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AV Skyblock

Do you LOVE skyblock and felt it needed more? i.e Diamonds! Don't want thousands of mods but wanted ways of getting all the stuff you would from a default world? THIS PACK IS FOR YOU! Almost Vanilla Skyblock is here so you can get the loot you wanted in the original skyblock without complex v...

Crystal Forge

Hello, and welcome, members of the Bunnyhood. This is the official Lynxaria modpack for our Crystal Forge sub server! Remember, * Firstly, to be allowed on the Crystal Forge sub server, you must of course be a subscriber to . * Secondly, you must have at least (o...

Jester's Rage

You take a bunch of Tech, little bit of magic stuff and mix in a fair bit of insanity? Jester starts to rage! Based around XolovA's Advent of Ascension mod, this pack is designed to add that insane level of frustration to a casual play environment. With hours and hours of possible play time, yo...


blocks, lots, and lots of blocks.


CrayonBox is a new take on a old problem. What we have done is bring back the building aspect to minecraft while at the same time adding in a little bit of tech to help you along the way. We have built the pack around getting back to the basics of things and learning how to build but with a twis...


Part of the BreakfastCraft family of modpacks! This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.


Corruption is a pack made by the twitch streamer EvilEtho. The goal of the pack was to put the challenge and exploration back in to minecraft, like when you first played. With 16 new bosses, a revamped enderdragon fight, 200 new mods, AND 14 new dimensions to explore, you will always have something...


This is the pack for the Jormungandr modded server. Created by Mikhaillost and jjoonn56, this pack is a mix of new mods, and classic favorites, all balanced for a fun gameplay.


A custom modpack for BlenderSMP!

Thermal Endeavor

This is a mod pack consisting of a many mod as can be found that depend on or directly support Thermal Foundation. This pack represents the sheer power of the Thermal Foundation world. Players will realize just how unnecessary it is to have 100+ mods after opening their eyes to what this pack has to...

Armory Sub Server

A lightweight pack designed for moderate tech use for building and adventuring with Armory friends and family.


RubyCraft is the official modpack of the RubyCrafter community. Featuring tech mods galore, including Minefactory Reloaded, Mekanism, and Applied Energistics 2, as well as magic mods like Botania, Witchery, and Thaumcraft (and tons of its addons), there's something for everyone! Adventurers can brav...

Armory Challenge Pack

The Armory Challenge Pack is designed to challenge your skills in a series of ever-changing tests, races, and battles. You will face an array of team-oriented trials with varying criteria for completion; for example, one day you may be asked to work with your team to gather a full stack of diamonds...

Apollo Mod Pack

This is the Apollo Modpack. It's a simple modpack made for the denizens of the Apollo 18 community. Website:

Different Approach

A custom pack built to please everyone. It includes many mods that most packs don't have, as well as some of the newer mods that just haven't seen much light. The goal for this pack is to make sure everyone gets to try what they want, whether that be a new mods.. or just using an old mod that never...