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Adventurist's Modpack

The Adventurist's modpack is basically an overhaul of almost every aspect of vanilla play, featuring Custom NPC's, Smart Moving, decocraft, A lot of weapon mods, and more, this pack is great for Survival, Creative, and Adventure maps. Featuring quests, overhauled movement, tons of new blocks and...

420 Assignment Minecraft

A custom modpack made for the 420 network.

Pixelmon Sandbox Edition

PackCode: PSEModpack PSE is a well rounded, addictive, fun and adventurous pack! Catch/Train Pixelmon, Mine for resources, Build to your hearts content, go exploring for dungeon/ruins, dabble in the magical arts, visit another dimension or 3 and even go into space! If you don't have a reasonably...

SpecialAttack's Race to the Moon

Hello fellow players! This time we are going to plant a flag on the moon! And no, we are not going to do it like in the 60s with a fake camera and fake moon. This time we are going to the REAL moon! We are going modded. Are you not familiar with modded Minecraft? That's fine, we will assign "capt...


Genesis is a lightweight kitchen sink pack featuring the most content heavy tech, magic, and decoration mods. Longer lasting gameplay is made available by the unique oregen system, rather than forcing progression through changing recipes. Genesis features several other world dimensions, such as the...


*YOU ARE SEEING THIS BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN WHITELISTED ON ONE OF OUR SERVERS* YodaNetwork 1.7 pack -- A modpack designed for the YodaNetwork server. Forums: You need Java 7 or higher to run this pack. Built on Forge #1187


Hideout Kingdom's Private pack This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled. Link:


L33t Pack for the L33t Network. This pack was specifically made for a fast paced modpack to be used for the L33t Networks Anarchy server. Tons of mods, Tons of changes. Everything will be flying by and blowing up in your face before you actually know what's going on.

Kingdoms of Arimaethia

The Kingdoms of Arimaethia Server's official modpack. With this collection of mods, the KoA has new biomes, tools and weapons, and unlimited possibilities.


A pack about farming, exploring, and all you can eat buffets. Having some technology and little magic, this is about making food galore, owning a zoo, and building gigantic structures! If you are creating a server you will have to manually take out DamageIndicators, InventoryTweaks, JourneyMa...

Ashcraft Modpack

Explore deadly dungeons, find plentiful loot, cast magical spells, explore complicated tech, use effective tools, fight monsters with destructive weapons, build massive fortresses with ease, sort items and automate crafting with the mods Mekanism to Thermal Expansion, Balkons Weapon Mod to Tinkers C...


The Tetrachate modpack is an extensive modpack including mods ranging from the technical to the magical side of the game. The beginning of the game is rather difficult and slow-paced, but as time moves on you advance to high-tech machines.


Official Paradise-Reloaded Pack. In case you get errors when connecting to the Server please reinstall the Pack.

The Wounded Pack

The Wounded Pack is a Private Pack made for Headwound_'s twitch subs. It includes a minimal of mods to clog up the server, but enough mods to make playing just a little more fun.

Delusions of Adequacy

You will die of hunger. You will die of thirst. You will die of frost. You will die of fire. All before you create your first machines. Welcome to Delusions of Adequacy, a GregTech 5 focused modpack with Hunger Overhaul, Spice of Life, and Enviromine. DoA also features Galacticraft for exploration....


A pack focused on creativity and building, but still keeping the difficulty of survival minecraft. WyldCraft features mods made specifically for the pack by the WyldMods team. KitchenCraft, Custom Things, and ToolUtilities allow for that special custom feel. Built by the team over at http://www.twit...

Stratagem: Endeavour

Stratagem Endeavour is the most ultimate survival possible. It takes all the magic, all the technology, all the habitats, and makes it 5x more difficult. You must fight to survive the mobs who get ever so harder and keep up on resources as they dwindle ever so more. Good Luck!

MM w/Nightdagger S5

Hello peeps! I'm back at long last with season 5 of Modded Minecraft with Nightdagger, and this time the pack download is being hosted by ATLauncher! This means it's super easy for you to download the pack and play along using the same mods and same config settings as I am, as well as making pack...


This is the official server pack for, it is geared mainly towards working well in a server environment using Cauldron and Bungeecord. The theme is mostly tech based with some magic mods. This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft...

DemonCraft Pack

Do you like building big houses and other kinds of buildings. But you want something with that's hard to make you work for it.. This pack has a lot of building type mods with hardness in mind to keep you on you toes. This pack is for all Builders and hardcore pack players. Go to http://www.twit...