The 1 & Only Pixelmon OG
Name: The 1 & Only Pixelmon OG

The 1 & Only Pixelmon OG, we offer 1 world for all, we do not divide our community in multiple servers, but one united, HQ server for all. This way you can become the best of the best.

*10x Spawn Rates!
*NPC Gyms
*Automatic Tournaments with Keys as rewards
*Clan System (Clan Gyms On the Way)
*GTS Shop system
*PokeMart with all you need
*Claim system for your builds
*And much more!

^^ 50% Sale on everything until March 31st ^^

Special reward for first players to get 95% on Pokedex!

Staff and Helper positions available too!

Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: United States
Language: English
Players Online: 0
MOTD: A Minecraft Server
Uptime: 100.00%
Added: 7 months ago
Last Edited: 7 months ago
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