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Semi Public Packs

AnneMunition Vanilla +

A Vanilla 1.12.2 experience, with many quality of life mods. And Jetpacks!


TerrafirmaPack PackCode: Terrafirmacraft A modpack for just TFC and any TFC compatible mods and Addons. You can personalize your instance with mods or just have it pure. You can share your personal instance with friends using Share Codes. Once your instance is built just right click the TFC lo...


Westmarch is a collection of active builders from Quillbriar and The District


A Creative Mode Building Modpack? That right! Buildpak offers over 50 mods specifically designed to deliver amazing aesthietics coupled with the ability to easily build using advanced building tools. Want to go to Mars and build a 200 block tall tower in about 2 minutes? Install Buildpak! c...


Wizzy is a completely customisable modpack that brings the main aspects of modded minecraft together - Magic, Technology and Fun. Choose one of our pre-selected sets of mods, or create your own with a big and growing list of epic mods. In Wizzy there are no limitations - so do whatever you want....


RubyCraft is the official modpack of the RubyCrafter community. Featuring tech mods galore, including Minefactory Reloaded, Mekanism, and Applied Energistics 2, as well as magic mods like Botania, Witchery, and Thaumcraft (and tons of its addons), there's something for everyone! Adventurers can brav...

Arcanic Quest

This modpack gives you a real magic experience with a lot of magic mods! We hope you will come and play with us! Code for this pack is: arcanicquest Case Sensitive

YouCraft Modded Server

This Pack is based on the idea of some YouTubers. A tech, magic and adventure pack that could make you life easier and fun. There are many YouTubers recording in the server. This Pack is a Private pack for now.

RobinSamse - Sæson 4

Spil med den samme modpack præcis som den RobinSamse bruger. Bliver opdateret med de samme ændringer som vi laver med tiden.


A pack about farming, exploring, and all you can eat buffets. Having some technology and little magic, this is about making food galore, owning a zoo, and building gigantic structures! If you are creating a server you will have to manually take out DamageIndicators, InventoryTweaks, JourneyMa...


TOUGH TECH - A collection of mods based around building a high-tech masterpiece in a tough and unforgiving world. When you die you will be forced to craft your hearts back using precious materials and experience points. Losing all your hearts will send you into spectator mode; letting you travel t...

Awakening Old

The Awakening modpack is an advanced adventure based on IndustrialCraft 2, his addons and architecture. A rich, challenging and stimulating content. All mods who have a Hard mode are on. Currently on Minecraft 1.6.4. ! Modpack created by AwakeningTeam .Support EN/FR :


This modpack was created to be a bit harder than the regular "big" modpacks. Its includes a lot of mods everybody knows and loves, but tweaked to be more balanced. This modpack also includes a lot of adventure, with mods like: SpecialMobs, Roguelike dungeons, dungeonpack and more! PS: When updating...


Have you ever wanted to play modded minecraft, and use all kinds of magic and explore, but have a much larger challenge rather than using stuff like IC2 and Thermal Expansion? Well this is...DynamiCraft. This pack will take you on a much larger adventure and keep you traveling to discover new things...

Ultimate Innovation

Ultimate Innovation! A blast from the past that showcases changes and improvements that have transpired while mods that started in 1.4 or earlier have developed. Come check out how mods have evolved and innovated since their creation. If you're missing the days of old but still crave what's new, thi...

Twisted Sin

Note: This pack will be updated soon! (Planning a huge update for this pack) Are you ready to embrace the rage? The Twisted Sin modpack is the next step in modded minecraft survival, bringing us out of the 1.6.4 days and into the 1.7.10! If you are interested in dungeon crawling, difficult mobs,...


A cool pack designed for balance and fun. Contains Buildcraft, Buildcraft mods (inc Additional Buildcraft, Railcraft and Forestry), Ender IO, Botania, Thaumcraft 4, Blood Magic and , with a bunch of other mods to make the experience fun. List of pack permissions contained here:

The IronPack

The IronPack is a modpack from the strange mind of Siyliss. This pack has things like gravity, thirst, oxygen, temperature, sanity, high-tech and more! While you're at it, why not crack open some Lucky Blocks! Let's see how well you can handle a little added realism in Minecraft! * Siyliss st...


This Pack is A Combination of Mods from Many Different Packs with the Addiction of Some Other Cool Mods which are not well Known. The Pack Is Hard but a Fun and Challenging Pack to play. So Enjoy, There are A few mods missing this is due to the fact we need stronger perm to use the mods in the publi...

Space Magic

Grab ahold of the twin powers of magic and technology to push back the dangers of the night and explore this world and others! Space Magic is a modpack designed around using the powerful tools from magic and technology mods to take on powerful monsters and explore worlds.