Below is a list of the most asked questions to get help for. To get an answer to any of these topics, please click on the question to get the answer.

Yes. In order to use this Launcher and play any of the ModPacks within the Launcher you will need to have bought Minecraft and have a paid account. If you don't have a Minecraft account, then please go here to get one. We do this because we need to verify that you hold a paid account to download minecraft.jar and other related files in order to get the packs working. That and the fact that we don't support piracy.

If you find that your mod has appeared in one/some of the ModPacks in the Launcher, this is because of the way the Launcher works. Some mods that we have permissions to distribute we do so, other mods which haven't given us distribution rights we don't distribute your mod files. Instead we link the users to your download link, whether it's hosted on AdFly, MediaFire, your server or any other place. The user then goes through the install process on their own and places the file in a certain folder and the Launcher does the rest.

By doing this, it negates the need to seek permission as we aren't distributing the mod in any way. If you are however unhappy with your mod being in any of these packs, please contact us or chat to RyanTheAllmighty#0001 on Discord.

This means you have entered your username or password incorrectly. Double check your username and make sure you entered your password in correctly. Also make sure your caps lock key isn't on.

This means you have migrated your Minecraft account to a Mojang account and need to login with the email address that is now associated with your Mojang account.

If you have a modpack you want on the launcher then you can visit our Get A Pack page and read up on what you need to submit and once done you can submit it there for us to take a look at.

If you wish to contact us then you can contact us here or chat with us on Discord.

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