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Private Packs

Cobragaming Network Pack

Cobra Gaming Network Pack This pack contains a good mix of Magic and Tech mods with a harder feel to mods which would normally be easy to use and get to end game, also brings out the frustration and ensures you are both survival aware and zombie aware the more times you die the harder it becomes to...

The Gluttony Modpack

The modpack used on the Gluttony server. Before you ask: the optional mods are actually optional. Add them if you enjoy them, but you don't need them.

Advanced Ages

This is a modpack designed for TheSkera. Its 100% private and only built for his own server. Follow him at: It is assembled by the awesome Kehaan Follow him at:

The Golden Shaft

The Golden Shaft private server modpack. We use a base similar to RR 2.5.6, but deviated by adding Gregtech and tweaking the configs to provide a more linear progression through the mods.


The Elevated mod pack is specifically designed to be used on the Elevation modded server, it includes a variety of tech mods to enhanced the overall Minecraft experience. assembled by: zeoxo


Everything is based around GregTech. All the settings are on hard and the focus of the pack is technology. Advancing in technology should take time and effort, if you like to become "immortal" and have access to what blocks you want quickly I suggest you go in creative mode or play an easier pack....

The District

The District 1.7.10


Custom Pack for, centered around custom worldgen provided by Better Worldgen 4. For more information go to

FurryCraft Adventures

This pack was created by the owner of the Minecraft server known as FurryCraft. This community is a Furry-Friendly place where furries can come, and not be harassed by other players.. We have a website that you must be accepted to prior to being whitelisted...

Turtlepack 9000

Actually has very little to do with turtles.


Private server pack for the CrystalVoid Server.

Custom L.I.T.W

Life In The Woods Private Server


This modpack is intended for use with the LeoCraft server.

KnightPlayGaming ModPack

The KnightPlayGaming ModPack is a modpack created for fun, but also to challenge


Private modpack that contains mods that make Minecraft more enjoyable for me.

World Of Gear mod pack

A mod pack for the server World Of Gear

MineCraft Tas Pack

The MineCraft Tas Private Mod Pack Built against Minecraft 1.6.4, running Forge #965.

Shape the World

A massive compilation of mods from the magic end of the spectrum all the way to the industrial side of things. Also includes lesser known mods in an attempt to spice up and keep the game enjoyable.


This pack is the private modpack used by Tahg's (as seen on ForgeCraft) donor server. This pack is meant to be a combination of as many useful mods as possible in order to give the player as many different options as possible. With the addition of the Blood Magic mod in addition to the standard Thau...


Created by Lord_of_Block. This Modpack is used to combine magical aspects with the technic which is possible today. So feel free to automate everything, even the magic :D