Kinetic Network - Skyfactory 4
Name: Kinetic Network - Skyfactory 4

//Welcome to Kinetic!

We've been in the public server hosting game for over 3 years now! We've put all this experience into our Skyfactory 4 server.

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Join our Discord server: Check out our website:

Our Skyfactory server has prestige mode fully enabled, and we've added new ways for you to get points. With our point shop, voting, along with most the normals ways. (Don't worry, the fun of prestige is still there). You can also share your progress with your mates, sell items at your island, and join an active and friendly community.

Version: Latest
Type: Open
Gamemode: Survival
Country: Canada
Language: English
Players Online: 17
MOTD: ──[ Kinetic Network ]── The Custom Modded Network [1.16 - 1.7.10]
Uptime: 99.93%
Added: 5 months ago
Last Edited: 5 months ago
Votes: 275
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