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Designed with vanilla mechanics in mind, this 'lower' tech pack still allows for fully automated crafting. Skipping many of the common 'tech' mods (like IC2), this pack still encourages you to get out of your base and look for resources. With a healthy dose of bacon, and then some extra, this pack...

Block 19

Block 19 - The Official Sponge Forge mod pack made in co-operation with the Resonant Rise Team.


Mc-Reborn is a mod pack focused on a new reborn game experience, you will die,it will come at a cost. You begin weak but become much much more. I promise you get stronger and gain more health. Steve you are not in minecraftia anymore.


We're moving onto 1.8.9! The first installment is Vanilla+; this version had mods that change gameplay, but doesn't add anything but your ability to create and alter the world around you. Enjoy! Vanilla+ ~ Done Builder ~ Next Update Magics ~ Next Next Update Tech ~ Next Next Next Update...

Project: Dark Matter

Project: Dark Matter is a 1.7.10 modpack focusing on the ultra hard GregTech 6. Built by Pikkon38, commissioned by EternalDarknes0, and with Minetweaker support by Krakaen. GregTech 6 is combined with RotaryCraft, IC2, and Railcraft, for a very difficult tech tree. Adding fuel to the fire is Advent...

Silvania: Ultimatum

PACK UNDERGOING REDEVELOPMENT. OLD DESCRIPTION BELOW. Brace yourself for the ultimate hard-mode modern modpack! Designed for a long game & with aesthetics in mind, this pack is a great all-rounder, but especially well suited to survival, PvP, roleplay or massive creative builds! Includes mods bu...

Survivalists' Nightmare

If you thought UHS was difficult you're in for a wake up call. Good luck trying to punch trees this time sonny boy. You're going to need to scrounge for sticks and stones if you hope to survive and even then you're going to have a tough time of it. A unique modpack devoid of all standard amenities s...

Hot & Steamy

Welcome to Hot & Steamy: A Shower Pack. A modpack by GeoRCCraft, this was a joke between Mudd1321, GoldenWeavileGG, and I had during on of their live streams. This is probably one of, if not the hardest modpack that I have ever created, especially considering I haven't been able to survive a single...

Vanilla Expanded

A new Vanilla+ pack that stays true to it's name. If you've ever wanted more to do in Vanilla without completely changing the way you play then this is the pack for you!

b0bst3r's Technological Marvel

b0bst3r's Technological Marvel (BTM for short) is a 1.12.2 modded pack. It's based on a Better with Mods start (think Better with Wolves but Forge and mod friendly). It has all your chunky glorious tech mods such as Environmental Tech, Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, Actually Additions, Industria...

AnneMunition Vanilla +

A Vanilla 1.12.2 experience, with many quality of life mods. And Jetpacks!


A lightweight mod pack designed for users new to modded minecraft or who are running with fewer resources. Optional mods provide a more colorful experience for those whose systems can handle it.

Breakfast Special

Breakfast Special is a new modpack by Caldin06, which is a lighter modpack using some lesser known/utilized mods to give a fresh feel to modded mine craft and tech with some more well known mods thrown in for ease of use. This modpack feels like the old way of playing, where complex systems are nee...

Solitary Asylum Map Pack

Do you think you know your mods? Test your knowledge on the official SolitaryCraft Map, Solitary Asylum! Open gates to progress and eventually escape the prison...

Lying's Patron Pack

The continuing adventures of the Remember Comic patrons


Wizzy is a completely customisable modpack that brings the main aspects of modded minecraft together - Magic, Technology and Fun. Choose one of our pre-selected sets of mods, or create your own with a big and growing list of epic mods. In Wizzy there are no limitations - so do whatever you want....


TerrafirmaPack PackCode: Terrafirmacraft A modpack for just TFC and any TFC compatible mods and Addons. You can personalize your instance with mods or just have it pure. You can share your personal instance with friends using Share Codes. Once your instance is built just right click the TFC lo...


A Creative Mode Building Modpack? That right! Buildpak offers over 50 mods specifically designed to deliver amazing aesthietics coupled with the ability to easily build using advanced building tools. Want to go to Mars and build a 200 block tall tower in about 2 minutes? Install Buildpak! c...

Forge With Friends

Modpack containing beta versions of Flenix's mods for testing. The map is used to build things for future use in FlenixCities world generation


Westmarch is a collection of active builders from Quillbriar and The District