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Crundee Craft

Crundee Craft - By SSundee, MrCrainer and Kehaan

This pack is the pack being used in the series Crundee Craft, made by SSundee and MrCrainer. Now you are able to play the same pack, as they do, and join the adventure!

SSundee channel:
MrCrainer channel:
Pack Developer:
Art Pack Design:

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This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled. More informations can be found here:

All Rights Reserved
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
There have been 806,920 installs of this pack.
There have been 112,667 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 867.45 years of this pack.

Applied Energistics 2 (rv2-stable-10)

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

By: darkevilmac (Maintainer), BalkondeurAlpha (Original Author)

Artifacts (1.1.3)

Adds randomly generated magic items to treasure loot generation.

By: Draco18s, Tmtravlr

Baubles (

Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft

By: Azanor

BiblioCraft (1.11.5)

BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, pot...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Big Reactors (0.4.3A)

Adds large, multiblock power generation machines to Minecraft. Compatible with R...

By: ErogenousBeef

Biomes O' Plenty (

Adds over 75 new biomes, blocks, and more!

By: Adubbz, Amnet, Forstride, ted80

Rituals, spells, and more!

By: WayofTime

Blue Power (0.2.962)

Work in progress mod aiming to reintroduce some missing 'glue' blocks from prior...

By: Quetzi, Zness, MineMaarten, K4Unl, Amadornes

Brandon's Core (

This is the core and library mod used for a lot of my current mods

By: brandon3055

Buildcraft (7.1.18)

Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!

By: CovertJaguar, buildcraftchildsplay

BuildCraft Compat (compat-7.1.5)

Compatibility add-on for BuildCraft

By: asie, BuildCraft Team

Carpenter's Blocks (

Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side c...

By: Mineshopper

Chance Cubes (

A Game of Chance and Skill

By: Turkey2349

ChickenChunks (

Advanced chunkloading management Credits: Sanguine - Texture Supporters:

By: ChickenBones

Chisel (

A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising...

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

Chocolate Quest (1.7.10-1.0)

Dungeons, monters, items...

By: Chocolatin

CodeChickenCore (

Base common code for all chickenbones mods.

By: chicken_bones

CodeChickenLib (

core mod

By: le_pyrobarbare

CoFH Core (3.1.4-329)

Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecra...

By: Team CoFH

Collection of systems and helper code for Corosus's mods

By: Corosus

Dark Menagerie (1.7.10-beta-3.1a)

A bunch of exotic creatrues that would very much love to kill you

By: RWTema

Deadly World (1.7.10-1.0.2)

Expands upon vanilla world generation to provide a more interesting - and danger...

By: FatherToast

Decocraft (

Adds 500+ models to decorate your Minecraft world.

By: RazzleberryFox

DivineRPG (

Adds a magic system ♦ Pets ♦ 8 new dimensions ♦ Over 100 new mobs ♦ New bosses ♦...

By: Eternaldoom, RadioactiveStud, XolovA

Doggy Style (

Domestic dog breeds, plus dog houses, dog whistles, and more.

By: Zeus, Mellon

Draconic Evolution (1.7.10-1.0.2h)

This is a mod that was originally made for the Tolkiencraft mod pack but it has...

By: brandon3055

Ender IO (

Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ende...

By: CrazyPants, tterrag

EnderCore (

Library mod used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and others

By: tterrag, CrazyPants

EnderStorage (

Stores your stuff in the END! Credits: Ecu - original idea, design, che...

By: ChickenBones

Extra Utilities (1.2.12)

Just a bunch of useful things

By: RWTema

FastCraft (1.23)

FastCraft optimizes MineCraft in various ways, visit the homepage for further de...

By: Player

Forbidden Magic (1.7.10-0.575)

Forbidden Magic is an addon to add many dark-themed things to Thaumcraft.

By: SpitefulFox

Adding dinosaurs, fossils, and more to Minecraft. If you have downloaded this mo...

By: Microjunk, Shadowbeast007, tyranno66, 4f6f3b, Cannibal Vox, JTGhawk137, Alexthe6...

Galacticraft Core (

An advanced space travel mod for Minecraft 1.7

By: micdoodle8, radfast, fishtaco

Galacticraft Planets (

Planets addon for Galacticraft.

By: micdoodle8, radfast, fishtaco

A continuation of Gwafu's Growthcraft

By: Alatyami, Gwafu

Guide-API (1.7.10-1.0.1-29)

Simple mod guide creation.

By: Tombenpotter, TehNut

Hats (4.0.1)

Adds a bunch of hats, as wells as the ability to add more, into Minecraft

By: iChun

iChunUtil (4.2.3)

Shared library mod required by several of iChun's Mods.

By: iChun, Kihira

Rebalances and adds new features to Tinkers Construct

By: boni, iguana_man

Infernal Mobs (1.7.10)

Diablo Style random Enchantments on Entities! Harder fights! More XP and enchant...

By: AtomicStryker

Inventory Pets are living animated creatures that exist in your inventory and gi...

By: A_villager, Capn_Kirok

Inventory Tweaks (1.59-dev-152)

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic re...

By: Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Irish Luck (1.7.10-0.0.8)

Irish Luck mod. You can only get this Mod from Minecraft Forums (http://www.mine...

By: MrAmericanMike

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

It fell from the sky... and left a hole in the ground.

By: iChun

JABBA (1.2.2)

Moar barrels The Jabba team would like to thank the Academy for this award... o...

By: ProfMobius, Taelnia

Karat Garden (0.0.5)

Karat Garden Mod

By: MrAmericanMike

LLibrary (1.5.1-1.7.10)

The lightweight Minecraft modding library

By: iLexiconn

Magical Crops (4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_3)

A Magical farming mod that allows you to grow and harvest all type of Minecraft...

By: Mark719

Malisis' Doors (1.13.2)

Better doors!

By: Ordinastie

MalisisCore (0.14.3)

MalisisCore is a framework dedicated to simplify many processes required during...

By: Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter

Mantle (0.3.2b)

Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others.

By: mDiyo, Sunstrike, progWML6

MicdoodleCore (

Core mod needed for Micdoodle8's mods

By: Micdoodle8

Minecraft Comes Alive (1.7.10-5.2.2)

No more boring and useless testificates. Marry human villagers and raise a famil...

By: WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly

Minecraft Forge (

Needed for modded MC

By: tcathebluecreper

Minefactory Reloaded (2.8.1-174)

MFR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, borin...

By: skyboy026

MineTweaker 3 (3.0.10B)

Customize your minecraft experience!

By: Stan Hebben

MobiusCore (1.2.5)

Core mod used for Opis

By: ProfMobius

Morph (0.9.3)

This mod allows you to kill other entities and take their form.

By: iChun

Moving World (1.7.10-1.8.1)

A Library for allowing the movement of tile entities in the world while still en...

By: Darkevilmac, Large portions of code based on Archimedes' Ships

Nether Ores (2.3.1-22)

Introduces mineable yet dangerous ores to the Nether

By: PowerCrystals, TehKrush, AtomicStryker, skyboy026

NotEnoughItems (

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more

By: chicken_bones

OpenBlocks (1.6)

All the things you never thought you will ever need

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

OpenMods (0.10)

Boring stuff for all that silly Open* mods

By: Mikee, NeverCast, boq, Lyqyd

Opis (1.2.5)

Contextual server profiler

By: ProfMobius

An absolutely huge farming and food mod.

By: Pamela Collins

Player API (1.7.10-1.4)

Player API gives third party mods managed access to the main player classes

By: Divisor82

QmunityLib (1.7.10-0.1.114)

Library required by several Qmunity mods

By: Quetzi, amadornes, K4Unl, MineMaarten

RadixCore (1.7.10-2.1.3)

A base framework for quickly creating and maintaining fully featured mods.

By: WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly

Random Things (2.2.4)

Random Things packed into one Mod.

By: Lumien

Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution - provides Flux-Infused Tools and Armor!

By: Team CoFH

Reliquary (1.7.10-

Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a gun.

By: x3n0ph0b3, TheMike

Thaumcraft (

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft

By: Azanor

NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4.

By: DjGiannuzz

The digital age could use some magic

By: Nividica

Thaumic Tinkerer (2.5-1.7.10-493)

An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual succ...

By: pixlepix, nekosune

The SecretRoomsMod (1.7.10-

This mod adds a variety of cool blocks that camouflage themselves to the surroun...

By: AbrarSyed, alexbegt

An enchanted forest dimension.

By: Benimatic (Ben Mazur)

Thermal meets Dynamic - provides options for transporting items, fluids, and Red...

By: Team CoFH

Expanding Minecraft Thermally - provides new options for automation and processi...

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Foundation (1.2.6-118)

The foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

By: Team CoFH

TiC Tooltips (1.2.5)

A simple client-side add-on for Tinkers' Construct that adds relevant stats to a...

By: squeek

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

By: mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, Pillbox, boni

Tinkers' Mechworks (

Mechanically inclined Tinkers' Construct expansion

By: mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, Pillbox

Tropicraft (6.0.5)

This is Tropicraft, the utopian idyllic getaway that you have been waiting for!

By: Cojomax99, Corosus, Fishtaco567, Mr_okushama, MrRube, newthead, 303

Vein Miner (0.35.2)

When a configured block is harvested a chain reaction is initiated to break conn...

By: portablejim

Waila (1.5.10)

All your data are belong to us.

By: ProfMobius

Witchery (1.7.10-0.24.1)

Bringing witchcraft and nature magic to Minecraft: cauldrons, broomsticks, ritua...

By: Emoniph


Changelog at:

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Changelog at:

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Changelog at:

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Changelog at:

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Changelog at:

(Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changes)


Added a extra recipe to the vanilla enderchest

(Info for server owners: script folder have been changed)


Inventorytweaks now enabled for new server installs too
Vanilla enderchest have been enabled

(Info for server owners: mod and config folder have been changed)


Updated BloodMagic-1.7.10-1.3.3-13.jar
- Made the Ritual of Magnetism more efficient by caching ore blocks.
- Created the Ritual Dismantler to dismantle rituals automagically (if they are active).
- Added achievements. Yup!
- Removed FBOs from the mod, so that lower-end computers can use the mod more easily.
- Fixed the Void sigil so that it now works.
- Fixed the tool paradigm silk touch on redstone ore - Blocks.lit_redstone_ore does not have an item...
- Fixed the LP bar rendering.
- Fixed API calls so that they no longer reference the main mod.
- Fixed borked elementals and demons.
- Fixed the arm rendering being idiotic - it renders the bound armour model without people actually having that armour.
- Performance build, and also improved/fixed the dynamic mace mine speed.
- Elementals now properly rotate! :D
- Finally (hopefully?) fixed the demon glitch. Dang those datawatchers!
- SEVERAL performance enhancements were added to the mod. Unfortunately, I would have to make this changelog massive in order to mention them all.

Updated Chisel2-
- HotFix for the ClassCastException with the GUI

Updated CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303
-Corrected a bad interaction with the stencil buffer and starch-based hardware.
-Corrected an issue where non-keyboard key bindings could crash the game.
-Flat bedrock replacement now plays a bit better with mods that add variations of bedrock.

Updated Decocraft-2.1.1
- Added 50+ models, did some renderer optimization!
- Better, faster, stronger rendering. Everything is based on VBOs, triangle strips and magic. The rendering is completly GPU bound and not CPU bound anymore. Perfs, perfs, perfs.
- The renderer itself is a new wip mod included in this release (PTRModelLib). If you want to desactivate the outline when looking at a model, check out PTRModelLib.cfg.
- Shift clicking will ignore the bounding of other models, allowing you to place models within models.
- Glass and snow are not blocking placement anymore.
- Fixed potential problem with fake tileentity badly casting.
- Fixed a proxy issue that prevented placing materials in the Decobench.
- Fixed missing texture parts bug.
- Shorter loading time (cut down by 30s) by temporarily removing startup mipmaps computation. Mipmaps will be re-added once it can be done in an efficient way.

Updated malisiscore-1.7.10-0.12.8
- Fixed bug when replacing item in recipe input
- Fixed rayTracing bug

Updated Mantle-1.7.10-0.3.2a.jar
- Fixes crash issue when pulses containing items/blocks used in books are disabled
- Improve mapping migration performance

Updated MCA-1.7.10-
- Fix: A frequent crash occurring at night has been repaired.
- Fix: A rare crash occurring on login to a world has been fixed.

Updated RedstoneArsenal-[1.7.10]1.1.1-89
-Corrected an issue where non-keyboard key bindings could crash the game.

Updated ThermalDynamics-[1.7.10]1.1.0-161
-There is now a Covers tab. It can be disabled as a config option.
-Super-Laminar Fluiducts - Unlimited throughput of fluids! They must be filled to capacity
before reaching this rate, however.
-Luxducts - these glow when given a redstone signal.
-Redstone Relay - new attachment which allows for redstone signals to be carried along a
duct network. The highest input signal dominates. More advanced relays to come in the
-Fixed an issue where accessing a duct from ForgeDirection.UNKNOWN could cause a crash.
-Fixed a corner case extraction issue with Retrievers on Fluiducts.

Updated ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.0.3B1-218
-Redprints now have a Minecraft sound effect.
-Tesseract Frames can now be disabled, if the recipe for Tesseracts is also disabled.
-Integrated Hopper Apparatus - Allows machines to automatically extract from adjacent
-Nullification Chamber - Destroys excess secondary products. Machines will still produce
secondary products. However, the process will not be stopped due to lack of room.
-Pulverizer - added more recipes for creating dye from vanilla flowers.
-Fluid Transposer - added a recipe for Packed Ice using Ice and Gelid Cryotheum.
-Augment tooltips now contain more information about the purpose of the item.
-Some augment textures have been renamed. Sorry about that, texture packs. :(
-The Sawmill can now produce additional Sawdust if the secondary chance is increased.
-Transmission Coil Ducting has a new icon.
-Fixed an issue with the Fluid Transposer not handling certain OreDictionary names.

Updated ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.2.0-102
-Torches may now be placed on all Storage Blocks.

Updated TMechworks-1.7.10-
- Fixes drawbridges placing EnderStorage blocks.
- Adds Block info command.

Updated TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.7
- Alumite, Ardite, Cobalt, Manyullyn bricks (Textures by TherminatorX)
- Cactus, Paper and Netherrack textures for some of the ranged weapons (Textures by TheStapler)
- Fix potential crashes with armor stuff
- Fix potential crash when smeltery size changes
- Fix potential crash with the lumber axe
- Fix CraftingStation Chest NEI stuff
- Fix a dupe bug
- Several other smaller fixes
- RFTools integration/balance (similar to Mystcraft)
- Fix Enderium not being blacklisted as Mystcraft Page
- Fix a crash with bolts and external mod integration
- Fix a possible crash with thrown daggers
- Fix crashes with worldgen when smeltery is disabled

Added new luckyblock drops (Drops from the Space Luckyblock episode)

(Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changed)