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Arcanic Quest

This modpack gives you a real magic experience with a lot of magic mods! We hope you will come and play with us! Code for this pack is: arcanicquest Case Sensitive

YouCraft Modded Server

This Pack is based on the idea of some YouTubers. A tech, magic and adventure pack that could make you life easier and fun. There are many YouTubers recording in the server. This Pack is a Private pack for now.


Colossus. The name says it all. Weighing in at 192 mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Be prepared to get lost for days (or weeks) while building your machinations of death. This pack is heavily geared towards GregTech, and most recipes are tweaked / modified to reflect a...

M.U.Z. Arcana

M.U.Z. Arcana is a modpack by Turkish Youtuber Kofteist Kofte for Lets Play. This pack is build around Thaumcraft and some other magic based mods and does not contain any technology mod.

Twisted Sin

Note: This pack will be updated soon! (Planning a huge update for this pack) Are you ready to embrace the rage? The Twisted Sin modpack is the next step in modded minecraft survival, bringing us out of the 1.6.4 days and into the 1.7.10! If you are interested in dungeon crawling, difficult mobs,...

FurryCraft Adventures

This pack was created by the owner of the Minecraft server known as FurryCraft. This community is a Furry-Friendly place where furries can come, and not be harassed by other players.. We have a website that you must be accepted to prior to being whitelisted...


The Monumental pack is, as it says on the tin, monumental. It consists of over 200 loaded mods, which give players an expanse of content, but also aims to be as compatible and stable as it can. This pack is perfect for those looking for content, longevity and a challenge. Configurations are prominen...


A cool pack designed for balance and fun. Contains Buildcraft, Buildcraft mods (inc Additional Buildcraft, Railcraft and Forestry), Ender IO, Botania, Thaumcraft 4, Blood Magic and , with a bunch of other mods to make the experience fun. List of pack permissions contained here:


An epic sensory experience filled with technology, magic, big guns and other dimensions. Of course you will probably not live long enough to enjoy any of that without a Xenomorph or a Facehugger feasting on your soul. Until you've gone through a stargate to your mars base in your hecate morph while...


CURRENTLY IN BETA! PLANS OUTLINED BELOW. Our current plans are to create a fully featured pack with minimal impact on the user's computer. Unlike traditional 'lite' packs, we don't want to remove any mods, in fact, we intent to add as much mods as possible and plan on optimizing them to work on l...

The Golden Shaft

The Golden Shaft private server modpack. We use a base similar to RR 2.5.6, but deviated by adding Gregtech and tweaking the configs to provide a more linear progression through the mods.

Advanced Ages

This is a modpack designed for TheSkera. Its 100% private and only built for his own server. Follow him at: It is assembled by the awesome Kehaan Follow him at:


Custom Pack for, centered around custom worldgen provided by Better Worldgen 4. For more information go to

Ultimate Innovation

Ultimate Innovation! A blast from the past that showcases changes and improvements that have transpired while mods that started in 1.4 or earlier have developed. Come check out how mods have evolved and innovated since their creation. If you're missing the days of old but still crave what's new, thi...

Shape the World

A massive compilation of mods from the magic end of the spectrum all the way to the industrial side of things. Also includes lesser known mods in an attempt to spice up and keep the game enjoyable.

The IronPack

The IronPack is a modpack from the strange mind of Siyliss. This pack has things like gravity, thirst, oxygen, temperature, sanity, high-tech and more! While you're at it, why not crack open some Lucky Blocks! Let's see how well you can handle a little added realism in Minecraft! * Siyliss st...


This pack is the private modpack used by Tahg's (as seen on ForgeCraft) donor server. This pack is meant to be a combination of as many useful mods as possible in order to give the player as many different options as possible. With the addition of the Blood Magic mod in addition to the standard Thau...

World Of Gear mod pack

A mod pack for the server World Of Gear

KnightPlayGaming ModPack

The KnightPlayGaming ModPack is a modpack created for fun, but also to challenge


TOUGH TECH - A collection of mods based around building a high-tech masterpiece in a tough and unforgiving world. When you die you will be forced to craft your hearts back using precious materials and experience points. Losing all your hearts will send you into spectator mode; letting you travel t...