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Pixelmon Mod

You probably all know Pokemon. Pixelmon is basically the same only it is on a Minecraft server! You can catch pokemon, battle trainers, compete with each other and against other pokemon, earn gym badges, upgrade your pokemons with attacks and trade with each other.

This pack requires 800mb to 2gb of RAM for optimal performance.
Java 8 - 64 bit is required.

Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.16.5
There have been 1,384,875 installs of this pack.
There have been 49,122 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1,693.56 years of this pack.

Explorer's Compass (1.16.5-1.1.2-forge)

Search for and locate structures anywhere in the world.

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Nature's Compass (1.16.5-1.9.1-forge)

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Pixelmon (9.0.7)

Pokemon in Minecraft.

By: PixelmonMod

Pixelmon Server (9.0.7)

Pokemon in Minecraft.

By: PixelmonMod

The official OST of Pixelmon, by Chris Geddes

By: Chris Geddes, The Pixelmon Team


**"Your Daycare and You..."**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
* Added Day Care system, replacing Breeding and Breeding Environments.
* Added Day Care inventory tab to Survival player inventory.
* Added Tentacool, Tentacruel, Horsea, Seadra, Lapras, Qwilfish, Corsola, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine, Sharpedo, Wailmer, Milotic, Clamperl, Luvdisc, Finneon, Frillish, Jellicent, Alomomola, Wishiwashi, Bruxish, Arrokuda, Barraskewda and Overqwil to Terraforged's Warm Ocean Standard spawn list.
* Added Nautilus Shell, Nanab Berry, Razz Berry and Pinap Berry to Forage.
* Added Nautilus Shell to Good Rod and Super Rod fishing.

##### New Items:
* Added new hourglass items: Isi's Copper Hourglass and Isi's Diamond Hourglass.
* Added new hourglass blocks: Isi's Copper Hourglass, Isi's Silver Hourglass, Isi's Gold Hourglass and Isi's Diamond Hourglass.
* Added new Day Care blocks with egg in-ranch variants: Blue Day Care, Red Day Care, Green Day Care, Orange Day Care, Pink Day Care, Purple Day Care, Yellow Day Care, White Day Care, Brown Day Care, Black Day Care, Gray Day Care, Cyan Day Care, Lime Day Care, Magenta Day Care, Light Gray Day Care and Light Blue Day Care.
* Added PokéDisplay block.

#### Structures:
* Added Day Care centers as a possible village structure.
* Added Day Care Man, Day Care Lady and Day Care Assistant to Day Care structures.
* Added Day Care instruction book to Day Care structures.
* Added loot tables to Day Care center structures.

### Sounds:
* Added Alolan regional cries to Ninetales.
* Added Hisuian regional cries to Qwilfish, Lilligant and Sliggoo.
* Added Galarian regional cries to Meowth, MrMime, Articuno, Zapdos, Corsola and Zigzagoon.
* Added form cries to Meowstic (Male), Meowstic (Female), Zygarde (50%), Zygarde (100%), Hoopa, Kyogre (Primal), Groudon (Primal), Rayquaza (Mega), Audino (Mega), Lyncaroc (Midnight), Necrozma (Dusk), Necrozma (Dawn), Indeedee (Male), Indeedee (Female), Calyrex (Ice Rider), Calyrex (Shadow Rider) and Basculegion (Male).
* Added normal cries to Jumpluff, Slowking, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Kingdra, Swellow, Wingull Surskit, Gulpin, Swalot, Grumpig, Zangoose, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Groudon, Buizel, Floatzel, Ambipom, Lopunny, Chatot, Gallade, Rotom, Phione, Victini, Samurott, Munna, Musharna, Cofagrigus, Galvantula, Tynamo, Eelektrik, Eelektross, Genesect, Litleo, Tyrantrum, Amaura, Phantump, Avalugg, Volcanion, Dartrix, , Rockruff, Lurantis, Morelull, Shiinotic, Lunala, Necrozma, Marshadow, Wooloo, Yamper, Applin, Flapple, Sizzlipede, Centiskorch, Cursola, Runerigus, Arctozolt, Arctovish, Duraladon, Zarude, Regieleki, Regidrago, Glastrier, Calyrex, Ursaluna, Sneasler and Overqwil.

##### Commands:
* Removed `/unlock` ranch Pokémon command.

##### Datapack:
* Added Day Care customization for type costs under the `daycare` datapack folder.
* Added Day Care customization for breeding tiers under the `daycare` datapack folder.
* Added print out error when datapacked abilities fail to load in Pokémon data.

## Changes:
* Removed Ranch Block.
* Removed Ranch Upgrade.
* Replaced effects of Isi's Silver Hourglass and Isi's Gold Hourglass.
* Players' breeding Pokémon are no longer tied to the block they were placed in. All currently-breeding Pokémon are globally accessible through their player's Day Care inventory tab.

## Fixes:
* [17517]( Raid Den lights appearing white instead of their original fushia.
* Optifine and Pixelmon causing graphical flickering while evolving Pokémon.
* Out of bounds exception in the `type` Pokémon specification.
* [18205]( Updated village Pokémarts and Pokécenters to prevent vanilla villagers from getting stuck under the entrance arch.
* [18720]( Eggs displaying the Pokémon within them when entering the Cosmetic menu through [ESC].
* [18656]( Display of available shopkeepers, allowing all of the default shopkeeper types to show again in the NPC wand menu.
* [18801]( Crashing caused by null palettes when a Pokérus Pokémon is added to the PC storage.
* [18732]( Stack overflow crash in PokemonBuilder#species method.
* Updated Clobbopus and Grapploct from Freezing to Frozen spawning.
* Updated Black Augurite properly to Graveler's held item spawning.
* Updated Chilan Berry properly to Kantonian Rattata and Raticate's held item spawning.
* Gimer and Muk forms listed as Hisuain instead of Alolan.
* [18101]( Roasted Magikarp failing to evolve into Roasted Gyarados.
* Spewpa failing to evolve based on biome condition and instead evolving into Archipelago form Vivillon only.
* Foongus failing to evolve into Sus form Amoonguss after holding an Eject Button at level 39.
* Milcery failing to evolve into Strawberry Lemon Cream Alcremie.
* [18475]( Tyrogue failing to evolve after reaching level 20.
* [17888]( Fixed crash on game start for Turkish language

## Translation:
* Updated Korean translation.
* Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
* Updated Spanish translation.

## Developer:
* [18803]( Custom DropScreen buttons failing to work as expected.
* Fixed type Pokémon specification failing.
* Added `egggroup` Pokémon specification.
* Removed `EggGroup` enum.
* Added `EggGroup` extensible registry
* Added `PokemonBuilder#makeEgg` and `PokemonBuilder#egg(boolean)`.
* Added `BreedingLogicProxy` and `BreedingLogicFactory` for swappable breeding logic via sidemod.
* Added `BreedingCondition` interface and `BreedingConditionRegistry`.
* Added `pokedollar` and `itemstack` implementation of `BreedingCondition`.
* Added `Pokmeon#isFainted` API.
* Added `Species#getForms(Predicate)`.
* Added `Stats#isAlolan`.
* Added `Stats#isGalarian`.
* Added `Stats#isHisuian`.
* Added `Stats#isRegional`.
* Added `Stats#hasTag`.
* Added `Pokemon#isAlolan`.
* Added `Pokemon#isGalarian`.
* Added `Pokemon#isHisuian`.
* Added `Pokemon#isRegional`
* Added additional sub-events to the `DayCareEvent`:
- `DayCareEvent.PreTimerBegin`
- `DayCareEvent.PostTimerBegin`
- `DayCareEvent.PreDurationCalculate`
- `DayCareEvent.PostDurationCalculate`
- `DayCareEvent.PrePokemonAdd`
- `DayCareEvent.PostPokemonAdd`
- `DayCareEvent.PreEggCaclulate`
- `DayCareEvent.PostEggCalculate`
- `DayCareEvent.PreConditionStatusUpdate`
- `DayCareEvent.PostConditionStatusUpdate`
- `DayCareEvent.PreCollect`
- `DayCareEvent.PostCollect`
- `DayCareEvent.TimerComplete`
* Day Care data is now accessible from PlayerPartyStorage.
* Added 'Gen2BellEvent.SummonLegendary.Pre' which is cancellable
- You can now get, and set, the spawned entity using the pre event
* Added 'Gen2BellEvent.SummonLegendary.Post`
- You can now get the spawned entity using the post event
* Moved variable access in `IlexShrineEvent` to getters
* Added ability to set the entity in `IlexShrineEvent.Pre`
* Added entity to `TimespaceEvent.Pre` and the ability to set said entity
* Added entity to `PlayerActivateShrineEvent` and ability to set said entity

**"Look up :)"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
##### New Items:
- Added a new badge, 'Plasma'

##### New Structures:
- Added the Plasma Frigate.

##### Updated Structures:
- Added loot to the Haunted Castle :)

## Changes:
- [17668]( [17774]( Added rolls for fortune and silk touch enchantments to Gem and Evo shard loot tables.
- Changed Orb drop on Dragonite from .1 to .3
- Iron Disc, Aluminum Disc, and Platinum Disc have now been fully removed.
- Updated item sprites for Dire Hit, Fluffy Tail, Guard Spec, X-Accuracy, X-Attack, X-Defense, X-SpecialAttack, X-SpecialDefense, X-Speed, Apicot Berry, Balloon Berry, Belue Berry, Bluk Berry, Cornn Berry, Durin Berry, Kuo Berry, Magost Berry, Niniku Berry, Nomel Berry, Nutpea Berry, Payapa Berry, Rabuta Berry, Spelon Berry, Topo Berry, Wepear Berry, Clear Bell, Tidal Bell, Clever Feather, Genius Feather, Health Feather, Muscle Feather, Rare Candy, Resist Feather, Soda Pop, Swift Feather, Aguav Berry, Aspear Berry, Babiri Berry, Bright Powder, Cell Battery, Charti Berry, Cheri Berry, Chilan Berry, Coba Berry, Colbur Berry, Custa Berry, Dragon Fang, Drash Berry, Eggant Berry, Eject Button, Enigma Berry, Eviolite, Fig Berry, Ganlon Berry, Ginema Berry, Haban Berry, Hard Stone, Iapapa Berry, Iron Ball, Jaboca Berry, Kasib Berry, Kebia Berry, Lansat Berry, Leftovers, Leppa Berry, Liechi Berry, Light Ball, Light Clay, Lucky Punch, Lum Berry, Magnet, Mago berry, Maranga Berry, Mental Herb, Metal Coat, Metal Powder, Metronome, Micle Berry, Miracle Seed, Mystic Water, Never-Melt Ice, Occa Berry, Oran Berry, Passho Berry, Pecha Berry, Persim Berry, Petaya Berry, Poison Barb, Power Herb, Pumkin Berry, Quick Claw, Quick Powder, Rawst Berry, Rhindo Berry, Ring Target, Roseli Berry, Rowap Berry, Salac Berry, Sharp Beak, Shell Bell, Shuca Berry, Silk Scarf, Silver Powder, Sitrus Berry, Smoke Ball, Soft Sand, Soothe Bell, Starf Berry, Tanga Berry, Throat Spray, Touga Berry, Twisted Spoon, Wacan Berry, White Herb, Wide Lens, Wiki Berry, Yache Berry, Yago Berry, Zoom Lens, Alpha Shard, Delta Shard, Omega Shard, Balm Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Big Nugget, Big Pearl, Black Shard, Blue Shard, Comet Shard, Gold Leaf, Green Shard, Heart Scale, Nugget, Pearl, Pearl String, Pretty Feather, Pretty Wing, Rare Bone, Red Shard, Relic Shard, Relic Band, Relic Copper, Relic Crown, Relic Gold, Relic Silver, Relic Statue, Relic Vase, Shoal Salt, Shoal Shell, Silver Leaf, Slowpoke Tail, Star Piece, Stardust, Strange Souvenir, Tiny Mushroom, White Shard, Yellow Shard, Reins of Unity and Reveal Glass.

## Fixes:
- [13690]( Wormholes to Ultra Space will no longer drop you beyond the border if smaller than the Overworlds.
- [16832]( Raids will now respect generational config settings.
- [17515]( [17545]( NPC Trader will now properly save after editing.
- [17524]( Fixed LAN doing crazy things.
- [17564]( Fixed the Cooking Pot interaction.
- [17569]( [18233]( Arc Chalice and Timespace Altar have regained their particle animations.
- [17614]( PLA pokéballs now display properly in the party overlay.
- [17621]( If a generation is disabled, spawnsets from that generation are no longer registered.
- [17640]( Harvest and Lightning Rod abilities no longer break spawning.
- [17753]( Fishing will no longer yield a blank enchanted book as loot.
- [17761]( Status ailment icons are now hidden if the party sidebar is in a labelless mode.
- [17772]( The Fishing Log can now be opened.
- [17791]( Galarian Farfetch'd can now properly evolve to SirFetch'd.
- [17841]( Custom megas can now reuse mega stones as their required item.
- [17841]( Custom megas not called "mega" now work.
- [17875]( Statues can now be targeted by Vanilla `/kill`.
- [17880]( Water Floats are now located under 'Decorations' in Creative inventory.
- [17896]( Statues will now longer switch from 'Idle' to 'Walking' animation on world reload.
- [17963]( Pixelmon Box will now drop it's contents when broken.
- [18003]( [18366]( Pixelmon pickaxes no longer prevent the use of off-hand tools.
- [18057]( Golden Lure transforming into Silver Casing when its item durability has ran out.
- [18171]( Apricorn leaves now drop with shears or Silk Touch.
- [18171]( Apricorn leaves now sometimes drop sticks when broken.
- [18171]( Berry leaves now drop with shears or Silk Touch.
- [18171]( Berry leaves now sometimes drop sticks when broken.
- [18204]( NPC Editor menu will no longer close upon confirming a change.
- [18329]( Apricorn Logs and Berry Logs now smelt into Charcoal.
- [18330]( Apricorn Logs can now be used as a common fuel source.
- [18340]( Added the Aguav Berry as an ingredient to recipes for hyper potions.
- [18344]( Players can walk through through Pixelmon Grass
- [18359]( Headbutt now sends a correct message in chat when an item is found.
- [18364]( Misaligned Pokébag UI inventory slots.
- [18392]( Moltres' Tres Shrine now spawns properly in Badlands and its variant biomes.
- [18392]( Zapdos' Dos Shrine now spawns properly in Savannah and its variant biomes.
- [18398]( [18474]( Ice Rock and Moss Rock will now properly trigger evolution conditions for Pokémon such as Eevee.
- [18399]( Crystal Ore will now generate naturally in the world.
- [18421]( Berry Wood slabs can now be used in common crafting recipes.
- [18422]( Meltan will no longer be obtainable via non metal items.
- [18426]( Zoroark and Hisuian Zoroark's Disguise cloning into a MissingNo, potentially crashing a client mid-battle.
- [18428]( Move Relearners now properly save the cost of a move.
- [18433]( PokéGift incorrectly redeeming manually inserted Pokémon.
- [18437]( Pokémon form language keys displaying wrongly for Creator Dragonite, Solgaleo Radiant Sun, female Unfezant, Deoxys 'Sus', Minior-Core, Galarian Zen-Darmanitan, Crowned Generic Zamazenta, Zenith-Marshadow, Crowned Generic Zacian, Urshifu G-Max Single-Strike, Urshifu G-Max Rapid-Strike, female Indeedee and White Basculin.
- [18441]( Marshadow's 'Zenith' form displaying its model horizontally.
- [18444]( Fixed some colour forms having 'sus' in the title.
- [18445]( Added Missing language lines for shiny name forms for Pokémon such as Vivillon, Flabébé and Florges.
- [18457]( Swimming behaviour has been adjusted for Swampert, Bidoof, Bibarel, Floatzel, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, Swanna, Wimpod, Golisopod, Drednaw and Arctovish.
- [18458]( Lugia drowning while swimming underwater.
- [18458]( Pokemon will no longer drown if their maximum swim depth is greater than 2 blocks.
- [18486]( Pixelmon Hoes now work on modded hoe compatible blocks.
- [18488]( Power Weight yielding an additional 8 Atk EVs atop the intended HP EV yield.
- [18491]( Fixed Pokésand recipes all giving the same (base) Pokésand, can now make corners and sides.
- [18501]( Magnet Pull now attracts Steel-types instead of Electric-types.
- [18508]( Missing textures for shiny Machamp G-Max, shiny Kingler G-Max, shiny Lapras G-Max and Ashen Dragonite.
- [18530]( Pokémon with regular abilities gaining a hidden ability after evolution through special conditions.
- [18545]( Fishing Rods crashing their user and players around when used in multiplayer.
- [18546]( NPC skins will now properly save.
- [18552]( Pokemon drops will no longer disappear.
- `/eggsteps` command failing when used in multiplayer.
- Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Sandslash spawning as their Kanto counterparts when using Sweet Scent in Ice Mountains and Snowy Tundra.
- BYG's Crimson Gardens incorrectly labeling Ekans and Arbok for spawning.
- BYG's Snowy Evergreen Hills incorrectly named in spawning conditions.
- Battle log missing language key.
- Curry Dex displaying language keys instead of full Curry names.
- Flabébé's name cannot be tab-completed properly when using unaccented -e.
- Forge servers occasionally failing to fully shutdown after final world save.
- Harvest and Lightning Rod abilities interrupting wild Pokémon spawning.
- Hisuian or Unovan Zoroark enforcing it's regional form through Disguise'd Pokémon.
- Improved rendering issues under certain circumstances.
- Old Fisherman failing to give a Fishing Log when interacting with a JUMP-Magikarp in the party.
- Pillar blocks failing to rotate properly when spawned inside a structure.
- PokéGift redeem feedback displaying as a language key instead of the proper line.
- Pokémon nametags no longer rotate badly when near a Pokémon model rendered in the world.
- Regular Pokéball being non-selectable in the Pokémon Editor.
- Removed parentheses around a Pokemon's species name if they have no nickname.

##### Battle Fixes:
- Fixed an NPE from self-targeting.
- [17120]( Max Moves and G-Max moves do not deplete PP from the move they turned from.
- [17458]( Dragon Energy failing to hit both targets when used in a Double Battle.
- [17824]( Rocky Helmet failing mid-battle, closing it unexpectedly with an error.
- [17855]( Togedemaru being unable to be sent out during double battles.
- [18080]( No Retreat move failing during battle, causing errors.
- [18134]( Switching while damaging weather is active causing a battle error.
- [18253]( Wimp Out and Emergency Exit failing when the user had low max HP.

## Translation:
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.

## Developer:
- [17743]( CustomDropScreen now renders properly.
- [17743]( CustomDropScreen now has an event for when it is closed.
- [17743]( CustomDropScreen can now have a mnemonic set to allow differentiation between different screens.
- [18444]( Added optional palette name translation key override.
- [18444]( Added optional form name translation key override.
- [18444]( Added optional species name translation key override.
- [17850]( DialogueInputScreen mishandling input.
- [17743]( Custom-drop-screens displaying improperly.
- Added `nodrops` Pokémon requirement spec.
- Added `location` Pokémon requirement spec.

**"Don't worry, Bee happy :)"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
##### New Items:
- Added a new badge, 'Galactic'

##### Commands:
- Added permission nodes for targeting other players in Pixelmon commands, such as `pixelmon.command.givemoney.other`, `pixelmon.command.completeallquests.other`, `pixelmon.command.resetallquests.other`, `pixelmon.command.setstage.other`, `pixelmon.command.breed.other`, `pixelmon.command.unlock.other`, `pixelmon.command.hatch.other`, `pixelmon.command.endbattle.other`.

## Changes:
- [17828]( Pokémon cries are now shared by their alternate palette and forms.
- Made various adjustments to structures.
- Added a percentage option to `/filldex`
- Updated MimeJr's and Nosepass' evolution biomes to 1.16.5.
- Added Land to Haunted Tower spawns.
- Updated the Badgecase screen to display lore and names.
- Added stats for Origin Dialga and Palkia.
- Command feedback which specify a Pokémon now displays name instead of nickname.
- Renamed '/bossbomb' to '/pokebomb' to support PokémonSpecs.
- Command tab-completes are no longer inline.
- Updated textures for Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White and Green Berry Wood-based blocks, including planks, doors, trapdoors, fences, gates, slabs, stairs, boats and log tops.

## Fixes:
- [18405]( Pokémon failing to evolve and causing a soft lock when evolving at the end of a battle they finished themselves.
- [17990]( Fixed flying Pokémon moving slower in certain directions.
- [18070]( Flying Pokémon will properly stop after landing.
- [17552]( Pokémon cries being silent while playing on multiplayer.
- [17915]( Fishing rod bobbers appearing as invisible while in use.
- [18374]( Origin form Dialga and Palkia being permanent after switching into their alternate forms.
- [18337]( Slowed down the insane Bee spawns from Beehives
- [18338]( Nihilego, Regice, Shiny Regice, Shadow Lugia, Shadow Ho-Oh textures/emissives.
- [18363]( Sirfetch'd listed pre-evolution forms.
- [18348]( 'Spawn Bonus Chest' item weight rarity.
- [18368]( Hidden ability spec requirement not applying properly in command usage.
- [18220]( NPC Trainers dropping air despite specified drops after a restart.
- [18189]( Drop screens adding up declined rewards with newly accepted rewards.
- [17675]( NPC Trainers using MissingNo Pokémon.
- [17747]( Pokémon visually displaying no experience points when joining first rejoining a world or server.
- [17730]( Starter Pokémon missing their 'Destiny' starter mark.
- [18439]( Eevee Creator, Greninja Creator and Mewtwo Creator missing textures.
- [18285]( Text rendering on the Fossil Machine appearing stretched and off-sized.
- [18194]( Pink Beedrill, and other colored Pokémon, losing their special form after Mega Evolving or Gigantamaxing.
- [17909]( Eevee's evolution to Sylveon being overriden by its evolution to Espeon or Umbreon.
- [18197]( `/pokesee [username]` returning no command output when used in multiplayer.
- [17493]( Missing armor texture models for Silver Helmet, Silver Chestplate, Silver Leggings, Silver Boots, Platinum Helmet, Platinum Chestplate, Platinum Leggings, Platinum Boots, Galactic Helmet, Galactic Chestplate, Galactic Leggings and Galactic Boots.
- [17957]( Trade Holder Left and Right recipe defaulting to either side instead of following shaped recipe.
- [18014]( Inventory Tweaks Renewed and Pixelmon crashing the client when middle-mouse clicking inside a Pokébag.
- [17837]( Shiny Vivillon palettes displaying their name improperly.
- Fixed emissives for Spectral Gastly, Spectral Haunter, Spectral Gengar, Ashen Gengar, Strike Zubat, Strike Golbat, Strike Vaporeon, Spirit Vaporeon, Halloween Ivysaur, Alter Porygon, Shiny G-Max Charizard, and G-Max Blastoise.
- `/pokekill` command failing to show how many Pokémon were killed when used in multiplayer.
- NPC Trainer models displaying thrice in their selection dropdown menu.
- Missing movesets for Alolan Diglett, Dugtrio, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Rattata, Raticate, Vulpix, and Ninetales.
- Alcremie sweets missing from it's default model.
- Fixed an issue where in some cases a palette would be applied to a form that doesn't have them, and only then the form would be applied, causing the latter form to have a default palette.
- Fixed Rockruff only evolving to Midday form Lycanroc.
- Fixed Pancham evolution issues.
- Fixed Budew evolution issues.
- Fixed Happiny evolution issues.
- Fixed Gligar evolution issues.
- Fixed commands not returning messages in MP.
- Form and palette mutual requirements applying specs in the incorrect order.
- Fixed palette/form issues with Creator Pokemon (Eevee/palette, Xerneas/palette).
- Gastly now has the proper particle trail.
- Diglett now has the proper block dust particle trail.
- Legendary spec requirement not applying properly in command usage.
- Fixed Zamazenta and Zacian being stuck in Crowned forms.
- Sprite items crashing a client when the form or palette name is erroneously displayed.
- `/poketest` and `/comptest` returning no command output.
- Targeted selector usage in `/pokeheal` returning incorrect command output usage.
- `/compsee` failing to properly search a player's PC when using search specs.
- Inconsistent item sprites for Silver Helmet, Silver Chestplate, Silver Leggings and Silver Boots.
- Tornadus and Landorus default forms not being Incarnate.
- Enamorus flight.
- Shellos' forms displaying improperly for East and West forms.
- Teaching a Z-move via `/teach` crashing the client upon usage.
- Badge case failing to support and display properly NBT data holding badges.

##### Battle Fixes:
- [18117]( Non-default keybind on 'Open Chat' being ignored during a battle.
- [18243]( Battle rules failing to save between restarts.
- [17860]( Mimikyu failing to regain its Disguise after losing it during its first battle.
- [18502]( Transformed shiny Ditto defaulting into a non-shiny Ditto when losing Transform during a battle if met as a shiny Pokémon.
- [17753]( Fishing with a Super Rod yielding an empty enchanted book.

## Translation:
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Dutch translation.

## Developer:
- Added `PlayerPokedex#getSeenCompletionPercentage`
- Added `PlayerPokedex#getCaughtCompletionPercentage`
- Deprecated `BattleForceEndCause.ENDBATTLE`
- Deprecated `BattleForceEndCause.ENDBATTLE_FORCEFUL`
- Changed `setSpecies` to use `getRandomLegendary` instead of `randomPokemon()`.
- Removed check which filters out keyListener events when the player has just closed a GUI.
- Added `resetevs` and `resetivs` specs.
- Improved targeting in `DoLegendarySpawn`
- Cleaned up `PixelCommand.setupTargetOrSourceAsTarget()` for readability.
- Added permission check on "other player" argument in `PixelCommand.setupTargetOrSourceAsTarget()`.
- Updated all commands with optional player argument to verify if the command source has permission to do use it.
- Cleaned up a few parameter names for more even formatting.

**"Hoooooow Original..."**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
##### New Pokémon Forms:
- Added Origin Dialga.
- Added Origin Palkia.

##### Structures:
- Added Haunted Tower and Haunted Castle boss and rare spawns.
- Added Spear Pillar rare spawns.
- Added Chalice Temple and Chalice Village rare spawns.
- Added Ender Pearl to Galarian Slowking drops.
- Added Extreme Hills Chalice Temple spawn.
- Added Extreme Hills abandoned Chalice Village spawn.
- Added Desert Hills Timespace Altar spawn.

##### New Items:
- Added Lustrous Globe.
- Added Adamant Crystal.
- Added Griseous Core.

## Changes:
- Removed structure spawn configuration options from `structures.yml`.
- Moved Haunted Towers to Roofed Forest spawning.
- Updated Haunted Tower variant A and B.
- Updated Haunted House variant A and B.
- Updated Haunted Village Path variant A, B and C.
- Updated Haunted Village Berry Farm.
- Updated Waypoints A and B variants for Badlands, Desert, Forest, Icy, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
- Updated Raid Dens A and B variants for Badlands, Badlands Plateau, Basalt Delta, Beach, Crimson Forest, Desert, End Highlands, Ice Spikes, Jungle, Mushroom, Nether, Snow, Snowy Mountains, Soul Sand Valley, Swamp, Warped Forest and Water.
- Added miscellaneous ruined structures and paths to Desert Ruin Raid Den.
- Added short cooldown to item interactions after harvesting said item from a Pokémon.
- Added Lustrous Globe to held items for Glaceon, Espeon and Flareon.
- Added Adamant Crystal to held items for Leafeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon.
- Added Griseous Core to held items for Giratina.
- Updated Broken Cloning Machine to drop Aluminium Ingot.

## Fixes:
- [18290]( Breaking multiblocks (like PCs, Trading Machines) causing client crashes.
- [17527]( Water-spawning Pokémon migrating across the land in search of new puddles.
- [17544]( Wallpaper selection in player PCs.
- [18270]( Hitting `[ESC]` while in the evolution screen, causing a camera and movement lock.
- PokéChestDrops not loading due to a (sad) typo.
- [18252]( Renamed Pokéball being infinitely usable.
- [17778]( Being unable to catch raid Pokémon after leveling and learning a move.
- [18307]( Slowpoke drops from minecraft:fish to minecraft:cod.
- Purugly drops having a minimum and maximum entry value swapped.
- Duplicate drop chance values on pokédrops.
- [18296]( Pokédrops occasionally dropping air based on minimum quantity chances.
- [18258]( Trading Machine causing client crashes when trading Pokémon with no 'default' form, including Flabébé and Vivillon.
- Traded Pokémon not updating properly after trading without using the 'Switch' or 'Randomize' buttons.
- Edited Pokémon movesets not properly accepting non-English variants and saving improperly - it will now display after editing in English.
- [17488]( Origin Ball and Strange Ball missing models and textures.
- Origin Ball party overlay missing texture.
- Kommo-O's rare drop being not rare at all.
- [17718]( Chatting NPCs missing a 'Custom Texture' option under textures.
- [18260]( `/pokegive random` yielding legendaries, ultra beasts or shinies despite the config option disabling them.
- [18310]( NPC Editor displaying an incorrect message while `npc-editor-op-only` is false.
- [18312]( Pickup resulting in no loot after a battle.
- [18383]( NPCs missing Pixelmon-native textures.
- [18186]( Clear and Tidal Bells not ringing.
- [18088]( Pancham missing an evolution method.
- [18300]( Galar Zapdos missing its texture and animation.
- [18244]( Missing translation for Landorus Therian, Tornadus Therian, Tornadus Incarnate, Thundurus Therian, Enamorus Therian, Enamorus Incarnate, Sinistea Phony, Sinistea Antique, Polteageist Phony, Polteageist Antique, Mareep Shorn, Wooloo Shorn, Dubwool Shorn, Deerling Spring, Deerling Summer, Deerling Autumn, Deerling Winter, Sawsbuck Spring, Sawsbuck Summer, Sawsbuck Autumn and Sawsbuck Winter.
- [18293]( Missing nighttime requirement for Gligar evolution method.
- [18292]( Missing daytime requirement for Happiny evolution method.
- [18288]( Missing daytime requirement for Budew evolution method.
- Mewtwo Y form not being marked as temporary.
- [18229]( Missing shiny forms for Shellos East and Shellos West.
- Being unable to leave Ultraspace through Wormholes or Void.
- Placed pokéloot changes not saving after world reload.
- [17951]( Berry and Apricorn saplings not dropping their fruit once broken.
- Legendary spec not respecting the `:false` value when used in commands.
- [17835]( Missing movesets for Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales.
- [17570]( Max Mushrooms using a 2D model that does not drop when broken.
- [17725]( Spelling on 'Aluminum Shovel'.
- [18282]( Generated Pokéloot does not yielding loot and displaying a missing lang on interact.
- [18086]( Burmy missing drops, should now drop `minecraft:string`.
- Missing movesets for Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate.
- Emissive textures for Strike Zubat, Strike Golbat, Spectral Gastly, Spectral Haunter, Ashen Gengar, Strike Vaporeon, Spirit Vaporeon, Alter Porygon, G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Charizard, Halloween Ivysaur, and Spectral Gengar.
- [18088]( Pancham evolution party method.
- [18161]( Zacian and Zamazenta retaining their Crowned form.
- [17852]( Rockruff's evolution method defaulting to Midday form.
- [18179]( Berry Wood Doors dropping twice on break.
- [17823]( Berry Wood signs dropping Oak Signs on break.
- [18107]( Vanilla interactions with harvestable Pokémon such as Camerupt and Mareep.
- Zombie Form moon phase spawning conditions.
- In-ranch Pokémon not updating their model when interacted with shears.
- Floette's Alternate-AZ form implementation.
- [18061]( Gliscor's model and texture displaying improperly.
- [17912]( MimeJr's evolution method not properly differentiating between regional forms.
- [17940]( Poipole's evolution method.

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17624]( Chat box typing disabling itself during battles.
- [17340]( Raid Pokémon Max Moves not damaging all 4 allies.

## Translation:
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Hebrew translation.

## Datapacks:
- Added startup log warning when running a datapacked version of Pixelmon on clients or server.

## Developer:
- Updated color() method to properly reflect API changes, fixing formatting codes not parsing displays.
- [18029]( Added UI element properties to set image scale.
- Added UI element property to rotate the UI element.
- Added packet to sync available possible trades when a player joins a server.

**"The loot is on fire"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Changes:
- Added NBT support to Pokémon item drops.
- Removed all mail from Tier 1 Pokéchests.
- Added Peat Block to Tier 2 drops.
- Added Black Augurite to Tier 2 drops.
- Removed type-Gems from Tier 2 loot and moved it to Tier 1.
- Updated Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode, now dropping Wooden Base and Ancient Pokéball parts.
- Removed Mudsdale from spawning in villages.
- Updated some Item ID typos on Large Leek, Fancy Apple, and Pungent Root in Forage.
- Added Lakes to Water Stone Shard, Sugar Cane, Sand, Clay, and Light Clay under Forage.
- Added Peony to Roofed Forest drops in Forage.
- Updated Silver Base, Platinum Ingot and Silver Ingot sprites.
- Added Bastion Bridge loot table.
- Removed any empty chances on vanilla loot in Loot Tables and increased roll chances.
- Reduced empty weight on Type Gems in loot tables.
- Reduced empty weight on valuable treasures (Relics, Coin, etc) in loot Tables.
- Updated Pokédrops to the new drop format system.
- Disabled portal travel using Pokémon entities.

## Fixes:
- [17839]( EV Pokémon yield permanently stacking for all players online.
- Timespace Altar, Scroll of Water and Scroll of Darkness no longer crash players viewing it when broken.
- [18078]( Move Relearners not being able to teach moves.
- [17512]( Move and Transfer tutors not being able to teach moves.
- [17839]( EVs yields permanently stacking for all players online, occasionally causing a crash.
- [18227]( Held item evolutions attempts no longer crash the client if no held item is involved.
- [18045]( Yveltal no longer crashes the client due to invalid flying parameters.
- [18142]( Tumblestone crystals being un-hammerable past broken stage 1.
- [17741]( Fossil machines not rendering properly causing a duplication exploit.
- [18053]( Open wiki `[K]` hotkey unresponsiveness in-game.
- [17651]( Statues twitching when placed down.
- [17925]( Movesets from 1.12.2 Pokémon data now properly export into 1.16.5 data.
- [17651]( Statues sliding away when placed underwater after a relog.
- [17646]( Berry boats transforming into the Blue Berry Wood variety on reload.
- Pokéballs showing in the Creative inventory when searching for `den`.
- [17640]( Partied Pokémon with abilities that boost spawns disabling spawning around the player.
- [17771]( Enchanted rubies being unavailable in Creative inventory.
- Ruby Block, Sapphire Block, Amethyst Block and Crystal Block being breakable empty-handed.
- [17961]( [17543]( Transparency on Bridge Block, Berry Wood Door, Berry Wood Trapdoor and Galarica Cuff.
- [17929]( Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves flowering and fruiting when unattached to logs.
- [17800]( Pokéloot yielding the incorrect chest type when middle-clicked.
- [18055]( Pixelmon furniture and decoration blocks dropping in Creative mode, including PC, Cooking Pot, Infuser, Ranch Block, Fossil Machine, Fossil Cleaner, Trade Machine, Cloning Machine, Fridge, Fossil Display, Big TV, Clothed Table, Water Float (all colors), Vending Machine (all colors), Pokéball Rugs (all colors) and Couches (all colors).
- Gigaton and Leaden party overlay Pokéball missing textures.
- NPC Custom PlayerName textures not properly rendering and displaying as missing texture.
- [18087]( `/givemoney` command not properly updating a player's balance with negative amounts.
- [18097]( Emissive textures showing as missing for a select few Pokémon, namely Charizard, Butterfree, Vulpix, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Machamp, Kingler, Lapras, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Dragonite.
- Mispelled item IDs on Curry and Forage item configs.
- Beehives creating endless amounts of bee-typed Pokémon if the beehive does not exist nearby.
- Milcery not properly evolving into the corresponding form based on the sweets given.
- [18148]( Removed `bossdrops.json`, data is now moved to `/bosstiers` folder.
- [17494]( Temple stairs now display properly when placed and connected.
- [17898]( Pixelmon Grass' placed model now displays properly.
- Petaya berry conditions in Forage to be Flowery.
- [18091]( Enamorus, Landorus, Thunderus and Tornadus now properly transform when exposed to a Reveal Glass.
- [18211]( Porygon now evolves when exposed to an Up-Grade.
- [17659]( Commented lines in files which prevented the loading of translation.
- Nosepass biome evolution condition.
- Client crash when viewing an NPC whose skin has been set to 'Custom Texturepack' with a player username.
- [17634]( Pixelmon-wood planks now can be used in native Minecraft recipes, like any other planks.
- PC-received Pokédex'd Pokémon not saving to the party's Pokédex count.

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17171]( Pokémon not switching out from moves after being attacked by Pursuit.
- Bolt Break and Fishious Rend not dealing double damage when a Pokémon is switched in.
- [17313]( Encore and Taunt now subtract the turn count on the statused Pokemon's turn.
- Self-Destruct no longer displays the opponent's 'Attack Failed' message when they did not attack.
- [17222]( Abilities that modify types now properly work in double battles.
- [17780]( Gigantamaxed moves now properly register as G-Max moves.

## Translation:
- Added Lithuanian translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Hebrew translation.
- Updated Turkish translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.

## Datapacks:
- Removed an extra `/` from sprite search, causing datapack sprites not to bake properly.
- Rewrote Pokémon drop information to work with unlimited drops.

## Developer:
- Cleaned up BreedingConditions class for friendlier usage.
- Ensured all data in Evolution condition subclasses is accessible.
- Added getters for all variables in Pokémon drop system.
- Removed custom registry types for Log and Foliage Pixelmon blocks to prevent registry errors when logging into vanilla servers.
- Added UnbreedableRequirement flag specification.
- Fixed `PlayerPartyStorage#setBalance` improperly updating balances.
- Added `WormholeTeleportEvent.Pre` and `WormholeTeleportEvent.Post`.
- Added error logs to drops when drops are empty or non-standard specs.
- Mdae `PixelmonPalette#getAll` static work properly.
- Added PokemonBuilder.
- Moved the Showdown exception to its corresponding API package.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Import/Export system now uses a custom registry, overwritten entirely.
- Updated Import/Export screen to use packets and properly communicate to the server on Import/Export.
- Fixed the ChatHandler broadcast method to properly send message to all players and not just console.
- Updated broken or erroneous form constants.

**"It's Hammertime...."**

- Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

##### New Items:
- Added Raw Tumblestone.
- Added Raw Sky Tumblestone.
- Added Raw Black Tumblestone.
- Added Generation 8 Dark Badge.

##### New World Generation:
- Added two updated Haunted Tower variants in Roofed Forests.
- Added two new Haunted (Tower) Castle variants in Roofed Forests.
- Added Haunted Village attached to Haunted (Tower) Castle in Roofed Forests.
- Added four houses for Haunted Village world generation and their corresponding paths.
- Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone mining crystals to world generation.
- Added new updated model for Mossy Stone.
- Added new updated model for Icy Stone.

## Changes:
- Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone spawn chance config under 'Dimensions.cfg' called `tumblestoneSpawnChance`.
- Added `isAllowRandomBreedingEggsToBeUltrabeast` for Ditto x Ditto Breeding in config.
- Lowered Black Augurite's Blast Furnace experience yield to match vanilla equivalents.
- Added pokédrops to Hisuian regional Pokémon.
- Added Silver Ore, Silver Ingot, Platinum Ore, Platinum Ingot to Pokémon drops.
- Replaced Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone with Raw variants for pokédrops.
- Replaced Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone with Raw variants for abandoned Mineshafts loot.
- Added Stone-Cutter recipes for Raw Tumblestone, Raw Sky Tumblestone and Raw Black Tumblestone to their smooth variants.
- Removed vanilla-spawned Pokémon, enforcing wild spawning logic values.
- Updated Dusk Ball Lid, Luxury Ball Lid, Level Ball Lid, Quick Ball Lid, Repeat Ball Lid and Timer Ball Lid recipe to yield 1 lid.
- Updated Great Ball Lid and Moon Ball Lid recipe to yield 3 lids.
- Updated Premier Ball Lid, Sport Ball Lid, Heal Ball Lid, Nest Ball Lid and Safari Ball Lid recipe to yield 5 lids.
- Updated Platinum Base and Silver base to yield 5 bases instead of 1 and 3 respectively.

## Fixes:
- Reverse condition for a configuration for Ditto x Ditto Breeding.
- [17787]( StackOverflow error causing raids to stall players when the counter reaches 1.
- Dialogue Input screen usage.
- Removed scrolling of MOTD in the multiplayer screen, fixes issues with MOTD displaying.
- Client only method usage in colour parsing, fixes error in console.
- Client access from rename packet running on server, fixes error in console.
- Nincada evolving robbing you of all Pokéballs instead of one.
- Healer dropping a healer instead of an Aluminium Ingot.
- [17886]( Death messages failing to display when viewed on a hybrid API server.
- Vanilla mob replacements saving to chunk, causing bloating.
- [17702]( Crash upon using a TM when `super-universal-t-ms: true` in config.
- [17911]( Language displays for regional form names, including Hisuian, Alolan and Galarian.
- [18032]( Hourglass stacks being fully consumed when trying to use one on a Ranch Block.
- [17910]( Sizes for Hisuian Sneasel, Kleavor, Scizor, Hisuian Avalugg and Hisuian Typhlosion.
- [17966]( Black Augurite's Blast Furnace recipe.
- Broken Pokéballs dropping the incorrect base type.
- Paras' Pink and Valencian palette.
- [17881]( Temporary party storage is now temporary when manipulated externally.
- [18036]( HealBall not healing the Pokémon contained on capture.
- Pokémon dropping 'Air' due to invalid item IDs in drops.
- [17972]( Nurse and Doctor chat UI now displays properly when using them to heal your Pokémon party.
- [17972]( Nurse and Doctor now have healing ranges consistent with 1.12.2, of 8 blocks.
- [18005]( Berry Wood Boats now have consistent hitboxes with Minecraft boats.
- [18001]( Silicon, Silver and Platinum ores now vein in world generation.
- [17923]( Blast Furnace times are now consistent with vanilla.
- [17981]( Frozen UI when the player is pushed into a Nether Portal while in-battle.
- [18007]( Cosmetic Robe body shifting (way) down when a player crouches.
- [17733]( Berry and Apricorn saplings rendering invisible for users on multiplayer.
- [17887]( Duplicate config entry for `mc-villager-replace`.
- [17926]( Unset forms causing error when importing `.comp` files into 1.16.5.
- [17979]( Ore Sense move skill conflicting with UI display.
- [17979]( Ore Sense move skill not highlighting ores consistently.
- [17776]( Pixelmon-introduced axes now can be used to strip logs.
- [17734]( Berry Wood blocks (door, trapdoor, pressure plate, fence, gate, boat, button, sign, slab, stairs) now drop their respective block loot.
- [17673]( Graphical size glitching if `smoothAnimations=true` in 'Graphics.cfg'.
- [17739]( NPC Trainers and Move Relearners walking away when set to 'Stand Still'.
- [18048]( Hidden abilities persisting on evolution if the evolved Pokémon's hidden ability changed.
- Waypoint spawn in Extreme Hills spawning completely filled with water.

## Translation:
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.

## Developer:
- [17710]( Updated IVs and EVs spec set to initialize and properly respect set values.
- `DialogueInputScreen.Builder` now contains a function to disable closing the screen with the [ESC] key.
- Added "hidden ability" spec requirement with aliases `hiddenability` and `ha`.
- Added "palette" spec requirement with aliases `customtexture` and `ct`.
- Added an "aggression" spec requirement with aliases `ai`, `artificialintelligence`, `aggression` and `aggro`.
- Added Mew clone spec requirement with aliases `clone`, `clones` and `mewclones`.
- Added Lake Trio "enchanted" spec requirement with aliases `enchanted`, `enchantedcount` and `laketrioenchanted`.
- Added Meltan "ores smelted" spec requirement with aliases `oressmelted`, `smelted` and `ores`.
- Added "shorn" spec requirement with aliases `shorn` and `isshorn`.
- Added Wooloo, Mareep and Dubwool stats spec requirement with aliases `growthstage`.
- Added "nickname" spec requirement with aliases `nick` and `nickname`.
- Added "minimum level" spec requirement with aliases `minlvl`, `minlevel` and `gtlvl`.
- Added "maximum level" spec requirement with aliases `maxlvl`, `maxlevel` and `ltlvl`.
- Added "experience" spec requirement with aliases `exp` and `xp`.
- Added "is wild" spec requirement with aliases `iswild`, `unowned` and `wild`.

**"Pixelmon players, soon to be Vampire hunters..."**

- Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon:
- Kleavor
- Ursaluna
- Sneasler

##### New Pokémon Forms:
- Hisuian Avalugg
- Hisuian Lilligant
- Hisuian Sneasel
- Hisuian Typhlosion

##### New Items:
- [17494]( Updated the Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar
- Added waterlogging to Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar.
- Added Black Augurite.
- Added Peat Block.
- Added Silver Base.

##### Commands:
- Added `/poketake [player] ` command.
- Added `/tradesim [player] [simulation]` command.
- Added `/movelist ` command.
- Added `/tms ` command.
- [17767]( All commands now support Minecraft-native selectors, such as (`@p`, `@r`, `@a`, `@s`, `@e[type=player]`).
- Commands now require a target player's full username.

## Changes:
- Removed hammering mechanics from Pokéball crafting.
- Added recipe for Iron Base, Aluminum Base, Silver Base, Wooden Base and Platinum Base.
- Removed Iron Disc and Aluminum Disc.
- [17489]( Added Tumeblestone-based recipes for Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball and Jet Ball as well as their Lids.
- Updated ball recipes to split between tiers of Ball Bases (i.e. Aluminum/Iron, Silver, Platinum).
- Replaced all recipes using Aluminium Plate to Aluminium Ingot: Healer, PC, Infuser, Fossil Cleaner, Movement Plate, Stick Plate, Gym Sign, Item Finder, Trade Monitor, Trade Holder Right, Trade Holder Left, Trade Panel, Trade Panel, Green Tank, Orange Tank, Camera, Fossil Machine Top and Fossil Machine Base.
- Disabled Pixelmon anvil usage.
- Removed Mechanical Anvil.
- Added Blast Furnace smelting mechanic for Black Augurite.
- Added PokéDollars default balance to general config.
- Updated Raids with new Pokémon star spread.
- Updated default raid star weightings in the raids config.
- Removed silicon, type gems, feather, grass, brick, clay, blaze powder from all raid drops.
- Updated the experience candy spread on boss drops.
- Added EXP. Share to high tier boss loot.
- Added evolution stones to common boss drops.
- Added silver and gold bottle cap to high tier boss drops.
- Removed all berries from Pokéloot drops.
- Added power held items to high tier Pokéloot drops.
- Added experience and ability items into high tier Pokéloot drops.
- Lowered the chances of Apricorn or Berries from Forage drops.
- Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, Peat Block and Black Augurite to Pokédrops, External Move: Rock Smash, Mineshafts and Village Masons.
- Updated item attack damage for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
- Updated item attack speed for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
- Updated textures for Temple Brick and Temple Block.
- Added missing cosmetic Sableye Hat.
- Added missing online forms Cinderace 'Goku' and Mothim 'Bug Catcher' forms.
- Updated evolution method for Petilil, Bergmite, Ursaring, Quilava and Scyther.
- Updated spawntimes for Raikou, Eternatus, Type:Null, Cosmog, Volcanion, Landorus, Kyurem, Regigigas, Mesprit, Registeel, Rayquaza and Jirachi.
- Added new Ocean raid dens.
- Added new Beach, Badlands, Forest, Snowy, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna, Desert, Jungle and Swamp waypoint structures.

## Fixes:
- Registry mismatch when a client(BYG+Pixelmon or ExplorerCompass+Pixelmon) connects to a server(Pixelmon).
- Enforced server resource packs not downloading properly.
- [17692]( Storage failure when saving a player with boss(mega) save data.
- [17590]( Data transfer failures resulting from MoveSkill data when first loading on 9.0.0.
- [1768]( Critical security data issue on world loading.
- [17530]( Crash caused by a Pixelmon incompatibility during world load with OpenTerrainGenerator.
- [17558]( Mules spawning in the wild and replaced their spawn egg by Mudsdale and Mudbray.
- [17551]( Berry Wood planks not dropping their respective block.
- Removed Pokébags from being equipped on the chest armour slot.
- [17593]( Significant duplication exploit with Pokébags.
- [17514]( Crash caused by mega evolving Charizard/Mewtwo.
- [17601]( Mewtwo spawning from the Cloning Machine.
- [17519]( Exporting Pokémon from the PokéEditor not displaying properly in the UI.
- [17540]( Statue labels not rendering correctly.
- [17548]( Berry Boats not dropping the correct Berry Wood boat.
- Command header for `/ivs`.
- Move descriptions for Ceaseless Edge, Windbolt Storm, Springtide Storm, Triple Arrows, Raging Fury, Bleakwind Storm, Bitter Malce, Infernal Parade, Chloroblast, Sandsear Storm, Mountain Gale, Power Shift, Barb Barrage, Psyshield Bash, Shelter, Wave Crash, Dire Claw, Esper Wing, Headlong Rush, Lunar Blessing, Mystical Power, Take Heart and Victory Dance.
- Aqua, Galactic and Magma boss trainers dropdown display name in the NPC Editor.
- [17550]( Warp plate block rendering.
- [17577]( Disabled Berry Boats stacking in inventory.
- Removed redundant `structures.json` file.
- Textures on Platinum Ore and Block, Silver Ore and Block, Aluminium Block, Unown Block Blank, Braille Block Blank, as well as Platinum and Silver shovels.
- [17521]( Smelting recipes for Bauxite Ore, Silicon Ore, Silver Ore, Platinum Ore, Boiled Egg, and Toast.
- [17490]( Command permission checks defaulting to cheats-enabled.
- [17576]( Hisuian Goodra's Pokémon cry sound.
- [17633]( Red and Blue orbs causing a client crash when the block underneath them is broken.
- [17649]( Move Tutors interacting with fainted Pokémon, causing a crash.
- Move Tutors interacting with an empty slot, causing a crash.
- Pokémon spec `gen:`,`canmegaevolve` and `random` in command usage.
- [17643]( [17830]( Coalossal, Spirit Eevee and Moltres emissive textures.
- Move errors for Rapidash, Samurott, MrMime, Basculin and Decidueye on level-up.
- [17644]( Galarian Zigzagoon's evolution to Galarian Linoone.
- [17684]( Pixelmon Rock overlapping Stone Bricks recipe.
- [17603]( Sento and Tobu badge sprites.
- [17522]( Pokémon Editor not refreshing properly Pokéball specs.
- [17676]( Metal and gem ore blocks dropping when mined with an empty hand.
- [17657]( Scary Face, Ground Birds and Cut move skills related client crashing.
- [17701]( Pokemon Spawner number field causing a client crash.
- [17699]( Nincada's evolution mechanic.
- Command sources targeting returning the wrong command output.
- Command target selectors printing invalid argument errors.
- [17709]( Move spec usage crashing if the move spec had a spaced out name.
- [17788]( Fixed Vintage Beef's online form Wobbuffet causing a client crash.
- [17746]( Fixed shorn default Wooloo sprite.
- [15151]( Fixed sizes for Galarian Stunfisk, Indeedee (male), Indeedee (female) and Drapion.
- [17725]( [17750]( Lang entries for Weak Lure Casing, Fractured Temple Pillar, Aguav Berry Log and Aluminium Shovel.
- [17679]( Evolution lines for Hatenna and Hattrem.
- [17663]( Scroll of Water improperly evolving Kubfu.
- [17783]( Goomy evolution method to Hisuian Sliggoo during thunderstorms.
- Chat output when enchanted a Ruby with an underleveled lake spirit.
- GMax form names under the chisel UI.
- High friendship return message when maximizing happiness.
- Waypoint rendering when loading up with JourneyMaps.
- [17862]( [17869]( [17868]( Evolution methods for Hisuian Goodra, Impidimp, Morgrem, Dreepy, Drakloak, Galarian MrMime, MimeJr and MrRime.
- [17871]( Hisuian Zoroark spawning levels.
- Structures not having the proper Y level upon world generation.
- [17711]( Pokédex progression resetting when switching between singleplayer and multiplayer.
- [17840]( Horse hoof sounds when mounting Pokémon.
[17683]( Apricorn Leaves decaying after harvesting.
- Regice sound erroring on startup.
- Raid structures sometimes spawning above their recommended Y level.

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17583]( 'Splinters'-related status moves improperly displaying the effect in battle.
- [17225]( Fell Stinger not making physical contact.
- [17024]( Dual Wingbeat's Max Airstream base power from 90 to 130.
- [17125]( Snorlax' G-Max Replenish not inflicting damage.
- [17214]( Targeting to hit all adjacent opponents and change flinch chance from 30% to 20%.
- [17226]( Z-Weather Ball's base power and typing.
- Fixed Rollout not using PP when it never misses.
- [17095]( Contrary and Simple ignoring abilities with a switch-in effect, such as Intimidate.
- [17089]( Z-Mirror Move not turning into the corresponding Z-Move when used.
- [17071]( Multi-Hit moves being capable of breaking a shield on each hit.
- [17336]( Mold Breaker not breaking Illusion.
- [17092]( Hidden Power to also change type when used as a Max Move.
- [17698]( Gengar's Ghostium-Z move when used in battle as a mega.

## Translation:
- Updated Taiwanese translation.
- Updated Hebrew translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Dutch translation.
- Updated Korean translation.

## Datapack:
- External models causing a crash when loading from our datapack system.
- Enabled usage of a resource's full filepath location in our `.pqc` model repository.
- Fixed capital letter usage breaking datapacking in forms.
- Extended Pokédex to datapacked custom Pokémon species.

## Developer:
- Updated constant values in `PixelmonForms` for `MEGA_X` and `MEGA_Y`
- Add getter for pre-evolutions.
- Added missing `isLegendary` and `isUltraBeast` easy checks.
- Added `HiddenPowerCalculateEvent`.
- Added API `Pokemon#isUnbreedable`
- Added API `Pokemon#isUncatchable`
- Added API `Pokemon#isUntradeable`
- Added API `PixelmonEntity#isUncatchable`
- Added `doFailEffect` to `CaptureLogic` for PokéBalls.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Removed old `PixelmonSpawnerEvent`
- Added `PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Pre`
- Added `PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Post`
- Updated [ServerRedirect]( to 1.4.4a. Thanks to KaiNoMood for making this happen.

**"Happy New Year!"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon Forms:
- Added Rainbow Wooloo
- Added Rainbow Mareep

##### Updated Pokémon Models:
- All Pokémon models are now SMDs

##### New Items:
- New Pokéball parts:
- Masterball Lid, Ancient Heavy Ball Lid, Ancient Poké Ball Lid, Ancient Great Ball Lid, Ancient Ultra Ball Lid, Leaden Ball Lid, Gigaton Ball Lid, Feather Ball Lid, Wing Ball Lid, Jet Ball Lid, Origin Ball Lid and Strange Ball Lid
- New Pokéballs:
- Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Strange Ball, Feather Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Origin Ball, Jet Ball and Wing Ball
- Silver armour and tools:
- Silver Hoe, Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Shovel, Silver Hammer, Silver Chestplate, Silver Helmet, Silver Leggings, Silver Boots and Silver Sword
- Silver Block
- Silver Ore
- Silver Ingot
- Platinum armour and tools:
- Platinum Hoe, Platinum Pickaxe, Platinum Axe, Platinum Shovel, Platinum Hammer, Platinum Chestplate, Platinum Helmet, Platinum Leggings, Platinum Boots and Platinum Sword
- Platinum Block
- Platinum Ore
- Platinum Ingot
- Linking Cord
- Tumblestone
- Sky Tumblestone
- Black Tumblestone
- New berries:
- Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, Pinap Berry, Cornn Berry, Magost Berry, Rabuta Berry, Nomell Berry, Spelon Berry, Pamtre Berry, Watmel Berry, Durin Berry, Belue Berry, Payapa Berry, Pumkin Berry, Drash Berry, Eggant Berry, Strib Berry, Nutpea Berry, Ginema Berry, Kuo Berry, Yago Berry, Touga Berry, Niniku Berry, Topo Berry, Kee Berry and Maranga Berry
- All existing berries now have blocks for their respective leaves and logs, such as Pomeg Berry Log and Pomeg Berry Leaves
- New Pixelmon-themed badges:
- Aisu Badge, Bagu Badge, Dendo Badge, Doku Badge, Doragon Badge, Gosuto Badge, Iwa Badge, Jimen Badge, Kasai Badge, Kurai Badge, Kusa Badge, Mizu Badge, Nomaru Badge, Seishin Badge, Sento Badge, Suchiru Badge, Tobu Badge and Yosei Badge
- New Orange Island badges:
- Coral-Eye Badge, Jade-Star Badge, Sea-Ruby Badge and Spike-Shell Badge
- Apricorn logs:
- White Apricorn Log, Red Apricorn Log, Blue Apricorn Log, Pink Apricorn Log, Green Apricorn Log, Yellow Apricorn Log and Black Apricorn Log
- Apricorn leaves:
- White Apricorn Leaves, Red Apricorn Leaves, Blue Apricorn Leaves, Pink Apricorn Leaves, Green Apricorn Leaves, Yellow Apricorn Leaves and Black Apricorn Leaves
- New low-light evolution stone ores:
- Thunderstone Ore, Icestone Ore, Shinystone Ore, Leafstone Ore, Waterstone Ore, Sunstone Ore, Duskstone Ore and Dawnstone Ore
- Added colored Pokébags as portable backpacks:
- White Poké Bag, Orange Poké Bag, Pink Poké Bag, Blue Poké Bag, Yellow Poké Bag, Lime Poké Bag, Pink Poké Bag, Gray Poké Bag, Light Gray Poké Bag, Cyan Poké Bag, Purple Poké Bag, Blue Poké Bag, Brown Poké Bag, Green Poké Bag, Red Poké Bag, Black Poké Bag
- Added new wood building blocks according to berry log colours:
- Signs: Blue Berry Wood Sign, Green Berry Wood Sign, Pink Berry Wood Sign, Purple Berry Wood Sign, Red Berry Wood Sign and Yellow Berry Wood Sign
- Planks: Blue Berry Wood Planks, Green Berry Wood Planks, Pink Berry Wood Planks, Purple Berry Wood Planks, Red Berry Wood Planks and Yellow Berry Wood Planks
- Button: Blue Berry Wood Button, Green Berry Wood Button, Pink Berry Wood Button, Purple Berry Wood Button, Red Berry Wood Button and Yellow Berry Wood Button
- Boat: Blue Berry Wood Boat, Green Berry Wood Boat, Pink Berry Wood Boat, Purple Berry Wood Boat, Red Berry Wood Boat and Yellow Berry Wood Boat
- Door: Blue Berry Wood Door, Green Berry Wood Door, Pink Berry Wood Door, Purple Berry Wood Door, Red Berry Wood Door and Yellow Berry Wood Door
- Fence: Blue Berry Wood Fence, Green Berry Wood Fence, Pink Berry Wood Fence, Purple Berry Wood Fence, Red Berry Wood Fence and Yellow Berry Wood Fence
- Pressure Plate: Blue Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Green Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Pink Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Purple Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Red Berry Wood Pressure Plate and Yellow Berry Wood Pressure Plate
- Slab: Blue Berry Wood Slab, Green Berry Wood Slab, Pink Berry Wood Slab, Purple Berry Wood Slab, Red Berry Wood Slab and Yellow Berry Wood Slab
- Stairs: Blue Berry Wood Stairs, Green Berry Wood Stairs, Pink Berry Wood Stairs, Purple Berry Wood Stairs, Red Berry Wood Stairs and Yellow Berry Wood Stairs
- Trapdoor: Blue Berry Wood Trapdoor, Green Berry Wood Trapdoor, Pink Berry Wood Trapdoor, Purple Berry Wood Trapdoor, Red Berry Wood Trapdoor and Yellow Berry Wood Trapdoor

##### Commands:
- We have now merged our very popular sidemod PixelExtras into Pixelmon. The following commands have been added (so far):
- `/bossbomb ` - Set every wild-spawned Pokémon in the world as a boss type
- `/compSee [player] [box]` - See all the Pokémon in a PC box
- `/compedit ` - Edit the player's PC Pokémon with the specifications.
- `/compsearch [player] ` - Search in the PC for Pokémon.
- `/comptake ` - Forcefully take a Pokémon from a player's PC.
- `/disableBattle ` - Disable the player's ability to battle (rerun for enable).
- `/eggsteps [player] ` - Show the remaining eggsteps for the Egg.
- `/evs ` - Show the Effort Values (EV) of the Pokémon.
- `/faint ` - Faints the player's Pokémon.
- `/hatch [player] ` - Hatch an egg.
- `/hiddenpower ` - Show the hiddenpower of the Pokémon.
- `/ivs ` - Show the Individual Values (IV) of the Pokémon.
- `/learnmove ` - Learn the player's Pokémon a move (if the Pokémon can learn it).
- `/npckill ` - Kill all Pixelmon NPCs in the World.
- `/pc` - opens up the Personal Computer.
- `/pokeclone ` - Making an exact clone the player's Pokémon.
- `/pokecolor ` - Give your Pokémon a color nickname.
- `/pokedel [box] [slot] [spec...]` - Delete player's Pokémon in party(slot) or PC(box, slot).
- `/pokeedit ` - Edit the player's party Pokémon with the specifications.
- `/pokeevolve [-f]` - Evolve a player's Pokémon, forcefully or not.
- `/pokekill "` - Kill all wild Pokémon in the World.
- `/pokerandom [specs...]` - Give a random Pokémon to the player.
- `/pokereset [lvl]` - Resets the player's Pokémon (default level 5).
- `/pokerestart <--confirm>` - Restarts a player's full Pokémon progress.
- `/pokeretrieve ` - Retrieve player's (or everyone's) Pokémon into their ball.
- `/pokesell ` - Give your Pokémon to the player.
- Added `/battlelog [player]` command, which logs the current battle to your instance logs
- Added `/setraid [species] [stars] [x] [y] [z] [world]`, which creates a raid to that specification

## Changes:
- Updated PixelmonMod to Minecraft 1.16.5
- Berry trees now feature as a world spawning tree for all currently existing berries. Berries are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more berry-yielding trees. Their growth rate is now tied with Minecraft crop mechanics
- Apricorns now feature as a world spawning tree for all colours of apricorns. Apricorns are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more apricorn-yielding trees
- Pixelmon config setting `vanilla-mobs=true` now allows for Minecraft villager spawning
- If `vanilla-mobs=false`, all Minecraft spawn eggs will spawn their Pixelmon NPC or Pokémon counterpart
- Added party Magikarp propulsion mechanics to Berry Wood Boats
- Added configurable shoulder mount mechanics
- Added headtop Pokémon placement
- Flying mechanics and the general AI has been improved, simplifying their usage. All Pokémon now follow the same flying controls
- Swimming mechanics and their AI has been optimized, improving speed and usage
- Mounting is generally now consistent with Minecraft horse movement, improving the speed and efficiency of mounting AI
- Pokémon movement speed is now based on their base speed stat
- Added wilderness traveling shopkeeper
- Updated structure spawning logic to 1.16, porting 1.12 structures to new format
- Removed wild-spawning Pokécenters
- Removed mistyped Gym structures
- Added waypoint structure to world generation
- Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water for Kubfu evolution
- Updated Articuno's Uno Shrine
- Updated Zapdos' Dos Shrine
- Updated Moltres' Tres Shrine
- Updated Celebi's Ilex Shrine
- Updated Pokémart structure in villages
- Updated Pokécenter structure in villages
- Added Golurk, Shinx, Litleo, Meowth, Mudsdale, Ponyta and Rapidash spawns to villages
- Added Berry Farms structures to villages
- Added config option for `wildBerryTrees` under `Dimensions.config`
- Added den structures for all biomes, including underwater ocean ones
- Added hidden rare Pixelmon ores and loot to den structures
- Dens can now be placed underwater
- Added Pixelmon structure compatibility for the vanilla command `/locate`
- Lightning now creates thunderstone ore when hitting stone
- Improved accessibility by creating ore patterns to match with Pixelmon ores
- Added new screen states on pressing `[O]` hotkey
- Moved `/redeem gui` to escape menu and main menu for cosmetic selection
- Added Discord button to escape and main menus
- Added dancing starter Pokémon to world loading screen
- Added dancing starter Pokémon to server joining screen
- Increased server resource pack size limit to 1.2 GB
- Vastly expanded customization by utilizing datapacks, ensuring they sync with the client:
- Custom Pokémon, forms, palettes, genders, moves, abilities, Pokéballs, bosses and starter screen
- Updated SMD rendering
- Updated Pokémon hurt sounds to their Pokémon cry
- Party selected position is now persistent
- Added new party toggling positions by using the [O] hotkey
- Added battle-support for Shulker Boxes, allowing you to use them through the in-battle UI
- Chisel has now been expanded and it's layout improved
- Spawner blocks have been expanded by accepting specs and new spawning settings
- Added BiomesYou'llGo spawning support
- Added Terraforged spawning support
- Updated Pokémon spawning biomes locations to 1.16.5
- Expanded Oceanic, End, and Nether spawns to new biomes
- Removed Ultra Space specific biomes
- Added group spawning logic for the BetterSpawner
- Rebalanced specie spawning across all generations, see
- Flattened blocks, converting Pixelmon blocks into 1.16.5 format
- Flattened items, converting Pixelmon items into 1.16.5 format
- Updated Pixelmon tool textures
- Added useful, interactive potion effects to consumed berries
- Simplified Pokéball crafting by removing top lids
- Updated Exp. Candy XS, Exp. Candy S, Exp. Candy M, Exp. Candy L and Exp. Candy XL sprites
- Pokéballs now render in 3D when in hand
- Added new Pokéball catch animation
- Improved Pokéball throwing mechanic, enhancing distance and speed
- Added rare break mechanic to thrown Masterballs, produces Masterball Lid
- Party selected position is now persistent
- Removed mega-evolving and dynamaxing out of battle
- Updated Forage default value, now has 94% chance of success
- Added creative commons UI elements
- Added fancy Discord rich presence for better interactivity
- Updated language files to a new json format

## Fixes:
- Optimized SMD model rendering memory allocation
- Improved the user experience (UX) of most utility screens, including spawner block, chisel and more
- Improved visual UI backgrounds
- UI screens pausing the game in singleplayer
- Improved movement of battle camera
- Improved multi-blocks, such as the Trade Machine
- Rotation of multiblocks in spawned structures
- Multiblocks no longer remove the block above them on placement
- Non-persistent flying AI pausing
- Large TV hitbox being off-centered
- Big Couch(es) hitboxes
- Seating positions on all couches
- Stray pixels on Duskstone Chestplate
- Street light placement and connectors
- Nether Visit quest
- Transfer Tutors not spawning in the wilderness
- Tied NPC wandering AI to their native village, fixes endless wandering
- Quest optimizations regarding structure location logic
- Drastically improved world generation performance
- En_US language inconsistencies
- Namespacing on Galarian Pokémon abilities
- Ttem names to be consistent with their item group
- Optimized general networking
- Choose move set vulnerability

##### Battle Fixes:
- Battle bugs caused by incorrect move name strings
- Battle rules

## Developer:
- Refactored for consistent naming and ease of use
- Now using Mojang Mappings
- Abstracted and rewrote packets
- Removed unused or redundant packets following the rewrite
- Suffixed all packets following Minecraft convention
- Refactored entity names following Minecraft convention
- Refactored item, tile-entities and block class names following Minecraft convention
- Refactored Pokémon typing from EnumType to Element
- Refacted EnumSpecies to Species, is no longer an enum
- Moved Pokémon to `pixelmon/textures/pokemon/_/gender/all(if for all genders)/base(if no form)/palette`.
- Added a config API for ease of use when creating YAML using the Sponge Configurate API
- Added commandAPI to replicate 1.12 commands using Brigadier
- Rewrote Pokemon API to work from JSON files
- Made Pokemon API to be friendlier
- Completely rewrote PokemonSpec system to be abstract (for TCG) and also just work better and be friendlier
- New specs
* Logical OR
* Logical AND
* Moves
- Model definitions are now in json rather than hardcoded
- Modified the `DataSync` system to improve entity performance
- Added ability to create fake temporary parties
- Rewrote the battle rules system to be more extensible
- Added variables for `AmuletCoin` and `HappyHour` for sidemod usage
- Updated economy to use a proxy pattern
- Changed bank account interface to use BigDecimal for better precision
- Changed bank account to have more methods for better friendliness
- Updated economy events to be modern
- Added movement toggle to statue entities
- Added a movement flag to statues (that defaults to disabled) to disable movement ticking on statue entities
- Removed now redundant Berry and Apricorn events as they are now Minecraft trees
- Added Apricorn and Berry tree support for the following Forge events:
* SaplingGrowTreeEvent
* PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock

**"A Love/Hate relationship :)"**

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon:
- Added Enamorus

##### Pixelmon:
- Overqwil is no longer a big boi and had his size reduced to be more accurate
- Reveal glass recipe center changed to diamond. Reveal glass removed from default boss drops.
- Regular battles give a notification for when you get essence now.

## Fixes:
- Raids now respect the type two essence setting in `tcg.cfg`
- [16945]( Raids no longer randomize a Pokémon's form on catch
- [17421]( Disenchanting cards now properly adds essence
- [17398]( Water essence can now be gained
- [17400]( Hisuian-Goodra has the same abilities as kalosian form
- [16337]( RequireHM config does not work for Gen1 Pokémon

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17092]( Hidden Power is always normal type when used in G/Dmax
- [17336]( When a pokemon has Mold Breaker, Turboblaze or Teravolt uses a damaging move on a Zorua/Zoroark, the illusion will not wear off
- [17226]( Weather Ball with Normalium-Z does not apply z-crystal power increase when there is battle-weather present.
- [17225]( Fell Stinger does not act as a physical contact move.
- Rollout now properly consumes PP.
- [17204]( Metronome can call moves it shouldn't, such as Max/G-Moves, and more.
- [17095]( Contrary ability not causing the opposite effect as it should.
- [17089]( Z-Mirror Move does not deal damage when copying opponents move
- [17071]( Some multi-hit moves are removing multiple shields on raids