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"3RD LIFE" is a modpack that was inspired by the popular YouTube series called "One Life." The main objective of the modpack is to survive in Minecraft's Hardcore mode with only three lives and no heart regeneration enabled. The modpack can be played either solo or with friends, but the ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible.

The modpack includes a variety of vanilla-like mobs, both passive and hostile, that will try to kill the player. These mobs are much stronger than their vanilla counterparts, so players must be cautious and strategic when engaging with them. Additionally, the modpack features unique biomes, structures, and items to enhance the gameplay experience.

If the player dies three times, they will be put into spectator mode until they create a new world. This means that the player will not be able to interact with the world and must watch from a distance. This penalty adds a new level of difficulty to the game, making it more challenging for players to survive.

Overall, "3RD LIFE" is a challenging and exciting Minecraft modpack that offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience for players. Whether playing alone or with friends, surviving with only three lives is a true test of skill and strategy.

This pack includes many of the popular mods for 1.16.5, here are some of the mods:

YUNG's Mods
Macaw's Mods
Farmer's Delight
Grapple Hooks
Iron Chests
Just Enough Items
Mowzie's Mobs
Netherite Horse Armor
Biomes O Plenty

You can find a full list of mods used in this pack over at our technic page.


FORGE: The latest version of Forge for 1.16.5 should work, but in the case it breaks an older mod in this modpack, the version I have currently packaged with the modpack is forge-36.2.28-installer.jar


I'd personally recommend the use of Optifine ( (make sure for 1.16.5) and some shaders if your system can handle them to bring out the best with this modpack and Minecraft.

Sponsored by BisectHosting

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Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.16.5
There have been 1,347 installs of this pack.
There have been 100 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1.04 years of this pack.

3 lives (1.0.0)

Minecraft with 3 lives.

By: supermj767

Abnormals Core (3.3.1)

The library mod used by all Abnormals mods. Adds support for various types o...

By: Team Abnormals

Adds compatibility between mods by Team Abnormals and Farmer's Delight by ve...

By: Team Abnormals

Abundance (1.0.5)

New flowers and flowery biomes!

By: Team Aurora

Replaces standard advancement toasts with fancy plaques.

By: Grend

Small adjustements and improvements to AI logic focusing on optimizations for in...

By: QueenOfMissiles

Alex's Mobs (1.12.1)

New, original, engaging, and aesthetic mobs for Minecraft.

By: Alexthe666

Allurement (1.2.1)

Allurement adds a selection of new enchantments to help diversify gear later...

By: Team Abnormals

Ambient Sounds (3.1.11)

Expands minecraft's ambient sounds.

By: CreativeMD

A mod that adds new stylish and unique building blocks

By: Snakeblock, THX, Smash Brothers, Orisghost, Mista Jub, Jsburg

Architectury (1.32.66)

A intermediary api aimed to ease developing multiplatform mods.

By: shedaniel

We think Minecraft needs a complete upgrade to the current weaponry, so with my...

By: Romain, MCreator

This mod adds carts that can be pulled by other entities to the game. To attach...

By: MennoMax, pau101

Atum 2 (1.16.5-2.2.12)

Atum 2 is a dimension mod that opens up a whole new desert dimension that co...

By: Shadowclaimer, Girafi

AutoRegLib (1.6-49)

Automatically item, block, and model registration for mods.

By: Vazkii

Autumnity (2.1.2)

An autumn-themed mod with new biomes and friendly snails.

By: Team Abnormals

Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft

By: lazynessmind

A swampy new biome!

By: Team Aurora

Bedspreads (property(class java.lang.String, map(provider(?))

Allows players to add banner patterns to their beds!

By: C4

Berry Good (4.1.2)

Makes sweet berries less annoying to eat and adds more berry related content

By: Team Abnormals

Better Advancements (

Improvements to the advancements screen.

By: way2muchnoise

Better Badlands (2.0.3)

Badlands, but better

By: Team Aurora

Biomes O' Plenty (

Adds over 50 new biomes, blocks, and more!

By: Forstride, Adubbz

Bisect Hosting Menu (1.16.5-1.3)

BisectHosting Server List Integration Menu for Modpacks [FORGE ONLY]

By: BisectHosting

Bookshelf (10.4.32)

A library for building other mods.

By: Darkhax

Bountiful (Bountiful-1.16.4-3.3.1.jar)

Bountiful adds bounty boards and bounties to the game.

By: Ejektaflex (code, item/gui art), AkiShirai (block art)

Buzzier Bees (3.0.3)

Buzzier Bees expands on the content introduced in 1.15, introducing candles,...

By: Team Abnormals

Catalogue (1.6.1-1.16.5)

Updates Forge's mod list with a new and improved design

By: MrCrayfish

CaveBiomeAPI (1.16.5-1.4.2)

This mod works as a tool that allows the creation and generation of Cave Bio...

By: BlackGear

Caves and Cliffs Backport (1.16.5-7.2.0)

This mod introduces the new features from the Caves and Cliffs Part I and Pa...

By: BlackGear

Chisel (2.0.1-alpha.4)

Adds in tons of fancy blocks for decoration, crafted using the Chisel.

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr, Tovlyn

Chocolate Fix (chocolate-1.3.0-1.16.4.jar)

*Vanilla is good - but chocolate is better. ;)* This mod exists to fix...

By: AlcatrazEscapee

Citadel (citadel-1.8.1-1.16.5.jar)

A shared code library for many of Alexthe666's mods. Code used from LLibrary wit...

By: Alexthe666

An API for config screens.

By: Unknown

Clumps (

Clumps xp orbs together.

By: Jaredlll08

Collective (5.34)

Collective is a shared library with common code for all of Serilum's mods.

By: Rick South

Comforts (task ':jar' property 'archiveVersion')

Adds sleeping bags and hammocks for, respectively, portability and turning day t...

By: C4

Controlling (

Adds the ability to search for keybinds using their name in the KeyBinding menu,...

By: Jaredlll08

A simple mod to share advancements between all players on a server.

By: Grend

Craftable Saddles (Craftable Saddles [1.16 All]-1.3.jar)

A Mod that adds crafting recipes for saddles and other horse related stuff

By: alexdaum1

CreativeCore (CreativeCore_v2.2.1_mc1.16.5.jar)

A simple but powerful coremod.

By: CreativeMD


Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and muc...

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

Curios API (property(class java.lang.String, provider(?)))

A flexible and expandable accessory/equipment API for users and developers.

By: C4

Decorative Blocks (decorative_blocks-1.16.4-1.7.2.jar)

A small mod that adds several new decorative blocks.

By: stohun, lilypuree

Decorative Blocks modded compat (decorative_blocks_abnormals-1.2.jar)

Adds blocks made with wood from upgrade aquatic, endergetic expansion, autumnity...

By: evo, lilypuree

Default Options (DefaultOptions_1.16.5-12.2.1.jar)

A way for modpacks to ship a default (key) configuration without having to inclu...

By: BlayTheNinth

Double Slabs (3.7.3)

Allows different slab types to be placed on top of each other

By: CJMinecraft, Pitspower

Damn, what a drippy loading screen! COPYRIGHT: > Drippy Loading Screen © Copyr...

By: Keksuccino

Adds a variety of §6sound§r and §6visual§r effects to improve your Minecraft exp...

By: §6OreCruncher§r

End Remastered (5.0.3-R-1.16.5)

End Remastered makes your Minecraft experience more challenging by emphasizing t...

By: Team Remastered

Enhanced Celestials (2.0.9-1.16.5)

A minecraft mod adding new Lunar Events!

By: Corgi Taco

Environmental (1.1.1)

Expanding the environment. New wood, new blocks, new friends.

By: Team Abnormals

Adds additional tooltips when hovering over equipment for easy comparisons.

By: Grend

Extra Boats (2.1.1)

Adds some new kinds of boats to make ocean exploration more interesting.

By: Team Abnormals

Extra Golems (16.5.2)

Adds dozens of golems to the minecraft universe, each with unique textures and a...

By: skyjay1 and the MMD Team

FancyMenu (1.0.0)

Give your life a fancy touch. You deserve it. COPYRIGHT: > FancyMenu © Copyrig...

By: Keksuccino

Farmer's Delight (1.16.5-0.6.0)

A lightweight farming and cooking expansion for Minecraft!

By: vectorwing

Farmer's Delight Compats (farmersdelightintegrations-1.16.5-1.2.jar)

Adds Farmer's Delight integration to many different mods. Additional credits: v...

By: burritoeatinghamster

GeckoLib (3.0.104)

GeckoLib is an animation engine for Minecraft Mods, with support for complex 3D...

By: Gecko, Eliot, AzureDoom, Chappie, DerToaster

Global GameRules (GlobalGameRules-1.16.5-

A mod that allows for global gamerules when a world is loaded

By: Gory_Moon

Grapple Hooks (grapple_hooks-1.2.2-33.jar)

Adds seven fully working grappling hooks to your Minecraft.

By: Intektor, diesieben07

Hats (10.3.3)

You get a hat, and you get a hat, everybody gets a hat!

By: iChun

Hourglass (1.16.5-

Hourglass is a Minecraft Forge mod that gives you control over the passage of ti...

By: DuckyCrayfish

Iceberg (1.0.45)

A library containing events, helpers, and utilities to make modding easier.

By: Grend

iChunUtil (10.6.1)

Shared library mod required by most of iChun's Mods. If the first versio...

By: iChun

Improved Backpacks (

Cool Backpacks that can be improved with iron, gold, etc. [New] Baubles Integrat...

By: Socolio and DreenDex

A community-driven Vanilla+ mod that expands the Nether beyond the Nether Update...

By: nekomaster1000

Inventory Tweaks Renewed (invtweaks-1.16.4-1.0.1.jar)

Inventory Tweaks, but for modern versions of Minecraft.

By: Yuitakaa(Maintainer), StanleyMines(Contributor), Landmaster (Original Author)

Iron Chests (11.2.21)

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw, alexbegt, progwml6

Jade (2.8.3)

HWYLA addons

By: Snownee

JourneyMap (5.8.5p6)

JourneyMap: Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore. JourneyMap...

By: Techbrew, Mysticdrew

Just Enough Items (

JEI is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft, built from the ground up fo...

By: mezz

Kiwi (3.6.1)

Minecraft modding library

By: Snownee

Konkrete (1.0.0)

COPYRIGHT: Konkrete Copyright © 2020-2022 Keksuccino. Konkrete is licensed unde...

By: Keksuccino

Kotlin for Forge (1.17.0)

Kotlin for Forge. Allows mods to use the Kotlin programming language.

By: TheDarkColour

Kotlin Libraries (kotlin_libraries-1.0-6.jar)

Contains the kotlin libraries for mods that just want to use kotlin and nothing...

By: Intektor

Makes DataFixerUpper more lazy

By: tuxed

More Crafting Tables for Forge! (MoreCraftingTables1.16.5.jar)

A simple mod that adds more variables to the Crafting Table according to every t...

By: P3NG00 = Original creator of the mod for Fabric 852Duarte = Ported for Forge

Mowzie's Mobs (1.5.27)

Mowzie's Mobs adds a variety of high-quality fantasy creatures to your Minecraft...

By: BobMowzie, pau101

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (cfm-7.0.0pre22-1.16.3.jar)

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod is all about adding functioning furniture and decorat...

By: MrCrayfish

Nature's Compass (NaturesCompass-1.16.5-1.9.1-forge.jar)

Search for a biome and get information about it.

By: ChaosTheDude

Neapolitan (2.2.1)

Adds new flavors and fruits to create tasty Ice Creams, Milkshakes, Cakes, a...

By: Team Abnormals

NeptuneFX (NeptuneFX-1.16.x-1.0.4.jar)

Custom GUI rendering library used by some of Jomcraft Network's mods

By: PT400C - Jomcraft Network

Netherite Horse Armor Mod (netheritehorsearmor-1.7.jar)

Adds a netherite horse armor. That's it. Have fun. Update Link: https://www.curs...

By: Louie Cai

NetherPortalFix (NetherPortalFix_1.16.3-7.2.1.jar)

Ensures correct destinations when travelling back and forth through Nether Porta...

By: BlayTheNinth

OAuth (1.1.14)

Adds the ability to relogin without closing your game. It includes legacy userna...

By: Sintinium

OldJavaWarning (OldJavaWarning-1.16.5-7.0.1.jar)

Detect and warns against Java installation issues.

By: Darkhax

OpenLoader (9.0.3)

An open source data and resource loader.

By: Darkhax

Orcinus's Caves (orcinusscaves-1.3.jar)

This mod essentially adds bigger generation of caves

By: Orcinus

Passthrough Signs (PassthroughSigns-1.16.4-2.3.7.jar)

By: Girafi, dmillerw

Placebo (4.7.0)

1 (one) library boi

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Polymorph (task ':jar' property 'archiveVersion')

No more recipe conflicts! Adds an option to choose the crafting result if more t...

By: C4

Quark (r2.4-322)

Small things.

By: Vazkii, Wiiv, WireSegal, MCVinnyq

A mod that improves and expands on illagers through new structures, enemies...

By: Team Abnormals

Save My Stronghold! (Forge) (SaveMyStronghold-1.16.4-1.0.jar)

A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves...


Scaling Health (4.1.5+11)

Extra health and damage for players and mobs. Highly customizable difficulty sys...

By: SilentChaos512, cyborgmas

Seasonals (1.16.5-2.0.3)

Addon for Neapolitan that adds seasonal flavors, including pumpkin and sweet ber...

By: Uraneptus, EltrutLikes, cosmicgelatin

Adds a load of things to keep your house safe with and defend yourself from atta...

By: Geforce132, bl4ckscor3, Redstone_Dubstep

Selene (1.16.5-1.0)

A small library that allows to make custom map markers, first and third person a...

By: MehVahdJukaar

Shutup Experimental Settings! (shutupexperimentalsettings-1.0.3.jar)

Turns off the annoying experimental settings prompt before creating a world.

By: Corgi Taco & RdvDev2

Silent Lib (silentlib) (silent-lib-1.16.5-4.10.0.jar)

Shared library for Silent's mods

By: SilentChaos512

Simple Grinder (simplegrinder-16.5.1.jar)

Simple Macerator

By: Love, Cheese and small house plants

Simple RPC (3.2.0)

A simple discord RPC plugin for modpacks

By: HypherionMC

Small Ships (smallships-1.16.5-1.10.1.jar)

This Mod adds vanilla friendly Ships into Minecraft.

By: talhanation

Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ (SnowRealMagic-1.16.4-2.5.7.jar)

Tweak vanilla snow layer.

By: Snownee

Sound Device Options (sounddeviceoptions-1.4.3.jar)

Sound Device Options allows you to change the sound device while the game is run...

By: ichttt

Spartan Shields (SpartanShields-1.16.5-2.1.2.jar)

Spartan Shields adds a variety of new shields to Minecraft.

By: ObliviousSpartan

Statues (Statues-1.16.5-

Just a little functional decoration.

By: ShyNieke, Mrbysco

Structure Gel API (structure_gel-1.16.5-1.7.7.jar)

An API mod to improve the developer side of structure gen

By: Silver_David, KingPhygieBoo, Jonathing

Supplementaries (supplementaries-1.16.5-0.15.2b.jar)

Many functional and useful Vanilla+ blocks

By: MehVahdJukaar, Plantkillable

SwingThroughGrass (swingthroughgrass-1.16.4-1.5.3.jar)

Don't let the grass be between you and your prey!

By: Exidex

The Endergetic Expansion (endergetic-1.16.4-3.0.0.jar)

Ever since the end was first introduced to the game it's always been a dull...

By: Team Abnormals

The Irregular Chef: An UNOFFICIAL compat mod for Team Abnormals, Farmer's Deligh...

By: DavigJ

The Outer End (OuterEnd-0.2.14.jar)

The Outer End is an end mod

By: A lot of people

Toast Control (Toast-Control-1.16.4-4.3.1.jar)

Blocking annoying popups since 1.12

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Torch Slabs Mod (torchslabmod-1.16.4_v1.6.19.jar)

A mod that allows the placement of torches & lanterns onto slab blocks, the side...

By: EndlesNights

Trapcraft (Trapcraft-1.16.5-3.3.0.jar)

Addeds new blocks to create traps with, (Fan, Bear Trap, Igniter, Magnetic C...

By: ProPercivalalb, Stewiecraft

Tree Harvester is a minimalistic configurable mod which allows harvesting trees...

By: Rick South

Upgrade Aquatic (upgrade_aquatic-1.16.5-3.1.0.jar)

A mod that improves upon the content of 1.13 Update Aquatic.

By: Team Abnormals

Upgraded Core (1.16.5-

Upgraded Core

By: Rolfmao25

Upgraded Netherite (1.16.5-

Give some love to your Netherite !

By: Rolfmao25

Waystones (Waystones_1.16.5-7.6.3.jar)

Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.

By: BlayTheNinth

Windowlogging (windowlogging-mc1.16.3_v0.0.4.jar)

Windowlogging, ported from Create 1.14.4

By: Simibubi, Grimmauld

Wolves With Armor (1.1.0-1.16.2)

Wolves With Armor adds special armor items for wolves (and a few extra utilities...

By: Draylar

YUNG's API (Forge) (YungsApi-1.16.4-Forge-12.jar)

API Library for YUNG's minecraft mods.


A complete redesign of Minecraft's dungeons like never before. YUNG's Better Dun...


A long-awaited and much-needed abandoned mineshaft overhaul!


A complete redesign of Minecraft's strongholds



3RD LIFE | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!
V4 - Out of Beta

Old worlds should be compatible with this update, however its not a garantree

+ AI Improvements (0.4.0 → 0.5.0)
+ Architectury API (1.29.51 → 1.32.66)
+ Atum 2: Return to the Sands (2.2.10 → 2.2.12)
+ Better Advancements ( →
+ Biomes O' Plenty ( →
+ Bookshelf (10.4.31 → 10.4.32)
+ Catalogue (1.5.0 → 1.6.1)
+ Cloth Config API (4.14.54 → 4.16.91)
+ Clumps ( →
+ Collective (4.0 → 5.45)
+ Comforts ( →
+ Cooperative Advancements (1.2.1 → 1.3.0)
+ Curios API ( →
+ Double Slabs (3.7.2 → 3.7.3)
+ Drippy Loading Screen (1.5.1 → 1.6.6)
+ End Remastered (5.0.1-R → 5.0.3-R)
+ Equipment Compare (1.2.7 → 1.3.2)
+ FancyMenu (2.6.3 → 2.13.2)
+ Farmer's Delight (0.5.4 → 0.6.0)
+ GeckoLib (3.0.65 → 3.0.104)
+ Iceberg (1.0.38 → 1.0.45)
+ iChunUtil (10.5.1 → 10.6.1)
+ Improved Backpacks ( →
+ Infernal Expansion (2.4.0 → 2.5.0)
+ Jade (2.8.1 → 2.8.3)
+ JourneyMap (5.8.0beta15 → 5.8.5p6)
+ Just Enough Items ( →
+ Konkrete (1.3.3 → 1.6.0)
+ Kotlin for Forge (1.16.0 → 1.17.0)
+ Minecraft Forge (36.2.28 → 36.2.39)
+ Moonlight Lib (1.6.1 → 1.9.0)
+ Mowzie's Mobs (1.5.19 → 1.5.27)
+ Neapolitan (2.1.0 → 2.2.1)
+ OAuth (1.06.1 → 1.1.14)
+ Placebo (4.6.0 → 4.7.0)
+ Polymorph (0.25 → 0.41)
+ Quark (r2.4-316 → r2.4-322)
+ Savage & Ravage (3.1.0 → 3.2.0)
+ Scaling Health (4.0.5+5 → 4.1.5+11)
+ Seasonals (2.0.0 → 2.0.3)
+ Security Craft (v1.8.23 → v1.9.4)
+ Simple Discord RPC (2.3.1 → 3.2.0)

+ Added the ability to rent a Minecraft server using our partner BisectHosting find it in the multiplayer screen.
+ Fixed main menu music behaviour.
+ Fixed an issue when using Atem´s Homecoming across dimensions.
+ Fixed player capes not rendering during player animations.
+ Fixed server files not download due to curseforge api change.
+ Fixed Skeletons not spawning sometimes.
+ Removed the "recommended pack" button.
+ Removed Mojang auth login method.
+ JEI MaxColumns are not set to 20 by default.
+ Updated SimpleRPC file
+ UI tweaks.
+ Re-designed the splashscreen.
+ Performace improvments.

+ BisectHosting Server Integration Menu
+ Open Loader
+ Configured

+ Load My Resources
+ Macaw's Doors
+ Macaw's Bridges
+ Macaw's Bridges - Environmental
+ Macaw's Bridge - Betterlands
+ Macaw's Bridges - Buzzierbees
+ Macaw's Bridges - Biome O' Plenty
+ Macaw's Fences and Walls
+ Macaw's Lights and Lamps
+ Macaw's Roofs
+ Macaw's Roofs - Biomes O' Plenty
+ Macaw's Trapdoors
+ Macaw's Windows
+ Extended Bone Meal
+ Hidden Recipe Book
+ YUNG's Better Caves
+ YUNG's Bridges
+ Bamboo Blocks
+ JourneyMap Integration
+ OptiGUI
+ OptiFine

Report any bugs & issues over at our GitHub Tracker


3RD LIFE | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Minecraft Forge (36.2.22 → 36.2.28)
+ Architect's Palette (1.1.4 → 1.1.5)
+ Architectury API (1.26.37 → 1.29.51)
+ Atum 2: Return to the Sands (2.2.9 → 2.2.10)
+ Bedspreads ( →
+ Berry Good (4.1.1 → 4.1.2)
+ Biomes O' Plenty ( →
+ Blueprint (3.2.0 → 3.3.1)
+ Bookshelf (10.2.27 → 10.4.31)
+ Buzzier Bees (3.0.1 → 3.0.3)
+ Catalogue (1.3.0 → 1.5.0)
+ CaveBiomeAPI (1.3.7 → 1.4.2)
+ Caves & Cliffs Backport (63 → 7.2.0)
+ Cloth Config API (4.11.26 → 4.14.54)
+ Clumps ( →
+ Collective (2.59 → 4.0)
+ Comforts ( →
+ Controlling ( →
+ Cooperative Advancements (1.1 → 1.2.1)
+ Curios API ( →
+ Double Slabs (3.7.1 → 3.7.2)
+ Drippy Loading Screen (1.4.2 → 1.5.1)
+ Dynamic Surroundings ( →
+ End Remastered (R4.1.1 → 5.0.1-R)
+ Enhanced Celestials (2.0.7 → 2.0.9)
+ Environmental (1.1.0 → 1.1.1)
+ Equipment Compare (1.2.0 → 1.2.7)
+ Extra Boats (2.1.0 → 2.1.1)
+ Extra Golems (11.3.1 → 16.5.2)
+ FancyMenu (2.4.3 → 2.6.3)
+ Farmer's Delight (0.4.6 → 0.5.4)
+ GeckoLib (3.0.46 → 3.0.65)
+ Hats (10.3.1 → 10.3.3)
+ Hourglass ( →
+ Iceberg (1.0.3 → 1.0.38)
+ iChunUtil (10.4.1 → 10.5.1)
+ Iron Chests (11.2.13 → 11.2.21)
+ Jade (2.7.4 → 2.8.1)
+ JourneyMap (5.7.3 → 5.8.0 Beta 15)
+ JourneyMap Integration (0.4-210.8-45
+ Just Enough Items ( →
+ Kiwi (3.5.2 → 3.6.1)
+ Konkrete (1.3.2 → 1.3.3)
+ Kotlin for Forge (1.14.0 → 1.16.0)
+ Macaw's Lights and Lamps (1.0.0 → 1.0.2)
+ Macaw's Roofs (2.0.1 → 2.1.0)
+ Upgraded Netherite (1.10.0 →

+ Fixed an issue with the latest Java 8 build.
+ Fixed "More Packs" and CurseForge button URLs.
+ Added Dead Light Z and Mod Options button to the in-game pause menu.
+ Disabled quarks clock nerf feature.
+ Disabled quarks color runes.
+ Main Menu will now scale to the users screen much better than before.
+ Changed Minecraft default font.
+ Renamed CurseForge pack profile from AMPZ 3RD Life to 3RD Life.

+ Macaw's Bridges - Biome O' Plenty
+ Macaw's Bridges - Buzzier Bees
+ Macaw's Bridge - Betterlands
+ Macaw's Bridges - Environmental
+ Macaw's Roofs - Biomes O' Plenty
+ Improved Backpacks (Press # to open)
+ Fresh Animations (OptiFine required)
+ Load My Resources

+ Backpacked
+ Backpacker
+ Better Animations Collection

Report any bugs & issues over at our GitHub Tracker


3RD LIFE | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Minecraft Forge (36.2.2 → 36.2.22)
+ Abnormals Delight (1.2.0 → 1.2.1)
+ Advancement Plaques (1.4.0 → 1.4.1)
+ AI Improvements (0.3.0 → 0.4.0)
+ Alex's Mobs (1.12.0 → 1.12.1)
+ Allurement (1.2.0 → 1.2.1)
+ AmbientSounds 4 (3.1.9 → 3.1.11)
+ Architectury API (1.22.32 → 1.26.37)
+ Atum 2: Return to the Sands (2.2.7 → 2.2.9)
+ Autumnity (2.1.1 → 2.1.2)
+ Bamboo Blocks (3.0.0 → 3.0.1)
+ Macaw's Doors (1.0.3 → 1.0.5)
+ Macaw's Bridges (1.0.6 → 2.0.1)
+ Macaw's Fences and Walls (1.0.0 → 1.0.2)
+ Macaw's Trapdoors (1.0.2 → 1.0.4)
+ Macaw's Windows (2.0.0 → 2.0.2)
+ FancyMenu (2.2.2-2 → 2.4.3)
+ DrippyLoadingScreen (1.1.0-2 → 1.4.2)
+ Konkrete (1.1.6 → 1.3.2)
+ Infernal Expansion (2.2.0 → 2.4.0)

+ Patch a recent security vulnerability affecting Minecraft.
+ Updated Server files.
+ Server Files are now using our new SIMPLE FILES setup.
+ Fixed a typo with one of the loading tips.
+ Tweaked the Main Menu scaling to adapt to the users screen.
+ Disabled the Java warning pop up.
+ Updated Main Menu CurseForge link
+ Minor Changes to the Splash Screen.

+ YUNG's Bridges (Forge)
+ Wolves With Armor

+ Not Enough Crashes

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3RD LIFE | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

Initial BETA Release.

Report any bugs & issues over at