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ATLauncher is a Launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different ModPacks to allow you to download and install ModPacks easily and quickly.

What makes us different from other ModPacks and Launchers out there is the fact that we fully support the mod makers. Some mods we have permission to distribute, some we don't. The mods which we don't have permission to distribute for are still included and playable in the ModPacks/Launcher. The Launcher takes you to the mods official link and you simply download it to the Launcher's Downloads folder. From there the Launcher takes over and installs the mod correctly for you with very very minimal effort required from you.

ATLauncher has a few nice features including:

  • Allows quick and easy install of ModPacks, no more messing around trying to install mods
  • A range of different packs, and more being added all the time
  • Multiple instances. Install a pack as many times as you like without messing up a previous install
  • Multiple accounts allow you to login as different users from the one install
  • Private instances. This allows you to only install instances under your account so people can't mess up your worlds
  • 1 click backup of your saves
  • Easy server creation from within the Launcher
  • Install packs from CurseForge
  • Mod management for instances, including auto download and installation of mods, maps and resource packs from CurseForge
  • More features always being added

We have spent a lot of time working on ATLauncher and we ask that if you find any bugs or problems with the Launcher to please let us know via Discord or by contacting us.

You can download ATLauncher from our downloads page.