3 (EssentialCraftv4.6.1710.63.jar)

A huge tech mod, that gives the impression of magic with lots and lots of differ...

By: Unknown

Ex Astris Rebirth (MC1.7.10-1.01-45)

Ex Nihilo Addon

By: LoveHoly, MikeLydeamore

Ex Nihilo (1.38-49)

The Skyblock Companion Mod

By: Erasmus_Crowley

Extra Utilities (1.2.12)

Just a bunch of useful things

By: RWTema

ExtraTiC (1.4.5)

An Addon-Mod adds cross compatibility for Tinker's Construct

By: Glassmaker

Forbidden Magic (1.7.10-0.573)

Forbidden Magic is an addon to add many dark-themed things to Thaumcraft.

By: SpitefulFox

Trees, bees and more.

By: SirSengir

Forge Multipart (

Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one blo...

By: ChickenBones

FoxLib (0.7.0)

Library Mod

By: Kihira

GenDustry (

Adds industrial apiaries, advanced genetic manipulation and mutation (Forestry a...

By: bdew

Greg's Lighting (1.11.2-mc1.7.10)

Powerful lights for lighting up large spaces.

By: Greg Ewing

Guide-API (1.7.10-1.0.1-23)

Simple mod guide creation.

By: Tombenpotter, TehNut

Hardcore Wither (1.1.1)

Making the Wither harder since 2015

By: Thor12022

Headcrumbs (1.6.0)

Adds heads (and stuff)!

By: ganymedes01

Hunger Overhaul (1.0.0.jenkins75)

Hunger mechanics overhauled

By: iguana_man, Parker8283, progwml6, squeek502

Rebalances and adds new features to Tinkers Construct

By: boni, iguana_man

A retro-futuristic tech mod!

By: BluSunrize, Damien A.W. Hazard

Integrates IE with other mods, as well as some useful addition to IE itself

By: UnwrittenFun

Immibis Core (59.1.4)

This is like CodeChicken Core, Buildcraft Core, RedPower Core, and so on - it pr...

By: immibis

They mostly work like RedPower 2's microblocks.

By: immibis

In-Game wiki Mod (1.1.12-34)

Mod that allows for mods to add in-game documentation.

By: MineMaarten

InGame Info XML (

Display extra information on top of your ingame screen.

By: Lunatrius

INpureCore (1.0)

Core mod for all INpure mods

By: Unknown

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

JABBA (1.2.1a)

Moar barrels The Jabba team would like to thank the Academy for this award... o...

By: ProfMobius, Taelnia

libsandstone (1.0.0)

Sandstone, the foundation for pyramids. Another modding framework.

By: x3n0ph0b3, TheMike

Loot Bags (1.8.1)

Add loot pouches to entity drops

By: Malorolam

LunatriusCore (

A collection of utilities for Lunatrius' mods.

By: Lunatrius

Magic Bees (1.7.10-2.3.6)

Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC4, Botania, EE3, AM 2, TE 3

By: MysteriousAges

Magical Crops: Armoury (magicalcropsarmoury-4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4.jar)

Armour and Weapon addon for Magical Crops 4!

By: Mark719

Magical Crops: Core (4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4b)

A Magical farming mod that allows you to grow and harvest all type of Minecraft...

By: Mark719

Magical Crops: Decorative (magicalcropsdeco-4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4a.jar)

Magical Crop addon, adds many decorative blocks to your world!

By: Mark719

Mantle (0.3.2b)

Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others.

By: mDiyo, Sunstrike, progWML6

Mekanism (

Energy, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Machines, Magic.

By: aidancbrady

MekanismGenerators (

Generators module of Mekanism.

By: aidancbrady

MekanismTools (

Tools module for Mekanism.

By: aidancbrady

Metallurgy 4 (4.0.6)


By: Team Metallurgy

Metallurgy Chisel (

Metallurgy Chisel integration

By: Team Metallurgy

Metallurgy Core (4.0.4)

Metallurgy Core

By: Team Metallurgy

Minecraft Forge (

Minecraft Forge is a modding API used by alot of mods

By: Unknown

MineFactory Reloaded (2.8.1-174)

Automate everything!

By: PowerCrystals, TehKrush, AtomicStryker, Feanorith, skyboy026

Enable MineFactoryReloaded harvesters to harvest MagicalCrops crops

By: Portablejim

MineTweaker 3 (3.0.10B)

Customize your minecraft experience!

By: Stan Hebben

MmmMmmMmmMmm (1.7.10-1.9)

Provides a test dummy that can be placed in the world. Punch it, kick it, slice...

By: boni

Mod Tweaker 2 (0.9.4)

ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3.

By: Jaredlll08

Mouse Tweaks (2.4.4)

A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functi...

By: YaLTeR

Natura (

Heyo, Redwood trees! Chop them all day long!

By: mDiyo, Slime Knights

NEI Addons (

Addons for Not Enough Items for various mods

By: bdew

NEI Integration (1.1.1)

NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time.

By: tonius11

NodalMechanics (1.7-1.0-7)

Create Thaumcraft Nodes

By: Shukaro

Not Enough Items (

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more. <plugins> Sup...

By: ChickenBones

NotEnoughKeys (1.7.10-3.0.0b45)

Upddated Version of Okushama's NotEnoughKeys. Sorts the Controls gui system and...

By: dmodoomsirius, okushama, Parker8283, TheTemportalist

Adds buttons to Thaumonomicon to switch between Thaumcraft tabs.

By: fewizz

ObsidiPlates (

Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet...

By: Myrathi

OpenBlocks (1.5)

All the things you never thought you will ever need

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

OpenComputers (

This mod adds modular computers and robots that can be programmed in Lua.

By: Florian 'Sangar' Nuecke, Johannes 'Lord Joda' Lohrer, Everyone who contributed t...

OpenMods (0.9)

Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

Converts many blocks into ComputerCraft peripherals!

By: Mikeemoo, boq, theoriginalbit, Foone, SinZ

Pam's HarvestCraft (1.7.10i)

An absolutely huge farming and food mod.

By: Pamela Collins

Quadrum (1.7.10-1.0.0.B8)


By: dmillerw

Random Things (2.2.4)

Random Things packed into one Mod.

By: Lumien

RedLogic (59.1.11)

Replacement for RP2 Wiring, Logic and Control

By: immibis

Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution - provides Flux-Infused Tools and Armor!

By: Team CoFH

Filter, sort and relocate!

By: Dynious, BlayTheNinth

Runic Dungeons (1.1.6a)

A Simple Dungeon Dimension

By: MrComputerGhost

Sanguimancy (1.7.10-1.1.9-33)

A Blood Magic addon adding all kind of stuff

By: Tombenpotter

A few things for Blood Magic, that make things less tedious

By: Alex_hawks

Shamanry (

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft

By: Asyncronos

SimpleLabels (1.7.10-1.0-7)

Labels for the Deep Storage Unit, and more!

By: insaneau

Simply Jetpacks (1.5.3)

Redstone Flux jetpacks and more

By: tonius11

Slabcraft (1.7)

The Mod adds 98 new Slabs in the Game.

By: Blubbeltasche

Solar Flux (0.8b)

Solar Panels producing Redstone Flux

By: Nauktis

Complete remake of the old Soul Shards.

By: Moze_Intel

Staircraft (1.7)

The Mod adds 98 new Stairs in the Game.

By: Blubbeltasche

Steve's Factory Manager is a mod which allows you to set up systems that moves a...

By: Vswe

Storage Drawers (1.7.7)

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.

By: jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Forestry mod.

By: jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from various mods including ExtraBiomesXL, Highlands...

By: jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Natura mod.

By: jaquadro

Tabula Rasa (1.0.1)

Blank Slate - Blocks and Items! They do nothing, have no textures, and no recipe...

By: King Lemming

Tainted Magic (TaintedMagic-

An add-on to Thaumcraft 4 that explores the darker side of Thaumaturgy.

By: yorkeJohn

TC Node Tracker (1.7.10-1.1.2)

Tracks scanned nodes for Thaumcraft

By: Dyonovan

Technomancy (0.12.4 - 1.7.10)

Science and magic. What could go wrong?

By: Democretes, theflogat, Mordenkainen

A mod focusing on Thaumcraft's alchemy system.

By: Doctor_Benway

Thaumcarpentry (

Thaumcarpentry is capability of a thaumaturgist to observe aspects in carpentry...

By: zot201

Thaumcraft (

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft

By: Azanor

NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4.

By: DjGiannuzz

Thaumic Bases (ThaumicBases-1.3.1710.4.jar)

Thaumic bases is a Thaumcraft 4 addon, which adds a whole bunch of random additi...

By: Unknown

The digital age could use some magic

By: Nividica

Thaumic Exploration (Pre 0.6.0b)

An add-on for Thaumcraft 4.1, adding a variety of content.

By: Flaxbeard

Pushing the boundaries of magic

By: Kentington

Thaumic Tinkerer (2.5-1.7.10-164)

An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual succ...

By: pixlepix, nekosune

Thaumic Warden (1.1.1)

A Thaumcraft 4 Addon aiming to add more adventure and story to Thaumcraft

By: MasterAbdoTGM50

The SecretRoomsMod (1.7.10-

This mod adds a variety of cool blocks that camouflage themselves to the surroun...

By: AbrarSyed, alexbegt

Encourages dietary variety through diminishing returns.

By: squeek

Thermal Casting (0.0.1)

A Minecraft mod which adds the ability to create blocks of metal using Thermal E...

By: MikeLydeamore

Thermal meets Dynamic - provides options for transporting items, fluids, and Red...

By: Team CoFH

Expanding Minecraft Thermally - provides new options for automation and processi...

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Foundation (1.2.2-111)

The foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Recycling (

Thermal Expansion 4.x add-on that provides machines to use the STUFF that is col...

By: OreCruncher

Thermal Smeltery (1.7.10-1.2.1)

Thermal Smeltery Description

By: Drullkus

TiC Tooltips (1.2.5)

A simple client-side add-on for Tinkers' Construct that adds relevant stats to a...

By: squeek

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

By: mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, Pillbox, boni

Tinkers' Mechworks (

Tinkers' Mechworks is a mod that adds various redstone machines.

By: mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, Pillbox

Tinkers' Steelworks (1.7.10-1.1.2-19)

A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct. Now you're tinkering with steel!

By: Toops

TooMuchLoot (4.0.1)

Making dungeon loot rare again...

By: dmillerw

Traveller's Gear (1.16.6)

RPG Inventories! Armorstands! Cross-Mod Interaction! Woohoo!

By: BluSunrize

Tree Growing Simulator (TreeGrowingSimulator2014-MC1.7.10-0.0.3-22.jar)

Make your skyblock more interesting!

By: tterrag1098

Vein Miner (0.31.1)

When a configured block is harvested a chain reaction is initiated to break conn...

By: portablejim

Vending (1.2.3)

Adds a vending block that lets you sell items.


Waila (1.5.10)

All your data are belong to us.

By: ProfMobius

An add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you a...

By: squeek

Greatly expands upon the functionality of Waila by providing many new forms of i...

By: Darkhax

Witchery (1.7.10-0.24.1)

Bringing witchcraft and nature magic to Minecraft: cauldrons, broomsticks, ritua...

By: Emoniph

YUNoMakeGoodMap (

Adds a new World Type option to generate nothing except for a inital spawn platf...

By: LexManos

YuutoLib (YuutoLib-1.7.10-1.0.2.jar)

A library required by my other mods.

By: animeniac7

Ztones (2.2)

Decorative Blocks

By: riciJak


Initial release upon Atlauncher