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AMPZ REBORN modpack consists of various tech mods that uses a standardized electrical system, brining technology and exciting possibilities into Minecraft. Enjoy the most realistic and cohesive tech experience!

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by using my Promo Code, I receive a small commission which helps support the future development of this project.


FORGE: The latest version of Forge for 1.12.2 should work, but in the case it breaks an older mod in this modpack, the version I have currently packaged with the modpack is forge-1.12.2-

OPTIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: I'd personally recommend the use of Optifine ( (make sure for 1.12.2) and some shaders if your system can handle them to bring out the best with this modpack and Minecraft.

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Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.12.2
There have been 2,100 installs of this pack.
There have been 111 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 1.39 years of this pack.

AgriCraft (2.12.0-1.12.0-a6)

Agricultural farming extended.

By: - InfinityRaider

Applied Energistics 2 (rv6-stable-7)

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2

AutoRegLib (1.3-32)

Automatically item, block, and model registration for mods.

By: Vazkii

An improvement to the Advancementscreen

By: way2muchnoise

BetterFps (BetterFps-1.4.8.jar)

Performance Improvements

By: Guichaguri

A better invalid session kick message

By: kmecpp

Enable reception of compressed packets bigger than 2097152 bytes.

By: ElNounch

Biomes O' Plenty (

Adds over 50 new biomes, blocks, and more!

By: Adubbz, Amnet, Cheeserolls, Forstride, ted80

BNBGamingLib (2.17.6)

Shared library between all BNBGaming mods.

By: Blargerist, superckl

bspkrsCore (

Shared classes used in the mods maintained by bspkrs and others.

By: DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius, BlueAnanas, ZenCoder, vrackfall, Rires_Magica

BuildCraft Lib (all-

Library mod used by buildcraft.

By: SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team

Chameleon (4.1.3)

Shared code and render support for mods. Used by jaquadro's mods.

By: jaquadro

ChickenASM (

A small lib for ASM related shenanigans. Basically all the things from CCL Strip...

By: Unknown

Chisel (

Adds in tons of fancy blocks for decoration, crafted using the Chisel.

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

Restores the classic feel of Minecraft combat.

By: WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly

Client Tweaks (3.1.11)

There, I fixed Minecraft for you.

By: BlayTheNinth

CodeChicken Lib (

CodeChickenLib is a library of systems to help make various aspects of minecraft...

By: ChickenBones, covers1624

CoFH Core (

Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecra...

By: Team CoFH

CoFH World (

Provides advanced and highly customizable world generation capabilities.

By: Team CoFH

Controlling (3.0.10)

Gives people more Control of the key binding screen.

By: Jaredlll08

Completely Customize the way others see you play in Discord!

By: CDA_Gaming

Crash To Main Menu (1.12.2-1.0.0)

Makes Minecraft crash to the Main Menu on world-related crashes.

By: WildBamaBoy

CTM (MC1.12.2-

Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and much mo...

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

A library of shared code and functionality used by my mods.

By: BlakeBr0

Ender IO (5.2.66)

Compact conduits, painted things and all sorts of stuff and bling.

By: CrazyPants, tterrag, HenryLoenwind, MatthiasM, CyanideX, EpicSquid

EnderCore (1.12.2-0.5.76)

Library mod used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and others

By: tterrag, CrazyPants, HenryLoenwind

EnderStorage (

Stores your stuff in the END!

By: ChickenBones, covers1624

Extra Utilities 2 (${version})

A bunch of useful things.

By: RWTema

Extreme Reactors (1.12.2-

Adds large, multiblock power generation machines to Minecraft. Compatible with R...

By: ErogenousBeef, ZeroNoRyouki, ABookFreak

Falling Tree (2.4.0)

Change the way you cut tress.

By: RakSrinaNa

FancyMenu (1.7.1)

Give your life a fancy touch. You deserve it. COPYRIGHT: > FancyMenu © Co...

By: Keksuccino

Questionable "performance improvements" that are not in Forge for probably very...

By: asiekierka

Forge Multipart CBE (

Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one blo...

By: ChickenBones

Activates fullscreen windowed mode for Minecraft

By: Hancin

Guide-API (1.12-2.1.8-63)

Simple mod guide creation.

By: Tombenpotter, TehNut

GunpowderLib (1.12.2-1.1)

A support library for Jackyy's mods.

By: Jackyy

ICBM - Classic (4.0.1b75)

Explosives, Missiles, and More!!!

By: DarkGuardsman

iChunUtil (1.12.2-7.2.2)

Shared library mod required by several of iChun's Mods.

By: iChun

A tech based mod focused on realism.

By: BluSunrize, Damien A.W. Hazard

A small reinvention of Minefactory Reloaded.

By: Buuz135

InfinityLib (1.12.0)

Library mod for InfinityRaider's mods

By: InfinityRaider

Integration Foregoing (1.12.2-1.11)

An addon mod for Industrial Foregoing!

By: Jackyy, Buuz135

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic re...

By: Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

A mod that does those "little things".

By: Zlepper, Paint_Ninja


Just A Ore Processing Compatibility Attempt

By: TheLMiffy1111

JAOPCAAgriculture (JAOPCAAgriculture-1.12.2-

Just A Ore Processing Compatibility Attempt: Agriculture

By: TheLMiffy1111

JourneyMap (5.7.1)

JourneyMap is a client+server mod for Forge which maps your Minecraft world in r...

By: Unknown

Just Enough HarvestCraft (JEHC) (just-enough-harvestcraft-1.12.2-1.7.2.jar)

Just Enough Items (JEI) integration for Pam's HarvestCraft.

By: mrapplexz

Just Enough Items (

Simple recipe and item helper.

By: mezz

A JEI addon for Extreme Reactors

By: The_BrainStone

Adds Resources and Mob Drops to JEI

By: way2muchnoise

JustEnoughIDs (1.0.3-55)

Use the 1.13 chunk format in 1.12 to remove block, item, and biome ID limits. T...

By: Runemoro, ZombieHDGaming

Anti-Cheat for the Kinetic Network

By: GameGunner5, SleepingTea, AtlasTheFirst

Konkrete (1.1.5)

COPYRIGHT: Konkrete Copyright © 2020-2021 Keksuccino. Konkrete is licensed unde...

By: Keksuccino

Loading Screens (0.3.1)

A mod for creating custom loading screens

By: Blargerist

Mantle (

Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others.

By: boni, progWML6, Alexbegt

A mod that dwells within matter and energy.

By: Horizon Studio, Coded, Buuz135, Simeon Radivoev, Shadowfacts, Dev_Osmium

MCMultiPart (2.5.3)

A universal multipart API for modern Minecraft

By: amadornes

Mekanism (1.12.2-

Tools and Machines

By: aidancbrady, thommy101, thiakil, pupnewfster, dizzyd

Mekanism: Generators (1.12.2-

Generators module for Mekanism

By: aidancbrady, thommy101, thiakil, pupnewfster, dizzyd

Mekanism: Tools (1.12.2-

Tools module for Mekanism

By: aidancbrady, thommy101, thiakil, pupnewfster, dizzyd

Modern Warfare (

Modern Warfare Mod

By: Vic4Games

Modular Forcefields mod.

By: nekosune

Adds over 80 unique pieces of furniture to the game!

By: MrCrayfish

MrTJPCore (

Core libs and utilities

By: MrTJP, covers1624

An addon for Mystical Agriculture.

By: BlakeBr0

Adds Resource Crops, Armor, Tools, and other fun stuff!

By: BlakeBr0

Numina (1.12.2-1.0.38)

A common library of useful functions and utilities for dealing with Minecraft's...

By: MachineMuse

Warns about old Java..

By: Darkhax

OMLib (3.1.4-249)

Lib for OMT and its companion mods!

By: Poenjabiesous, Keridos

Open Modular Turrets (3.1.12-378)

All a man needs are meat ingots, and big ass turrets. Adds a heap of new turrets...

By: Poenjabiesous, UntouchedWagons, Keridos

OpenBlocks (1.8.1)

All the things you never thought you will ever need

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

OpenModsLib (0.12.2)

Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

Expanding minecraft's food system.

By: Pamela Collins

Placebo (1.12.2-1.6.0)

1 library boi

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Redstone enthusiasts' one-stop-shop. Compatibility module for Project Red.

By: MrTJP, covers1624

ProjectRed Core (

Redstone. The way it was meant to be.

By: MrTJP, ChickenBones, covers1624

Redstone enthusiasts' one-stop-shop. Exploration module for Project Red.

By: MrTJP, covers1624

Redstone enthusiasts' one-stop-shop. Illumination module for Project Red.

By: MrTJP, covers1624

Redstone enthusiasts' one-stop-shop. Integration and Transmission modules for Pr...

By: MrTJP, covers1624

Quark (r1.6-179)

Small things.

By: Vazkii, wiiv

Railcraft (12.0.0)

Redefine your rails

By: CovertJaguar

RandomPatches (1.12.2-

A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.

By: TheRandomLabs

ReAuth (3.6.0)

A Mod to renew your Session

By: TechnicianLP

Redstone Flux (

The Redstone Flux API - the cornerstone of Energy Transfer in modded Minecraft s...

By: Team CoFH

Resource Loader (1.5.3)

Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts...

By: lumien

Save My Stronghold! (1.12.2-1.0.0)

A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves...


Kotlin helper library for Forge.

By: shadowfacts

Smooth Font (mc1.12.2-2.1.1)

Draws all fonts smoothly in any scale and also can use any font in your computer...

By: bre2el

Adds smooth scrolling to every list.

By: Danielshe

Storage Drawers (5.4.2)

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.

By: jaquadro

Tesla Core Lib (1.12.2-1.0.17)

Just the most awesome lib mod out there!

By: Face_of_Cat

Thermal Dynamics (

Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - blocks for transporting Items, Fluids, Redsto...

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Expansion (

Expanding Minecraft Thermally - provides new options for automation and processi...

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Foundation (

The Foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

By: Team CoFH

A small mod that gives your tools XP and awards extra modifiers on levelup

By: boni

Tinkers' Construct (

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

By: boni, KnightMiner

Tinkers' Mechworks (1.12.2-1.0.0)

A fork of Tinkers Mechworks to 1.12.2

By: CrankySupertoon, The Tinkers' Guys

Cobblegens, Growth Crystals and Watering Cans and more oh my!

By: Kashdeya, Darkosto, GenDeathrow, ArclightTW

Tips (1.0.9)

Adds information tips to loading screens.

By: Darkhax

Toast Control (1.12.2-1.8.1)

Control what toasts are enabled, because some of them are useless.

By: Shadows_of_Fire

UniDict (1.12.2-3.0.7)

A mod about unifying all the things.

By: WanionCane, ElektroKill

Waila (1.8.26)

You are using Hwyla, a fork of Waila. You can find more information on the Hwyla...

By: ProfMobius, TehNut

An add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you a...

By: squeek

WanionLib (1.12.2-2.5)

Shared Code Library Used by (not)all WanionCane mods!

By: WanionCane

Adding back Agricraft Waila compat

By: Mrbysco

Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition

By: ChickenBones

WrapUp (WrapUp-1.12-1.1.3.jar)

A simple library to wrap up initialization stages.

By: TheLMiffy1111

YUNG's Better Caves (1.12.2-2.0.4)

Overhauled cave generation, underground lakes and rivers, lava oceans, and more!


YUNG's Better Mineshafts (1.12.2-2.2.1)

A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves...


Zero CORE (1.12.2-

Utility mod and multiblock API

By: ZeroNoRyouki


AMPZ REBORN | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Minecraft Forge ( →
+ CraftPresence (1.7.5 → 1.7.6)
+ Buildcraft ( →
+ EnderIO (5.2.65 → 5.2.66)
+ Extreme Reactors ( →
+ FoamFix (0.10.10 → 0.10.11)
+ GunpowderLib (1.0 → 1.1)
+ It's The Little Things (1.0.2 → 1.0.3)
+ Integration Foregoing (1.10 → 1.11)
+ RandomPatches ( →
+ Better Mineshafts (2.1.1 → 2.2.1)
+ ZeroCore 2 ( →
+ UniDict (3.0.6 → 3.0.7)

+ Added our Minecraft Partner affiliate link under a new button called "Rent a Server"
+ MainMenu and Pause Overhaul
+ Moved JourneyMap to the Top Right
+ Moved Tips location to the bottom left of the screen.
+ Better changelog layout
+ Updated loading tips.
+ KAC files updated.

+ FancyMenu
+ Vic's Modern Warfare Mod
+ OldJavaWarning
+ Tips
+ Smooth Scrolling Everywhere
+ JAOPCA Agriculture
+ Quark
+ Client Tweaks
+ FallingTree

+ Custom Main Menu
+ Treecapitator
+ MP Basic
+ MP Utils

Report any bugs & issues over at


AMPZ REBORN | Patch Notes
Be sure to always backup your world(s) before updating!

+ Buildcraft ( →
+ Controlling (3.0.9 → 3.0.10)
+ CraftPresence (1.6.5 → 1.7.5)
+ Ender IO (5.2.59 → 5.2.65)
+ Just Enough Items ( →
+ Open Modular Turrets (3.1.11-372 → 3.1.12-378)
+ RandomPatches ( →
+ UniDict (2.9.6 → 2.9.8)
+ WanionLib (2-2.4 → 2-2.5)
+ YUNG's Better Mineshafts (1.3 → 2.1.1)

+ Renamed Website to GitHub (fetches info from our GitHub page)
+ Updated What's New! button URL
+ Fixed illegal mod issue when connecting to a multiplayer servers
+ Fixed an issue that would happen when starting your own AMPZ server

+ MPUtils
+ MPUtils Basic Tools
+ JustEnoughIDs

+ OptiFine (download from
+ Galacticraft (included in All The Forge and Colony: Lost in Deep Space)

Report any bugs & issues over at

Update History

New Mods:
*Waila harvestability
*Crash to Main Menu
*Fullscreen Windowed
*Just Enough Reactors
*Just Enough HarvestCraft
*Loading Screen
*Save My Stronghold!
*YUNG's Better Mineshafts

*Added a custom graphite recipe seed for Mystical agriculture
*Changed how Discord rich Presence displays info.
*Fixed inferium seeds not planting with cropsticks
*Fixed the following Mysticalagriculture Json files (thanks to @Nukeofwf)
- Grains of infinity
- Tier5 Inferium Plant,
- Tritanium Plant
- Dilithium Plant
- End Steel Plant
*Updated Changelog main menu button to What's New!
*Updated website adress to
*Updated KAC file
*Small logo change

Removed Mods:
*FPS Reducer
*The One Probe
*Chunk Animator
*MPUtils Basic Tools

Mod Updates:
*CraftPresence to V1.6.5
*Galacticraft to V4.0.2.280
*Ender IO to V5.2.59
*EnderCore to V0.5.76
*Immersive Engineering to V0.12-98
*Just Enough Items to V4.15.0.296
*Open Modular Turrets to V3.1.11-372
*RandomPatches to V1.22.0.0
*Smooth Font to V2.1.2
*Storage Drawers to V5.4.2
*YUNG's Better Caves to V2.0.4

Update History

New Mods:
*Matter Overdrive: Legacy Edition
*Toast Control
*FPS Reducer
*Chunk Animator
*Modular Forcefield System

*Attempt to fix error LoaderExceptionModCrash (Technic users only)
*Updated pack logo
*Added a custom graphite recipe seed for Mystical agriculture
*Minor menu improvements

Removed Mods:
*Crash to main menu

Mod Updates:
*Minecraft Forge to V14.23.5.2854
*ICBM Classic to V4.0.0b74
*JourneyMap to V5.7.1
*Buildcraft to V7.99.24.6
*Chisel to V1.0.2.45
*CTM to V1.0.2.31
*CoFHCore to V4.6.6.1
*CoFHWorld to V1.4.0.1
*ICBM to V4.0.1b75
*Storage Drawers to V5.4.1
*Tesla Core Lib to V1.0.17
*IntegrationForegoing to V1.10
*Open Modular Turrets to V3.1.7-368
*RandomPatches to V1.21.0.2
*RedstoneFlux to V2.1.1.1
*Pam's HarvestCraft to V1.12.2zg
*Tinkers Construct to V2.13.0.183
*Thermal Dynamics to V2.5.6.1
*Thermal Expansion to V5.5.7.1
*Thermal Foundation to V2.6.7.1
*Better Caves to V2.0

Update History
3.3 - Recommended Build

New Mods:
*Controllable By MrCrayfish
*Vic's Modern Warfare Mod Ver.
*YUNG's Better Caves
*Classic Combat

*Improved changelog layout
*Tweaked Vic's Modern Warfare mod ores
*Tweaked Vics's Modern Warfare gun behaviour
*Open Modular Turrets recipes now uses Mekanism
*Inferium Essence drop chance for hostile mobs has been changed to 55%.
*Inferium Essence drop chance for passive mobs has been changed to 40%.
*YUNG'S Better cave will no longer generate vanilla caves.
*Increased Galacticraft rocket fuel requirements.
*AMPZ REBORN's logo and name appieres faster when loading modpack
*Lowered the modpack size from 173.24 MB to 169.75 MB
[Appies to newly generated worlds / chunks]

Removed Mods:
*Vic's Modern Warfare Mod Ver. 2.0 beta

Mod Updates:
*Forge to
*Chisel to
*CTM to
*Codechickenlib to
*OptiFine to HD U F4
*Open Modular Turrets to 3.1.4-356
*MrCrayfish Furniture Mod to Ver. 6.3.1
*JEI to Ver.
*Kinetic Anti-Chat to ver.12.3.1
*Galacticraft to
*EnderCore to 0.5.73
*EnderIO to 5.1.52
*Ender Storage to
*Immersive Engineering to 0.12 - 92
*Project Red - Base to
*Project Red - Compat to
*Project Red - Integration to
*Project Red - Lighting to
*Project Red - World to
*SmoothFont to 2.1.1
*MPUtils to 1.5.7
*Iron Chests to
*Mekanism to 98.3.390
*ExtraCells 2 to 2.6.4
*Shadowfacts' Forgelin to 1.8.4
*WanionLib to 2.4
*Wireless Redstone CBE to
Server Files:

Update History

3.2.2 - Patch to Patch previous update

*Fixed Fatally missing registry entries [CurseForge users]
*Updated Server IP


Update History
3.2.1 - Patch Update

*Enabled Dragon Armour
*Railcraft Worldspike

Removed Mods:

Mod Updates:
*Updated Galacticraft to Ver. 1.12.2-
*Updated Buildcraft to Ver.


Update History

3.2 - Squashing bugs

*Added Missing mod: NoMoreRecipeConflict
*Added BetterFPS
*Added ReAuth
*Added Patch Notes Main Menu shortcut

*Tweaked the lootbags Legendary and Epic drop rate
*Main Menu now supports scalling from Auto, Large and Normal

Removed Mods:
*Not Enough Items [JEI now works as a standed mod]

Mod Updates:
*Buildcraft to Ver.
*Applied Energistics 2 to Ver.Rv6 Stable 7
*Biomes O Plenty to Ver.
*CodechickenLib to Ver.
*Just Enough Items (JEI) to Ver.
*Industrial Foregoing to Ver. 1.12.13