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Name: Resonant Rise 5 ~ ModRealms Network

Welcome to ModRealms! (Your Only Premium Modded Network) We would like to bring to you our network! We have a variety of game-play enhancing features and plugins which includes Nucleus, GriefPreventionPlus and LagGoggles. The network also features some custom plugins made by us to improve performance and user experience, These include custom network-wide vote crates and unique timed ranks! We have also released our new server running on RR5, Featuring a top of the line protection system! You can connect by using:!

We are proud to present to you our staff team, They work day in, day out to help make sure that you receive the most premium experience possible whilst remaining professional. There is rarely an issue that our staff team cannot solve whilst helping each other. So always feel free to message us ingame or at Discord if you wish to ask a question.

We are always glad to welcome new players to our network and feel that it is our duty to give you the most comforting and premium experience possible with what we have.

Thank you, and welcome to ModRealms!

Discord Invite Link:

Resonant Rise 5 (New!):

  • No Griefing of Protected Areas!
  • No Racism!
  • No Spamming!
  • Apply Common Sense at all times!
  • Report all wrong-doings directly on the forums (with evidence)!
  • Respect all members of the community!
  • Have Fun!`

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Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: Germany
Language: English
Added: 8 months ago
Last edited: 1 week ago
Players: 30/200
MOTD: ModRealms â â Resonant Rise 5 Version :: 5.0.0-pre.2 Status :: Online
Uptime: 98.27% for the past 14 days
Votes: 533
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