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Wizzy (1.7.10)

Wizzy is a completely customisable modpack that brings the main aspects of modded minecraft together - Magic, Technology and Fun. Choose one of our pre-selected sets of mods, or create your own with a big and growing list of epic mods. In Wizzy there are no limitations - so do whatever you want....

Vanilla Expanded (1.7.10)

A new Vanilla+ pack that stays true to it's name. If you've ever wanted more to do in Vanilla without completely changing the way you play then this is the pack for you!

Vaygrim's Chance (1.7.10)

***** PLEASE NOTE THE NEW "VC3" VERSIONS ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS. YOU WILL NEED TO START A NEW WORLD TO USE THEM. **** The "Vaygrim's Chance 3" pack is has a good mix of magical and technological mods, all designed and configured to be as grind-free and casual player friendly as p...

Eva's Server (1.6.4)

A server configuration just for Eva's Server. Only Eva's Server users will see this option!!

Tetrachate (1.10.2)

The Tetrachate modpack is an extensive modpack including mods ranging from the technical to the magical side of the game. The beginning of the game is rather difficult and slow-paced, but as time moves on you advance to high-tech machines.

The District (1.7.10)

The District 1.7.10

Custom L.I.T.W (1.6.4)

Life In The Woods Private Server

Colossus (1.6.4)

Colossus. The name says it all. Weighing in at 192 mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Be prepared to get lost for days (or weeks) while building your machinations of death. This pack is heavily geared towards GregTech, and most recipes are tweaked / modified to reflect a...