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To apply to have your pack included in the ATLauncher, please fill out the form below and click submit. If you have any questions please contact us. But please note that ModPack submissions will only be accepted from this form, any submissions done via any other means will not be accepted.

If your pack is approved you will then get access to our admin panel where you can begin to create your pack using our system. You may want to make yourself familiar with our XML system by reading our wiki in order to get an idea into how to create a pack.

We try to get all valid submissions responded to within a day. If you wish to find out about the status of your application, then please feel free to contact us about it.

If your pack is accepted, we will add you to our pack developers room in our Discord server, where you can get help and talk to other pack developers, as well as get support from the ATLauncher team. So if you haven't already, please join our Discord server and put your username in your submission to make this process easier.

To make sure that your pack is accepted, please be sure to take your time creating the description and go into detail as to what makes your pack unique and why we should accept it. Since ATLauncher is a curated platform where not just anybody can get a pack, making sure that your description is as detailed as possible will ensure that your pack gets approved.

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