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SkyFactory One

The new ultimate skyblock modpack! Watch development at:

It's skyblock like you've never seen it before... Or have you?! High tech mods, automation, and spawning in the void with nothing but a tree and a single piece of dirt between you and certain death!

Sky Factory One is a modernization of the original SkyFactory for Minecraft 1.6.4. The goal of this project is to remain true to the original modpack while updating features and mods to 1.16.5. Find yourself sieving for resources, twerk for trees, decorate your trophy room, exploring a deep, dark dimension, and much more! Many original mods have returned joined by several new and updated mods! And what would SkyFactory be without ForceCraft, a reconstruction of the original DartCraft mod.

SkyFactory One delivers a nostalgic experience with the quality of life upgrades to make it even more exciting! If you've never played SkyFactory before, prepare for a fresh experience in a modded skyblock. The original can never be replaced, but we can sure try!

Please note: Java 16 is not supported in this modpack for clients or servers. You can use Java 8, 11, and 14.
Minecraft Version
This pack uses Minecraft version 1.16.5
There have been 26,008 installs of this pack.
There have been 2,456 server installs of this pack.
Players have played a total of 23.69 years of this pack.

Angel Block (3.0)

Angel Block

By: Tfarecnim

Apotheosis (4.8.3)

All things that should have been

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Architectury (1.24.35)

A intermediary api aimed to ease developing multiplatform mods.

By: shedaniel

Artifacts (1.16.5-2.10.3)

Adds various new powerful uncraftable items to make exploration a bit more inter...

By: ochotonida

A mod for farming mob drops.

By: Shadows_of_Fire


By: ImaWindow

Bongo (1.16.5-1.3.0)

It's a bingo mod.

By: noeppi_noeppi, Contributors: MelanX, LordGrimmauld

Builders Crafts & Addition (1.16.5-20210807a)

Additional building blocks for Minecraft Forge. Building, Storage, Furnature & D...

By: MRH0

CC: Tweaked (1.100.2)

CC: Tweaked is a fork of ComputerCraft, adding programmable computers, turtles a...

By: SquidDev

Chance Cubes (

A Game of Chance and Skill

By: TurkeyDev

Checklist (1.2.2)

Create a checklist for players to follow

By: lclc98

Chunk Loaders (1.1.10)

Chunk Loaders allows you to keep chunks loaded with different tiers of chunk loa...

By: SuperMartijn642


By: Shadows_of_Fire

Cobble For Days (1.3.7)

A set of simple cobblestone generators. Mainly useful for servers that don't wan...

By: Lex

CodeChicken Lib (1.16.5-

CodeChickenLib is a library of systems to help make various aspects of minecraft...

By: ChickenBones, covers1624

CoFH Core (

Core Library required for the functionality of all CoFH mods. Also contains a n...

By: King Lemming, Zeldo Kavira, covers1624, skyboy, Cynycal, Drullkus

Collective (2.65)

Collective is a shared library with common code for all of Serilum's mods.

By: Rick South

Allows the color of tooltips to be changed.

By: Darkhax

Compressium (1.2.custom)

Adding comprseed blocks to the game since 2019

By: DinnerBeef

ConnectedTexturesMod (MC1.16.1-

Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and muc...

By: tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr

Connectivity Mod (2.4-1.16.5)

Lightweight mod which solves connection and packet size issues.

By: Someaddons

Construction Wand (1.16.5-2.4)

Construction Wands make building easier! With a Construction Wand you can place...

By: ThetaDev

Crumbs (1.0.7)

Building mod which adds various blocks tuned to fit with vanilla minecraft.

By: Dodo Gang

Cucumber Library (4.1.12)

A library of shared code that all of my mods depend on.

By: BlakeBr0

Curios API (property(class java.lang.String, provider(?)))

A flexible and expandable accessory/equipment API for users and developers.

By: C4

Cyclic (1.16.5-1.5.11)

A small mod by Lothrazar

By: Lothrazar

Darko HUD (1.0.3)

Displays some additional information on the client screen.

By: Shadows_of_Fire

DarkoHaxRP (1.0.4)

Fast things

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Default Options (12.2.1)

A way for modpacks to ship a default (key) configuration without having to inclu...

By: BlayTheNinth

Drawer FPS (2.1)

Improve FPS by reducing drawer render range

By: Love, Cheese and small house plants

Elevator Mod (1.16.5-1.7.13)

Simple port of the elevator from OpenBlocks to 1.8+

By: VsnGamer

EnderStorage (1.16.5-

Stores your stuff in the END! Credits: Ecu - original idea, design, chest an...

By: ChickenBones, covers1624

Entangled (1.3.10)

Entangled gives you the materials needed to bind two blocks together, allowing y...

By: SuperMartijn642

Ex Compressum (4.0.5)

Ex Nihilo Addon. Attempts to reduce grind by adding pre-automation tools like co...

By: BlayTheNinth

Ex Nihilo: Sequentia (1.16-20211123-032540)

Ex Nihilo: Sequentia is a port to 1.16 of Ex Nihilo: Creatio for 1.12, which in...

By: NovaMachina

An addon for Ex Nihilo: Sequentia that adds support for Thermal Expansion.

By: NovaMachina

An addon for Ex Nihilo: Sequentia that adds support for Tinkers Construct.

By: NovaMachina, Rempler

ExpandAbility (2.0.1)

Library mod that provides increased control over vanilla abilities

By: Florens

Speeding up crafting operations - massively.

By: Shadows_of_Fire

FastFurnace (4.5.0)

Furnacing things faster, performance-wise

By: Shadows_of_Fire

FastSuite (1.1.1)

Fast things

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Find Me (2.2.1)

Find your items nearby

By: Buuz135

ForceCraft (

A mod inspired by DartCraft

By: Mrbysco

FramedBlocks (2.11.2)

Fancy building blocks

By: XFactHD

Allows modpacks to add Datapacks & Resource Packs

By: JTK222

Hats (10.3.3)

You get a hat, and you get a hat, everybody gets a hat!

By: iChun

iChunUtil (10.5.1)

Shared library mod required by most of iChun's Mods. If the first versio...

By: iChun

IF: You need to automate all the things

By: Buuz135

Info DataPack (1.0.2)

A mod that allows you add custom tooltips to items through datapacks. You can al...

By: GoryMoon

Inspirations (1.16.5-

Adds many small features with a vareity of inspirations.

By: KnightMiner

Inventory Tweaks Renewed (1.16.4-1.0.1)

Inventory Tweaks, but for modern versions of Minecraft.

By: Yuitakaa(Maintainer), StanleyMines(Contributor), Landmaster (Original Author)

Iron Chests (11.2.13)

New chests with larger sizes, with in-place upgrade items. The feature chest is...

By: cpw, alexbegt, progwml6

Item Collectors (1.1.4)

Item Collectors adds Collectors which collect items in a specified range! Item C...

By: SuperMartijn642

JourneyMap (5.8.0beta15)

Real-time mapping in-game or your browser as you explore.

By: techbrew, Mysticdrew

Just Enough Items (

JEI is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft, built from the ground up fo...

By: mezz

LibX (1.16.3-1.0.76)

A library mod for minecraft.

By: noeppi_noeppi, MelanX

Mantle (1.16.5-1.6.127)

Shared code for Slime Knights mods and others.

By: Slime Knights

McJtyLib (5.0.23)

Base mod for all McJty mods

By: McJty

Measurements (1.2)

Measure the distance between positions :)

By: Mrbysco

Minis (1.16.5-1.6+11)

By: hexeptiondev

Mob Grinding Utils (1.16.5-0.4.32)

A mod that adds a fun ways to farm mobs

By: vadis365

Mod Name Tooltip (1.15.0)

Shows the mod an ItemStack is from on its tooltip.

By: mezz

More Overlays Updated (1.18.18-mc1.16.5)

Adds some overlays from the old (MC 1.7.x) NotEnoughItems Mod: * Chunk a...

By: feldim2425, RiDGo8/R8420

A mod that enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functi...

By: Ivan Molodetskikh (YaLTeR)

Grow all your resources!

By: BlakeBr0

Ore Excavation (1.8.157)

Allows players to mine whole veins of ore, cut down whole trees in one go. S...

By: Funwayguy & Darkosto

PackMenu (2.5.0)

A data-driven main menu mod!

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Patchouli (1.16.4-53.2)

Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft Modders and...

By: Vazkii

Pickle Tweaks (5.2.6)

A bunch of vanilla+ features and tweaks.

By: BlakeBr0

Pipez (1.16.5-1.2.15)

Simple and efficient pipes

By: Max Henkel

Placebo (4.6.1)

1 (one) library boi

By: Shadows_of_Fire

plaingrinder (1.16.5-1.2.1)

plaingrinder by Lothrazar

By: Lothrazar, Lylythii

Refined Pipes (0.5.2)

Refined Pipes is a Minecraft mod that adds pipes.

By: Refined Mods

Refined Storage (1.9.17)

An elegant solution to your hoarding problem

By: Refined Mods

An addon mod for Refined Storage

By: Refined Mods

RFToolsBase (1.16-2.0.11)

The base class for all RFTools tech mods (and XNet/Deep Resonance)

By: McJty

RFToolsBuilder (1.16-3.1.2)

Everything related to the builder

By: McJty

RFToolsPower (1.16-3.0.9)

Everything related to power generation

By: McJty

Selene (1.16.5-1.0)

A small library that allows to make custom map markers, first and third person a...

By: MehVahdJukaar

Mod that allows deleting ServerConfigs

By: Darkere

Simple Generators (1.16.5-

Generators that produce Forge Energy from various Items and Fluids.

By: ValkyrieofNight, Apmason13

Simple Tombstone (1.16.5-1.0.9)

When you die, a tomb is spawned in the world with your items, sneak on it to rec...

By: Lothrazar, Corail31

Machines but as a slab

By: Mrbysco

Changing how minecraft selects Y-levels

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Spawns In Spawn (1.0.0)

Allowing spawns within spawn chunks

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Gives players who join the world for the first time configurable starter gear.

By: Rick South

Statues Mod (

Just a little functional decoration.

By: ShyNieke, Mrbysco

Code and Utilities for SteveKunG's mods!

By: SteveKunG

Storage Drawers (8.5.1)

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.

By: Texelsaur

Config Lib makes dealing with config files just a bit easier.

By: SuperMartijn642

SuperMartijn642's Core Lib adds lots of basic implementations for guis that allo...

By: SuperMartijn642

Supplementaries (1.16.5-0.18.2)

Many functional and useful Vanilla+ blocks

By: MehVahdJukaar, Plantkillable

SwingThroughGrass (1.16.4-1.5.3)

Don't let the grass be between you and your prey!

By: Exidex

TelePastries (0.4.3)

Pastries that teleport players.

By: Mrbysco

Tesseract (1.0.25)

Tesseract allows you to transport Items, Fluid and Energy. Tesseracts work at an...

By: SuperMartijn642

The One Probe (1.16-3.1.4)

The One Probe lets you examine the block that you are looking at. Having a probe...

By: McJty

Thermal gets agrarian! Contains the "farm" of the Thermal Series - various crop...

By: King Lemming

Expanding Minecraft Thermally! A server-friendly and content-rich blend of magic...

By: King Lemming

Thermal Innovation (

Thermal Technology marches on. Adds Thermal-style tools and equipment! Contains...

By: King Lemming

Thermal Series (

Parent mod for all Thermal modules. For convenience, packaged alongside Thermal...

By: King Lemming

Tinkers' Construct (

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

By: Slime Knights

Titanium (

A Lib

By: Horizon Studio, Coded

Blocking annoying popups since 1.12

By: Shadows_of_Fire

Topography (1.17.2)

Dimension stuff and things n stuff

By: Blargerist

Adds island generation commands to Topography

By: BobbyTables

Torchmaster (2.3.8)

Adds a special torch which prevents mob spawning in a configurable radius

By: xalcon

TwerkItMeal (1.3.9)

Grow Crops, Trees & more by Spamming Crouch

By: TicTicBoom (Kyle)

Uppers (0.3.2)

A mod that adds upside-down hoppers.

By: vadis365

ValkyrieLib (1.16.5-

This is a lib mod used by ValkyrieofNight and the Team Kyrptic Links mods.

By: ValkyrieofNight

Wall-Jump! (1.16.4-1.3.7)

Jump from wall to wall! Jump towards a wall and hold the wall jump key (LSHIFT)....

By: genandnic


Bug Fixes
- Added back the Blaze Rod to the Blaze Powder recipe

Mods Updates
- Forge (36.2.20 - 36.2.28)
- CC: Tweaked (1.99.0 - 1.100.2)
- Chunk Loaders (1.1.7 - 1.1.10)
- CodeChicken Lib ( -
- COFH Core (1.3.1 -
- Entangled (1.3.9 - 1.3.10)
- Fast Workbench (4.6.0 - 4.6.1)
- Find Me ( -
- ForceCraft ( -
- Item Collectors (1.1.3 - 1.1.4)
- JEI ( -
- JourneyMap (5.7.3 - 5.8.0beta15)
- MobGrindingUtils (0.4.30 - 0.4.32)
- More Overlays (1.18.17 - 1.18.18)
- Pipez (1.2.14 - 1.2.15)
- Refined Pipes (0.5 - 0.5.2)
- Refined Storage (1.9.16 - 1.9.17)
- SuperMartijn642CoreLib (1.0.14a - 1.0.16)
- Storage Drawers (8.3.0 - 8.5.1)
- Supplementaries (0.17.9 - 0.18.2)
- Tesseract (1.0.24 - 1.0.25)
- Thermal Cultivation (1.3.0 -
- Thermal Expansion (1.3.0 -
- Thermal Foundation (1.3.2 -
- Thermal Innovation (1.3.0 -

- Updated to patch a recent security vulnerability affecting Minecraft. Read more here regarding clients:
- Increase DrawerFPS rendering distance
- Fixed Blast Furnace outputting the wrong ingots

Mods Updated:
- Ex Compressum (4.0.4 - 4.0.5)
- Fixes bug with spawned Turtles not laying eggs when using bait
- CC Tweaked (1.98.2 - 1.99.0)
- Fixes dupe bug with turtles
- CodeChickenLib ( -
- Fixes a Tconstruct related crash
- Framed Blocks (2.11.1 -hotfix - 2.11.2)
- Fixes Framed Chest not dropping contents when broken
- Global Data & Resource Packs (1.7.4 - 1.10.2)
- Hats (10.3.1 - 10.3.3)
- iChunUtil (10.4.1 - 10.5.1)
- MoreOverlays (1.18.5 - 1.18.17)
- Pipez (1.2.13 - 1.2.14)
- ToastControl (4.3.1 - 4.4.0)

Fixes and Changes

* Disabled Builder's Additions Midi feature due to crash issues on Linux (#47)
* Sweet Berries are now compostable in the Ex Nihilo Barrels (#46)
* Fixed the swapped recipe for the Iron Chest Diamond to Obsidian and Diamond to Crystal upgrades (#37)
* Disabled the Force Furnace to be sorted using Inventory Tweaks (#42)
* Removed the Ex Nihilo crafting recipe for Ancient Debris (#64)
* Ex Nihilo Grass Seeds now compost in a barrel (#78)
* Added Basalt, Gabbro, and Dacite stone spawns to the Infinite Dark dimension (#68)* Increased Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, and Enderman spawn weights
* Lowered Witch and Ender Slime spawn weights
* Added recipes to make Soul Cobblestone using the Magma Crucible or the Tinkers' smeltery (#82)
* Increased the liquid temperature allowed in a Wooden Barrel (blood now works)* Removed recipes with no items showing for the Phytogenic Insolator (#88)
* Increased the Ore Excavation range from 20 to 32 (#33)
* Removed the Ender Slimes from the general spawn table since many players experienced issues when creating a mob farm
* A new Topography companion mod (Topography Islands) has been added to give server owners control over creating islands for multiplayer. This mod is only required on the server and not the client so it will only be added to the server zip download

Mod updates

* Forcecraft ( - 1.0.7) 
- Fixes an issue where the Force Furnace would pick up incorrect items (#55)

* Pipez (1.12.10 - 1.2.11) 
- GUIs with custom resource packs now look correct (#41)

* Cyclic (1.5.3 - 1.5.5) - The liquid hopper should no longer delete waterlogged blocks on top (#32)
- Filter cards should now drop when breaking a Fluid Pipe (#44)
- Fixed an item pipe duplication bug (#65)
- Removed a number of recipes from the Uncrafting Grinder to fix duplication glitches (#63)
- Fixes GUI desync issue with the Disenchanter. All experience fluids should now work and the GUI shows the correct information
- Players should now teleport onto the block chosen when using the Ender Book when traveling across dimensions

* Topography (1.17.0 - 1.17.2)
- Fixed an issue that would error the level.dat file on servers causing world spawn, game rules, slime chunks, and seeds to be reset on server restart (#53 #54 #60)

- Fixes an issue where users would experience low fps in menus (#66)

* Statues ( -
* Mob Grinding Utils (0.4.28 - 0.4.29)
* Supplementaries (0.17.3 - 0.17.6)
* Architectuary (1.24.33 - 1.24.35)
* DarkoHacksRP (1.0.3 - 1.0.5)
- Removed feature debug output when entering a world

* FramedBlocks (2.11.0 - 2.11.0 hotfix)
- Fixed a duplication bug with framed chests

* JEI ( -
* Cobble for Days (1.3.1 - 1.3.5)
* InfoDataPack (1.0.1 - 1.0.2)
- Custom modpack tooltips are now searchable in JEI

Bug Fixes

* Altered the spawn weighting for hostile, ambient, and passive mobs. Passives like Cows, Chickens, Sheep, and Pigs should spawn more often. Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons, and Enderman have also been increased over other hostiles.
* Fixed typo in mob spawning pool. Mooshroom cows should now spawn
* Moved Ex Compressum items to the first page of JEI
* Moved ForceCraft items higher in the JEI item list
* Minecraft Shears are now repairable by Iron Ingots (#23)
* Removed Dirt and Gravel from sieving coarse dirt as this directly contradicts how sieving has been setup in the pack. You shouldn't be able to get the blocks you sieved back plus extra
* Changed the Bongo mod config to stop syncing the JEI bookmarks. This should stop players from losing their saved bookmarks when closing a world


Mod Updates

* Cyclic (1.5.2 - 1.5.3) - Fixed duplication bug with Advanced Crafting Stick - The Crafting Workbench should no longer delete items left in the table (#21)
* Click machine update (4.4.1 - 4.5.0 ) Made it clearer that the click machine does not require power (#28)
* Apotheosis (4.8.1 - 4.8.2)
* ForceCraft ( - - Fixed Force Furnace Duplication bug (#29) - Some incorrect recipes have been fixed - Removes some unnecessary logging messages from the server logs
* Selene (1.8.0 - 1.8.1)
* PlainGrinder (1.2.0 - 1.2.1) - Items inside a grinder will not be deleted when you break the block
* JEI ( -
* DarkoHaxRP (1.0.2 - 1.0.3) - Added a fix for the Refined Pipes liquid pipe crash


New Mods Added
* ServerConfig Updater (1.3) - Added to fix the Construction Wand Cyclic Pipe Ghost Block issue (#34)

Initial Release!

When creating a server, insert the following line into the file to create the SkyBlock world: