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Mystic's Cubic Chunks Modpack (1.12.2)

Build as high or low as you want, add colored lights to your builds, and explore deep dungeons all in this modpack. Hyper Lighting is in a dev build version if a bug is spotted report it to me and here --> The version of Terra 1:1 tha...

Westmarch (1.7.10)

Westmarch is a collection of active builders from Quillbriar and The District

Lamarus Amalgamate (1.12.2)

Lamarus Amalgamate is basically a direct upgrade from my first modpack (Lamarus Composite). More mods, a much newer version of Minecraft, and better progression. Almost all of the mods from Composite have been carried over (and many new ones have been added) with some notable exceptions, a couple ha...

Block 19 (1.9.4)

Block 19 - The Official Sponge Forge mod pack made in co-operation with the Resonant Rise Team.

Colossus (1.6.4)

Colossus. The name says it all. Weighing in at 192 mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Be prepared to get lost for days (or weeks) while building your machinations of death. This pack is heavily geared towards GregTech, and most recipes are tweaked / modified to reflect a...

Vanilla Expanded (1.7.10)

A new Vanilla+ pack that stays true to it's name. If you've ever wanted more to do in Vanilla without completely changing the way you play then this is the pack for you!

Survivalists' Nightmare (1.6.4)

If you thought UHS was difficult you're in for a wake up call. Good luck trying to punch trees this time sonny boy. You're going to need to scrounge for sticks and stones if you hope to survive and even then you're going to have a tough time of it. A unique modpack devoid of all standard amenities s...

The District (1.7.10)

The District 1.7.10

Custom L.I.T.W (1.6.4)

Life In The Woods Private Server

Solitary Asylum Map Pack (1.5.1)

Do you think you know your mods? Test your knowledge on the official SolitaryCraft Map, Solitary Asylum! Open gates to progress and eventually escape the prison...

Eva's Server (1.6.4)

A server configuration just for Eva's Server. Only Eva's Server users will see this option!!