Below is a list of the most asked questions to get help for. To get an answer to any of these topics, please click on the question to get the answer.

Are there any restrictions on the type of server I can submit?

Yes. You can submit any server as long as it is not a Vanilla based server, a "hub" type server (which duplicates an existing listing) or a modpack (or version of a modpack) not on ATLauncher.

This is a server list specifically for ATLauncher. As such, including installation instructions for other launchers is not allowed. It only causes confusion and packs may not be up to date on different platforms and can sometimes be unauthorised reproductions.

Servers hosted with Aternos or other free server providers are not allowed and will be removed.

Also servers submitted with little to no information or look spammy, will be removed at the discretion of ATLauncher staff.

Resubmitting multiple times without addressing the issue for the original removal will result in a ban.

If you see a server doing any of these, please report it immediately by contacting us or reaching out on Discord.

Is there anything banned from being put in my listing?

Yes. You must keep all content PG-13, which includes no sexually explicit or suggestive material and no swearing. You may also not tell users how to circumvent account restrictions or voting restrictions in the servers description. ATLauncher staff reserve the right to remove your server listing for any reason whatsoever without notifying you if we believe you are in breach of this.

You may also not list installation methods for packs for other platforms. This is an ATLauncher server list, listing installation methods for other platforms/launchers just causes confusion to users and should not be in the listings description.

Also keep all titles and pack version fields explicitely related to the ATLauncher pack you're submitting for. While it's fine to list the other servers you offer in the description (as long as it doesn't violate other rules listed above), listing the versions and packs you support in the title/version field shouldn't be done.

What does the Show on ATLauncher option do?

In the future we may implement the ability for users to browse and join servers directly from ATLauncher. If you don't want this to happen and only show your server on the website, please deselect that option.

What do I do if I have a problem with a server?

If you have a problem with a server, please take it up with that server. We do not control or have any influence on the servers listed on the site as they are all run by third parties.

How often do you check a servers status?

We check all servers status every 15 minutes to check if it's online and get the number of players online. We keep all uptime and online players stats for 2 weeks only.

Do you allow payments to feature a server?

Yes. You can feature your server on our site by visiting the edit server page and using the Feature Server section to feature your server. The rate is $10 a week for up to 4 weeks at a time. There is a limit of 5 featured servers at any one time. All featured server payments go towards developing and maintaining ATLauncher costs and helps us out a lot.

Note that due to high demand on these slots, it may not be possible for you to obtain one of these slots. When you edit your server, it will tell you when the next slot will open up.

Server listings from the same network cannot feature more than 2 servers from their network at a time.

If your server is removed, any featured time will be refunded in full if within 24 hours, else partially refunded.

Do you support votifier?

Yes. When creating or editing your server, simply set the port and public key for the votifier server and all votes will be sent through to the votifier server. While we take every measure to protect servers against vote fraud, please make sure you do your own checking in case a user fakes a vote to be rewarded multiple times. We will not be held responsible for a users actions to game the system to get rewards on your server.

Are inactive servers removed?

Yes. All servers which we have not been able to ping within 2 weeks, will be removed from the site.

What happens to my listing if the Pack gets deleted from the launcher?

If the pack your listing uses is deleted from ATLauncher then your server listing will also be removed. Since the pack no longer exists on the launcher, there is no need to keep the servers around using it. You won't be notified if this happens as it's an internal and automatic process when packs are deleted.

Can I use my own launcher to host the packs played on my server?

This is the internet, you can feel free to do whatever you want, but we don't accept listings who use their own launcher as a way to bypass the official pack distribution methods (which includes ATLauncher and any other official packs such as on Curse), no matter what the reason or excuse.

If ATLauncher staff become aware that your listing directs people to using an unofficially sanctioned installation method (via the listing itself or via the servers linked websites) we will remove the listing without notification to you.

I no longer have access to edit my server listing. How can I get access again?

If you've lost access to the edit link for your server, or someone else had the link and is no longer with your server, you can add a special delete keyword to your servers MOTD in order to have it deleted automatically.

To do this, just update your MOTD to include the word ATL-DELETE-ID where ID is the id of your server. You can get the id from the end of your permanent link in your server listing. For example if the permanent link is, your id is 1234 so your MOTD should then contain ATL-DELETE-1234.

Once you've added this, it can take up to an hour for our system to recognise it and then delete your listing.