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Semi Public Packs

OverLoad Lite

This Pack Is the lite Version of the OverLoad Pack For Computers Who Cant Play With OverLoad Full Pack, OverLoad Is A Combination of Mods from Many Different Packs with the Addiction of Some Other Cool Mods which are not well Known. The Pack Is Hard but a Fun and Challenging Pack to play. So Enjoy,...


This Pack is A Combination of Mods from Many Different Packs with the Addiction of Some Other Cool Mods which are not well Known. The Pack Is Hard but a Fun and Challenging Pack to play. So Enjoy, There are A few mods missing this is due to the fact we need stronger perm to use the mods in the publi...


A Semi-Private Modpack on 1.6.4 based off of FTB Ultimate 1.4.7, with some slight alterations.

Hostile Thon ModPack

This is a mod pack for Hostile Thon! But it can as be used for playing CTM maps in general. this pack is made with the rules of the Super Hostile Maps Mod rules. for more info about Hostile Thon you can go to for updated on the pack follow @Mtac002 on twitter.


Now it is here, Bakerman LP's Let's Play series ModPack for Minecraft 1.6.4. Most Mods are development, alpha and beta Versions. So keep in mind it could be unstable. World saves can be broken by some updates. Keep in mind and read the Changelogs!


This modpack was created to be a bit harder than the regular "big" modpacks. Its includes a lot of mods everybody knows and loves, but tweaked to be more balanced. This modpack also includes a lot of adventure, with mods like: SpecialMobs, Roguelike dungeons, dungeonpack and more! PS: When updating...


Creatik is a modpack whose target is to strive to a balance between casual players and advanced players. It has to be easy yo be played for the beginners so that they can develop their modded skills, but it also needs to be challenging for advanced players, so that they can enjoy the mods in Creatik...

StellarCraft core

The core collection of StellarCraft mods- and that's it. This pack will run better on slower computers.


[WIP] This modpack will be remade for MC1.1, and the general goal will be to have a modpack for kids between 6-10 years old, very easy and entertaining (tailored for my kids and to parents searching for something similar to introduce minecraft to their kids) [WIP] Pack Website: http://www.go...


The BusinessElite modpack was created to cater for those of you who just love using technological mods! Items such as quarries, or computers exist to make your minecraft experience a lot more intersting! Have the pleasure of creating huge factories and tremendously successful businesses with friends...


This is the official mod pack of the Terra Forge and Sentinel-Gaming community. The goal of this mod pack is to ensure an enjoyable and operational Minecraft experience. The authors of Psytech strive to promote adventure and immersion by using a fine tuned selection of mods and utilities. We wa...


Modpack for the Malted Gaming public survival server. This pack officially supports MCPC+, the current version is confirmed to work well with build 205. Feel free to make servers with this pack.

Space Magic

Grab ahold of the twin powers of magic and technology to push back the dangers of the night and explore this world and others! Space Magic is a modpack designed around using the powerful tools from magic and technology mods to take on powerful monsters and explore worlds.

Metroid Cubed 3

The officially approved modpack for the official 1.7.10 server of the Metroid Cubed 3 mod.

French Toast

French Toast is a 1.10.2 pack that's designed to integrate the various mods together, encouraging the player to use mods they might not normally use. Recipes have been altered to rebalance the mods against each other and to add a little challenge to the game. Grinding has been kept to a minimum in o...

Mineguild LWC

Mineguild LWC, Lightweight Challenge Don't you just love having a whole base setup after a couple of hours of playing? Wait that doesn't belong here... This is the Lightweight Challenge modpack that will challenge players and shake up the normal way of playing. The Lightweight Challenge is all...

Spilled Juice

Spilled Juice is the latest collaboration effort of the BreakfastCraft team! (Check out This pack is one of the first packs created for 1.10.2 and holds a strong amount of familiar mods while introducing the not so known mods! Be aware, this pack attempts to update at a fa...

BeachBlock Modsplosion

[SUPPORT FOR PACK DROPPED. NO LONGER UPDATING] To install this pack, open the launcher and go to packs, then add the pack "modsplosion", and restart your launcher! BeachBlock Modsplosion is an all encompassing modpack taken to the next level! Epic world gen, difficult or easy tech trees, more mag...


Semi Public Community Server for SiylissTV's Twitch channel. Become whitelisted by being a subscriber or redeem points you get by watching the stream to be whitelisted. ===================================================================== Pack Creator: Ozzy91900 Script Writer: Noobforlunch Mr....