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Branding Guidelines

This page contains the official branding guidelines and resources for ATLauncher.

Whenever using ATLauncher branding, please be sure to use the correct logos and colours as mentioned here.


We have 2 variations on our logo. One without the name and one with the name. Provided are both vector (svg) and raster (png) formats. The svg should be used where possible as it will scale to any size.

The logo is a 500px square image while the named logo is a 1500px by 500px size image.

Please refrain from hotlinking to these images, simply due to the fact that we may change the paths to these in the future which could break your usage.

ATLauncher Logo
ATLauncher Logo (With Name)

We use 4 colours for our branding. We use a primary and secondary mainly for branding and gray and white colours as a base for most web components.

Each of the main colours (apart from white) has a scale from 100-900 in increments of 100, with 500 being the main colour. This provides a scale of different shades to use when the main colour is not appropriate.