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Custom L.I.T.W

Life In The Woods Private Server


Private modpack that contains mods that make Minecraft more enjoyable for me.


Private server pack for the CrystalVoid Server.

The District

The District 1.7.10


Everything is based around GregTech. All the settings are on hard and the focus of the pack is technology. Advancing in technology should take time and effort, if you like to become "immortal" and have access to what blocks you want quickly I suggest you go in creative mode or play an easier pack....

Turtlepack 9000

Actually has very little to do with turtles.

MineCraft Tas Pack

The MineCraft Tas Private Mod Pack Built against Minecraft 1.6.4, running Forge #965.


The Elevated mod pack is specifically designed to be used on the Elevation modded server, it includes a variety of tech mods to enhanced the overall Minecraft experience. assembled by: zeoxo

Cobragaming Network Pack

Cobra Gaming Network Pack This pack contains a good mix of Magic and Tech mods with a harder feel to mods which would normally be easy to use and get to end game, also brings out the frustration and ensures you are both survival aware and zombie aware the more times you die the harder it becomes to...


This modpack is intended for use with the LeoCraft server.

The Gluttony Modpack

The modpack used on the Gluttony server. Before you ask: the optional mods are actually optional. Add them if you enjoy them, but you don't need them.


A modpack just to make the vanilla experience a little more "progressive".


Have you ever wanted to play modded minecraft, and use all kinds of magic and explore, but have a much larger challenge rather than using stuff like IC2 and Thermal Expansion? Well this is...DynamiCraft. This pack will take you on a much larger adventure and keep you traveling to discover new things...

NuttyGaming Pack

A pack designed for people nutty enough to to play Minecraft how Squirrely wants it to be.


The official pack of the LunaCraft server! Enjoy FTB type modpacks? Enjoy difficulty? Well Lunacraft is the perfect mix of both! Featuring Gregtech, Ars Magica 2, Thermal Expansion 3, and 130+ other mods! Join us on the Lunacraft server! If you would like to apply, please do so at: ** http://lun...

Awakening Old

The Awakening modpack is an advanced adventure based on IndustrialCraft 2, his addons and architecture. A rich, challenging and stimulating content. All mods who have a Hard mode are on. Currently on Minecraft 1.6.4. ! Modpack created by AwakeningTeam .Support EN/FR :

Mission Control

The space exploration and settlement modpack


This is all you need for a journey on SkyRoot, all the goodness at your fingertips!


DreamCraft is about a journey/an adventure in different worlds, but not unprepared. First the travelers have to discover their own world, build a house, do farming, discover magic, and so on.

Skullcracker Pack

Skullcracker Pack has many mods that all work together to bring satisfaction! Based in 1.7.10, Skullcrackcer contains mods of all types, power, harvesting, procesing, storage and many more! Made by: Raizunne