Sky Factory 4
Back again for more modded skyblock fun! SkyFactory 4 offers a brand-new experience never before seen in the series. Full automation, tech, magic, and bacon resources! This iteration offers over 30+ world types so you can play the pack like never before! While some world types are based on the classic tree on dirt others are designed with unique recipes and advancements.

What makes this version different from every other SkyFactory before it? We've completely redesigned the resource gathering. Sieving for resources are a thing of the past. For a more immersive experience, Sky Orchards has been introduced. Resource Trees provides a built-in progression system and lets the player choose the resources they want to produce rather than a randomized system. We've removed the achievement book and replaced it with the advancement system. Instead of requiring players to manually check out what they've accomplished, the game will keep track for you. This system isn't designed to create a required questing system, but rather an optional set of goals for players looking for ideas on what to do next.

SkyFactory 4 introduces the prestige system! This is a completely optional game mode allowing you to unlock mods, items, and mechanics through an open progression system. Prestige points and unlocks are global and can be brought with you to other worlds! Prestige points can be gained by finishing advancements or by using the Parabox, a time traveling box that generates points. To get started, enable prestige mode on the world creation screen.

Beyond this initial release, we are planning regular content updates outside of bug fixes. There is currently a full progression into late game. New content updates will introduce new world types, new game modes, more prestige unlocks, and more!
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.12.2
There have been 206,458 installs of this pack.
There have been 37,681 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 208.68 years of this pack.
Name Version Description Authors Links
Advancement Book 1.0.3 Just a mod that adds a book to open a thing. ParkerMc Donate | Website
AE2 Stuff Various Extensions for Applied Energistics 2 bdew Donate | Website
Animal Crops 1.12.2-0.2.0 Adds crops that slowly grow baby animals. KnightMiner Donate | Website
Apotheosis 1.12.2-1.10.5 A collection of improvements to the base game. Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
AppleCore 3.2.0 An API for modifying the food and hunger mechanics of Minecraft squeek502 Donate | Website
AppleSkin 1.0.9 Adds various food-related HUD improvements squeek Donate | Website
Applied Energistics 2 rv6-stable-7 A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world.. AlgorithmX2 Donate | Website
Aroma1997Core This is basically a library used by most my other mods. Aroma1997, Schillaa Donate | Website
AromaBackup This is a small Backup mod I created. All it does: Backups. It also works on clients! Aroma1997 Donate | Website
Astral Sorcery 1.12.2-1.10.19 Magic mod that draws power from stars and their constellations HellFirePvP,wiiv Donate | Website
Barrels, Drums, Storage & More 0.0.24 Upgradeable storage options from early game to industrial sized factories Funwayguy,Darkosto Donate | Website
B.A.S.E 1.12.2-3.11.0 Library Mod for the Team Acronym Coders SkySom,Lanse505,Jared,EwyBoy Donate | Website
Baubles 1.5.2 Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft Azanor Donate | Website
BD Lib A library of generic code for my other mods bdew Donate | Website
Bed Patch 2.2-1.12.2 Quick fix for the stuck in bed issue. Mordenkainen3141 Donate | Website
Better Advancements 0.1.0 An improvement to the Advancementscreen way2muchnoise Donate | Website
BiblioCraft 2.4.5 BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, potion shelves, regular shelves, tool racks, glass weapon cases, wooden desks and wooden chest labels and now add machines, redstone interactions, and eyeware, fancy lamps and golden lanterns. Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair Donate | Website
BnBGamingCore 0.11.0 Core Mod containing all ASM for BnBGaming Mods bloodnbonesgaming,superckl,Blargerist Donate | Website
BNBGamingLib 2.17.6 Shared library between all BNBGaming mods. Blargerist, superckl Donate | Website
Bonsai Trees 1.1.3-b156 Tiny trees Davenonymous Donate | Website
Bookshelf 2.3.581 Bookshelf is a core/library mod, which adds new features and tools into the game for other content creators to work with. The primary focus of this project is to make use of the combined strength of the modded community to create wonderful tools that everyone can use. darkhax,lclc98 Donate | Website
bouncy_creepers 0.0.4 100% Blame NeptunePink for this. vadis365 Donate | Website
Building Gadgets 2.6.8 Adds some gadgets to help you build! Direwolf20 Donate | Website
Caliper 1.1.45 A collection of tools for testing and developing mods and modpacks. Darkhax Donate | Website
Calm Down Zombie Guy 1.0.0 Extends zombie/pigman attack AI to make them stop trying to attack players who are not in the same dimension as they are. Blargerist Donate | Website
Carry On 1.12.2 Carry On is a simple mod that improves game interaction by allowing players to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities using only their empty hands. Tschipp, Purplicious_Cow, cy4n Donate | Website
Ceramics 1.12-1.3.7 Adds a few early game items based on baking clay KnightMiner Donate | Website
Chargers A mod that adds a item charger Gory_Moon Donate | Website
ChineseWorkshop 1.2.6 Best friend of architecture dumb. CityOfSkyTCD,Snownee Donate | Website
Chisel Adds in tons of fancy blocks for decoration, crafted using the Chisel. tterrag,Drullkus,minecreatr Donate | Website
Chisels & Bits 14.32 a mod about Sculpting, Decorating and Aesthetics AlgorithmX2 Donate | Website
Click Machine 1.12.2-1.2.0 1 clicc boi Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
Client Tweaks 3.1.11 There, I fixed Minecraft for you. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
Clumps 3.1.2 Clumps xp orbs together . Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
CodeChicken Lib CodeChickenLib is a library of systems to help make various aspects of minecraft modding easier. It contains libraries for 3D math and transformations, model rendering, packets, config, colours, asm and a few other things.. ChickenBones,covers1624 Donate | Website
CoFH Core Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecraft. Team CoFH Donate | Website
CoFH World Provides advanced and highly customizable world generation capabilities. Team CoFH Donate | Website
Coloured Tooltips 1.0.7 Allows tooltip colour to be configured. Darkhax Donate | Website
CommonCapabilities 1.12.2-2.1.0 Forge Capabilities that can be shared by multiple mods rubensworks (aka kroeserr) Donate | Website
Compact Machines 3 1.12.2-3.0.18-b278 It's all so tiny! Davenonymous Donate | Website
CompactStorage 3.1-12 Adding new storage solutions to your world! tattyseal Donate | Website
ComPatchedStorage 1.12.2-1.6.0 A patch for Compact Storage Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
Construct's Armory 1.12.2-1.2.4 A Tinkers' Construct add-on for those looking to enter the world of armor C4 Donate | Website
ContentTweaker 1.12.2-4.9.1 Custom Minecraft Objects created from CraftTweaker scripts SkySom Donate | Website
Controlling 3.0.6 Gives people more Control of the key binding screen. Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
Cooking for Blockheads 6.4.71 Adds a cooking book and multiblock kitchens that only shows recipes you can make with what you currently have in your inventory. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
CraftTweaker2 1.12-4.1.18 Customize your minecraft experience! StanHebben,Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
CTM MC1.12.2- Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and much more. tterrag,Drullkus,minecreatr Donate | Website
Cucumber Library 1.1.3 A library of shared code and functionality used by my mods. BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Culinary Construct 1.3.3 Make sandwiches out of your favorite food items! And maybe your not so favorite, anything's possible. C4 Donate | Website
Custom Main Menu 2.0.9 Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json lumien Donate | Website
Cyclic 1.19.14 Items, inventory features, world generation, simple machines, gameplay tweaks, new villagers, key bindings, and more. See config to disable absolutely anything. Report issues and suggestions to Lothrazar Donate | Website
Cyclops Core 1.12.2-1.0.6 Coremod for EvilCraft, Integrated Dynamics and others. rubensworks (aka kroeserr),immortaleeb (aka _EeB_) Donate | Website
Dark Utilities 1.8.226 A mod that adds a bunch of new utilities to the game. Darkhax Donate | Website
Deep Mob Learning 1.12.2-2.5.2 Server friendly mob loot acquisition. xt9 (IterationFunk) Donate | Website
Default Options 9.2.8 A way for modpacks to ship a default (key) configuration without having to include an options.txt file. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
Dimension Stages 2.0.23 Restricts access to dimensions based on stages Darkhax Donate | Website
PlaneFix 1.12.2-1.0.1 Patch mod for AE Planes Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
Elevator Mod 1.12.2-1.4.2 OpenBlocks' Elevator Block VsnGamer Donate | Website
Enchantment Descriptions 1.1.15 Shows information about enchantments on enchantment books. Darkhax Donate | Website
EnderCore 1.12.2-0.5.57 Library mod used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and others tterrag,CrazyPants,HenryLoenwind Donate | Website
Ender Crop 1.12.2-1.6.0 Mod which adds an ender pearl crop. DrManganese Donate | Website
EnderStorage Stores your stuff in the END! ChickenBones, covers1624 Donate | Website
Ender Utilities 0.7.12 Some random, hopefully fun, and possibly even useful utilities (Modjam 4) masa Donate | Website
Extended Crafting 1.5.4 Adds some new ways to craft items, as well as extra crafting items and utilities. BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Extra Cells 2 2.6.2 Adds new ME Storage Cells and some other cool stuff to AE 2. M3gaFr3ak,DrummerMC Donate | Website
Fancy Block Particles 2.4.1 3D Digging particles! YAY! TominoCZ Donate | Website
Farming for Blockheads 3.1.26 Adds a seed market with a search bar and a scrolling grid. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
FastFurnace 1.12.2-1.3.1 2 fast boi Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
FastWorkbench 1.12.2-1.7.2 1 fast boi Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
Fence Overhaul 1.3.4 Adds improved fences to Minecraft The_WeatherPony Donate | Website
FindMe 1.12.2-1.1.0-8 Searching nearby inventories for you! Buuz135 Donate | Website
Flux Networks 1.12.2-3.0.19-21 Create Wireless Energy Networks Ollie Lansdell Donate | Website
FoamFix @[email protected] Questionable "performance improvements" that are not in Forge for probably very good reasons. asiekierka Donate | Website
Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.8.2 Kotlin helper library for Forge. shadowfacts Donate | Website
Forge Multipart CBE Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one block space. ChickenBones Donate | Website
Forgiving Void 1.0.23 Makes the void hate you a little less (and vice-versa). BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
Game Stages 2.0.115 Adds a universal progression system for other mods to hook into. Darkhax Donate | Website
Guide-API 1.12-2.1.8-63 Simple mod guide creation. Tombenpotter,TehNut Donate | Website
Headcrumbs 2.0.4 Adds heads (and stuff)! ganymedes01,Turkey2349 Donate | Website
Horse Power A mods that adds horse powered blocks. Gory_Moon Donate | Website
Hunting Dimension 1.0.38 A dimension with lots of mobs! Watch out!!! Darkhax Donate | Website
Hurt Animation Remover 1.0.0 Removes the screen shake caused by taking damage. Blargerist Donate | Website
Waila 1.8.26 You are using Hwyla, a fork of Waila. You can find more information on the Hwyla CurseForge page. ProfMobius,TehNut Donate | Website
HydroGel 1.12.2-1.1.0 Provides a solid hydrating block DigitalFeonix Donate | Website
PigUtils 1.12.2-7.1.4 A fork of iChun's iChunUtil mod. iChun Donate | Website
InControl 1.12-3.9.10 Be In Control McJty Donate | Website
Industrial Foregoing 1.12.12 A small reinvention of Minefactory Reloaded. Buuz135 Donate | Website
Inspirations 1.12.2-0.2.6 Adds many small features with a vareity of inspirations. KnightMiner Donate | Website
Integrated Dynamics 1.12.2-1.0.8 Take full and automated control of your appliances. rubensworks (aka kroeserr) Donate | Website
Integrated Tunnels 1.12.2-1.6.7 Transfer other stuff over Integrated Dynamics networks rubensworks (aka kroeserr) Donate | Website
Simple Inventory sorting 1.13.3+57 Simple inventory sorting. Middle click to sort your inventory. Scroll wheel on a stack to move in and out cpw Donate | Website
Iron Jetpacks 1.1.0 A fully customizable Forge Energy (FE) based standalone jetpacks mod. BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Item Stages 2.0.50 Allows custom progression for items and blocks. Darkhax Donate | Website
Just Enough Items Simple recipe and item helper. mezz Donate | Website
JourneyMap 5.5.5 JourneyMap: Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore. JourneyMap API: v1.12-1.4. Built: 2019-08-05-14:29:20. techbrew,mysticdrew Donate | Website
KleeSlabs 5.4.11 Allows holding shift to only break one half of a double slab. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
Limitless Structure Blocks 1.1.0 Removes structure block size limits Blargerist Donate | Website
Loading Screens 0.3.1 A mod for creating custom loading screens Blargerist Donate | Website
The Lost Cities 1.12-2.0.17 The Lost Cities World Generator McJty Donate | Website
MalisisCore 1.12.2-6.5.1-SNAPSHOT MalisisCore is a framework dedicated to simplify many processes required during a mod development. Ordinastie,PaleoCrafter,AlmuraDev Donate | Website
MalisisDoors 1.12.2-7.3.0 Better doors! Ordinastie Donate | Website
Mantle Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others. boni,progWML6,Alexbegt Donate | Website
MatterOverdrive: Legacy Edition 1.12.2- A mod that dwells within matter and energy. Horizon Studio,Coded,Buuz135,Simeon Radivoev,Shadowfacts,Dev_Osmium Donate | Website
McJtyLib 3.1.1 McJtyLib library for RFTools, Deep Resonance, ... McJty Donate | Website
MCMultiPart 2.5.3 A universal multipart API for modern Minecraft amadornes Donate | Website
Mekanism 1.12.2- Tools and Machines aidancbrady,thommy101,thiakil,pupnewfster,dizzyd Donate | Website
Mekanism: Generators 1.12.2- Generators module for Mekanism aidancbrady,thommy101,thiakil,pupnewfster,dizzyd Donate | Website
Mercurius 1.12.2 Basic analytics mod sending data for Forge. All sent data can be viewed under the config section and individually opted out. To fully disable remove the mod or disable snooper. TamasHenning,LexManos Donate | Website
mob_grinding_utils 0.3.13 A mod that adds a fun ways to farm mobs vadis365 Donate | Website
Mob Stages 2.0.13 Allows mob spawning to be gated behind custom progression. Darkhax Donate | Website
Mod Tweaker 4.0.17 ModTweaker is an addon for CraftTweaker, a recipe manipulator utility for Minecraft. It allows you to modify the recipes of other mods that add their own crafting mechanics Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
More Cauldrons 1.4.5 Adds more cauldrons to the game. Mrbysco Donate | Website
More Buckets 1.0.4 Adds a bunch of new buckets. BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
MoreOverlays 1.14 Adds some overlays from NEI (Mob spawns, Chunk Bounds, Item Search) feldim2425 Donate | Website
Morpheus 1.12.2-3.5.106 Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate. Quetzi Donate | Website
Mouse Tweaks 2.10 A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functions to the usual mouse buttons. YaLTeR Donate | Website
ModPack Basic Tools 1.4.11 Adds Change logs, info, and bug reporting tab. GenDeathrow Donate | Website
ModPack Utilities 1.5.7 will add various tools for modpack developers GenDeathrow,Darkosto Donate | Website
MTLib 3.0.6 Library files for Minetweaker Addons Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
Mystcraft Mystcraft brings elements from the Myst series of games and books to Minecraft, as well as allowing players to actually write and travel to their own Ages. XCompWiz Donate | Website
Mystical Agradditions 1.3.2 An addon for Mystical Agriculture. BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Mystical Agriculture 1.7.3 Adds Resource Crops, Armor, Tools, and other fun stuff! BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Neat 1.4-17 Minimalistic Functional Unit Plates for the modern Minecrafter Vazkii Donate | Website
NuclearCraft 2.17c-1.12.2 Nuclear Physics, Minecraft Style tomdodd4598 Donate | Website
OpenComputers Xnet Driver 1.0.3-b17 Programmable logistics over Xnet Networks Davenonymous Donate | Website
OG Dragon+ 0.1.4 A pre 1.9 dragon mod. Slightly modified and allows for world type filters. GenDeathrow Donate | Website
OpenComputers This mod adds modular computers and robots that can be programmed in Lua. Sangar,Vexatos,payonel,magik6k,Lord Joda,Github Contributors Donate | Website
OreExcavation 1.4.137 Allows players to mine whole veins of ore, cut down whole trees or any other tool based action in one go. Simple easy to understand configs are also provided for mod pack developers Funwayguy,Darkosto Donate | Website
Parabox 2.0.0 A time travel mod for prestige generation. Shadows_of_Fire,Darkhax Donate | Website
Patchouli 1.0-19 Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft Modders and Pack Makers Vazkii Donate | Website
Pickle Tweaks 2.1.3 Adds a whole bunch of awesome blocks, items, features, and tweaks! BlakeBr0 Donate | Website
Pipe Goggles 1.0.2-b8 Helps with you plumbing. See pipes through walls! davenonymous Donate | Website
Placebo 1.12.2-1.6.0 1 library boi Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
PlaneFix 1.12.2-1.0.0 Patch mod for AE Planes Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
PortalGun 1.12.2-7.1.0 Adds the Portal Gun and various other aspects from Portal/Portal 2 to Minecraft iChun Donate | Website
Practical Logistics 2 1.12.2-3.0.8-11 All things data - Requires SonarCore Ollie Lansdell Donate | Website
Prestige 1.1.58 Adds a prestige system, which allows progress to carry on beyond worlds. Darkhax,Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
Primitive Crafting 1.3.5 Primitive Crafting adds a new way of crafting items. Tschipp Donate | Website
ProjectE 1.12.2-PE1.4.1 A complete rewrite of EE2 for modern Minecraft versions. sinkillerj,Moze_Intel Donate | Website
Proportional Destruction Particles 1.12.2-1.2.4 A client-side mod that causes block destruction particles to only spawn in blocks' collision/bounding boxes. Phylogeny Donate | Website
Ranged Pumps 0.5 Ranged Pumps is a simple mod that adds a pump that pumps liquids in a range Ranged Pumps contributors Donate | Website
Real Filing Cabinet 1.12- Filing cabinets! That is all. bafomdad Donate | Website
ReAuth 3.6.0 A Mod to renew your Session TechnicianLP Donate | Website
RecipeStages 1.1.3 Stages recpe Jared Donate | Website
Redstone Flux The Redstone Flux API - the cornerstone of Energy Transfer in modded Minecraft since 1.6.4. Team CoFH Donate | Website
Resource Hogs 1.0.12 Adds pigs which help you get resources. Darkhax Donate | Website
Resource Loader 1.5.3 Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts resources without making a resource pack. lumien Donate | Website
RFTools Power 1.1.2 RFTools addon for all power generator/storage McJty Donate | Website
Rustic 1.0.15 A medieval themed Minecraft mod based around decoration, exploration, and agriculture. the-realest-stu Donate | Website
Simple Generators 1.12.2- Simple Generators gives you access to several tiers of early game generators. ValkyrieofNight Donate | Website
Simple Storage Network 1.12.2-1.7.8 A simplified version of the abandoned Storage Network mod from MrRiegel. Connect your inventories and manage your items easily. MrRiegel,Lothrazar Donate | Website
Sky Bonsais 1.0.1 Integrates SkyOrchards with Bonsai Trees davenonymous Donate | Website
Sky Grid 1.1.7 A highly configurable sky grid mod for modded Minecraft Funwayguy,Darkosto Donate | Website
sky_orchards 0.0.12 Test mod for SF4 vadis365 Donate | Website
Slab Machines 1.0.6 Machines but as a slab Mrbysco Donate | Website
SlimyBoyos 1.0.0 Makes slimes pickup items. Jared Donate | Website
Smooth Font mc1.12.2-2.1 Draws all fonts smoothly in any scale and also can use any font in your computer. bre2el Donate | Website
Snad 1.12.1- You're finally able to have your sugarcane grow faster. What could possibly be better than that? TheRoBrit Donate | Website
SonarCore 1.12.2-5.0.19-20 Sonar's Modding Framework Ollie Lansdell Donate | Website
Squeezer Patch 1.12.2-1.0.0 A fix for the ID squeezer. Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
Statues mod 0.8.9 Just a little functional decoration. svennieke Donate | Website
SwingThroughGrass 1.12.2-1.2.3 Don't let the grass be between you and your prey! Exidex Donate | Website
Stuff A Sock In It 1.1.30 Stops logs from being annoying Darkhax Donate | Website
Super Sound Muffler A block that allows you to select which sounds to muffle. EdgarAllen Donate | Website
Surge 2.0.77 A tweak mod that improves Minecraft performance and stability. Darkhax,Jaredlll08,lclc98 Donate | Website
Sync 1.12.2-7.1.0 Sync mod, made for ModJam 3. Allows multiple player instances. iChun Donate | Website
TallGates A mod that adds tall fence gates to the game Gory_Moon Donate | Website
Tinkers' Construct A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools boni,KnightMiner Donate | Website
TelePastries 0.3.4 Pastries that teleport players. Mrbysco Donate | Website
Tesla Core Lib 1.12.2-1.0.15 Just the most awesome lib mod out there! Face_of_Cat Donate | Website
Thermal Dynamics Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - blocks for transporting Items, Fluids, Redstone Flux, and even Players! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Thermal Foundation The Foundation of a Thermally enhanced world! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Thermal Innovation Thermal Technology marches on. Adds Thermal-style tools and equipment! Team CoFH Donate | Website
Tinkers' Complement 1.12.2-0.4.2 Addon for Tinkers Construct adding various features to complement those from Tinkers KnightMiner Donate | Website
Tinkers Tool Leveling 1.1.0 A small mod that gives your tools XP and awards extra modifiers on levelup boni Donate | Website
Tiny Progressions 3.2.31 Cobblegens, Growth Crystals and Watering Cans and more oh my! Kashdeya,Darkosto,GenDeathrow,ArclightTW Donate | Website
TipTheScales 1.12.2-1.0.4 Allows for more control when adjusting the GUI size. Jared Donate | Website
Toast Control 1.12.2-1.8.1 Control what toasts are enabled, because some of them are useless. Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
TogetherForever 1.12.2-1.0.12-22 A Team API that allows you to sync a bunch of stuff between players Buuz135 Donate | Website
Corail Tombstone 3.5.2-1.12 Tombstone is a grave's mod with lots of features on death and teleportation, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere related to the grave's souls. Corail Donate | Website
Topography 1.10.1 A mod for modpack developers to create custom dimensions. Blargerist Donate | Website
TorchMaster Adds a special torch which prevents mobs from spawning in a configurable range xalcon Donate | Website
Translocators Translocates stuff! ChickenBones Donate | Website
Tree Growing Simulator 2016 1.0.1 A mod that allows you to speed up tree growth by running and dancing around them! Yes, really. tterrag,CaptainSwag101 Donate | Website
Triumph 3.17.0 A mod for adding custom advancements Blargerist Donate | Website
The Twilight Forest 3.8.689 An enchanted forest dimension. Benimatic,AtomicBlom,Drullkus,Killer_Demon,quadraxis,Tamaized,williewillus Donate | Website
Twitchcrumbs 3.0.4 Headcrumbs addon that adds headcrumbs players based on whitelist sources. BlayTheNinth Donate | Website
uppers 0.0.6 A mod that adds upside-down hoppers. vadis365 Donate | Website
Valkyrie Lib 1.12.2- Library for all of ValkyrieofNight's Mods ValkyrieofNight Donate | Website
ViesCraft 5.9.13 Airships through the eyes of Viesis! Vies Donate | Website
Waddles 0.6.0 Waddles adds somewhat realistic Adélie penguins that waddle Girafi Donate | Website
Waila Stages 2.0.24 Allows Waila to be gated behind stages Darkhax Donate | Website
Wall-Jump! 1.2.3 Jump from wall to wall! genandnic Donate | Website
What Are We Looking At 2.5.273 Greatly expands upon the amount of information provided by the Waila HUD, along with bridging support between Waila and many other minecraft mods! Darkhax Donate | Website
The Weirding Gadget 2.1.16 No idea what this does, but stuff happens when I'm not here. AtomicBlom,Rorax Donate | Website
Wither Crumbs 1.12.2-0.11 An addon for Headcrumbs that adds custom user based withers Turkey2349 Donate | Website
World Book 1.0.0 Easily manage multiple worlds!. Jaredlll08 Donate | Website
World Utils 0.4.2 Commands and items to edit chunks/blocks/entities/tile-entities/chunks etc masa Donate | Website
XC Patch 1.12.2-1.0.1 Patch mod for Extra Cells 2 Shadows_of_Fire Donate | Website
XL Food Mod 1.9.1 A mod that adds more foods and crops to the game. mariot7 Donate | Website
XNet 1.12-1.7.6 Advanced Networking McJty Donate | Website
YNot 0.2.3 Compatibility add-ons for XNet? YNot! asie Donate | Website
Yoyos 1.12.2- Projectile melee weapons! Jozufozu Donate | Website
ZenStages 0.4.1-19 Advanced CraftTweaker Classes to allow making Staged Modpacks that much easier. artdude543 Donate | Website

Bug Fixes:
* Blacklisted Handy Chests from Carry On since inventory would delete when picked up (#976)
* Translocators now use Extended Crafting Diamond Nuggets (#1077)
* The new More Cauldrons update should hopefully take care of any cauldrons in the world keeping chunks loaded (#887)
* Removed Emeralds from the Parabox crafting list (#1102)
* Fixed Bedrock Your World world type to include a nether roof and use the proper end structure (#1099)
* Updated CarryOn to 1.12.2 to stop a crash (#1151)
* Added a Rustic Bee trade to the Market (#1117)
* Disabled Cyclic Milk to fix broken item textures (#1105)

* Added the ability to cast Redstone Dust and Blocks from Liquid Destabilized Redstone (#1019)
* Added a recipe for the Digital Guide from Valkyrie Lib (#1064)
* Tweaked and finished the two new world types (Cave Dimension and SkyCrashFactoryLanding)
* Added a set of new prestige rewards that grant players constant potion effects
* Added some new tutorial advancements to help players out with molten metals (#1078)

Mod Updates:
* Apotheosis (1.10.5)
* Applied Energistics (rv6-stable-7)
* Aroma Backup (
* CarryOn (1.12.2)
* Code Chicken Lib (
* Construct's Armory (1.2.4)
* Cooking for Blockheads (
* Culinary Construct (1.3.3)
* Cyclic (1.19.14)
* Ender Storage (
* Inspirations (0.2.6)
* Journey Map (5.5.5)
* JustEnoughItems (
* Mantle (
* Mekanism (
* Mekanism Generators (
* More Cauldrons (1.4.5)
* Mystcraft (
* NuclearCraft (1.12.2)
* Prestige (1.1.58)
* Primitive Crafting (1.3.5)
* Real Filing Cabinet (
* Recipe Stages (1.1.3)
* Simple Storage Network (1.7.8)
* Statues (0.8.9)
* StuffASockInIt (1.1.30)
* Tinkers' Complement (0.4.2)
* Tinkers' Construct (
* Tiny Progressions (3.3.34)
* Topography (1.10.1)
* Translocators (
* YoYos (


Bug Fixes:
* Allowed the ProjectE world to be unlocked via prestige
* When starting a ProjectE world you can use ProjectE in that world type without enabling prestige mode


Bug Fixes:

* Added back the advancement to acquire Elytra and added it to Deep Mob Learning to allow Compact Machine, StoneFactory, and other Worlds to access this item
* Limited the number of blocks and range Ore Excavation works with. The total number of blocks is now 8,000 while the max range is 32. This is specifically to address issues with players wrecking servers by excavating billions of blocks at a time
* Addressed the issue of players on servers getting a Dirt Block and Dirt Sapling on every world type, even worlds they were not supposed to receive them. The function should now only run on correct world types
* Crafting Android Pills now requires NuclearCraft dust instead of unobtainable Mekanism dust

Mod Updates:

Cyclic (1.19.11)
Simple Storage Network (1.7.6)
Real Filing Cabinets (


Bug Fixes:
* Fix acorns from being blacklisted by Barrels, Drums, Storage, and More Ore Dictionary upgrade
* Blacklisted Rustic Cabinets from CarryOn due to issues when the cabinets were stacked
* Fix ores smeltable in melter but not in the smeltery
* Added XL Food Vanilla plant to the Market and the Cyclic Magic Bean drop list (#665)
* Added a Pacifist mode recipe for Zombie Mob Chunks which should allow players access to this portion of Mystical Agriculture (#765)
* Added a Pacifist mode recipe for the Deep Mob Learning Glitch Heart (#614)
* Blacklisted Nuclearcraft Fusion Core from CarryOn pickup (#905)
* Allowed all Stone Tools to be fixed using any Cobblestone. Very. Important. Very. Cool. Also, you can repair Wooden Shears now (#235)
* Added Dark Oak and Acacia leaves to the list of burnable items in the Combustion Generator (#911)
* Ruby Mulch advancement now shows when players have unlocked Ruby Mulch, instead of Amber Mulch (#994)
* The Horse Power Grindstone no longer produces unusable Mekanism metal dusts when given amber, it now produces the preferred dust for all metal Ambers and Ores (#232, #984)
* Torchmaster will now properly block spawns of Androids, Blizz, Basalz, and Blitzes (#253)
* Removed the Ardite and Cobalt ore advancements in the Sky FacTree would by adding the stage "default_ores" on initial player spawn (#964)
* Fixed incorrect lithium dust output from Mekanism Chemical Crystallizer (#914)
* Barrels, Drums, Storage, and More's control scheme has been reverted back to: Left Click: 1 stack, Shift-left click: 1 item. Breaking the item on any other side besides the face will not drop contents. This control scheme can be reverted to its previous iteration by opening the mod options menu and disabling alternate controls
* Fix Tinkers modifier criteria issues in advancement requirements (#825, #569, and #199)

* Added "Usage: Power / Energy Transfer Pipe" tooltip to Signalum-Plated ducts (#616)
* Add "Applied Energistics" tooltip to AE2Stuff items to aid in locating them in JEI
* Add tooltip to Mob Spawner to inform players how to harvest it (#486)
* Add tooltip to Weirding Gadget (#635)
* Add Netherrack & Sugar Cane compression recipes to Cyclic Packager (#804)
* Add support for all buckets in NuclearCraft's Infinite Water Source recipe (#640)
* Add support for all buckets in Cauldron Obsidian recipe
* Add Mystical Agradditions paxels to "Paxel Rose" advancement (#592)
* Add Cottonwood amber recipe to packager
* Added the ability to melt down Tinkers' casts into Gold
* Updated the ingame issue tracker link to go directly to the issues page
* Slightly lowered the chance for Gravitational Anomalies to generate from 5% to 3.33%
* Changed the Cobblestone Circuit Mold recipe to require a Chisel Head Cast instead of using chisels. This is due to limitations on using damaged chisels
* Add salt block -> brine melter recipe (#714)
* Swapped Sulfur drops to Mekanism Sulfur to stay consistent with recipes/oredict (disabled COFH fireproof mob sulfur drops)
* Added a recipe for Ink Sacs that use Overworldian Matter combined with Lily Pads
* Added recipes for Dust Blends (steel, electrum, etc)
* Removed the furnace recipe for Porcelain Unfired Faucet and Added back the recipe to craft directly from Porcelain Bricks to Faucet
* Added the Empowered Parabox. This machine is designed to generate 3 prestige points per loop at the cost of higher tier items (singularities). This is unlocked via new prestige option
* Added the ability to unlock ProjectE using Prestige (Only available in Prestige Mode)
* Added tooltip to AE2 Wireless terminal to charge in Energy Cube (#927)
* Slightly lowered the spawn chance for Gravitational Anomalies from 3.33% to 2%
* Added textures to lower the brightness of the Compact Storage GUI's (Thanks to MarioLuigi7896!)
* Add more saplings to Industrial Foregoing Bioreactor (#840)
* Add Prosperity amber recipe to packager

Mods Added:
* Patchouli (1.0-19)

Mod Updates:
* Apotheosis (1.10.2)
* Aroma Core (
* Astral Sorcery 1.10.19
* Barrels, Drums, Storage, and More (0.0.24)
* Bonsai Trees (1.1.3 b156)
* Bookshelf (2.3.581)
* Caliper (1.1.45)
* Chisel & Bits (14.32)
* CoFHWorld (
* Compact Machines (3.0.18-b278)
* CrafTweaker (4.1.18)
* Cyclic (1.19.9)
* Deep Mob Learning (2.5.2)
* Elevator Mod (1.4.2)
* EnderCore (0.5.57)
* FastFurnace (1.3.1)
* FastWorkbench (1.7.2)
* Gamestage (2.0.115)
* Horse Power (
* Hunting Dimension (1.0.38)
* Industrial Foregoing (1.12.12-236)
* ItemStages (2.0.50)
* Just Enough Items (
* Mekanism (
* Mekanism Generator (
* More Cauldrons (1.4.4)
* NuclearCraft (2.16f)
* NuclearCraft (2.17a)
* Parabox (2.0.0)
* Prestige (1.1.53)
* ProjectE (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)
* ProjectE (1.4.1)
* Real Filing Cabinet (
* Resource Hogs (1.0.12)
* Simple Storage Network (1.7.5)
* Slab Machine (1.0.6)
* SmoothFont (2.0)
* Telepastries (0.3.4)
* Thermal Foundation (
* Thermal Innovation (
* Toast Control (1.8.1)
* Tombstone (3.5.2)
* Wawla (2.5.273)
* Weirding Gadgets (2.1.16)
* XL Food Mod (1.9.1)

Bug Fixes:
* Removed Dragon spawning from all worlds minus Sky Grid

* Changed the fertile soil in the Bonsai Pots for the Compact Machine World
* Increased the size of the Hunting Dimension and Lost Cities Compact Machine world structures to be 19x19x19 with a transparent roof (If you want to use these new sizes you will have to remove and regenerate these dimensions in your world)
* Removed the Triumph Dragon Kill function as it was replaced with a mod that can more effectively perform this mechanic

Mods Added:
* DragonMurder-1.12.2-1.0.0

Mod Updates:
* ComPatchedStorage-1.12.2-1.6.0

Bug Fixes:
* Removed some BDS&M blacklisted oredicts
* Blacklisted items from uncrafting grinder to prevent exploits
* Blacklist file cabinet from attaching to crafting station to avoid a visual glitch
* Tweaked Telepastry alternative recipes to match the primary one
* Disabled Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table to prevent exploits
* Remove un-unified Amber Mekanism crushing recipes
* Prevent player picking up Mekanism Bounding Box using Carry On (#748)
* Prevent player picking up any blocks from OpenComputers (#686, #724)
* Prevent player picking up screens from Practical Logistics (#639)
* Prevent player picking up translocator pairs (#504)
* Prevent player picking up blocks from RFToolsPower (#579)
* Thin Wooden Wall recipe changed to avoid conflict with Rustic Wooden Stake (#251)
* Players playing in tutorial now get non_pacifist stage, allowing crafting of components from Deep Mob Learning (#388)
* Fix localisation of Building Gadget keybind (#669)
* Age of Power tab can now be completed by players who have not unlocked Twilight Forest through prestige (#597)
* Players on presets with modified end dimensions can now get the advancement "Where's the boss?" (#606)

* Increased Deep Mob Learning Shulker power requirement
* Added Shulker Pearls and Glowing Chorus to the Shulker Deep Mob Learning drops
* Removed Cyclic's Glowing Chrous recipe
* Add melting recipes for pink slime
* Add chorus flower to the drops of the chorus fruit plant - making them obtainable in CompactSky (#750)
* Altered a number of prestige values for progressional balance
* Added sarcastic tooltip to Nether Cake that is food from XLFoods mod
* Enable Applied Energistic's Color Applicator & Paint Balls (#749)

Mods Added:
* AE2Stuff (
* bdlib (
* PlaneFix (1.0.0)

Mod Updates:
* Cyclic (1.19.6 -> 1.19.8)
* ElevatorMod (1.3.9 -> 1.3.10)
* Mystical Agradditions (1.3.1 -> 1.3.2)
* Mystical Agriculture (1.7.3 -> 1.7.5)
* NuclearCraft (2.16c -> 2.16e)
* Parabox (1.1.1 -> 1.1.4)
* XCPatch (1.0.0 -> 1.0.1)
* XLFoods (1.8.1 -> 1.9.0)

Bug Fixes:
* Misc advancement typos
* Remove duplicate Lost Cities advancement when playing in the Lost Cities world type (#466)
* Prevent sorting in Industrial Foregoing Laser Drill's inventory to stop ores from being deleted (#555)
* Disable fancy rain & snow for performance & fixes some particle issues such as the watering can
* Fix Magma Slime Dirt prestige not unlocking the Magma Slime Dirt
* Quantum Ring can now be crafted (#328)

* Add localization support to advancements. Currently just en_US; Additional language support PR's are welcome!
* Changed BDS&M void upgrade recipe to use Obsidian instead of Void Stone
* Added pink and blue slime seeds (#546)
* Notify players playing prestige of how it works when first joining a world with Prestige enabled.
* Change nether cake icon to match the cake you should be crafting to help make it more clear which nether cake is the right one to craft
* Hopefully clarify that the AE Controller is not needed to use AE (and does not exist in the pack for a reason)
* Energy P2P Tunnels can now be crafted. Convert between the various types by right clicking with an item that carries or stores the relevant type.
* Added Hardened Glass recipes to NuclearCraft's Infuser and Alloy Furnace machines
* Where water bottles are used in crafting recipes, an empty bottle is now given back (#617)

Mod Updates:
* Apotheosis (1.9.2 -> 1.9.3)
* Barrels Drums Storage & More (0.0.21 -> 0.0.22)
* ComPatchedStorage (1.4.0 -> 1.5.1)
* Cyclic (1.19.5 -> 1.19.6)
* Elevator Mod (1.3.8 -> 1.3.9)
* FastWorkbench (1.6.1 -> 1.7.0)
* Forgiving Void (1.0.21 -> 1.0.22)
* JustEnoughItems ( ->
* Mekanism ( ->
* MekanismGenerators ( ->
* NuclearCraft (2.15 -> 2.16c)
* Parabox (1.1.0 -> 1.1.1)
* Prestige (1.1.51 -> 1.1.52)
* Resource Hogs (1.0.9 -> 1.0.11)
* Simple Storage Network (1.7.3 -> 1.7.4)

Bug Fixes:
* Hide Certus Quartz
* Fix dirty dust processing recipes giving wrong dust output
* Fix Steel block -> Ingot -> Nugget crafting recipes giving wrong output
* Fix Metallurgic Infuser steel recipe giving wrong steel dust output
* Fix Cyclic Auto Crafter not crafting staged items/recipes
* Removed guide book from Cyclic to avoid confusion
* Fix Acacia sapling recipe water cost in cauldron being inconsistent
* Fix Compact Sky's SF4 Advancement Tab's completion advancement requiring hidden advancements
* Fix Squid Lilly recipe to use a water bottle
* Adjust Parabox advancement wording to clarify that it is now 10 minutes per loop
* Change "Nap Time" advancement to require the player to right click instead of sleep in the bed.
* Add Matter Overdrive Inscriber to carryon blacklist
* Fix "Chill Out" and "Seven Seas" world having a void nether
* Prevent various exploits involving the BDS&M oredict upgrade
* Fix mulch Prestige point cost and descriptions
* Allow seared alloy tank & heaters to complete "I'll be your Alloy" and "Getting Warmer"
* Blacklist problematic mods from Real Filing Cabinet's mob folder
* Allow Liquid Experience to be used in Soul Sand casting recipe
* Fix Porcelain Clay uncrafting recipe dupe
* Fix dusts not meltable in tinkers' melter
* Fix Quartz's packager recipe being inconsistent with its crafting recipe
* Fix pacifist runs being unable to complete SF4 Advancement tab
* Fix "ObservaTree" world being unable to complete SF4 Advancement tab
* Fix typo in tutorial/craftingstation advancement description
* Disable Game Stages debug log output - no longer print message when saving player state.
* Blacklist slab machines and compound slab machines from carryon
* No longer require unobtainable Aluminum to get Everyday I'm Trufflin
* Age of Exploration Completionist advancement can now be completed on Lost Cities when Prestige is disabled
* Fix hiding of the Ardite and Cobalt advancements in worlds where they cannot be obtained

* Allow for Animal Crop seeds to be craftable in any column
* Put SkyFactory Tutorial towards the top of the page
* Changed 9x9x9 Compact Machine advancement to require Chrous Fruit instead of Resonant Clathrate in Compact Machines world preset
* Changed 13x13x13 Compact Machine advancements to require a Dragon's Head and a bottle of Dragon's Breath instead of Chorus Fruit and elytra
* Allow for Compact Machine worlds' advancements to be completed in any order
* Create Chorus recipe using apples and purple slime in a cauldron
* Improve descriptoins of hardcore advancements
* Add additional hardcore advancements to clarify the use of Sync
* Rename "Nap Time" criteria name
* Added tip to encourage players to become spider man

Mod Additions:
* Squeezer Patch (1.1.0)

Mod Updates:
* Advancement Book (1.0.2 -> 1.0.3)
* Barrels Drums Storage & More (0.0.19 -> 0.0.21)
* ComPatchedStorage (1.3.0 -> 1.4.0)
* Cyclic (1.19.3 -> 1.19.4)
* Mekanism ( ->
* Mystcraft ( ->
* Pickle Tweaks (2.1.2 -> 2.1.3)
* Prestige (1.1.44 -> 1.1.51)
* Real Filing Cabinet (0.1.83 -> 0.1.84)
* Simple Storage Network (1.7.2 -> 1.7.3)
* Smooth Font (2.0-alpha-9 -> 2.0-alpha-11)
* Together Forever (1.0.11-20 -> 1.0.12-22)
* Topography (1.4.5 -> 1.5.1)

Initial Release!

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