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Pixelmon Mod

You probably all know Pokemon. Pixelmon is basically the same only it is on a Minecraft server! You can catch pokemon, battle trainers, compete with each other and against other pokemon, earn gym badges, upgrade your pokemons with attacks and trade with each other.

This pack requires 800mb to 2gb of RAM for optimal performance.
Java 8 - 64 bit is required.

Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.16.5
There have been 1,427,973 installs of this pack.
There have been 53,122 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1,777.63 years of this pack.

Explorer's Compass (1.16.5-1.1.2-forge)

Search for and locate structures anywhere in the world.

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FancyMenu (1.0.0)

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JourneyMap (5.8.5p6)

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Konkrete (1.0.0)

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Nature's Compass (1.16.5-1.9.1-forge)

Search for a biome and get information about it.

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Pixelmon (9.1.3)

Pokemon in Minecraft.

By: PixelmonMod

Pixelmon Server (9.1.3)

Pokemon in Minecraft.

By: PixelmonMod

The official OST of Pixelmon, by Chris Geddes

By: Chris Geddes, The Pixelmon Team


**"Love is in the Pokedex!"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
- If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.

#### Additions:
- Added Valentines' Day catch mechanic: catching certain Pokémon with a Love Ball turns them into their Valentine palette.
- Added Valentine palette Pokémon: Swablu, Altaria, Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss, Drifloon, Drifblim, Emolga, Absol and Celebi.
- Added Valentine's Day Discord-exclusive Heart Wings.
- Added Electromorphosis ability.
- Added Earth Eater ability.
- Added Thermal Exchange ability.
- Added Glaive Rush move.
- Added Shed Tail move.
- Added new debug modes: Vertex mode`[F3+V]`, Emissive mode `[F3+K]`.
- Added new debug modes to debug help menu `[F3+Q]`.

## Pokémon:
- Added Wiglett.
- Added Wugtrio.
- Added Orthworm.
- Added Tadbulb.
- Added Bellibolt.
- Added Frigibax.
- Added Arctibax.
- Added Baxcalibur.

## Structures:
- Added Ground Gym Town structures: Gym Ground, Gym Ground Town Center A-B, Gym Ground PokeCenter, Gym Ground PokeMart, Gym Ground Road A-D, Gym Ground House A-E, Gym Ground Blacksmith, Gym Ground Church, Gym Ground Day Care, Gym Ground TCG Shop, Gym Ground Farm A-B, Gym Berry A-B, Gym Ground Clutter A-E and Gym Ground Light A-B.
- Added Fire Gym Town structures: Gym Fire, Gym Fire Town Center A-B, Gym Fire PokeCenter, Gym Fire PokeMart, Gym Figure Road A-D, Gym Fire House A-E, Gym Fire Blacksmith, Gym Fire Church, Gym Fire Day Care, Gym Fire TCG Shop, Gym Fire Farm A-B, Gym Fire Berry A-B, Gym Clutter A-E and Gym Fire Light A-B.
- Added Valentine's Day Swanna Boat.
- Updated Dos Shrine A, Den Swamp B, Graveyard A, Graveyard Church A-B, Gym Grass, Gym Grass PokeCenter, Gym Grass PokeMart, Gym Grass House A-E and Gym Grass Blacksmith.

## Sounds:
- Added Frigibax, Arctibax, Baxcalibur and Orthworm voices.
- Updated Necrozma, Reshiram and Wooper voices.

## Spawning:
- Added Ground Gym Town spawning to Badland biomes.
- Added Fire Gym Town spawning to Nether biomes.
- Added Swanna Boat spawning to Ocean biomes.
- Added Orthworm to Arid night-time spawns.
- Added Wiglett and Wugtrio to Beaches, Lukewarm Ocean and Warm Ocean spawns.
- Added Tadbulb and Bellibolt to River, Lakes and Swamp spawns.
- Added Frigibax, Arcitbax and Baxcalibur to Freezing Forests and Freezing Mountains night-time spawns and Underground spawns.

#### Changes:
- Updated Starter screen welcome message.
- Removed unnecessary mega-evolution palette missing textures.
- Updated Black Cash Register recipe to match the rest of the dyed Cash Register recipes.
- Removed individual color-specific or specie-specific Apricorn and Berry Logs, unifying them into a single Berry Log and Apricorn Log, decreasing game load time.
- Updated Apricorn Log plank recipe to yield Yellow Berry Planks.
- Updated Berry Log plank recipe to yield Green Berry Planks.
- Updated Red Berry Planks, Purple Berry Planks, Pink Berry Planks and Blue Berry Planks recipe to a staining recipe using Yellow Berry Planks and their respective dyes.
- Removed placeholder blocks with blockstate variations, decreasing game load time.
- Updated Wireframe debug mode keybinds to `[F3+J]`.
- Updated PokéStop model to Valentine variant.
- Updated Love Koffing and Weezing to use the Valentine Love Ball catch system.

## Datapack
- Added Model Predicate system for improved loading of multi-model Pokémon.
- Updated `flyingModelLocator` to the new system, collapsing it with `modelLocator` into `modelLocators`. This new system will allow for an infinite, ordered list of possible models for a single Pokémon instead of limiting it to Flying-only modes.
- Added a backward compatibility system to enable the loading of stat files with `flyingModelLocator`.
- Added `pixelmon:flying`, `pixelmon:battle`, `pixelmon:riding` and `pixelmon:always` as starting model predicates.

#### Fixes:
- [15596]( Fixed badgeList error on `PixelmonItems#getBadgeList(Element type)`.
- [18018]( Fixed Shulker Box-stored items failing to display in the battle UI under Bag.
- [19566]( Fixed missing sound event errors on console startup, failing to load sounds for Popplio, Terrakion, Zeraora and Eevee.
- [19802]( Fixed Shopkeepers failing to yield items if player inventory is full.
- [19807]( Fixed client crash when walking through Pixelmon Grass.
- [19820]( Fixed Hammer area damage permanently deleting items stored in destroyed Shulker Boxes.
- [19900]( Fixed DittoxDitto breeding results displaying improperly in the Day Care UI.
- [19979]( Fixed Cooking Pots failing to reduce durability of Flint and Steel.
- [19982]( Fixed Az' Floette failing to spawn due to a typo in its spawning file.
- [19986]( Fixed marks failing to be unequipped from the player's inventory UI.
- Fixed Articuno Galar and Moltres Galar using their idle animation while in flight.
- Fixed Clodsire invalid stat entries for EV yield and Gmax factor.
- Fixed Gulpin dropping incorrectly Beetroot.
- Fixed Mount Lanakila raid dens failing to activate with a Wishing Piece.
- Fixed Paldean Wooper dropping all Wooper drops instead of the Paldean-inspired ones only.
- Fixed Porygon-Z failing to drop Silicon properly.
- Fixed Water Stone Ore spawning surrounded in sand without a water source directly above it.
- Fixed Yellow Day Care using an incorrectly colored sprite.
- Fixed `/dexcheck` displaying numbers by decimals in percentage of completion.
- Fixed `/hatch` command resulting in a doubled feedback message.
- Fixed a client crash when rendering item sprites and PokéBalls.
- Fixed client crash when loading high density NPC populations on login.
- Fixed client crash when swapping empty party slots in the Day Care menu.
- Fixed console errors caused by an attempt load of the ParticleManager.
- Fixed console flooding when a player attempts to fly on a Pokémon with incorrect flying parameters.
- Fixed duplicated entries for Palkia spawning locations.
- Fixed duplicated items displaying when searching a specific PokéBall or PokéBall component in the creative inventory.
- Fixed duplicated move entries for Mr Mime Galarian, Mew and Celebi.
- Fixed emissive, transparent models failing to render properly, affecting Nihilego.
- Fixed erroneous entry for Earthquake as an Egg move for Paldean Wooper.
- Fixed missing Paldean tag to Clodsire.
- Fixed missing `cave_air` entry as a valid spawning location, causing `/checkspawns` to incorrectly list possible spawns.
- Fixed missing move entry of Amnesia to Clodsire's moveset.
- Fixed naturally spawned raid dens failing to activate after the first activation.
- Fixed quest items failing to be stackable up to 64 count.
- Fixed raid dens activating continuously if daylight cycle is switched off.
- Fixed raid dens failing to activate when summoned via the Raid Den Spawner.
- Fixed the wrongful logging of ENCODING and DECODING Pixelmon packet messages if `Pixelmon#logPackets` is false.

## Battles:
- [18018]( Fixed battle Bag options not detecting Shulker Box content, including Pokéballs.
- [18768]( Fixed missing AI on Pokémon spawns after fleeing and being fished out.
- [19783]( Fixed Charizard Mega Y transforming into Charizard Mega X when switching back in.
- [19785]( Fixed Mewtwo Mega Y transforming into Mewtwo Mega X when switching back in.
- [19809]( Fixed client crash on `SkyBattleCause` exception from optionals.
- Fixed Jaboca and Rowap Berries not damaging the opponent if you use False Swipe in the same turn.
- Fixed Pokémon being unable to steal (Thief, Trick, Switcheroo) items that aren't classified as held items.
- Fixed non-attack damage sources failing to correctly trigger phase changes for Revenant Pokémon.

## Translation:
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.

#### Developer:
- Added `BattleItemScanner`, a one-stop-shop for finding, collecting, and consuming battle items for battles.
- New item scanners can be registered via this class, allowing modders to add their own item containers for use in battles, like how Poké Bags and Shulker Boxes can be used. `BattleItemScanner.InventoryScanner` is the class used for this purpose, and it takes various functional interfaces for each of the functions required.
- Added an identifier string to `BagItemEvent`, for determining the source of the search request. By default, there are two types, normal and end of raid. These identifiers can be found in `BagItemEvent.Identifiers`.
- `BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Pre` now has a method to set the item selected. This will be null if virtual items were sent via `BagItemEvent.CollectItems` - in order for a virtual item to function, it must be set again here. This is to avoid the server just believing what the client is telling it.
- Added a new event `SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent`.
- Added `PixelmonTradeEvent.Pre`, `PixelmonTradeEvent.Post` for better precise control over the event, adding getters for variables.
- Added `NPCTraderEvent.ShowTrade.Pre`, `NPCTraderEvent.ShowTrade.Post`, `NPCTraderEvent.AcceptTrade.Pre` and `NPCTraderEvent.AcceptTrade.Post` for improvement on Trader NPC display and handling.
- Added `NPCTutorEvent.CollectLearnableMoves.Pre` and `NPCTutorEvent.CollectLearnableMoves.Post`.
- Added `TeachMoveEvent.CanLearnMove`, `TeachMoveEvent.MoveLearnt.Pre` and `TeachMoveEvent.MoveLearnt.Post`.
- Updated `PokemonBuilder#copy` to properly copy egg status of a Pokémon.
- Added option to prevent the `[ESC]` key from closing the `Dialog` screen.
- Added `SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent` to decouple battle starting logic from the `PixelmonEntity` class.
- Cancelling `SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent` allows you to start `/pokebattle` without spawning any entities, throw a Pokéball and start a battle without spawning entities, throw a Pokéball at an NPC and start a battle without spawning entities, start a PvP battle without spawning either player's Pokémon and start a raid battle without spawning any entities.
- Added several duplicate methods which use the Pokémon object or other objects instead of `PixelmonEntity`.
- Deprecated `Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapper`, replaced by `Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapperFromPlayerEntity`.
- Deprecated `PartyStorage#getFirstAblePokemon`, replaced by `PartyStorage#getFirstBattleReadyPokemon()`.
- Extended `BattleQuery#BattleQuery`, `BattleQueryPlayer#BattleQueryPlayer`, `PlayerParticipant#PlayerParticipant` and `PlayerParticipant#initialize`.
- Extended `RaidPixelmonParticipant#RaidPixelmonParticipant`, `RaidGovernor#init` and `RaidSettings#init`.
- Extended `WildPixelmonParticipant#WildPixelmonParticipant` and `WildPixelmonParticipant#init`.

**"I already did a flight related pun this week :("**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
- Added a new keybind, `[C]`, to lower height while flying.
- Added drops for Paldean Wooper.
- Added drops for Clodsire.

### Pokémon:
- Added Paldean Wooper.
- Added Clodsire.

#### Structures:
- Updated Pirate Boat.
- Updated Hauler Boat.

#### Sounds:
- Added sounds for Delibird, Beldum, Metang, Golett, Larvesta, Volcarona, Reshiram, Zekrom, Corviknight, Orbeetle, Sprigatito, Floragato, Meowscarada, Fuecoco, Crocalor, Skeledirge, Quaxly, Quaxwell, Quaquaval, Eevee, Shellos, Gastrodon, Arceus, Keldeo and Goomy.
- Updated sounds for Golurk, Guzzlord, Hariyama, Metagross and Registeel.

### Spawning:
- Added Paldean Wooper to Swamps on Land and Water at night and dawn.
- Added Clodsire to Swamps on Land and Water at night and dawn.
- Added Magikarp fishing for any Rod in Water.
- Added Magikarp-Roasted fishing for any Rod in lava.

## Changes:
- Updated flying mechanics for user-friendliness. Space-bar input is now slower, and allows the player to slightly hover forward.
- Flying Pokémon mounts now have datapackable "charges" whilst in the air, preventing infinite flying.
- The duration of hover can now be changed in the datapack section of the flying parameters per specie.
- Continuous forward motion can be toggled in the species JSONs, allowing mounts to be hovers or true flyers.
- The gravity drop per-tick can be modified in the species JSONs, allowing the fine-tuning of the fly 'weight'.
- Updated flying parameters for Charizard, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Skarmory, Altaria, Mewtwo, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, Togekiss, Arceus, Latias, Latios, Braviary, Talonflame, Yveltal, Decidueye, Necrozma, Frosmoth, Corviknight, Eternatus and more.
- Updated flying parameters for alternative flying for Beedrill, Golbat, Venomoth, Aerodactyl, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Noctowl, Crobat, Xatu, Scizor, Skarmory, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Altaria, Claydol, Tropius, Salamence, Metagross, Latias, Latios and Rayquaza.
- Removed obsolete config options displaying freshly generated config files, including `breeding-ticks`, `num-breeding-levels`, `use-breeding-environment`, `allow-anvil-autoreloading`, `flying-speed-limit`, `use-smooth-shading-on-pokeball`, `den-spawn-chance-modifier`, `den-additional-spawn-chance-on-liquid`, `boss-level-increases` and `boss-candy-chances`. These settings have been replaced by datapack usage.
- Added dye-based recipes for Blue Cash Register, Brown Cash Register, Cyan Cash Register, Gray Cash Register, Green Cash Register, Light Blue Cash Register, Light Gray Cash Register, Lime Cash Register, Magenta Cash Register, Orange Cash Register, Pink Cash Register, Purple Cash Register, Red Cash Register, White Cash Register and Yellow Cash Register.
- Updated `den-respawn-chance` in `raids.yml` from 0.25 to 0.40, allowing raid dens to respawn quicker.

## Datapack
- Added `mountedFlyingParameters` stat section to species, allowing the edit of flying mount parameters per specie.
- Added `flying_stamina_charges`, allowing the edit of the duration of flight per specie.
- Added `continuous_forward_motion` and `continuous_forward_motion_ticks`, allowing the edit of the forward momentum of flight per specie.

## Fixes:
- [19379]( Fixed Guzzlord mounting position being too low, causing the player to suffocate.
- [19558]( Fixed Sinistea's missing sprite when using its Christmas palette.
- [19728]( Fixed Basculegion's nameplate displaying far too high above its model.
- [19749]( Fixed Hidden Cubes displaying as translucent instead of transparent.
- [19838]( Fixed an incompatibility with Custom Players Models caused by items rendered on the player model, including Dynamax Bands and Mega Rings.
- [19851]( Fixed Urshifu Scrolls of Water and Darkness failing to display with transparency when placed in the world.
- [19892]( Fixed a client crash caused by breaking an SMD (smooth) block post-rendering.
- [19893]( Fixed client rendering breaking graphically when a Mega Ring is equipped.
- [19901]( Fixed naturally spawning raid dens taking several days to activate for the first time
- Fixed Day Care allowing the breeding of fainted Pokémon in the party.
- Fixed Gracidea flowers failing to spawn naturally in Flower Forests.
- Fixed NPCs appearing with broken textures.
- Fixed Shaymin-Sky learning no moves separately from its Land form.
- Fixed Sinistea-Christmas displaying with shiny particles despite not being a shiny.
- Fixed `/pokebomb` crashing the server when using a species name.
- Fixed a crash caused by editing an NPC with a texture, or model, that had failed to load.
- Fixed a server crash caused by Drowned world boss handling.
- Fixed a server crash caused by exploding, through TNT, a Fossil Display.
- Fixed bound box for Picket Fence, preventing animals and players alike from phasing through it.
- Fixed broken Tumblestones from breaking adjacent Tumblestones block when destroyed with a hammer.
- Fixed client rendering breaking graphically when a gym sign is nearby
- Fixed clocks facing the opposite direction when placed against a block
- Fixed command-generated Ultra Necrozma displaying its language key instead of its form name.
- Fixed fainted Pokémon not counting towards the total party size when viewing it in Day Care.
- Fixed item fishing failing in Water and Lava where no Pokémon could be fished out.
- Fixed the rotation of the Picket Fence, it is no longer upside down.

## Battles:
- Fixed missing Dire Claw's battle messages when inflicting Drowsy status effect.

## Translation:
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.

## Developer:
- `PokemonBuilder#iv` now does not throw exceptions when trying to use it.
- `PokemonBuilder#ev` now does not throw exceptions when trying to use it.
- Added `PokemonBuilder#gigantamaxFactor`.
- Added `ControlledMovementLogic` interface for defining how the mounted flying controls should work
- Added `PixelmonRegistry` with `MOVEMENT_LOGIC_TYPES_REGISTRY` for registering custom `ControlledMovementLogic`
- For an example of how to make a custom implementation of the movement logic please see the `MountedFlyingParameters` class and [Forge documentation]( for `RegistryEvent`

**"Pretty Ribbons and Wings..."**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

- [17947]( Add spawn location settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
- [17947]( Added aggression settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
- Added 'debug' dimension type (only accessible if enabled via datapack).
- Added Torch Song.
- Added Aqua Cutter.
- Added Aqua Step.
- Added Flower Trick.
- Added Psyshield Bash move.
- Added Triple Arrows move (Generation 9 version).
- Added Victory Dance move (Generation 9 version).
- Added 2022 Winter cosmetic for all users in Discord for the month of December, Pixelmon Forum linking required.
- Added Cosmetics (Card Backs and Coins) to TCG Trader, configurable in the TCG Config, enabled by default.

#### Pokémon:
- Added Floragato.
- Added Meowscarada.
- Added Crocalor.
- Added Skeledirge.
- Added Quaxwell.
- Added Quaquaval.

#### Blocks:
- Added 3 decoration blocks with ~3000 combinations (with directionality) for map makers to use for resource packs if adding "custom blocks".

#### Structures:
- Updated TCG Shops: Desert A, Desert B, Plains A, Plains B, Savanna A, Savanna B, Snowy A, Snowy B, Taiga A, Taiga B and Grass Gym.
- Updated Battle Arena NPCs to 'Stand Still' aggression level instead of 'Still and Engage'.

#### Spawning:
- Added Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the `seesSkyException` spawning category.
- Added Poké Sand and its corners to the `beach` and `land` spawning category.
- Added Ultra Jungle Vine, Ultra Forest Flower, Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves to the `air` spawning category.
- Added all Apricorn, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the `treeTop` spawning category.
- Added all Temple-derived blocks, all Braille blocks, all Unown Blocks, all Berry Wood-derived blocks, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle-derived blocks to the `structure` spawning category.

## Changes:
- Aggressively improved memory allocation for clients.
- Improved allocation in spawning thread.
- Added wireframe "debug" mode using `F3 + W`.
- Added wireframe setting in the `graphics.yml` config.
- Added `F3 + O` key bind to toggle animations off.
- Added animation toggle in `graphics.yml`.
- Improved SMD rendering performance.
- Essence Jars are now craftable (4 Glass, 1 Crystal Block, 1 Wooden Slab, with Dye in the middle, or Glowstone Dust for a random color).
- Updated the trading cap of available trades after first purchase from the TCG Trader to 12, configurable.
- Added ability to give Essence Jars through `/tcg give`.
- Players can now zoom in and out on the Pokémon model display in the Pokédex and Fishing Log.
- Stantler will now learn Psyshield Bash as an egg move and after evolving into Wyrdeer.
- Updated Hisuian Decidueye's level-up movepool.
- Hisuian Decidueye will learn Triple Arrows after evolving from Dartrix.
- Hisuian Lilligant will learn Victory Dance after evolving from Petilil.
- Updated Raging Fury to its Generation 9 mechanics.
- Suicune can now walk and run on water.
- Drowned boss types now add 20 levels on top of the party lead instead of multiplying the level.
- Extended Enter the Drowned World quest availability until end of January.
- Added 3D Poké Ball in-hand rendering as an option in `graphic.yml`, defaults false.
- Updated Pixelmon Oven.
- Updated Pixelmon Workplace (Dark and Light).
- Updated Bagon assets.
- Updated Duraludon assets.
- Added an 'Ancient' version of moves with the Obscured status effect. No Pokémon by default learns these moves through level-up.
- Updated Lunar Blessing and Shelter to their Generation 9 effect.
- Updated Cresselia to learn Lunar Blessing at level 72.
- Updated Goomy to learn Shelter upon evolving into Sliggoo.
- Updated Goodra to include Shelter in its level 1 movepool.
- Updated raid catch screen.
- Updated raids to no longer give experience by default.
- Updated and vastly improved shiny particle visibility.
- Updated Dancer (ability) so that it may copy Aqua Step (move).
- Updated PokeStop, PokeChest, PokeDrops and ShopItems to properly use NBT data.

## Datapack:
- Added ribbons to datapacks.
- Updated ribbons to store the person that owned the Pokémon when given.
- Updated ribbons to store the time they were given to the Pokémon.
- Updated ribbons to override palettes.
- Added optional suffixes and prefixes to ribbons.
- Added warning for invalid TR move loading in species jsons.

## Fixes:
- [17661]( Adjust Pokemon photos to be centered, a smaller size, and protrude from their painting less.
- [17661]( Make the Painting Frames exactly 2x2 blocks in size.
- [18109]( Fixed gigantamax clouds displaying underneath the in-battle raid den.
- [18825]( Fixed Pokémon on head display slot not updating properly when switching between palettes and forms of the same Pokémon specie.
- [18959]( Fixed Daycare GUI displaying in preview whether or not the child will be shiny before hatching.
- [19050]( Fixed invalid moves crashing the player after creating a MissingNo when force-generated through move spec.
- [19217]( Fixed being unable to breed Runerigus with an Everstone to obtain Galarian Yamask.
- [19286]( Fixed super-flat worlds ignoring the `/spawning off` command.
- [19318]( Fixed online palette Cinderace sprite.
- [19401]( Fixed client crash from an NPC with an invalid custom resource skin.
- [19433]( Fixed Clear and Tidal bells failing to flash or shine during its ringing phase.
- [19565]( Fixed all ball lid recipes to output the new lids instead of old ones.
- [19565]( Fixes PokéBall lids being unusable in recipes.
- [19573]( Fixed AI not resetting, fixing Forage, Rock Smash and many other targetable external moves.
- [19577]( Fixed Essence Jars being stackable.
- [19580]( Fixed missing Ultra Gingko derived crafting recipes.
- [19596]( Fixed Essence Jars missing crafting recipes.
- [19673]( Fixed PokéGift block model rendering invisible.
- [19759]( Fixed dens activating repeatedly, ignoring the Minecraft day delay.
- [19772]( Fixed `keepinventory` gamerule failing to apply to a player's stored lures.
- [19777]( Fixed Scyther failing to properly drop Miracle Seeds.
- Fixed Defeat Drowned Pokemon quest not counting the defeat of a Drowned Lugia for its quest progression.
- Fixed Fishing Rods using standard appraisal when they've not been appraised.
- Fixed Fly and Teleport (external moves) sending players into the void when used without having used a Poké Healer.
- Fixed Jade Cliffs being spelt improperly in spawning file for Biomes O Plenty.
- Fixed Poké Balls with 0% break chance displaying their respective lids in creative inventory.
- Fixed Pokéballs and Pokéball Lids not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed Pokémon losing moves not in their level-up movepool after evolving.
- Fixed Pokémon with a different model for each gender being incapable of using the shiny spec.
- Fixed Rod recipes not using the new NBT item IDs for Pokéballs.
- Fixed Shedinja failing to be obtained when evolving Nincada.
- Fixed TCG cards not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed TCG command auto-completion.
- Fixed Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water spawning on top of eachother.
- Fixed `/learnmove` command not accepting move names that have a space in their name.
- Fixed `/pokegive` not giving an error when misspelling the species name while using the shiny spec.
- Fixed `isHisuian()` not identifying Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball, Jet Ball and Origin Ball, failing Hisui the catch system.
- Fixed a client crash caused by an index out of bounds exception related to an egg's ability slot.
- Fixed a client crash caused by power increase of an Incenser.
- Fixed a crash when changing worlds and throwing out a Poké Ball, causing the thrower to be null.
- Fixed a server crash caused by resetting the moveset of a Pokémon.
- Fixed break particles when destroying a Pixelmon oven.
- Fixed catch failure on raids when leveling and learning a move upon raid end.
- Fixed displaying the same chat message twice when you can't pay to teach a 4th move.
- Fixed duplicate UUID console log spam due to a spawning bug.
- Fixed dyed and filled Essence Jars not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed empty Pokéballs breaking on Pokémon and breaking during capture before capture attempt is made.
- Fixed entries for Light Ball and Smoke Ball in `pokechestdrops.json`.
- Fixed failed catches in the raid screen when completing with a full party.
- Fixed global TM moves not including generational TM moves, having commands like `/learnmove` fail.
- Fixed missing Ultra Elm derived crafting recipes.
- Fixed missing Ultra Jungle derived crafting recipes.
- Fixed non-default form Pokémon appearing with only 1 move when spawned in or generated through commands.
- Fixed shiny particles failing to scale according to the model.
- Fixed the Oven not dropping itself when destroyed.
- Fixed the [Cancel] and [Confirm] buttons rendering at the wrong time in the Daycare UI.
- Fixed the [Next] and [Previous] buttons displaying as a hover in the Daycare UI when the button itself does not exist.
- Fixed water-based Pokémon zooming across the land after beaching themselves.

## Battles:
- [17635]( Fixed wild Pokémon surviving on 0%, causing battles to hang until `/endbattle` is used.
- [18397]( Fixed Ice Face failing if it was busted in a previous battle.
- [18397]( Fixed Ice Face regenerating as soon as a new hailstorm is created, instead of only at the end of turns.
- [18454]( [18662]( [18131]( Fixed client crash when hovering over moves while in battle due to cursor textures not being found.
- [19561]( Fixed Zorua and Zoroark using the incorrect sprite when disguising as a non-default palette of the targeted Pokémon.
- [19590]( Fixed Pokémon taking recoil damage despite failing to attack due to taking confusion damage.
- [19593]( Fixed raids failing to count until turn 10 before vanishing.
- [19741]( Fixed the client displaying, while in battle, a Pokémon in the party as many times as that Pokémon leveled up.
- Fixed Focus Sashes not working when held by a Revenant Pokémon.
- Fixed Hold Back activating Revenant phases.
- Fixed Mega Pokémon having the incorrect ability when switched back in.
- Fixed Neutralizing Gas not activating Revenant on switching out or fainting.
- Fixed Obscured decreasing evasion in the same turn it increased evasion.
- Fixed Obscured lasting only 1 turn instead of the 3 to 4 turns depending on the move used.
- Fixed Pokémon that switched forms in battle forgetting moves if the moves were not from their learnset.
- Fixed Revenant Pokémon holding a Focus Sash not reviving as per its ability.
- Fixed Revenant Pokémon taking recoil damage before health damage when affected on the same turn.
- Fixed Revenant battles not resetting properly after battle end.
- Fixed in-battle item usage dupe.
- Fixed raids breaking rendering when a client is using Optifine shaders.

## Translation:
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated German translation.

## Developer:
- Added `AbstractClientEntity#setWireFrame`.
- Added `AbstractClientEntity#isWireFrame`.
- Added `RibbonEvent`.
- Added `RibbonEvent.SetDisplayedRibbon` with `Pre` and `Post`.
- Added `RibbonEvent.ReceiveRibbon` with `Pre` and `Post`.
- Added `RibbonEvent.RemoveRibbon` with `Pre` and `Post`.

**"There are DOZENS of us, DOZENS!"**

## Additions:
- Added the griseous core, lustrous globe, and adamant crystal
- Added origin dialga
- Added origin palkia

##### New Pokémon:
- Added Hisuian Typholosian
- Added Hisuian Sneasel
- Added Sneasler
- Added Ursaluna
- Added Kleavor

## Changes:
- Ghost Pokémon now drop Psychic essence instead of Darkness essence.

## Fixes:
- Enamorus was not marked as being a legendary Pokémon .
- Fixed the usage message for the `/setraid` command
- Fixes LoA Pokémon not showing up in the pokedex and caught Pokémon counts.
- Fixed shiny reshiram sprite
- Change Ghost pokemon to drop Psychic essence instead of Darkness essence.

##### Battle Fixes:
- Fixed NPE issues with null attacks
- Make silvally's multi attack use the type of the memory it holds while dynamaxed
- Force OHKO moves and moves that fail in a raid to use PP.
- Prevent Max Moves from having their overridePower reset while the AI tries to calculate the best move.
- Don't allow the holder of a Shell Bell to heal from damage originating from them.
- Make sure that if moveAccuracy can't miss we don't change it.
- Prevent player collecting money from Pay Day if they catch the Pokemon, flee, black out, or fight a player or raid.
- Add the Freeze effect to Freeze-Dry's json.
- Make Dynamaxed Pokemon take 10% of non-Dynamax HP damage from Life Orb.
- Prevent Pokemon from regaining health after damaging themselves.
- Make Pokemon that were switched out and then switched back in during the same turn able to use Fake Out the next turn.
- Fix recoil with Magic Guard and no recoil when missing.
- Fix HP restore berries only healing the Pokemon whose current turn it is.
- Make Substitute stop popping the Substitute user's Air Balloon.
- Add onGlobalStatusAdded method and apply it to Room Service.
- Add Helping Hand to list of moves that can't be reflected.
- Fixes multiple hit moves calculating accuracy for each hit.
- Fix default crit chance and rerolling crit chance to determine if the attack already crit.
- Fix Max and G-Max Moves not depleting pp from the original move.
- Make Dragon Energy hit the opponents at the same time.
- Fix Max Moves doing zero damage to allies in raids.
- Make Encore and Taunt subtract the turn count on the statused Pokemon's turn.
- Remove message to player saying the opponent's attack failed when it did not
- Fix the abilities that modify types so that they work in double battles.
- Prevent Pokemon immune to certain statuses being given said statuses
- Fix moves that affect all teammates so that they affect the 3rd teammate in raids.
- Fix Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend not dealing double damage to Pokemon switching in.

**"Pick a card :)"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:
- Added TCG.
- Added Mount Lanakila biome to Overworld.
- Added Christmas Pokéball.
- Added Ultra Jungle biome to Ultra Space.
- Added Ultra Forest biome to Ultra Space.
- Added Netherite Hammer.
- Added Gym Heroes TCG card sets.
- Added Gym Challenge TCG card sets.
- Added TCG Essence Jar and new Essence System
- Added TCG Essence Trader NPC
- Added TCG admin tools: Millenium Rod and Millenium Ring.
- Adedd TCG Arenas: Small Arena, Medium Arena and Large Arena.
- Added TCG Deck Holder.
- Added TCG Card Compedium.

### Pokémon:
- Added Christmas Pokémon palettes for Shaymin-Sky, Shaymin-Land, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Delibird, Castform, Snover, Abomasnow, Cryogonal, Drampa and Sinistea.

### Blocks:
- Unified all Pokéball types into a single item with NBT tags for properties.
- Added Ultra Jungle Tree: Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Log, Ultra Jungle Sapling, Ultra Jungle Leaves, Stripped Ultra Jungle Log, Stripped Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Stairs, Ultra Jungle Slab, Ultra Jungle Planks, Ultra Jungle Door, Ultra Jungle Trapdoor, Ultra Jungle Button, Ultra Jungle Fence, Ultra Jungle Boat and Ultra Jungle Sign.
- Added Ultra Elm Tree: Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Log, Ultra Elm Sapling, Ultra Elm Leaves, Stripped Ultra Elm Log, Stripped Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Stairs, Ultra Elm Slab, Ultra Elm Planks, Ultra Elm Door, Ultra Elm Trapdoor, Ultra Elm Button, Ultra Elm Fence, Ultra Elm Boat and Ultra Elm Sign.
- Added Ultra Gingko Tree: Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Log, Ultra Gingko Sapling, Ultra Gingko Leaves, Stripped Ultra Gingko Log, Stripped Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Stairs, Ultra Gingko Slab, Ultra Gingko Planks, Ultra Gingko Door, Ultra Gingko Trapdoor, Ultra Gingko Button, Ultra Gingko Fence, Ultra Gingko Boat and Ultra Gingko Sign.
- Added Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves.
- Added Ultra Forest Flower.
- Added Ultra Jungle Vine.
- Added Oven.
- Added TCG Essence Jars. Place in the world to slowly gain essence in them, battle near them, or battle with them in your inventory to fill them. Spend full jars at TCG Shops
- Added TCG Battle Arena block.

#### Structures:
- Added Grass Gym Village: Grass Gym, Grass Backup A, Grass Backup B, Grass Berry Farm A, Grass Berry Farm B, Grass Blacksmith, Grass Church, Grass Clutter A, Grass Clutter B, Grass Clutter C, Grass Clutter D, Grass Clutter E, Grass Daycare, Grass Crop Farm A, Grass Crop Farm B, Grass House A, Grass House B, Grass House C, Grass House D, Grass House E, Grass Light A, Grass Light B, Grass Light C, Grass PokeCenter, Grass PokeMart, Grass Road A, Grass Road B, Grass Road C, Grass Road D, Grass Towncenter A, Grass Towncenter B and Grass TCG Shop.
- Added TCG Shops to villages: TCG Shop Desert, TCG Shop Plains, TCG Shop Savanna, TCG Shop Snowy and TCG Shop Taiga.
- Updated Bird Shrine structures: Uno Shrine A, Uno Shrine B, Dos Shrine A, Dos Shrine B, Tres Shrine A and Tres Shrine B.
- Added Bird Shrine Ruins: Uno Shrine Connector A, Uno Shrine Connector B, Uno Shrine Chunk A, Uno Shrine Chunk B, Uno Chunk C, Uno Chunk D, Uno Chunk E, Dos Shrine Connector A, Dos Connector B, Dos Shrine Spike A, Dos Shrine Spike B, Dos Shrine Spike C, Dos Shrine Spike D, Dos Shrine Spike E, Tres Shrine Connector A, Tres Shrine Scorch A, Tres Shrine Scorch B, Tres Shrine Deco A, Tres Shrine Deco B, Tres Shrine C, Tres Shrine Deco D and Tres Shrine Deco E.
- Added Ultra Deep Sea Raid Dens: Ultra Deep Sea Den A and Ultra Deep Sea Den B.
- Added Ultra Desert Raid Dens: Ultra Desert Den A and Ultra Desert Den B.
- Added Ultra Forest Raid Dens: Ultra Forest Den A and Ultra Forest Den B.
- Added Ultra Forest Grottos: Ultra Forest Grotto A, Ultra Forest Grotto B, Ultra Forest Grotto C and Ultra Forest Grotto D.
- Added Ultra Jungle Raid Dens: Ultra Jungle Den A and Den B.
- Added Ultra Jungle Grottos: Ultra Jungle Grotto A, Ultra Jungle Grotto B, Ultra Jungle Grotto C and Ultra Jungle Grotto D.
- Added Ultra Jungle Ruins: Ultra Jungle Ruin A, Ultra Jungle Ruin B, Ultra Jungle Ruin C, Ultra Jungle Ruin D, Ultra Jungle Ruin E and Ultra Jungle Ruin F.
- Updated Graveyards: Church A and Church B.
- Updated Battle Arenas: Desert Arena A, Plains Arena A, Plains Arena B, Savanna Arena A, Savanna Arena B, Snowy Arena A, Snowy Arena B, Taiga Arena A and Taiga Arena B.
- Updated Waypoints: Badlands, Desert, Forest, Ice, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
- Added Mount Lanakila village: Lanakila Meeting Point 1, Lanakila Meeting Point 2, Lanakila Meeting Point 3, Elf Workshop, Gingerbread House, Santa Sleigh, Snowmon A, Snowmon B, Snowmon C, Snowmon D, Snowmon E, Winter Berry Farm and Xmas Tree.
- Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water.

#### Loot Tables:
- Added loot table to the Uno Shrine.
- Added village loot tables to the Grass Gym Village.
- Added Ultra Space loot tables to the Ultra Jungle Ruins.
- Added Christmas loot tables to Mount Lanakila village.
- Updated Pokéball yield in loot tables for Arena, Ultra Ruins, Waypoints, Common PokéStop, Rare PokéStop and Legendary PokéStop.

#### Sounds:
- Removed additional voice entries for the same Pokémon.
- Added new Pokémon voices: Arceus, Brionne, Celesteela, Cobalion, Fraxure, Gastrodon, Glameow, Kartana, Keldeo, Litten, Mimikyu, Naganadel, Panpour, Patrat, Pheromosa, Pikipek, Poipole, Popplio, Rowlet, Scolipede, Shellos, Simipour, Spinda, Spiritomb, Terrakion, Toucannon, Trumbeak, Unown, Venipede, Watchdog, Whirlipede and Zerarora.
- Updated Pokémon voices: Braixen, Chespin, Delphox, Eevee, Emolga, Fennekin, Froakie and Snorlax.

### Spawning:
- Added Mount Lanakila spawning: Frosmoth, Snom, Snorunt, Vanillish, Vanillite, Vanilluxe, Abomasnow, Castform, Crabominable, Cryogonal, Winter Deerling, Delibird, Drampa, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Winter Sawsbuck, Shaymin, Snover, Hoothoot, Fletchling, Fletchinder, Noctowl, Pidove, Sinistea, Talonflame, Tranquill, Unfezant and Alolan Vulpix to the Mount Lanakila biome.
- Added Regieleki Spirit, Guzzlord and Stakataka to Ultra Desert.
- Added Celesteela and Xurkitree to Ultra Deep Sea.
- Added Poipole to Ultra Jungle.
- Added Blacephalon to Ultra Forest.
- Added palette-based Minior spawning conditions with a Star Piece held item.
- Added NPC Trainer spawns to the Uno Shrine, Dos Shrine and Tres Shrine.

## Changes:
- Automatically converted all existing Pokéball in previous saves to the new Pokéball item with their correct NBT effect.
- Removed break chance from certain Pokéballs: Master Ball, Park Ball, Beast Ball, GS Ball, Cherish Ball, Strange Ball, Origin Ball and Dream Ball.
- Optimized entity wandering AI.
- Optimized several spawning conditions spawn pass.
- Optimized structure registry logic.
- Added TCG Trader, Exchange Essence Jars for Card Packs and Cosmetics
- Optimized TCG duel card rendering.
- Added jars to TCG Give command
- Essence Jars are now craftable
- New worlds will now always first spawn players in a Village.
- Added `alwaysSpawnInVillage` config option to enable or disable Village first spawn behaviour.
- Ultra Desert Cactus now can be cooked into Purple Dye.
- Pokémon Editor party edit screen can now re-order Pokémon by dragging.
- Updated Fridge block model.
- Pixelmon Fridge can now be opened with `[Shift+RightClick]`.
- Removed Fridge storage container.
- Disabled clouds in Ultra Space.
- Disabled the [ESC] button when in the ChooseStarterScreen.
- Added tooltips for hovered TCG Cards, Card Backs and Coins.
- Eeveelution, Minior and Unown advancements are now hidden until unlocked.
- Ultra Wormholes no longer spawn in Oceanic, Lake and River biomes.
- Pokéchest drop config file now supports NBT data after an item's ID, eg "minecraft:diamond {Tag:1b}".
- Pokéballs now longer render as a 3D item in hand and will now use their sprite, like all other items.
- Removed TCG Printer & Blank Cards.
- Fixed /tcg autocomplete requiring you to type the first letter

## Datapack:
- Custom Pokéball types can now be created via datapacks and resource packs.
- Capture method can now be customized per Pokéball type.
- Added default capture methods: `gen1`, `gen2`, `gen3`, `gen4`, `gen5`, `gen6`, `gen7`, `gen8`, `100%` and `50%`.

## Fixes:
- [17462]( Fixed catch formulas for Quick Ball, Timer Ball and Poké Ball.
- [17927]( `/pokegive`, Trainer Editor and Pokémon Editor not supporting localized names as they should.
- [18739]( Fixed Master Ball, Park Ball, GS Ball, Beast Ball, Dream Ball, Cherish Ball and Origin Ball recipes to re-craft them when broken.
- [18739]( Fixed Pokéballs without a crafting recipe from breaking.
- [18770]( Fixed Graveler's Rock Smash item spawning for Black Augurite.
- [18880]( Fixed Ditto x Ditto breeding history displaying the resulting mystery child before hatching.
- [18897]( Oval Charm not applying and reducing breeding times in Day Care once obtained.
- [18906]( Fixed incompatibility with Gender Mod.
- [18918]( Fixed Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime and Magenta Day Care blocks failing to drop when broken.
- [19024]( Fixed Zygarde Core, Zygarde Cell and Arc Chalice break particles.
- [19175]( Fixed Relic Crown position on a player's head when viewed from a Multiplayer environment.
- [19182]( Fixed console errors appearing when a player's first party slot is carrying a Cleanse Tag.
- [19207]( Fixed Piglin, Snow Golem, Piglin Brute, Zombified Piglin and Rabbit and Zoglin's spawn replacement config.
- [19209]( Flint-and-Steel durability failing to tick down when used to light a Cooking Pot.
- [19211]( Fixed `/shinycharm [username] remove` displaying the same chat feedback as when adding a charm.
- [19252]( Fixed Pokémon summary inventory hovers being too short to include the level line, affecting all Pokémon in a non-default form.
- [19253]( [19254]( Temple Stairs and Temple Brick Stairs breaking in a single punch.
- [19274]( Fixed Raid Dens not dropping type-specific loot.
- [19281]( Fixed Flabébé evolution line only spawning in Red palette instead of all colors.
- [19328]( Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves failing to break quicker when using a hoe tool.
- [19371]( Fixed enchanted hammers only applying partial area damage when hammered on the ground.
- [19373]( Fixed Pokéballs being usable multiple times if the same type of Pokéball was used from different Shulker Boxes.
- [19374]( Ultra Space applying poison damage and thereby fainting eggs.
- [19398]( Fixed Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres Enigmatic Quests incorrectly detecting the form instead of the palette.
- [19404]( Fixed Pokéball capture effect causing a temporary visual glitch on the held Pokéball model.
- [19408]( Fixed a typo in Zubat's Sweet Scent spawning file.
- [19422]( Fixed Porygon2 spawning as an Alter palette and not a Spirit palette when found in a Graveyard.
- [19468]( Fixed Fossil Displays crashing servers or clients when broken with a null entity or world.
- [19471]( Fixed Thunder Stone tools experience exploit.
- [19486]( Fixed Pokémon without a hidden ability spawning as 'Coming Soon' ability when forced spawned as hidden ability.
- [19508]( Fixed Optifine and Pixelmon crash when scrolling while in the leveling screen.
- [19536]( Fixed dye affecting shiny Wooloo, Dubwool or Mareep.
- Pikachu, Meowth and Eevee evolving if they have Gigantamax Factor.
- Fixed transparency issues on Isi's Diamond Hourglass, Isi's Golden Hourglass, Isi's Silver Hourglass and Isi's Copper Hourglass.
- Fixed the `nodrops` spec failing to apply when used in a Pixelmon spawner block.
- Fixed the Pokédex highlight box displaying at too small of a size.
- Fixed server crash caused by players riding invalid Pokémon targets.
- Fixed non-plank wooden items having the #plank tag in recipes.
- Fixed missing smoke particles from Koffing and Weezing.
- Fixed form setting failing to set a Pokémon's moves or ability accordingly.
- Fixed client performance issues when opening the TCG Compendium.
- Fixed boss drop custom name fields failing to apply when items are dropped.
- Fixed advancement sprite displays in capture triggers for Articuno, Celebi, Deoxys, Entei, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Suicune, Zapdos, Alter, Clobbopus JUMP, Crystal Onix, Drowned, Eeveelotion, Feebas Magikarp, Magikarp JUMP, Minior, Pink, Rainbow, Shellos JUMP, Sir Doofus, Spheal, Spiky Pichu, Strike, Summer, Unown, Valencian and Zombie.
- Fixed a rare NPC-related client crash where the base Trainer is null.
- Fixed `pokechestdrops.json` not supporting the use of `shopitems.json` IDs.
- Fixed `/compsee` and `/compsearch` error messages displaying in white and not red.
- Fixed Ultra Wormholes failing to spawn in the overworld.
- Fixed Ultra Wormholes disabling the spawning thread when attempting to spawn.
- Fixed Ultra Space Teleporter and Drowned World Teleporter having wrongly layered enchanted sprite effect.
- Fixed UI element rendering displaying unevenly or off-center, such as in Day Care buttons.
- Fixed Tumblestones rendering invisible when placed by another player.
- Fixed Spectator mode players constantly floating higher and higher when submitted to Ultra Space's low gravity.
- Fixed Safety Goggles not lowering the fog in Ultra Space.
- Fixed Sacred Ash usage printing an error to console.
- Fixed Power Reserve deck returning extra TCG cards.
- Fixed Pokémon successfully spawning outside of the world border.
- Fixed Pokémon in the Drowned dimension being unable to swim at any Y level.
- Fixed Pokémon AI prioritizing horse-like behaviour.
- Fixed Pokéballs using Generation 4 catching formula mechanics instead of Generation 8.
- Fixed PokéStops vanishing loot items instead of dropping to the ground when a claimant player's inventory is full.
- Fixed Galar-Yamask, and any other wild evolution condition, from crashing the game once triggered.
- Fixed Armchair and Couch dying logic pairing to the correct dyes.

## Battles:
- [18945]( Fixed Pokémon gaining health from moves that drain health (e.g. Absorb, Drain Punch) after damaging themselves while confused.
- [19056]( Fixed Pokemon that were switched out and switched back in failing to use Fake Out successfully.
- [19306]( Dynamax Pokémon taking more than 10% of their normal HP when damaged by Life Orb.
- [19310]( Fixed an error caused by checking item effects after all attacks have hit.
- [19420]( Fixed Steel Beam dealing recoil damage if the user has the Magic Guard ability.
- [19420]( Fixed Steel Beam not dealing recoil damage when the attack missed the target or the target had used a protect move (e.g. Protect, Detect).
- [19467]( Fixed Substitute damage incorrectly popping the protected user's Air Balloon.
- [19469]( Fixed Bag Berries healing the Pokémon currently in-battle instead of the selected party member.
- Fixed Entrainment, Simple Beam, Role Play, Trace, Mummy, Worry Seed, Core Enforcer, Gastro Acid, Mold Breaker, Turboblaze and Teravolt successfully replacing Revenant.
- Fixed Healing moves not affecting a Pokémon with Revenant even if it is at full health.
- Fixed Imposter and Transform being able to copy a Pokémon that has Revenant.
- Fixed Pokémon losing their moves after mega-evolving if the move is not learnable under normal move learn list conditions.
- Fixed Pokémon movement AI activating while in battle.
- Fixed Revenant ability looping with Berry Juice usage.
- Fixed Revenant being ignored by moves that ignore abilities like Moongeist Beam.
- Fixed Revenant failing to activates from Powder damage and Recoil damage.
- Fixed Revenant failing to block Perish Song.
- Fixed Revenant healing damage activating Life Orb.
- Fixed Revenant improperly resetting the number of turns on start of battle.
- Fixed Revenant not activating from Iron Barbs, Spiky Shield, Rocky Helmet, Bad Dreams, Nightmare, Aftermath, Innards Out, Sticky Barb, Life Orb, weather, status effect, confusion self-damage, Leech Seed, Curse, False Swipe, Jaboca Berry, Rowap Berry, Gulp Missile, splinters and binding move damage.
- Fixed Splinters displaying a successful hit despite the target already being afflicted by Splinters.
- Fixed Wandering Spirit swapping itself with Revenant.
- Fixed Wandering Spirit's activation message incorrectly using the target instead of the user.
- Fixed Zacian and Zamazenta regaining all their move PP after battling while holding the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield, respectively.
- Fixed healing moves erroneously stating in the battle logs that they healed the Pokémon when they didn't.
- Fixed wild, in-battle Pokémon returning a feedback stating they are a Trainer in battle.
- Revenant healing damage now also destroys the current held item.
- Revenant healing damage now isn't doubled.
- Revenant now tells you the held item and typings of the initial phase.

## Translation:
- Added TCG language translation files.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated French translation.

## Developer:
- BREAKING CHANGE: Pokéball items are now unified, differentiated by NBT instead.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Capture method is now compartmentalized and isolated.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Capture events now return encapsulated catch rate and ball bonus variables rather than the values directly.
- Custom capture methods for Pokéballs can now be registered and used.
- Improved performance and usage of the Pokéball item renderer.
- Improved performance and usage of the Pixelmon Sprite item renderer.
- Fixed `Pokemon.setForm` failing to update the Pokémon's moveset and ability responsively.
- Added `ITextComponent` (RGB) support to overlays.
- Moved Bag item logic to the server.
- Added `BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Pre`.
- Added `BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Post`.
- Added `BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Pre`.
- Added `BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Post`.
- Added Mail events.

**"Swim Safely!"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

#### Additions:
- Added Ultra Space.
- Added Ultra Deep Sea biome to Ultra Space.
- Added Ultra Desert biome to Ultra Space.
- Added Drowned World.
- Added Drowned World biomes: Drowned Crimson, Drowned Warm and Drowned Dark.
- Added Drowned World air-meter and health timer, with a flashing warning symbol when the timer is close to elapsing.
- Updated the Drowned World boss challenge.

## Blocks:
- Added Gift Box.
- Added Ultra Deep Sea blocks: Ultra Deep Sea Crystal, Ultra Deep Sea Crying Crystal, Ultra Deep Sea Clay, Ultra Deep Sea Gravel, Ultra Deep Sea Stone, Ultra Deep Seagrass and Ultra Deep Sea Pickle.
- Added Ultra Space Stone.
- Added Ultra Desert blocks: Ultra Desert Sandstone, Ultra Desert Sandstone Stairs, Ultra Desert Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Chiseled Sandstone, Ultra Desert Cut Sandstone, Ultra Desert Cut Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone Stairs, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Sandstone Wall and Ultra Desert Gilded Sand.
- Added Ultra Desert Cactus, which will poison you, and your party members on contact with the block.
- Added Ultra Deep Sea Kelp, Ultra Deep Sea Grass and Ultra Deep Sea Pickle, which will blind you, and put your party members to sleep, on contact with the block.
- Added Drowned World Teleporter to the creative inventory.
- Added Ultra Space Teleporter to the creative inventory.

## Structures:
- Added battle arenas variants: Plains Battle Arena, Desert Battle Arena, Taiga Battle Arena and Snowy Battle Arena.
- Added battle arena market stands variants.
- Added beginner-friendly competitive NPC Trainer trios to each generated battle arena.
- Added chatting NPCs to battle arena stalls for friendly introductions to competitive battling.
- Added graveyards: Church A, Church B, Church C, Haunted Graveyard A and Haunted Graveyard B.
- Updated the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
- Added chatting NPCs to the entrance of the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
- Added challenging, competitive NPC Trainers to each level of the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
- Updated Grotto Hills structure.
- Updated Raid Den structures: Raid Den Water E, Raid Den Nether B, Raid Den Desert C, Raid Den Beach A.
- Updated Waypoint structures: Waypoint Badlands A, Waypoint Badlands B, Waypoint Desert A, Waypoint Desert B, Waypoint Forest A, Waypoint Forest B, Waypoint Icy A, Waypoint Icy B, Waypoint Jungle A, Waypoint Jungle B, Waypoint Mountain A, Waypoint Mountain B, Waypoint Mushroom A, Waypoint Mushroom B, Waypoint Plains A, Waypoint Plains B, Waypoint Savanna A, Waypoint Savanna B, Waypoint Swamp A and Waypoint Swamp B.
- Added Ultra Desert clutter: Desert Clutter A, Desert Clutter B, Desert Clutter C, Desert Clutter D, Desert Clutter E and Desert Clutter F.
- Added Ultra Desert ruins: Desert Ruin A, Desert Ruin B, Desert Ruin C, Desert Ruin D, Desert Ruin E, Desert Ruin F, Desert Ruin G, Desert Ruin H, Desert Ruin I, Desert Ruin J, Desert Ruin K, Desert Ruin L, Desert Ruin M, Desert Ruin N, Desert Ruin O, Desert Ruin P Desert Ruin Q and Desert Ruin R.
- Added Ultra Desert grottos: Desert A, Desert B, Desert C and Desert D.
- Added Ultra Deep Sea grottos: Deep Sea Grotto A, Deep Sea Grotto B, Deep Sea Grotto C and Deep Sea Grotto D.

## Loot Tables:
- Added PokéStops to all remaining Waypoint structures.
- Added container loot tables to battle arena structures.
- Added container loot tables to buried graveyard structures.
- Added container loot tables to all remaining Waypoint structures.
- Added container loot tables to Chalice house structures.
- Added container loot tables to Towers of Water and Towers of Darkness.
- Added container loot tables for Haunted Tower houses.
- Added container loot tables for Ultra Ruin structures.

#### Changes:
- Significantly improved memory allocation, reducing memory usage during gameplay.
- Berry and Apricorn plants now grow inline with Minecraft's Berry Bush. They now have a 20% chance of growing up one stage, for a total of 3 stages. Rarer berries will take up to twice as long.
- Necrozma will now revert to Dawn or Dusk form after battle.
- Improved void structure generation.
- Ultra Space will now respawn you to your spawn point if all of your party faints while in Ultra Space.
- Drowned World will now respawn you to your Overworld teleport location once you swim out of the world's bound heights.
- Gift Boxes will no longer yield Coal.
- Updated color-changing pattern of Wormholes, making them smoother in their transition.
- Aluminum, Platinum and Silver materials now have different durability.
- Evolution stone hammers now no longer have a mining speed of 1.
- Hammers can now mine a 3x3x1 area, costing them 3x the normal durability usage.

## Server:
- Added specs to modify battle statistics instead of setting them: `modhp`, `modattack`, `moddefence`, `modspecialattack` and `modspeed`.
- Added specs to modify EVs values instead of setting them: `modevhp`, `modevattack`, `modevdefence`, `modevspecialattack`, `modevspecialdefence` and `modevspeed`.
- Added specs to modify IVs values instead of setting them: `modivhp`, `modivattack`, `modivdefence`, `modivspecialattack`, `modivspecialdefence` and `modivspeed`.

#### Fixes:
- [17003]( Necrozma failing to Ultra Burst from Dawn or Dusk form effectively into Ultra form.
- [17510]( Fossil Cleaner model failing to visually indicate the status of the fossil cleaning process.
- [17802]( Scrolls in Towers of Water and Towers of Darkness always facing East regardless of building directionality.
- [18476]( White-Stripe Basculin being unable to evolve into Basculegion.
- [18724]( Incense Burner failing to be usable in Infuser recipes.
- [18767]( Infuser failing to stack the resulting item.
- [18895]( Fixed switching party positions while inside the Day Care menu allowing to see the specie of the displayed Egg.
- [18898]( Pixelmon wooden blocks failing to be usable as furnace fuel.
- [18898]( Pixelmon wooden items now can be used as fuel, such as Picket Fence, Wood Hammer, Wooden Base and Wooden Flooring.
- [18912]( Fixed changed NPC from Player Name to Resource Pack soft-locking the client.
- [18947]( Mareep recently evolved into Flaafy now will update the model accurately after shearing.
- [18947]( Mareep, Wooloo and Dubwool not regrowing wool once sheared.
- [19017]( Move Tutors failing to accept costs for customized movelists.
- [19017]( Move Tutors failing to display Level-Up moves despite settings allowing it.
- [19086]( Urshifu Rapid-Strike being able to learn Wicked Blow when it shouldn't.
- [19108]( Eggs sent to PC upon Day Care retrieval displaying the Pokémon specie of the Egg on confirm message.
- [19132]( Elevators failing to obey coordinate decimal points.
- [19133]( Fixed Elevator hitbox not centering on the block.
- [19178]( Fixed Elevators being only responsive in their North-West corner when ascending.
- [19179]( JUMP Fishing Log completion percentages displaying one too many decimals.
- [19181]( Witches spawning as their vanilla counterpart instead of their Pixelmon replacement.
- [19186]( Orbs counting up instead of down upon soul harvesting.
- [19190]( [19147]( Blue Orbs with exactly 8 shards crashing the client on render.
- [19195]( Interacting with a PokéDisplay no longer crashes the server.
- [19224]( "Once Per Day" NPC trainers crashing the client when challenged.
- [19234]( [19131]( Pokéballs being reusable when used in a Raid while stored in a Pokébag.
- [19281]( Flabébé, Floette and Florges failing to spawn as any other color than Red variant.
- [19283]( Fixed recipes for Mail Boxes and Letter Boxes.
- 'OK' button in the JUMP Fishing Log activating on hover, and not click input.
- Calyrex Ice Rider's Glastrier displaying with the wrong texture.
- Fixed Berry combos Infuser recipes producing Colorful Shake instead of Juice.
- Fixed Fire Stone failing to drop from 3 star Fire raids.
- Fixed Grotto Hills spawning surrounded in gravel blocks.
- Fixed Raid Dens spawning on top of Grottos during world generation.
- Fixed `/compsee` and `/compsearch` error messages displaying their error message in white, not red.
- Fixed `/fillcurry` failing to accept Plain Curry as a command argument.
- Fixed `/wiki` calling a client-side method on the server.
- Fixed `/wiki` displaying a specie's base Special Defense stat instead of their base Speed.
- Fixed a rare crash caused by breaking a PokéStop.
- Fixed a rare instance of Day Care slots being overwritten by two new parents whilst keeping the old timer.
- Fixed blockstate position errors for Bench, Birch Bench, Fossil Cleaner, Mint, Movement Plate, Poké Display, Street Light, TV-2 and Zygarde Cell.
- Fixed client crash caused by PokéStop pre-calc event.
- Fixed locked text input fields during NPC editing.
- Fixed model position errors for Light Gray Armchair and Light Gray Couch.
- Fixed mount riding offsets seemingly ignoring base stat values.
- Fixed newly-hatched Pokémon inheriting moves from their movesets when hatched with empty move slots.
- Fixed rare soft-lock client crash when attempting to locate extra-dimensional dens while in overworld.
- Fixed special palettes failing to be included in the PokéDex.
- Fixed structure-spawned entities, such as statues, failing to rotate when spawned by world generation.
- JUMP Fishing Log displaying 2D nametags above the specie 3D model.
- JUMP Fishing Log displaying language keys instead of the proper palette name for Pokémon species in the summary and palette pages.
- JUMP Fishing Log scrolling upwards instead of downwards.
- JUMP Fishing Log specie page button hover being functionally smaller than displayed.
- Lures failing to drop upon player death.
- Magikarp palette catches failing to count towards Fishing Log completion.
- Palette display pages in JUMP Fishing Log displaying a flashing specie model.
- Pokédisplay crashing the client and server when rendered for the first time.
- Pokémon no longer chasing you and attempting to battle if you throw eggs or snowballs.
- Shellos East and Shellos West sprites flickering between the two forms when displayed by the JUMP Fishing Log.
- Shellos palettes catches failing to count towards JUMP Fishing Log completion.
- Spheal icon legend not displaying Spheal's name in the JUMP Fishing Log.

## Battles:
- [15778]( Necrozma's Light That Burns the Sky move improperly calculating damage.
- [17120]( Max-moves and G-Max moves failing to deplete PP from the original move used.
- [17325]( Necrozma failing to use Z-Moves.
- [17740]( Form Pokémon reverting to their normal form after mega-evolving or dyanamaxing.
- [18964]( Fling failing to activate regardless of the item held slot status.
- [19019]( Mega-evolved Pokémon such as Charizard displaying the wrong ability post-evolution.
- [19034]( Rayquaza failing to mega-evolve when using Dragon Ascent.
- [19037]( Shell Bell healing for entry hazards upon switch in.
- [19048]( Room Service item failing to activate during battle.
- [19048]( Room Service item failing to activate.
- [19055]( Meloetta's Relic Song erroring upon battle use.
- [19073]( Bide using PP on turns where energy is storing or unleashing.
- [19089]( Necrozma being unable to use Searing Sunraze Smash.
- [19118]( Pay Day enabling money-collection even after players have fled their battle.
- [19123]( Poison Types failing when using Toxic.
- [19161]( Splinters' success battle message incorrectly using an apostrophe.
- Cramorant's Gulp Missile failing to shoot a missile back when attacked.
- Dynamax moves failing to consume PP.
- Fixed Mega evolutions occuring before switching when used on the same turn.
- Fixed Pokémon initiating a second flee check at the end of a turn.
- Fixed switched-in Mega Pokémon using an incorrect model when switched into a Pokémon with an available mega form.
- Players can no longer Ultra Burst more than one Necrozma per battle.
- Players can no longer Ultra Burst two Necrozma in the same turn during Double Battles.

## Translation:
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Korean translation.

#### Developer:
- [18040]( `PixelmonItems#getPokeballListWithMaster` no longer causes API breakages.
- Fixed PokeStop Cooldown color changes not being sent to the client
- NPC Trainers no longer always return false, allowing success to be returned.
- Replaced static reference to the client version party with a reference to the StorageProxy player's party.
- Added a PreCalculate PokéStop event to allow for changing the PokéStop's cooldown.
- Deprecated `PokeStopTileEntity#canClaim(UUID)` as it is redundant to re-create the player.
- Improved `PixelmonBlocks#elevator`.
- Removed `ElevatorEvent#fetDestination`, `ElevatorEvent#setDestination` and `ElevatorEvent#getBlock`.
- Pokemon Specs can now be used to define which Pokemon may use a Z-Move.
- Implements the `PixelmonFaintEvent` in more places (when health is set to <= 0)
- Adds `PixelmonFaintEvent.Pre` (cancellable)
- Adds `PixelmonFaintEvent.Post`

**"Pixelmon players, soon to be Vampire hunters..."**

- Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon:
- Kleavor
- Ursaluna
- Sneasler

##### New Pokémon Forms:
- Hisuian Avalugg
- Hisuian Lilligant
- Hisuian Sneasel
- Hisuian Typhlosion

##### New Items:
- [17494]( Updated the Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar
- Added waterlogging to Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar.
- Added Black Augurite.
- Added Peat Block.
- Added Silver Base.

##### Commands:
- Added `/poketake [player] ` command.
- Added `/tradesim [player] [simulation]` command.
- Added `/movelist ` command.
- Added `/tms ` command.
- [17767]( All commands now support Minecraft-native selectors, such as (`@p`, `@r`, `@a`, `@s`, `@e[type=player]`).
- Commands now require a target player's full username.

## Changes:
- Removed hammering mechanics from Pokéball crafting.
- Added recipe for Iron Base, Aluminum Base, Silver Base, Wooden Base and Platinum Base.
- Removed Iron Disc and Aluminum Disc.
- [17489]( Added Tumeblestone-based recipes for Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball and Jet Ball as well as their Lids.
- Updated ball recipes to split between tiers of Ball Bases (i.e. Aluminum/Iron, Silver, Platinum).
- Replaced all recipes using Aluminium Plate to Aluminium Ingot: Healer, PC, Infuser, Fossil Cleaner, Movement Plate, Stick Plate, Gym Sign, Item Finder, Trade Monitor, Trade Holder Right, Trade Holder Left, Trade Panel, Trade Panel, Green Tank, Orange Tank, Camera, Fossil Machine Top and Fossil Machine Base.
- Disabled Pixelmon anvil usage.
- Removed Mechanical Anvil.
- Added Blast Furnace smelting mechanic for Black Augurite.
- Added PokéDollars default balance to general config.
- Updated Raids with new Pokémon star spread.
- Updated default raid star weightings in the raids config.
- Removed silicon, type gems, feather, grass, brick, clay, blaze powder from all raid drops.
- Updated the experience candy spread on boss drops.
- Added EXP. Share to high tier boss loot.
- Added evolution stones to common boss drops.
- Added silver and gold bottle cap to high tier boss drops.
- Removed all berries from Pokéloot drops.
- Added power held items to high tier Pokéloot drops.
- Added experience and ability items into high tier Pokéloot drops.
- Lowered the chances of Apricorn or Berries from Forage drops.
- Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, Peat Block and Black Augurite to Pokédrops, External Move: Rock Smash, Mineshafts and Village Masons.
- Updated item attack damage for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
- Updated item attack speed for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
- Updated textures for Temple Brick and Temple Block.
- Added missing cosmetic Sableye Hat.
- Added missing online forms Cinderace 'Goku' and Mothim 'Bug Catcher' forms.
- Updated evolution method for Petilil, Bergmite, Ursaring, Quilava and Scyther.
- Updated spawntimes for Raikou, Eternatus, Type:Null, Cosmog, Volcanion, Landorus, Kyurem, Regigigas, Mesprit, Registeel, Rayquaza and Jirachi.
- Added new Ocean raid dens.
- Added new Beach, Badlands, Forest, Snowy, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna, Desert, Jungle and Swamp waypoint structures.

## Fixes:
- Registry mismatch when a client(BYG+Pixelmon or ExplorerCompass+Pixelmon) connects to a server(Pixelmon).
- Enforced server resource packs not downloading properly.
- [17692]( Storage failure when saving a player with boss(mega) save data.
- [17590]( Data transfer failures resulting from MoveSkill data when first loading on 9.0.0.
- [1768]( Critical security data issue on world loading.
- [17530]( Crash caused by a Pixelmon incompatibility during world load with OpenTerrainGenerator.
- [17558]( Mules spawning in the wild and replaced their spawn egg by Mudsdale and Mudbray.
- [17551]( Berry Wood planks not dropping their respective block.
- Removed Pokébags from being equipped on the chest armour slot.
- [17593]( Significant duplication exploit with Pokébags.
- [17514]( Crash caused by mega evolving Charizard/Mewtwo.
- [17601]( Mewtwo spawning from the Cloning Machine.
- [17519]( Exporting Pokémon from the PokéEditor not displaying properly in the UI.
- [17540]( Statue labels not rendering correctly.
- [17548]( Berry Boats not dropping the correct Berry Wood boat.
- Command header for `/ivs`.
- Move descriptions for Ceaseless Edge, Windbolt Storm, Springtide Storm, Triple Arrows, Raging Fury, Bleakwind Storm, Bitter Malce, Infernal Parade, Chloroblast, Sandsear Storm, Mountain Gale, Power Shift, Barb Barrage, Psyshield Bash, Shelter, Wave Crash, Dire Claw, Esper Wing, Headlong Rush, Lunar Blessing, Mystical Power, Take Heart and Victory Dance.
- Aqua, Galactic and Magma boss trainers dropdown display name in the NPC Editor.
- [17550]( Warp plate block rendering.
- [17577]( Disabled Berry Boats stacking in inventory.
- Removed redundant `structures.json` file.
- Textures on Platinum Ore and Block, Silver Ore and Block, Aluminium Block, Unown Block Blank, Braille Block Blank, as well as Platinum and Silver shovels.
- [17521]( Smelting recipes for Bauxite Ore, Silicon Ore, Silver Ore, Platinum Ore, Boiled Egg, and Toast.
- [17490]( Command permission checks defaulting to cheats-enabled.
- [17576]( Hisuian Goodra's Pokémon cry sound.
- [17633]( Red and Blue orbs causing a client crash when the block underneath them is broken.
- [17649]( Move Tutors interacting with fainted Pokémon, causing a crash.
- Move Tutors interacting with an empty slot, causing a crash.
- Pokémon spec `gen:`,`canmegaevolve` and `random` in command usage.
- [17643]( [17830]( Coalossal, Spirit Eevee and Moltres emissive textures.
- Move errors for Rapidash, Samurott, MrMime, Basculin and Decidueye on level-up.
- [17644]( Galarian Zigzagoon's evolution to Galarian Linoone.
- [17684]( Pixelmon Rock overlapping Stone Bricks recipe.
- [17603]( Sento and Tobu badge sprites.
- [17522]( Pokémon Editor not refreshing properly Pokéball specs.
- [17676]( Metal and gem ore blocks dropping when mined with an empty hand.
- [17657]( Scary Face, Ground Birds and Cut move skills related client crashing.
- [17701]( Pokemon Spawner number field causing a client crash.
- [17699]( Nincada's evolution mechanic.
- Command sources targeting returning the wrong command output.
- Command target selectors printing invalid argument errors.
- [17709]( Move spec usage crashing if the move spec had a spaced out name.
- [17788]( Fixed Vintage Beef's online form Wobbuffet causing a client crash.
- [17746]( Fixed shorn default Wooloo sprite.
- [15151]( Fixed sizes for Galarian Stunfisk, Indeedee (male), Indeedee (female) and Drapion.
- [17725]( [17750]( Lang entries for Weak Lure Casing, Fractured Temple Pillar, Aguav Berry Log and Aluminium Shovel.
- [17679]( Evolution lines for Hatenna and Hattrem.
- [17663]( Scroll of Water improperly evolving Kubfu.
- [17783]( Goomy evolution method to Hisuian Sliggoo during thunderstorms.
- Chat output when enchanted a Ruby with an underleveled lake spirit.
- GMax form names under the chisel UI.
- High friendship return message when maximizing happiness.
- Waypoint rendering when loading up with JourneyMaps.
- [17862]( [17869]( [17868]( Evolution methods for Hisuian Goodra, Impidimp, Morgrem, Dreepy, Drakloak, Galarian MrMime, MimeJr and MrRime.
- [17871]( Hisuian Zoroark spawning levels.
- Structures not having the proper Y level upon world generation.
- [17711]( Pokédex progression resetting when switching between singleplayer and multiplayer.
- [17840]( Horse hoof sounds when mounting Pokémon.
[17683]( Apricorn Leaves decaying after harvesting.
- Regice sound erroring on startup.
- Raid structures sometimes spawning above their recommended Y level.

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17583]( 'Splinters'-related status moves improperly displaying the effect in battle.
- [17225]( Fell Stinger not making physical contact.
- [17024]( Dual Wingbeat's Max Airstream base power from 90 to 130.
- [17125]( Snorlax' G-Max Replenish not inflicting damage.
- [17214]( Targeting to hit all adjacent opponents and change flinch chance from 30% to 20%.
- [17226]( Z-Weather Ball's base power and typing.
- Fixed Rollout not using PP when it never misses.
- [17095]( Contrary and Simple ignoring abilities with a switch-in effect, such as Intimidate.
- [17089]( Z-Mirror Move not turning into the corresponding Z-Move when used.
- [17071]( Multi-Hit moves being capable of breaking a shield on each hit.
- [17336]( Mold Breaker not breaking Illusion.
- [17092]( Hidden Power to also change type when used as a Max Move.
- [17698]( Gengar's Ghostium-Z move when used in battle as a mega.

## Translation:
- Updated Taiwanese translation.
- Updated Hebrew translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated Dutch translation.
- Updated Korean translation.

## Datapack:
- External models causing a crash when loading from our datapack system.
- Enabled usage of a resource's full filepath location in our `.pqc` model repository.
- Fixed capital letter usage breaking datapacking in forms.
- Extended Pokédex to datapacked custom Pokémon species.

## Developer:
- Updated constant values in `PixelmonForms` for `MEGA_X` and `MEGA_Y`
- Add getter for pre-evolutions.
- Added missing `isLegendary` and `isUltraBeast` easy checks.
- Added `HiddenPowerCalculateEvent`.
- Added API `Pokemon#isUnbreedable`
- Added API `Pokemon#isUncatchable`
- Added API `Pokemon#isUntradeable`
- Added API `PixelmonEntity#isUncatchable`
- Added `doFailEffect` to `CaptureLogic` for PokéBalls.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Removed old `PixelmonSpawnerEvent`
- Added `PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Pre`
- Added `PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Post`
- Updated [ServerRedirect]( to 1.4.4a. Thanks to KaiNoMood for making this happen.

**"Happy New Year!"**

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon Forms:
- Added Rainbow Wooloo
- Added Rainbow Mareep

##### Updated Pokémon Models:
- All Pokémon models are now SMDs

##### New Items:
- New Pokéball parts:
- Masterball Lid, Ancient Heavy Ball Lid, Ancient Poké Ball Lid, Ancient Great Ball Lid, Ancient Ultra Ball Lid, Leaden Ball Lid, Gigaton Ball Lid, Feather Ball Lid, Wing Ball Lid, Jet Ball Lid, Origin Ball Lid and Strange Ball Lid
- New Pokéballs:
- Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Strange Ball, Feather Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Origin Ball, Jet Ball and Wing Ball
- Silver armour and tools:
- Silver Hoe, Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Shovel, Silver Hammer, Silver Chestplate, Silver Helmet, Silver Leggings, Silver Boots and Silver Sword
- Silver Block
- Silver Ore
- Silver Ingot
- Platinum armour and tools:
- Platinum Hoe, Platinum Pickaxe, Platinum Axe, Platinum Shovel, Platinum Hammer, Platinum Chestplate, Platinum Helmet, Platinum Leggings, Platinum Boots and Platinum Sword
- Platinum Block
- Platinum Ore
- Platinum Ingot
- Linking Cord
- Tumblestone
- Sky Tumblestone
- Black Tumblestone
- New berries:
- Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, Pinap Berry, Cornn Berry, Magost Berry, Rabuta Berry, Nomell Berry, Spelon Berry, Pamtre Berry, Watmel Berry, Durin Berry, Belue Berry, Payapa Berry, Pumkin Berry, Drash Berry, Eggant Berry, Strib Berry, Nutpea Berry, Ginema Berry, Kuo Berry, Yago Berry, Touga Berry, Niniku Berry, Topo Berry, Kee Berry and Maranga Berry
- All existing berries now have blocks for their respective leaves and logs, such as Pomeg Berry Log and Pomeg Berry Leaves
- New Pixelmon-themed badges:
- Aisu Badge, Bagu Badge, Dendo Badge, Doku Badge, Doragon Badge, Gosuto Badge, Iwa Badge, Jimen Badge, Kasai Badge, Kurai Badge, Kusa Badge, Mizu Badge, Nomaru Badge, Seishin Badge, Sento Badge, Suchiru Badge, Tobu Badge and Yosei Badge
- New Orange Island badges:
- Coral-Eye Badge, Jade-Star Badge, Sea-Ruby Badge and Spike-Shell Badge
- Apricorn logs:
- White Apricorn Log, Red Apricorn Log, Blue Apricorn Log, Pink Apricorn Log, Green Apricorn Log, Yellow Apricorn Log and Black Apricorn Log
- Apricorn leaves:
- White Apricorn Leaves, Red Apricorn Leaves, Blue Apricorn Leaves, Pink Apricorn Leaves, Green Apricorn Leaves, Yellow Apricorn Leaves and Black Apricorn Leaves
- New low-light evolution stone ores:
- Thunderstone Ore, Icestone Ore, Shinystone Ore, Leafstone Ore, Waterstone Ore, Sunstone Ore, Duskstone Ore and Dawnstone Ore
- Added colored Pokébags as portable backpacks:
- White Poké Bag, Orange Poké Bag, Pink Poké Bag, Blue Poké Bag, Yellow Poké Bag, Lime Poké Bag, Pink Poké Bag, Gray Poké Bag, Light Gray Poké Bag, Cyan Poké Bag, Purple Poké Bag, Blue Poké Bag, Brown Poké Bag, Green Poké Bag, Red Poké Bag, Black Poké Bag
- Added new wood building blocks according to berry log colours:
- Signs: Blue Berry Wood Sign, Green Berry Wood Sign, Pink Berry Wood Sign, Purple Berry Wood Sign, Red Berry Wood Sign and Yellow Berry Wood Sign
- Planks: Blue Berry Wood Planks, Green Berry Wood Planks, Pink Berry Wood Planks, Purple Berry Wood Planks, Red Berry Wood Planks and Yellow Berry Wood Planks
- Button: Blue Berry Wood Button, Green Berry Wood Button, Pink Berry Wood Button, Purple Berry Wood Button, Red Berry Wood Button and Yellow Berry Wood Button
- Boat: Blue Berry Wood Boat, Green Berry Wood Boat, Pink Berry Wood Boat, Purple Berry Wood Boat, Red Berry Wood Boat and Yellow Berry Wood Boat
- Door: Blue Berry Wood Door, Green Berry Wood Door, Pink Berry Wood Door, Purple Berry Wood Door, Red Berry Wood Door and Yellow Berry Wood Door
- Fence: Blue Berry Wood Fence, Green Berry Wood Fence, Pink Berry Wood Fence, Purple Berry Wood Fence, Red Berry Wood Fence and Yellow Berry Wood Fence
- Pressure Plate: Blue Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Green Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Pink Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Purple Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Red Berry Wood Pressure Plate and Yellow Berry Wood Pressure Plate
- Slab: Blue Berry Wood Slab, Green Berry Wood Slab, Pink Berry Wood Slab, Purple Berry Wood Slab, Red Berry Wood Slab and Yellow Berry Wood Slab
- Stairs: Blue Berry Wood Stairs, Green Berry Wood Stairs, Pink Berry Wood Stairs, Purple Berry Wood Stairs, Red Berry Wood Stairs and Yellow Berry Wood Stairs
- Trapdoor: Blue Berry Wood Trapdoor, Green Berry Wood Trapdoor, Pink Berry Wood Trapdoor, Purple Berry Wood Trapdoor, Red Berry Wood Trapdoor and Yellow Berry Wood Trapdoor

##### Commands:
- We have now merged our very popular sidemod PixelExtras into Pixelmon. The following commands have been added (so far):
- `/bossbomb ` - Set every wild-spawned Pokémon in the world as a boss type
- `/compSee [player] [box]` - See all the Pokémon in a PC box
- `/compedit ` - Edit the player's PC Pokémon with the specifications.
- `/compsearch [player] ` - Search in the PC for Pokémon.
- `/comptake ` - Forcefully take a Pokémon from a player's PC.
- `/disableBattle ` - Disable the player's ability to battle (rerun for enable).
- `/eggsteps [player] ` - Show the remaining eggsteps for the Egg.
- `/evs ` - Show the Effort Values (EV) of the Pokémon.
- `/faint ` - Faints the player's Pokémon.
- `/hatch [player] ` - Hatch an egg.
- `/hiddenpower ` - Show the hiddenpower of the Pokémon.
- `/ivs ` - Show the Individual Values (IV) of the Pokémon.
- `/learnmove ` - Learn the player's Pokémon a move (if the Pokémon can learn it).
- `/npckill ` - Kill all Pixelmon NPCs in the World.
- `/pc` - opens up the Personal Computer.
- `/pokeclone ` - Making an exact clone the player's Pokémon.
- `/pokecolor ` - Give your Pokémon a color nickname.
- `/pokedel [box] [slot] [spec...]` - Delete player's Pokémon in party(slot) or PC(box, slot).
- `/pokeedit ` - Edit the player's party Pokémon with the specifications.
- `/pokeevolve [-f]` - Evolve a player's Pokémon, forcefully or not.
- `/pokekill "` - Kill all wild Pokémon in the World.
- `/pokerandom [specs...]` - Give a random Pokémon to the player.
- `/pokereset [lvl]` - Resets the player's Pokémon (default level 5).
- `/pokerestart <--confirm>` - Restarts a player's full Pokémon progress.
- `/pokeretrieve ` - Retrieve player's (or everyone's) Pokémon into their ball.
- `/pokesell ` - Give your Pokémon to the player.
- Added `/battlelog [player]` command, which logs the current battle to your instance logs
- Added `/setraid [species] [stars] [x] [y] [z] [world]`, which creates a raid to that specification

## Changes:
- Updated PixelmonMod to Minecraft 1.16.5
- Berry trees now feature as a world spawning tree for all currently existing berries. Berries are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more berry-yielding trees. Their growth rate is now tied with Minecraft crop mechanics
- Apricorns now feature as a world spawning tree for all colours of apricorns. Apricorns are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more apricorn-yielding trees
- Pixelmon config setting `vanilla-mobs=true` now allows for Minecraft villager spawning
- If `vanilla-mobs=false`, all Minecraft spawn eggs will spawn their Pixelmon NPC or Pokémon counterpart
- Added party Magikarp propulsion mechanics to Berry Wood Boats
- Added configurable shoulder mount mechanics
- Added headtop Pokémon placement
- Flying mechanics and the general AI has been improved, simplifying their usage. All Pokémon now follow the same flying controls
- Swimming mechanics and their AI has been optimized, improving speed and usage
- Mounting is generally now consistent with Minecraft horse movement, improving the speed and efficiency of mounting AI
- Pokémon movement speed is now based on their base speed stat
- Added wilderness traveling shopkeeper
- Updated structure spawning logic to 1.16, porting 1.12 structures to new format
- Removed wild-spawning Pokécenters
- Removed mistyped Gym structures
- Added waypoint structure to world generation
- Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water for Kubfu evolution
- Updated Articuno's Uno Shrine
- Updated Zapdos' Dos Shrine
- Updated Moltres' Tres Shrine
- Updated Celebi's Ilex Shrine
- Updated Pokémart structure in villages
- Updated Pokécenter structure in villages
- Added Golurk, Shinx, Litleo, Meowth, Mudsdale, Ponyta and Rapidash spawns to villages
- Added Berry Farms structures to villages
- Added config option for `wildBerryTrees` under `Dimensions.config`
- Added den structures for all biomes, including underwater ocean ones
- Added hidden rare Pixelmon ores and loot to den structures
- Dens can now be placed underwater
- Added Pixelmon structure compatibility for the vanilla command `/locate`
- Lightning now creates thunderstone ore when hitting stone
- Improved accessibility by creating ore patterns to match with Pixelmon ores
- Added new screen states on pressing `[O]` hotkey
- Moved `/redeem gui` to escape menu and main menu for cosmetic selection
- Added Discord button to escape and main menus
- Added dancing starter Pokémon to world loading screen
- Added dancing starter Pokémon to server joining screen
- Increased server resource pack size limit to 1.2 GB
- Vastly expanded customization by utilizing datapacks, ensuring they sync with the client:
- Custom Pokémon, forms, palettes, genders, moves, abilities, Pokéballs, bosses and starter screen
- Updated SMD rendering
- Updated Pokémon hurt sounds to their Pokémon cry
- Party selected position is now persistent
- Added new party toggling positions by using the [O] hotkey
- Added battle-support for Shulker Boxes, allowing you to use them through the in-battle UI
- Chisel has now been expanded and it's layout improved
- Spawner blocks have been expanded by accepting specs and new spawning settings
- Added BiomesYou'llGo spawning support
- Added Terraforged spawning support
- Updated Pokémon spawning biomes locations to 1.16.5
- Expanded Oceanic, End, and Nether spawns to new biomes
- Removed Ultra Space specific biomes
- Added group spawning logic for the BetterSpawner
- Rebalanced specie spawning across all generations, see
- Flattened blocks, converting Pixelmon blocks into 1.16.5 format
- Flattened items, converting Pixelmon items into 1.16.5 format
- Updated Pixelmon tool textures
- Added useful, interactive potion effects to consumed berries
- Simplified Pokéball crafting by removing top lids
- Updated Exp. Candy XS, Exp. Candy S, Exp. Candy M, Exp. Candy L and Exp. Candy XL sprites
- Pokéballs now render in 3D when in hand
- Added new Pokéball catch animation
- Improved Pokéball throwing mechanic, enhancing distance and speed
- Added rare break mechanic to thrown Masterballs, produces Masterball Lid
- Party selected position is now persistent
- Removed mega-evolving and dynamaxing out of battle
- Updated Forage default value, now has 94% chance of success
- Added creative commons UI elements
- Added fancy Discord rich presence for better interactivity
- Updated language files to a new json format

## Fixes:
- Optimized SMD model rendering memory allocation
- Improved the user experience (UX) of most utility screens, including spawner block, chisel and more
- Improved visual UI backgrounds
- UI screens pausing the game in singleplayer
- Improved movement of battle camera
- Improved multi-blocks, such as the Trade Machine
- Rotation of multiblocks in spawned structures
- Multiblocks no longer remove the block above them on placement
- Non-persistent flying AI pausing
- Large TV hitbox being off-centered
- Big Couch(es) hitboxes
- Seating positions on all couches
- Stray pixels on Duskstone Chestplate
- Street light placement and connectors
- Nether Visit quest
- Transfer Tutors not spawning in the wilderness
- Tied NPC wandering AI to their native village, fixes endless wandering
- Quest optimizations regarding structure location logic
- Drastically improved world generation performance
- En_US language inconsistencies
- Namespacing on Galarian Pokémon abilities
- Ttem names to be consistent with their item group
- Optimized general networking
- Choose move set vulnerability

##### Battle Fixes:
- Battle bugs caused by incorrect move name strings
- Battle rules

## Developer:
- Refactored for consistent naming and ease of use
- Now using Mojang Mappings
- Abstracted and rewrote packets
- Removed unused or redundant packets following the rewrite
- Suffixed all packets following Minecraft convention
- Refactored entity names following Minecraft convention
- Refactored item, tile-entities and block class names following Minecraft convention
- Refactored Pokémon typing from EnumType to Element
- Refacted EnumSpecies to Species, is no longer an enum
- Moved Pokémon to `pixelmon/textures/pokemon/_/gender/all(if for all genders)/base(if no form)/palette`.
- Added a config API for ease of use when creating YAML using the Sponge Configurate API
- Added commandAPI to replicate 1.12 commands using Brigadier
- Rewrote Pokemon API to work from JSON files
- Made Pokemon API to be friendlier
- Completely rewrote PokemonSpec system to be abstract (for TCG) and also just work better and be friendlier
- New specs
* Logical OR
* Logical AND
* Moves
- Model definitions are now in json rather than hardcoded
- Modified the `DataSync` system to improve entity performance
- Added ability to create fake temporary parties
- Rewrote the battle rules system to be more extensible
- Added variables for `AmuletCoin` and `HappyHour` for sidemod usage
- Updated economy to use a proxy pattern
- Changed bank account interface to use BigDecimal for better precision
- Changed bank account to have more methods for better friendliness
- Updated economy events to be modern
- Added movement toggle to statue entities
- Added a movement flag to statues (that defaults to disabled) to disable movement ticking on statue entities
- Removed now redundant Berry and Apricorn events as they are now Minecraft trees
- Added Apricorn and Berry tree support for the following Forge events:
* SaplingGrowTreeEvent
* PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock

**"A Love/Hate relationship :)"**

## Additions:

##### New Pokémon:
- Added Enamorus

##### Pixelmon:
- Overqwil is no longer a big boi and had his size reduced to be more accurate
- Reveal glass recipe center changed to diamond. Reveal glass removed from default boss drops.
- Regular battles give a notification for when you get essence now.

## Fixes:
- Raids now respect the type two essence setting in `tcg.cfg`
- [16945]( Raids no longer randomize a Pokémon's form on catch
- [17421]( Disenchanting cards now properly adds essence
- [17398]( Water essence can now be gained
- [17400]( Hisuian-Goodra has the same abilities as kalosian form
- [16337]( RequireHM config does not work for Gen1 Pokémon

##### Battle Fixes:
- [17092]( Hidden Power is always normal type when used in G/Dmax
- [17336]( When a pokemon has Mold Breaker, Turboblaze or Teravolt uses a damaging move on a Zorua/Zoroark, the illusion will not wear off
- [17226]( Weather Ball with Normalium-Z does not apply z-crystal power increase when there is battle-weather present.
- [17225]( Fell Stinger does not act as a physical contact move.
- Rollout now properly consumes PP.
- [17204]( Metronome can call moves it shouldn't, such as Max/G-Moves, and more.
- [17095]( Contrary ability not causing the opposite effect as it should.
- [17089]( Z-Mirror Move does not deal damage when copying opponents move
- [17071]( Some multi-hit moves are removing multiple shields on raids