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PimpCity is a mature and friendly server seeking new and creative people that show they deserve to play on the server. The server has been live since late 2011. Since the start of the server is has hopped around in what type of server it is and currently it seems to be modded and looks to stay that...


A modpack built around the amazing features of GregTech Mod. We love GregTech machines, power storage/generation, and some of the difficult elements it introduces. Unleashed can feel a bit to easy at times. However, we still feel that GregTech takes things to far, so we will be updating configs and...

Reflex Gaming

The Offical modpack used on the ReflexGaming Servers.

TAS Craft

TAS Craft Private Server for Ascended Gaming Community Members.


Food, fun and fuzzies for Bronwyn's friends.

SpecialAttack's Race to the Moon

Hello fellow players! This time we are going to plant a flag on the moon! And no, we are not going to do it like in the 60s with a fake camera and fake moon. This time we are going to the REAL moon! We are going modded. Are you not familiar with modded Minecraft? That's fine, we will assign "capt...


Welcome GamerCraft. A combination oh magic, tech, and hardcore gameplay. **ATTENTION** GamerCraft is going under big changes when this server situation is sorted out the server is not going down permanently. The server will be shutting down because Acixs has been bought out by a different hostin...

Metroid Cubed 3

The officially approved modpack for the official 1.7.10 server of the Metroid Cubed 3 mod.

New Helena

A custom-tailored modpack for the New Helena patron server, with custom-built map filled with high seas-adjacent adventure!

Mineguild LWC

Mineguild LWC, Lightweight Challenge Don't you just love having a whole base setup after a couple of hours of playing? Wait that doesn't belong here... This is the Lightweight Challenge modpack that will challenge players and shake up the normal way of playing. The Lightweight Challenge is all...


Colossus. The name says it all. Weighing in at 192 mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Be prepared to get lost for days (or weeks) while building your machinations of death. This pack is heavily geared towards GregTech, and most recipes are tweaked / modified to reflect a...


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BeachBlock Modsplosion

[SUPPORT FOR PACK DROPPED. NO LONGER UPDATING] To install this pack, open the launcher and go to packs, then add the pack "modsplosion", and restart your launcher! BeachBlock Modsplosion is an all encompassing modpack taken to the next level! Epic world gen, difficult or easy tech trees, more mag...


Semi Public Community Server for SiylissTV's Twitch channel. Become whitelisted by being a subscriber or redeem points you get by watching the stream to be whitelisted. ===================================================================== Pack Creator: Ozzy91900 Script Writer: Noobforlunch Mr....

Vanilla Twist

Go adventuring in multiple dimensions, build a huge castle on top of a mountain, or die a thousand deaths from Chance Cubes. The choice is yours! Vanilla Twist is a custom survival pack designed to be server-friendly. It adds extra elements to Vanilla Minecraft that make the game slightly differe...

UC Skyblock

Modded Skyblock Modpack created for the Unioncraft network. Designed to be more challenging than the norm, and crafted around an increase in difficulty as well as adding extra magic and tech options with a variety of additional mods.

Electrified PVP

"Mwhaha!" he cackled, firing off his entire nuclear arsenal. "There is nothing you can do now!" Electrified is a revolutionary modpack designed around a top-of-the line pvp experience. Well balanced, lightweight, and ready for action, this is one mod pack you won't want to miss. Learn the meaning...

Artifex Arcanus

Artifex Arcanus is a fusion of tech & magic, the intent being to focus on craftmanship.

EditCraft Cracked

The Official EditCraft Cracked Mod Pack! This pack is built around the idea of redstone building and decoration building with the additional pvp and magic mods for a little fun!