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Private Packs

TAS Craft

TAS Craft Private Server for Ascended Gaming Community Members.

Era5 AIO Communitypack


Private modpack for KoT group


The RAC PACK is a pack made specifically for the Random Acts of Crafting modded server. This pack includes a nice balance of tech based and survival based mods. Whether it's building an advanced processing and sorting system, or raiding dungeons that interests you, this pack has it all!

Reflex Gaming

The Offical modpack used on the ReflexGaming Servers.


A modpack built around the amazing features of GregTech Mod. We love GregTech machines, power storage/generation, and some of the difficult elements it introduces. Unleashed can feel a bit to easy at times. However, we still feel that GregTech takes things to far, so we will be updating configs and...


A modpack founded by Xarth. Features a combination of tech, and a dash of magic to make a wonderful modded experience similar to the essence of FTB "Unleashed" or "Ultimate", with a loving community in one hand and a diligent founder in the other: It makes a wonderful experience for those alotted pe...


A private pack for a single server for the nerdbox group


Gruntcraft provides deep technology based progression as well as opportunities for magic progression with Thaumcraft 4 and Ars Magica 2


UniVerse Modpack for the private Union-Stars server.

Volutua - Ultimate Edition

Alles was du brauchst um auf spielen zu koennen


Food, fun and fuzzies for Bronwyn's friends.


PimpCity is a mature and friendly server seeking new and creative people that show they deserve to play on the server. The server has been live since late 2011. Since the start of the server is has hopped around in what type of server it is and currently it seems to be modded and looks to stay that...

EditCraft Cracked

The Official EditCraft Cracked Mod Pack! This pack is built around the idea of redstone building and decoration building with the additional pvp and magic mods for a little fun!

I Like Turtles

Here, you can finally relax and just sip on a cold one in your comfortable shell. BUT be aware that there is EVIL things that want to go out of there way and eat you alive! You MUST go and adventure out to survive and be able to live! Come on Fellow Turtle's and REJOICE and be FREE! Created By:...


Let your creativity flow with this Mincraft 1.7.10 based pack with a lightly balanced mixture of technology and magic choices brought to you by topher2010. Modlist includes: Thaumcraft 4 Blood Magic Thermal Expansion 4 Buildcraft Applied Energistics 2 Buildcraft EnderIO Chisel Carpent...

New Helena

A custom-tailored modpack for the New Helena patron server, with custom-built map filled with high seas-adjacent adventure!


All Rights Reserved


Welcome GamerCraft. A combination oh magic, tech, and hardcore gameplay. **ATTENTION** GamerCraft is going under big changes when this server situation is sorted out the server is not going down permanently. The server will be shutting down because Acixs has been bought out by a different hostin...

420 Assignment Minecraft

A custom modpack made for the 420 network.