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Infernal Skies

*******CO-OP ONLY*******
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Infernal Skies was designed for two players. A map revolving around choices, adventure and exploration.

The players start off in the overworld where they are forced to observe the destruction of mankind; a barren wasteland lay before them, burning buildings and skies covered in dark clouds of ash. They will be faced with a simple choice, yet their fates predestined. One of the players will stand before a crumbling world, the ground will catch fire and the player will plummet into a fiery portal to hell where they will begin their adventures in the nether skyblock. The other player will accept their fate, being stranded on an overworld skyblock. Each choice will lead to different questlines with the goal of each being to reach the other player.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
There have been 41,938 installs of this pack.
There have been 9,419 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 3.69 years of this pack.

Advanced Solar Panels (1.7.10-3.5.1)

Advanced solar panels is new generation of using solar power. This is addon for...

By: SeNtiMeL, Icedfire

Applied Energistics 2 (rv2-stable-3)

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2

Provides a HUD with your equipped armor/item stats.

By: bspkrs

Aroma1997Core (

This is basically a library used by most my other mods.

By: Aroma1997, Schillaa

AromaBackup (

This is a small Backup mod I created. All it does: Backups. It also works on cli...

By: Aroma1997

Baubles (

Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft

By: Azanor

Bedrockium (0.1.1)

Paintable Bedrock

By: Tahg

Biomes O' Plenty (

Adds over 75 new biomes, blocks, and more!

By: Adubbz, Amnet, Forstride, ted80

bspkrsCore (6.15)

Shared classes used in the mods maintained by bspkrs.

By: DaftPVF, bspkrs

Buildcraft (7.0.8)

Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!

By: CovertJaguar

BuildCraft Compat (compat-7.0.7)

Compatibility add-on for BuildCraft

By: asie, BuildCraft Team

Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side c...

By: Mineshopper

Chisel 2 (

A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising...

By: AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Pokefenn, Cricket, tterrag

CodeChickenCore (

Base common code for all chickenbones mods.

By: chicken_bones

CodeChickenLib (

Needed for ChickenBones mods

By: ChickenBones

Common Codec (1.9)


By: Unknown

Commons Compress

By: Unknown

Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json

By: lumien

CustomThings (MC1.7.10-0.0.2-29)

Adding custom items and blocks via JSON files.

By: tterrag

EJML Core (0.26)

Core mod for IC2

By: Unknown

Ender IO (1.7.10-

Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ende...

By: CrazyPants, tterrag

Extra Cells 2 (2.2.71)

Adds new ME Storage Cells and some other cool stuff to AE 2.

By: M3gaFr3ak

Extra Utilities (1.2.2)

Just a bunch of useful things

By: RWTema

Trees, bees and more.

By: SirSengir

Forge Multipart (

Open source library for facilitation of multiple functional parts in the one blo...

By: ChickenBones

Garden Stuff (1.6.2)

Make your gardens and landscaping beautiful with multi-part plants, decorative p...

By: jaquadro

Graviation Suite (1.7.10-2.0.3)

Gravitation Suite give you ability to fly. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2

By: SeNtiMeL

Removes the minimum light that's always present in minecraft.

By: lumien

This mod is for modpack makers who include maps that might need to be reset afte...

By: 123mjjmjj

Hardcore Questing Mode (The Journey (4.2.4))

This mod will add Hardcore mode with extra lives. If you use up your lives, your...

By: Vswe, Lorddusk, Newcastlegeek

HelpFixer (1.0.7)

Fixes the help command from mod derpyness

By: matthewprenger

Hopper Ducts (1.7.10-1.3.2)

Adds hopper ducts, which are item transport blocks functionally similar to hoppe...

By: FyberOptic

Some additional Machines for the electrical Connoisseur

By: AtomicStryker

IndustrialCraft 2 (2.2.706-experimental)

Industrial age themed expansion for Minecraft.

By: Alblaka, Player, RichardG, Thunderdark, GregoriusT, alexthesax, Drashian, Elemen...

Dependencies for the modpack

By: Unknown

Map for the modpack!

By: Unknown

Customized sky rendering.

By: FyberOptic

INpureCore (1.0)

Core mod for all INpure mods

By: INpureProjects, denoflions

Inventory Tweaks (1.58-147-645ca10)

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic re...

By: Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

LaunchGUI (1.7.10-2.0-14)

Creates a GUI at the start to be customized how you wish.

By: TehNut

Lore Expansion (1.0.5.B11)

There is always more to the story...

By: theCyanideX, dmillerw

Minecraft Forge (

Minecraft Forge is a modding API used by alot of mods.

By: Eloraam, FlowerChild, Hawkye, MALfunction84, Scokeev9, SpaceToad, LexManos, cpw

MineTweaker 3 (3.0.9C)

Customize your minecraft experience!

By: Stan Hebben

ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3.

By: Jaredlll08

Model Citizens (mc1.7.10-1.0.1)

Allows placement of posable character models containing items.

By: FyberOptic

Mouse Tweaks (2.4.4)

A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functi...

By: YaLTeR

NBTEdit (1.7.10)


By: thefiregamerzyt

A mod disables mob spawning on wood logs.

By: oldjunyi

NotEnoughItems (

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more

By: chicken_bones

An absolutely huge farming and food mod.

By: Pamela Collins

Power Converters (1.7.10_3.2.2-jenkins.70)

Take control of your power

By: PowerCrystals, samrg472, portablejim

Progression (1.7.10-0.4.0)

A mod that allows you to control the progression of individual players.

By: joshie

Remote IO (@VERSION@)

Remote IO lets the player think outside the blocks; no longer are you limited to...

By: dmillerw, Asyncronous

Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts...

By: lumien

Mod that adds config options for vanilla

By: VikeStep

Subsistence (Alpha)

Maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimum level. That's what this mod does.

By: CyanideX, dmillerw, Royalixor, lclc98, MattDahEpic

Tele Dimension (1.0.2)

Set spawn for a player, in any dimension you so desire.

By: LordDusk

Teleport Command (

Adds the tpv command to allow vanilla-based dimension teleportation

By: XCompWiz

Thaumcraft (

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft

By: Azanor

NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4.

By: DjGiannuzz

TooMuchTime (2.4.0.B3)

Control over Minecraft's day/night cycle4

By: dmillerw

Trophy Slots (1.2.5)

Earn your inventory slots!

By: Lomeli12

ttCore (0.1.0-66)

Core mod for tterrag's mods.

By: tterrag

Tubes (2.0.5)

Tubes provides the best item transport and sorting solution for all your transpo...

By: Schmoller


Sprinkles for Vanilla
Model Citizens

Removed WorldEdit and MTRM

World has changed! A world reset is recommended.

Sprinkles for Vanilla
Model Citizens

Removed WorldEdit and MTRM

World has changed! A world reset is recommended.

Everything! Worlds need to be reset, it's also now functional.

Initial Release