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Metroid Cubed (1.7.10)

The officially approved modpack for the official 1.7.10 server of the Metroid Cubed 3 mod.

ShneekeyCraft (1.12.2)

A lightweight mod pack designed for users new to modded minecraft or who are running with fewer resources. Optional mods provide a more colorful experience for those whose systems can handle it.

Infernal Skies (1.7.10)

*******CO-OP ONLY******* Don't worry! Get your server at Resonant Host! Infernal Skies was designed for two players. A map revolving around choices, adventure and exploration. The players start off in the overworld where they are forced to observe the destruction...

Beyond Reality: Farscapes (1.11.2)

Take a step into an astounding realistic world of technology and magic. Beyond Reality Farscapes is the latest ultimate Beyond-Reality universe. - Meet with latest 1.11.2 mods, new experiences and game-play. - Retrieve old famous mods. These old good friends will help you settle in this wild new...

Sizzlecraft (1.6.2)

Designed with vanilla mechanics in mind, this 'lower' tech pack still allows for fully automated crafting. Skipping many of the common 'tech' mods (like IC2), this pack still encourages you to get out of your base and look for resources. With a healthy dose of bacon, and then some extra, this pack...

Lying's Patron Pack (1.12.2)

The continuing adventures of the Remember Comic patrons

Solitary Asylum Map Pack (1.5.1)

Do you think you know your mods? Test your knowledge on the official SolitaryCraft Map, Solitary Asylum! Open gates to progress and eventually escape the prison...

Vanilla Expanded (1.7.10)

A new Vanilla+ pack that stays true to it's name. If you've ever wanted more to do in Vanilla without completely changing the way you play then this is the pack for you!

SolitaryCraft (1.8.9)

We're moving onto 1.8.9! The first installment is Vanilla+; this version had mods that change gameplay, but doesn't add anything but your ability to create and alter the world around you. Enjoy! Vanilla+ ~ Done Builder ~ Next Update Magics ~ Next Next Update Tech ~ Next Next Next Update...

Eva's Server (1.6.4)

A server configuration just for Eva's Server. Only Eva's Server users will see this option!!

Silvania: Ultimatum (1.7.10)

PACK UNDERGOING REDEVELOPMENT. OLD DESCRIPTION BELOW. Brace yourself for the ultimate hard-mode modern modpack! Designed for a long game & with aesthetics in mind, this pack is a great all-rounder, but especially well suited to survival, PvP, roleplay or massive creative builds! Includes mods bu...

Custom L.I.T.W (1.6.4)

Life In The Woods Private Server

The District (1.7.10)

The District 1.7.10

Colossus (1.6.4)

Colossus. The name says it all. Weighing in at 192 mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Be prepared to get lost for days (or weeks) while building your machinations of death. This pack is heavily geared towards GregTech, and most recipes are tweaked / modified to reflect a...