Alright so as per any website/service out there, we have a Privacy Policy which took effect on the 19th of July, 2014. We didn't have a set Privacy Policy for before that, but here it is now.

First off we will start this off by saying that we aren't lawyers, nor do we have any intention of having a lawyer or anyone official create or look at out Privacy Policy. We're a simple website and service that simply wants to lay out a policy so you (the user) knows what data we collect, what we do with it and who it's shared with.

So with that being said, please see below for the full Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Website data

We at ATLauncher collect data about you, your use of our services and website for various reasons. When visiting any of our official websites including, but not limited to,, and, we collect data about you including what pages you visit, what browser and plugins you use, what your IP is, what provider you use and where from the internet you clicked from to reach our site. We use locally hosted analytics software which doesn't upload information about your visits to any third parties, only we at ATLauncher have access to this data. We may provide broad information about statistics to third parties, but never anything which can identify you such as your IP.

ATLauncher software data

By using the ATLauncher software we collect information about your use of the software including the following key points of data:

  • Your IP address
  • Your Minecraft username
  • What packs you install
  • What packs you play
  • How long you play packs for
  • What version of the launcher you're using
  • What version of Java you're using and if it's 64 bit or not
  • The amount of RAM on your system
  • The operating system and version you're using

You may disable the collection of the above data by unchecking the 'Enable Logging' button in the ATLauncher settings. Also we integrate with OpenEye (when installed in packs) to automatically upload crash data from when Minecraft crashes with OpenEye mod installed and provide feedback to you if there is a solution. You can read more about OpenEye and how they handle your data here. You may also turn off auto sending of data to OpenEye servers by unchecking the 'Enable OpenEye Reporting' setting in the ATLauncher settings.

Sharing with third parties

We don't share your sensitive data with any third party, any transactions with third parties will always anonymize your details including Minecraft username and IP address. No sensitive user data which can be used to identify you is shared with anyone.

Data retention

We keep your data from the websites for 1 month, at which point it is summarised and all sensitive data is removed about your visits/activity to the website. We keep your data from the software for 2 weeks, at which point it is again summarised and all sensitive data is removed.

Data removal/retrieval

If you wish to have your data removed from our servers or wish to get a copy of your data, please contact us making sure to include your Minecraft username.

Updates to this privacy policy

We may modify this privacy policy at anytime but if we do we will notify users via our Twitter page, forums, website and through the ATLauncher news tab.

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