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Porcupine Teatime

Porcupine Teatime is a private pack designed for the Forge platform, containing a loadout of several popular tech, magic, and aesthetic mods, customized to fit the tastes of our own group of builders and techies.


SpongeCraft is a fun mod testing pack to explore what mods are offered with the latest version of Minecraft that supports mods.


This is the official mod pack of the Terra Forge and Sentinel-Gaming community. The goal of this mod pack is to ensure an enjoyable and operational Minecraft experience. The authors of Psytech strive to promote adventure and immersion by using a fine tuned selection of mods and utilities. We wa...


Leafre welcomes you to our very own pack. Come join LeafreCraft and play with fellow members. We are currently running 1.6.4 and expanding upon mods as we go.


A pack designed for the Rebranded Minecraft server. Join us at


A private pack for a single server for the nerdbox group


Modpack for the Malted Gaming public survival server. This pack officially supports MCPC+, the current version is confirmed to work well with build 205. Feel free to make servers with this pack.


Gruntcraft provides deep technology based progression as well as opportunities for magic progression with Thaumcraft 4 and Ars Magica 2


!!!SEMI-STABLE BETA PACK!!! There is no code for this pack. It is currently set to private as it is still being built and balanced. ##Check the change logs BEFORE updating!## To do this, go to the "Packs" tab and find this mod pack. Click on the "Website" button below the description and sc...


UniVerse Modpack for the private Union-Stars server.


A modpack founded by Xarth. Features a combination of tech, and a dash of magic to make a wonderful modded experience similar to the essence of FTB "Unleashed" or "Ultimate", with a loving community in one hand and a diligent founder in the other: It makes a wonderful experience for those alotted pe...


This is all you need for a journey on SkyRoot, all the goodness at your fingertips!


Have you ever wanted to play modded minecraft, and use all kinds of magic and explore, but have a much larger challenge rather than using stuff like IC2 and Thermal Expansion? Well this is...DynamiCraft. This pack will take you on a much larger adventure and keep you traveling to discover new things...

NuttyGaming Pack

A pack designed for people nutty enough to to play Minecraft how Squirrely wants it to be.


The official pack of the LunaCraft server! Enjoy FTB type modpacks? Enjoy difficulty? Well Lunacraft is the perfect mix of both! Featuring Gregtech, Ars Magica 2, Thermal Expansion 3, and 130+ other mods! Join us on the Lunacraft server! If you would like to apply, please do so at: ** http://lun...

Awakening Old

The Awakening modpack is an advanced adventure based on IndustrialCraft 2, his addons and architecture. A rich, challenging and stimulating content. All mods who have a Hard mode are on. Currently on Minecraft 1.6.4. ! Modpack created by AwakeningTeam .Support EN/FR :

Mission Control

The space exploration and settlement modpack


This Pack is A Combination of Mods from Many Different Packs with the Addiction of Some Other Cool Mods which are not well Known. The Pack Is Hard but a Fun and Challenging Pack to play. So Enjoy, There are A few mods missing this is due to the fact we need stronger perm to use the mods in the publi...

Skullcracker Pack

Skullcracker Pack has many mods that all work together to bring satisfaction! Based in 1.7.10, Skullcrackcer contains mods of all types, power, harvesting, procesing, storage and many more! Made by: Raizunne


XarWorld's "TechMage" by Xajar Grab your anti-gravity boots and magic wand and jump aboard, this is one pack that combines magic and technology like you have never experienced it before! Mods have been carefully selected so there is no over-lapping of items, or paths. There is are so many diff...