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//Dive into a world rich with magic and adventure!
The Mythic modpack is all about two things… Magic and adventure. It comes crammed to the brim with new worlds for you to explore, stories to discover, and magical forces to learn. Mythic is steeped with magical lore and using amazing mods like Thaumcraft, Witchery, and AM2 it gives you a range of magical systems to play around with. All the mods in Mythic have been carefully chosen to not only work smoothly with each other but also feel like they belong in the same universe, with seamless integration between them.

Although heavily focused on magic, that isn’t all there is to Mythic, we also have some tech mods here. Everyone likes a bit of automation, and the small, but carefully chosen, list of tech mods allow for you do it exactly that.

//Mod Highlights
AM2 Thaumcraft Witchery Botania Thermal AE2 Aether 2 Magical Crops Immersive Engineering
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.7.10
There have been 12,797 installs of this pack.
There have been 982 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 4.19 years of this pack.

Aether Aspects (1.7.10-1.2)

Adds Thaumcraft aspects to the Aether.

By: Brendan Freeman

Aether II (1.7.10-1.6)

In development by Gilded Games, the Aether II is an extensive mod for Minecraft...

By: Brandon Pearce, Emile van Krieken, Oscar Payn, Hugo Payn, Brandon Potts, Brendan...

AgriCraft (1.5.0)

Agricultural farming extended

By: InfinityRaider

AI-Improvements (1.7.10-0.0.1b19)

Improvements for the Minecraft AIs.

By: DarkCow

AnimationAPI (1.7.10-1.2.4)

A supporting mod that allows modders to make animations more easily.

By: thehippomaster21

Applied Energistics 2 (rv3-beta-6)

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

By: AlgorithmX2

Arcane Engineering (arcane_engineering-0.2.7.jar)

An addon for Thaumcraft and Immersive Engineering

By: cadaverous_queen

Aroma1997Core (

This is basically a library used by most my other mods.

By: Aroma1997, Schillaa

AromaBackup (

This is a small Backup mod I created. All it does: Backups. It also works on cli...

By: Aroma1997

Ars Magica 2 (

A look into what Minecraft could become if you add a splash of magic...

By: Mithion, Zerodaimaru

Giant Towers spawn all over the lands, featuring a vicious Mob infested Ascend l...

By: AtomicStryker

AuraCascade (@version@)

A magic mod focused on emergent complexity and enabling unique designs

By: pixlepix

Automagy (0.28.2)

An addon for Thaumcraft 4 focused on providing flexible and interesting tools fo...

By: Tuhljin (programming, art), Draanor (art)

Barrier Block Mod (BarrierBlock-1.7.10-0.3.jar)

Barrier Block for 1.7.10

By: sscards55

BattleText (1.0.17)

BattleText is a mod for Minecraft that adds floating combat damage as 3D graphic...

By: GenuineSounds

Wands that allow placing of multiple blocks at a time

By: Portablejim

A better loading screen that shows you the status of minecraft's loading time

By: AlexIIL

BetterFps (1.0.1)

Performance Improvements

By: Guichaguri

A better invalid session kick message

By: kmecpp

BiblioCraft (1.11.7)

BiblioCraft adds fancy storage containers including bookcases, armor stands, pot...

By: Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Big Reactors (0.4.3A)

Adds large, multiblock power generation machines to Minecraft. Compatible with R...

By: ErogenousBeef

Biomes O' Plenty (

Adds over 75 new biomes, blocks, and more!

By: Adubbz, Amnet, Forstride, ted80

Rituals, spells, and more!

By: WayofTime

Botania (r1.8-249)

Botania is a mod that adds nature magic to Minecraft.

By: Vazkii

BotaniaVisualizer (BotaniaVisualizer-1.7.2-1.0a.jar)

This mod visualize mana of Botania

By: mariri2u

Brandon's Core (

This is the core and library mod used for a lot of my current mods

By: brandon3055

Carpenter's Blocks (

Adds slopes and a variety of vanilla-inspired blocks that support covers, side c...

By: Mineshopper

CartFixes (CartFixes-1.7.10-0.1.0.jar)

Fixes Steve's Carts


ChickenChunks (

Advanced chunkloading management Credits: Sanguine - Texture Supporters:

By: ChickenBones

Chisel (

A mod that adds in many fancy blocks for decoration, which are crafted utilising...

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

Chunk Animator (1.0.1)

A small client side mod that animates the appeareance of chunks so that they don...

By: lumien

CleanView (1.7.10-v2)

CleanView is a minecraft client mod that removes potion particles from your view...

By: zlainsama

Clockwork Phase (1.7.10_1.0f)

Adding time magic to Minecraft since 1979.

By: Lumaceon

CodeChicken Core (

Base common code for all chickenbones mods.

By: Chicken_Bones

CoFH Core (3.1.4-329)

Required for all CoFH Mods. Also provides some customization options for Minecra...

By: Team CoFH

Adds a cooking book that only shows recipes you can make with what you currently...

By: BlayTheNinth, ZeroTheShinigami

CosmeticArmorReworked (1.7.10-v6b)

This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function...

By: zlainsama

Allows pack makers to add addition information to crash logs.

By: Dyonovan

Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json

By: lumien

CustomNpcs (1.7.10d(29oct17))

The Custom Npcs mod lets you create your own npcs and lets you customize them ho...

By: Noppes, DarkSignal(AI), Foxz(Commands)

Decocraft (2.4.2)

Adds 500+ models to decorate your Minecraft world.

By: RazzleberryFox

Druidry (druidry-2018.10.11-1.7.10.jar)

A simple nature based mod that adds more early game variety, with a touch of mag...

By: FeyberryJam

DummyCore (DummyCore1.13.jar)

API required to launch all mods made by DummyThinking Team


Dynamic Lights (1.3.9a-MC1.7.10)

Moving Lights aren't possible? OH RLY? Single threaded version of AtomicStryker'...

By: AtomicStryker, LakMoore

Enchanting Plus (1.7.10-3.0.1)

Provides an alternative way to enchant your items!

By: xkyouchoux, odininon, GnR Slash, Darkhax

EvilCraft (1.7.10-0.9.13)

An evil mod for Minecraft.

By: rubensworks (aka kroeserr), immortaleeb (aka _EeB_)

Increases the potion id limit.

By: lumien

Extra Cells 2 (2.3.14)

Adds new ME Storage Cells and some other cool stuff to AE 2.

By: M3gaFr3ak, DrummerMC

Extra Utilities (1.2.12)

Just a bunch of useful things

By: RWTema

ExtraTiC (1.4.6)

An Addon-Mod adds cross compatibility for Tinker's Construct

By: Glassmaker

Fast Leaf Decay (1.7.10-1.4)

Increases leaf decay rates.

By: Olafski

FastCraft (1.25)

FastCraft optimizes MineCraft in various ways, visit the homepage for further de...

By: Player

Forbidden Magic (1.7.10-0.575)

Forbidden Magic is an addon to add many dark-themed things to Thaumcraft.

By: SpitefulFox

Trees, bees and more.

By: SirSengir

Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matt...

By: bluedart

Gadomancy (1.7.10-

An addon for Thaumcraft.

By: makeo, HellFirePvP

Gilded Games Utility (1.7.10-1.1)

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gi...

By: Gilded Games

Growthcraft Apples (1.7.10-2.7.2)

Growthcraft Apples is a mod which changes how apples are farmed in-game. In addi...

By: Gwafu

HelpFixer (1.0.7)

Fixes the help command from mod derpyness

By: matthewprenger

Rebalances and adds new features to Tinkers Construct

By: boni, iguana_man

A retro-futuristic tech mod!

By: BluSunrize, Damien A.W. Hazard

Inventory Pets (1.5.2)

Inventory Pets are living animated creatures that exist in your inventory and gi...

By: A_villager, Capn_Kirok

Inventory Tweaks (1.59-dev-152)

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic re...

By: Jimeo Wan, Kobata

Iron Chest (

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw

It's the little things (1.7.10-1.0.2)

A mod that does those "little things".

By: Zlepper

ItemBlacklist (

ItemBlacklist per dimension.

By: Dries007

JABBA (1.2.2)

Moar barrels The Jabba team would like to thank the Academy for this award... o...

By: ProfMobius, Taelnia

JourneyMap (5.1.4p2)

Real-time mapping in-game or your browser as you explore.

By: techbrew, Mysticdrew

Anti-Cheat for the Kinetic Network

By: GameGunner5, SleepingTea, AtlasTheFirst

LunatriusCore (

A collection of utilities for Lunatrius' mods.

By: Lunatrius

Magic Bees (1.7.10-2.4.4)

Magic themed bee expansion for Forestry. TC4, Botania, EE3, AM 2, TE 3

By: MysteriousAges

This mod gives expansion in your work as a thaumaturge, allow you to continue on...

By: Tschallacka

Magical Crops Compat - Minefactory Reloaded (MFR Compat - Magical Crops v1-2-4.jar)

Magical Crops Combat - Minefactory Reloaded

By: Forge_User_69324821

Magical Crops: Armoury (magicalcropsarmoury-4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4.jar)

Armour and Weapon addon for Magical Crops 4!

By: Mark719

Magical Crops: Core (4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4b)

A Magical farming mod that allows you to grow and harvest all type of Minecraft...

By: Mark719

Magical Crops: Decorative (magicalcropsdeco-4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_4a.jar)

Magical Crop addon, adds many decorative blocks to your world!

By: Mark719

Adds decorative blocks to Thaumcraft

By: Jhary

Mantle (0.3.2b)

Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others.

By: mDiyo, Sunstrike, progWML6

MineFactory Reloaded (2.8.2B1-201)

Automate everything!

By: PowerCrystals, TehKrush, AtomicStryker, Feanorith, skyboy026

MineTweaker 3 (1.7.10-3.0.13)

Customize your minecraft experience!

By: Stan Hebben

ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3.

By: Jaredlll08

Mouse Tweaks (2.4.4)

A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functi...

By: YaLTeR

Nature's Compass (1.7.10-1.3.1)

Search for a biome and get information about it.

By: ChaosTheDude

NetherPortalFix (netherportalfix-mc1.7.10-1.1.0.jar)

Ensures correct destinations when travelling back and forth through Nether Porta...

By: BlayTheNinth

Not Enough Items (

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more

By: Chicken_Bones

Not Enough Resources (NotEnoughResources-1.7.10-0.1.0-122.jar)

Adds Resources and Mob Drops to NEI

By: hilburn, way2muchnoise

Adds buttons to Thaumonomicon to switch between Thaumcraft tabs.

By: fewizz

Numina (

A common library of useful functions and utilities for dealing with Minecraft's...

By: MachineMuse

An absolutely huge farming and food mod.

By: Pamela Collins

Library for some MrDimka's mods.

By: MrDimka

ReAuth (3.5.0)

A Mod to renew your Session

By: TechnicianLP

Reliquary (1.2)

Two words: magical swag. Oh, and a gun.

By: x3n0ph0b3, TheMike

Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts...

By: lumien

Adds randomized dungeons to the world

By: Greymerk

Random structures all around the world

By: Tepgam, MCreator

Schematica (

Import and export Minecraft schematic files in Minecraft!

By: Lunatrius

SkinPort (1.7.10-v9d)

This mod adds rendering support for the new skin format introduced in minecraft...

By: zlainsama

stimmedcow : NoMoreRecipeConflict (NoMoreRecipeConflict-0.3(1.7.10).jar)

Switch between conflicting craft recipes

By: Forge_User_08823382

Storage Drawers (1.10.9)

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.

By: jaquadro

Symcalc (0.14)

A mod that allows you to check the symmetry of Thaumcraft infusion altars.

By: meew0

An intercrete addon to Thaumcraft 4 that elaborates the darker nuances of Thauma...

By: John Yorke (yorkemc)

Allows hovering over items in inventories while holding a Thaumometer to scan th...

By: BlayTheNinth

TC Node Tracker (1.7.10-1.1.2)

Tracks scanned nodes for Thaumcraft

By: Dyonovan

Technomancy (0.12.5)

Science and magic. What could go wrong?

By: Democretes, theflogat, Mordenkainen

A mod focusing on Thaumcraft's alchemy system.

By: Doctor_Benway

Thaumcraft (

Adding a touch of magic to Minecraft

By: Azanor

Adds Thaumcraft aspects to various mod's mobs

By: iguana_man, lycaon, XanderGryphon

NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4.

By: DjGiannuzz

Thaumic Bases (ThaumicBases-1.3.1710.4.jar)

Thaumic bases is a Thaumcraft 4 addon, which adds a whole bunch of random additi...


Thaumic Dyes (1.10.5-0)

This mod adds in upgrades and dyeable variants of Thaumcraft's armor!

By: KryptonCaptain, Amerem

The digital age could use some magic

By: Nividica

Thaumic Tinkerer (2.5-1.7.10-164)

An addon to Thaumcraft 4, implementing new content. This mod is a spiritual succ...

By: pixlepix, nekosune

ThaumPatch (ThaumPatch-1.7.10-

Fix bugs in 1.7.10 Thaumcraft

By: Kamesuta

Thermal meets Dynamic - provides options for transporting items, fluids, and Red...

By: Team CoFH

Expanding Minecraft Thermally - provides new options for automation and processi...

By: Team CoFH

Thermal Foundation (1.2.6-118)

The foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

By: Team CoFH

TiC Tooltips (1.2.5)

A simple client-side add-on for Tinkers' Construct that adds relevant stats to a...

By: squeek

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

By: mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, Pillbox, boni

Totemic (1.7.10-0.6.2)

Totem Poles? Totem Poles!

By: Pokefenn, ljfa

Vein Miner (0.36.0)

When a configured block is harvested a chain reaction is initiated to break conn...

By: portablejim

Waila (1.5.10)

All your data are belong to us.

By: ProfMobius

An add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you a...

By: squeek

Witchery (1.7.10-0.24.1)

Bringing witchcraft and nature magic to Minecraft: cauldrons, broomsticks, ritua...

By: Emoniph

WitcheryPatch (WitcheryPatch-1.7.10-1.0.0.jar)

A small mod that uses ASM to fix some bugs in Witchery

By: TheSatanicSanta

Wizarding Tools (1.0.5)

Mod that adds Ores and Artifacts into the game

By: Lellson



Updated modpack


Mod Tweaker

Updated to 4.3.1c

Updated configs

Updated modpack